Juno, July 4, marriage prospects.

Coinciding with the New Moon of July 4th, America’s 240th birthday is NASA’s historic unique spacecraft JUNO which it is hoped will get very close to JUPITER for the first time ever on this day.  Besides Astrology I also love Astronomy. The two were once the same science.  If all goes according to plan, a perilous manoeuvre will place Juno into orbit around Jupiter, where the spacecraft will remain over the next 18 months, providing an unprecedented look at Jupiter’s powerful gravitational and magnetic fields. If something goes wrong, the US$1.13 billion mission which was launched August 5, 2011, will shoot past Jupiter, into deep space with no chance of return. NASA only has one shot at this. The engine burn will start at 11:18pm ET on July 4.

You can watch the action at NASA unfold beginning at 10:30pm ET, as engineers monitor Juno’s instruments and anxiously await confirmation of the burn’s success. Witness history in the making on NASA TV- see link below. 

Juno is the Roman name of Zeus’s wife, Hera in Greek, and an Asteroid which is presently at 29 critical degrees of LIBRA in Tropical Astrology. The 29th degree of Libra is the last degree to balance relationships with, traditionally marriage.

I believe that the notion of Juno being Zeus’s perfect trophy wife who is supposed to keep appearances together while he rapes every woman in sight is a totally Patriarchal lesson model.

Jupiter & Juno, NASA, Tara Greene

Jupiter & Juno on Mount Ida. Detail of a painting by artist James Barry (1773)

JUNO whose symbol is the Peacock is a much more ancient Goddess who was appropriated into Greek Mythology from the older Indian Goddess Lakshmi/Saraswati/ Parvati the Holy Trinity of Mother maiden, crone Goddesses.

Furthermore I believe that the word JUNO was reserved to represent the female or feminine form of Genius and the term “genius” was specifically to refer to male genius.  As women all know the Feminine form of genius is like Juno’s symbol, an 8 armed Goddess who is always multi-tasking. Her symbol looks like a magic wand atop the cross of the four elements, where she is indeed creating magic all the time by being the Goddess of all matters.

 In the skies on July 4  opposite JUNO is Uranus, the planet of space technology, revolutions and chaotic energy. Eris, the shit disturber is also cheek to jowl with Uranus as well as Ceres, the great Mother. Things may not go as planned.

 Jupiter is presently connected to the North Node of the Moon at the 15th degree of VIRGO the sign of the Harvest which is associated with Ceres. There are many unknowns in this deep space mission. Neptune and the South Node which symbolizes the past, mythology and images are in a Grand Trine with the Sun Moon Mercury and Venus and Mars in Scorpio sign of secrets. Saturn in Sagittarius is the planet of aiming out to the cosmos, and truth, is in a difficult aspect with the New Moon. The Juno spacecraft is expected to beam back as much information as it can in a short time and will then burn up in a suicide mission as it spirals into Jupiter’s dangerous atmosphere. 

JUNO is an important Asteroid, one of the 4 main Asteroids first discovered. Check out where she is in your natal chart to find clues to how this Goddess of creativity, relationships and female genius operates in your natal chart and related totally to your marriage and relationships.

Lets look at the SYMBOLS for where Asteroid JUNO is now at Libra 30 and how her feminine Genius is informing this powerful very emotional New Moon in Cancer where all we want to do is feel safe at home in Mom’s arms.  The fascinating thing is the symbols speak of degrees where the main planets actually are on this date. The synchronicity is totally amazing.  Jupiter and Chiron are both at degrees mentioned in the oracles.

Degree Symbol of Libra 30.

“A small pale moon in the afternoon. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Inspired

{Degree Angel: Manakel (MA-na-KEL) Accountability, Knowledge of Good and Evil)

This degree has a tremendous awareness of feelings, both their own and others’. This awareness is subliminal, manifesting as an instinct for reading the needs, desires and fears of others. At its highest this degree manifests a kindness and gentleness which, rather than being generic is intimately tailor-made to soothe and heal each individual person encountered.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black rooster.” The rooster is black so it can absorb the maximum amount of light from the rising sun. It is also the darkness which greets the light, and which , through contrast, intensifies the knowledge and understanding of the light.
The Moon of the Omega symbol is most usually associated with night, but here we see it in daytime, just as the rooster, which is normally associated with the inception of day is here black, a color associated with night. This degree is about bringing the night into the day and the day into the night, that is, making the unconscious more conscious while allowing unconscious elements to enter into the conscious realm. At its most realized, this can be tremendously enriching, for as this barrier between conscious and unconscious is crossed and recrossed again and again, it wears away – until wholeness is the result.

 And so the sign Libra ends by focusing on one of the most important of all relationships – the relationship between who we are – as signified by the conscious self, with who we are becoming – as signified by all those elements in the unconscious yet to be fully integrated into our being.

Pleiadian Symbol: A tiny implant secretly placed in a man’s head. It is filled with vast stores of knowledge.

 Azoth Symbol: A spaceship preparing to make a jump through a wormhole.

Seed degree: Pisces 25. NOTE this is where CHIRON is July 4th. On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones. (Omega Symbol). Keeping our conscious focused on higher realities while remaining rooted in the physical causes us to gradually become more and more aware of the plane of emotions and how its energies move.

People and animals frightened during an eclipse. (Chandra Symbol). A sudden disruptions of patterns allows us to become more aware of the new cycles that we are being compelled toward.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 18.  NOTE: This is where JUPITER actually is July 4th. A woman playing the didgeridoo. (Omega Symbol). We find a way to give voice to the music which is inside, and this opens us up to the secrets buried within.

Eyeglasses which cause one to see rainbows. (Chandra Symbol). As we become more aware of the changes that need to happen in our consciousness, we eventually become aware of their great beauty and glorious potential.
(From the book “Unseen Marvels Revealled,” by Enar the Vague:) “It is to be remembered that a moon seen in the afternoon radiates moonlight, even though the overbearing rays of the sun intermix with it, rendering this special type of moonlight unseen, at least by the conscious eye. It is this hidden lunar effluvia which the wise refer to as “The Shadowed Light.”

“It is said that such moonlight, mixed with and hidden in sunlight is changed in a way that makes it more readily absorbed by the eyes and taken into the astral body, where over time it may accumulate, forming within certain unseen oceans that remain miraculously hidden even though they are vast.”


Ruminate on those words on July 4th as they are relevant to the New Moon.

Here is the chart of Juno’s Launch on August 5, 2011 and its’ first scheduled broadcast on July 4th 2016.  There are many similarities. The North NOde was on the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius in 2011 and Saturn, the planet of karma will be crossing that degree in 2017 after about 18 months for the mission.

JUNO, Jupiter Astrology/ Astronomy Tara Greene

Watch live on NASA TV  http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-live-as-nasa-s-juno-mission-attempts-to-enter-jupiter-s-orbit

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated. Chandra symbols etc are by John Sandbach. 

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How green is your life?

June 22  MERCURY the messenger is active today making two {of course} major aspects. Mercury is a dual or hermaphroditic sign.

Jupiter Mercury Art Astrology Tara Greene

 JUPITER MERCURY and VIRTUE by Dosso Dossi  circa 1530’s 


As MERCURY rules both Gemini and Virgo it is an opportune time to think and converse about your highest goals, as symbolized by the North Node and expand and work out and on your ideas about your work, health, education, being of service and your daily routine.

At 15-16 degrees this aspect also squares Saturn in SAGITTARIUS and NEPTUNE in PISCES as well.

Are you truly following what you feel is your highest path of service in your work? Work is what we all do daily to earn our daily bread of which Virgo is very much a literally a part of, symbolizing the grains and the hard work to harvest it.

Are you working in an environment that feels right and healthy?

Listen to your body as well as your mind.The body never lies. Yuor work can be contributing to making you sick and Health is the most valueable thing you can have.

Are you working just for a paycheck or is your heart into it? The question is: If you weren’t getting paid to do your work would you still be doing it? 

Virgo is meticulous, practical, humble, hard working, the bodies wisdom, your literal gut instincts. Any ongoing indigestion, constipation and other such ailments can be caused by environmental, diet and stress related factors. Time to change your diet, you may need to eliminate and cleanse. Find out what works for you. Natural medicine is better for this. You can also get live blood cell testing for allergens but be forewarned you will likely be allergic to almost everything. 

Take a walk in nature and connect your breath with your body today. Meditate with a tree. Put your spine against the tree. In your mind ask the tree’s permission if it is willing to work with you. This is out of respect for the tree. Trees are highly conscious. Align your breathing by doing yogic slow natural inbreaths and breathing out through your nose. Lean into the tree and feel how it is so rooted and yet bends with the wind. Ask this question internally. “What is the highest way I can be of service in the world in my work?” Keep breathing, enjoy the connection with the tree and listen. You will find and answer, a vision or a feeling to guide you. 

VESTA is the Goddess of inVESTments. Invest in your self and your health. Virgo is the sign of all natural healing herbs, and naturopathy, ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, wise woman and indigenous herbal traditions.

Invest in eating right. We switched to organic chicken years ago. We rarely eat fish because of the high radiation and Mercury poisoning. Eat only Atlantic and Ecuadorian or Caribbean or English fish. We plant a small organic garden every year for the last 19 years and grow organic veggies.

I personally never follow the western heroic medicine model. I abandoned it over 40 years ago. My entire family and i virtually never take pharmaceutical meds, or antibiotics. I am a big advocate of natural medicine, vitamins and eating organic foods and birthing. We aren’t perfect but I try to be mindful. 
Pay attention to how green your work and home environments are and make any changes to improve these starting with throwing out all commercial cleansers, laundry detergents, toothpaste, hair products,etc. Also be aware of  harmful off gassing from synthetic carpeting, new furniture, MDF and new houses, etc. 

Gemini rules the lungs, they are many chemical pollutants that most people use daily without thinking which damage everyone’s health long term. Asthma is severly on the rise because of chemical in everything including your food. GMO’s are terribly hazardous and should be labelled and abolished.  Companies like Seventh Generation have been around for many years their products have integrity. 

You will have more discipline and it will be more fun and easier to accomplish these goals with Jupiter’s expansive help. Think about how to balance your work and your social needs.
This energy may also force you to look at the REALITY versus the multiple ideas that Mercury in Gemini brings. Stay very practical. It is what is real and you can hold in your hands that counts right now.


This inconjunct aspects always feel like nails on chalkboards, the squeaky wheels, the feuding families. Be careful of getting pulled into debates and arguments about politics and powers structures.
Use this aspect to watch how our minds and ego gets wrapped up in their specific viewpoints to justify it’s “superior” positions. This can be a big conscious breakthrough in your thinking. You are ready to learn on a higher level.
Some people speak of this as Ascension.
I would use this aspect positively by focusing on your dreams, As Pluto rules the Unconscious, and ask for your dreams to reveal your next step in consciously growing.  When you wake up record any dreams or sensations.

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