March 23- weekend Astrology preview

March 23
AQUARIUS MOON sextiles the SUN and VENUS  in ARIES.
AQUARIUS, freedom, Tara Greene astrology
The mood is radical, rebellious and instigating new chaos into our lives. Our minds and hearts are electrified and freed up. We want to move past the limits in relationships, in making money and in anything that dulls our shine.
Stay grounded and focused on your goals. Push meets shove. It’s a good day for bodywork, massages, doing physical work, dancing or singing for working off any anger caused by, you know, all the events in the world.
MERCURY squares PLUTO, a CARDINAL SQUARE 5:45 pm PDT/ 8:45 pm EDT
Mercury Retrograde Tara Greene astrology spiritual
  Mercury is the message, the medium, consciousness, our minds,   thinking, and communications. Known as The Trickster, and the  God of merchants and thieves.
Mercury in ARIES  speaks without thinking. Words spontaneously rush out. Be careful to try to hold back your words because you might say things to hurt others and ruin your case.
Mercury in Aries is bringing in new ideas, insights, independent thinking and radical ideas.
Make your voice heard against these PLUTOCRATS.  The dark side of PLUTO in CAPRICORN is exactly what we are seeing in the U.S. now, a Plutocratic rather Nazi-like control. A take over by the old boys club, the Patriarchs, trying to take away any Feminine nurturing Cancer {the opposite sign} social benefits, and women’s rights. 
Mercury will opppose JUPITER in LIBRA on the 24th and conjunct URANUS and ERIS on the 26th PDT., EDT, GMT.
Relationships are rocking and rolling, especially with Venus Retrograde conjunct the SUN at this time too. Diplomacy will be hard to come by. Explosive anger will be spilling out.
Major Danger of terrorist attacks, explosions, volcanic eruptions, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes and the like. Chaos is on the menu and Radical change is in the air.
We have become accustomed to these Cardinal Crosses.  They keep pressuring us to change our thinking, to wake up! To think independently, to alter the way we communicate.
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Cardinal squares, sextile Sunday

Those Coronal Mass Ejections had my head spinning like a top later Saturday afternoon. Did you feel it? I had to lie down on my special Korean infra-red massage bed and I fell asleep. I have a busy Sunday with a wedding shower in the afternoon and some Skype readings for women in Arizona. 

I am needing to hold the high energies of Sedona and also be here.

Back to square one, Literally.

The CARDINAL T-squares sounds like shades of Pope Francis and his Cardinals. Yes, they are here again. Will they ever go away? yah sometime in the next couple of years.

Cancer moon squares Mercury in Libra, the Sun and opposes Pluto in Capricorn and will square Uranus on Monday. Get ready for the unexpected MONDAY MORNING chaos. Otherwise its quite a quiet  day.

Happy birthday to my friend IALA in Sedona October 5.

There are also a couple of nice sweet SEXY sextiles between the Moon and Mars and Jupiter both in earth VIRGO. 

take a walk in the woods, clean up your neighbourhood. Relax and read a good book get your affairs in order, expand your diet and health regime. 

Moon also TRINES NEPTUNE early a.m. which usually makes for interesting dreams. Do try to remember them and write them down.


Kali-Ma Queen of Swords tara Greene tarot reader


This is quite a different interpretation of the Queen of Swords. She is the sign of LIBRA the sign we are in. She rules the zodiac from the 21st degree of Virgo to the 20th degree of Libra. September 14-October 13.

The Q. of S.  is associated with VENUS which is ALL GODDESSES, and the sign of Justice. SWORDS Are the element of AIR and the mind. The AIR signs are Gemini Libra and Aquarius.

Queen of Swords Tara Greene Tarot

In the Thoth deck she uses her sword- the discerning mind, to cut off the ego, which is the same as Kali-MA. 

Keep the mind cool, aired out, by breathing properly and deeply. DO not take everything at face value. 

Use your mind and your intuition to discern what is the truth. Be mindful of you ego chatter and silence it through meditation and cut it off so it isn’t running your life.

BALANCE and discernment are the keywords. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene


GRAND WATER TRINES, ecstacy Astrology from Tara Greene

Pre-weekend overview- The GRAND WATER TRINES  just keep on coming. Melt into the sea.


MAx Ernst 1923 AStrology Tara Greene


We all come from the ocean. We are the oceans. Your tears, blood, saliva, sweat, orgasmic life producing fluids- are all water. 

Oct 23-25 When it rains it pours. Water Trines benefit all water signs most as conjunctions and earth signs too, through sextiles.

Fire and AIR Signs are having a struggle with them.  They need to work hard to integrate all that emotion.  It’s unnatural to them. Really.

Fire sign Aries gets squared by Cancer, and squared by Scorpio. Aries says -“Don’t tell me what to do. And don’t cry it makes me angry.”

Leo gets squared by Scorpio,quincunxed or inconjuncted by Pisces. Leo states. “I’m not merging with anyone. I’m the boss.”

Sagittarius gets squared by Pisces and quincunxed by Cancer. Sag, says “Too sentimental, don’t t fence me in. I’m off.”

Air signs Gemini gets quincunxed by Scorpio and Squared by Pisces. Gemini says “I dunno which one to choose.  I don’t understand.”

Libra gets quincunxed by Pisces, and squared by Cancer. Libra says “Don’t ask me what I think. What can I do for you?”

Aquarius gets quincunxed by Cancer and squared by Scorpio. Aquarius says ” Revolution starts at home. Tell me all your secrets.”

THE Moon’s  at home in Cancer, the most feminine sign.  I can smell the home cookin’ already.

We all need nurturing, chicken soup, safety, emotional security, hugs, cuddles, knitting, snuggling.

 We need to care about someone. Be a Jewish Italian, Spanish, ethnic stereotype Mama. Overdo the love.

Oct 24 Lotsa aspects

Moon TRINES SUN in Scorpio- dreams may be easy to remember, Working in the gold mines.

Moon TRINES NEPTUNE- ooh so spiritual, get lost in  a romantic dream. Dancing in the dark.

Moon sextiles MARS in Virgo- do your laundry take out the garbage organize your abode to show some love.

Moon Opposes PLUTO in Capricorn this is the up close and  personal side of the BIG  T-square dance.

May come down as lots of tears, power struggles. Cancer’s are controllers. That’s that MAMA stereotype. SMOTHER. IT’s not healthy.

IT could manifest as being called on the carpet by “the boss” or whoever that authority figure is in your life.Could be your own unconscious tyrant. 

Moon TRINES Chiron- Tears will have salted that chicken soup. Yes you will feel better after a cry. Think of your tears as diamonds.

CANCER Moon Squares URANUS in ARIES – part 2 of the BIG T- square dance.

Move something around in your home as a Feng Shui honoring of this energy. Do something that moves your emotional body. Quick witted, be careful about responding to a situation overly fast and creating more damage.  

Last but not least

Moon TRINES SATURN in Scorpio in PDT –

EAsy to make serious commitments. Who’s getting engaged? Moving in together? Polishing the black pot till it shines. Excellent time to see through a particularly difficult crooked path you have walked in the past. Don’t get overwhelmed in emotional sentimentalism. But it’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Or hold a grudge if you want to. Or refuse to tell anyone your most secret desires. 

Oct 25

Moon TRINES MERCURY Retrograde in Scorpio

A chance to take back some words which hurt someone else’s feelings. Mend fences. Clear up who does what. Designate chores.

Cancer Moon QUINCUNX VENUS in SAGITTARIUS- No more love on the run?

Now you can’t hold a Sagittarian down. Expect to be disappointed as your lover gallops off into the distance because they find you too needy. You would have to cook up some awesome down home adventure or treasure hunt to please a Sag.

Moon Conjunct JUPITER-  

BENEFIC! FERTILE. MAKE LOVE for no reason or to get pregnant. Buy a home lottery ticket. Book a cruise.  Expand your home, have a big house party, warming. Go to Vegas for the weekend. Eat a huge meal. Treat your inner child to fun and games. Get together with your mom and or family.

SUN in Scorpio TRINES NEPTUNE in PISCES – SEXTACY – an ayahuasca like shamans journey into the underworld

Shamans travel between the worlds. THey go deep into the underworld scorpio territory and travel the upper and middle worlds. This aspect will be like taking ayahuasca or ecstasy.  Tantric lovemaking under the stars. Write a deep heavy soul searching poem, sing a dark song, paint a black painting, write. VERY POWERFUL. Journey to other worlds unimagined. Die before you die in order to live. Be  immortals. Taste the elixer of life and death. YOUR FEEDBACK IS MOST WELCOME.


All writing copyright Tara Greene 


Beautiful People – The SEA – Jimmy Hendrix 

Venus square Neptune, love and the debt ceiling crisis

Energies are a poppin’ under a Sagittarius moon.

I am back home after a whirlwind 3 day working tour in the Great White North. It was awesome up there.  I travelled 2,000 plus kilometres by plane and driving into the awesome open spaces inhabited by millions of pine,birch, poplar, maple trees, and hundreds of thousands of lakes, moose wolves, foxed, deer, beavers  of Northern Ontario. It’s a beautiful land Canada, I am proud to be born here.

Oct 10

VENUS SQUARES NEPTUNE- Love and Debt and the continuing U.S. shutdown

Venus square Neptune in the most spiritually romantic way means Love never dies.


There is no death and no one you love ever dies is never disconnected to you.

This is very real and comforting for all of  those who have lost someone they love.

Venus- Love, real physical love planet is squaring Neptune, making the SouL MATE, merge fantasy of Neptune – REAL for those who believe, who have FAITH- that is a Neptunian spiritual thing.

VENUS is a personal planet, she rules Women, their physical beauty and attractiveness and she

rules relationships, money, luxury, all arts and Neptune rules the illusions, debts, addictions of love and money,

Neptune also rules hidden enemies, secrets

Venus in Sagittarius takes risks and gambles.

Venus in Sagittarius means it totally and passionately when she says “Till death do us part.”

Venus square Neptune says -“Till debt do us part.”

JUPITER IS the planet or final dispositer of this square.  Jupiter traditionally rules both of these signs Masculine Sag and Feminine Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces too.

My intuition said what about the mid-point’s?


are another tool astrologers use. A Mid point is just as it sounds- the middle ground between two planets which gives added weight.

In a perfect 90 degree square. 45 degrees is a semi-square. We count from the first planet always moving clockwise.

45 degrees from Venus at 2 degrees 53 minutes of Sagittarius  is 17 degrees 53 minutes of CAPRICORN

which is directly opposite where JUPITER is right now- 19 degrees 16 minutes of Cancer!

which is also EXACTLY square to the Sun at 17 degrees 14 minutes of LIBRA, forming another Cardinal Cross point.

Jupiter is about 5 degrees past the U.S. Sun at 12 degrees Cancer.

Jupiter, the largest planet rules Religion, laws, government, history, foreigners, faith too.

To me this also mirrors the entire Government shutdown over increasing the debt ceiling.

Venus in Sagittarius is about truth- telling. Jupiter in Cancer means nurturing, feeding, emotional safety

LIBRA Sun, balancing relationships, being the ambassador,a symbol of karma and marriage,which VENUS also rules over

wow that’s some mighty fine, fine-tuning.

Check out where the Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra degrees Apply to you in your chart.

Imagine the magnificent Cosmic billiard games-one planet touches another they are all inter-connected.

So what does it all mean?

Well Neptune is a fog generator, Jupiter is BIG DADDY in Cancer,that’s the REPUB’s trying to be controlling in a false status quo,that won’t work.

This is a karmic testing time for the U.S.

I wrote about the U.S. loosing their power as their progressed Mars turned Retrograde in July of 2006.

Do you have faith in your present government? Who’s telling the truth?

What’s the secret hidden element – Pisces behind all of this?

My sense is the upcoming Eclipse on October 18 at 25 degrees Aries/Libra 

will shed some light. The government can’t stay in hostage mode for too long by the Repubs.

Could the U.S. go bankrupt? yes, but not yet.


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