The meaning of Comet Neowise

COMETS are harbingers of major changes, death of famous people and for thousands of years indicators of major cataclysms. Currently visible to the naked eye is the brightest comet to appear since Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. NEOWISE was discovered March 27, 2020 by astronomers during the NEOWISE mission of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope and named after it. 

Tapisserie de Bayeux – Scène 32 : des hommes observent la comète de Halley

Ancient Chinese astrology set great store by celestial omens and comets were an important omen, always disastrous. Under the theory of Wu Xing, comets were thought to signify an imbalance of yin and yang. Chinese emperors employed observers specifically to watch for them. Some important decisions were made as a result. For instance, Emperor Ruizong of Tang abdicated after a comet appearance in 712 AD.

Comets were observed in great detail because of their astrological significance. However, these observations are now of great use to modern astronomers.

“Ancient Chinese records of comet observations are the most extensive historical records in existence. They are far more complete than European observations.[2]The earliest confirmed Chinese comet observation is from 613 BC,[3] but there is also a possible sighting of Halley’s Comet in 1059 BC. The Chinese records are not only the most extensive as there are continuous records all the way through to the nineteenth century, using substantially consistent methods throughout. They are also the most accurate, often to within half a degree of right ascension. ” 

Comets were thought to have military significance. For instance, the breakup of a comet on 25 January 35 AD was interpreted as portending the destruction of Gongsun Shu by Wu Han, general to emperor Guangwu.” – Wikipedia

OMENS OF DESTRUCTION Battle of Hastings 1066

The most famous appearance of Halley’s comet occurred in 1066 coinciding with the Norman Conquest of England at the Battle of Hastings. Halley’s comet was later included in a section of the famed Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts King Harold and a crowd of fearful Englishmen watching it streak through the sky. This is the first known picturing of this comet. The Tapestry is an embroidery, made in Kent, England and measures 20-inches tall but measures a mammoth 231-feet-long.


The Hopi Indians in the U.S. have many prophesies about Future warning about the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the 5th. According to Frank Waters, in The Book of the Hopi, 1963 A Blue Kachina {or God} will appear as a blue star or comet. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease”.[citation needed]  “The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a Kachina removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children.” This absence of Hopi ceremonialism will coincide with the destruction of the Fourth World. Waters suggested that World War III will begin and the United States will be ripped apart by war, leaving only the Hopis and their homeland intact. The war of the end of the world is described by Waters as “a spiritual conflict with material matters”. =

counteracting this. “There is evidence gathered by Armin Geertz that the Hopi “continuously recreate their prophecies to justify current conditions” (Jason Colavito’s words) and that all the prophecies were composed after the events they prophesy. Since there are no ancient Hopi texts there is no way to know what the originals were. For instance, the whiteness of Pahana, the White Brother, who returns from the East may well postdate their first encounters with Europeans”.[2]


Mark Twain, the famous American author was born when Haley’s comet appeared in 1835 and died when the comet reappeared in 1910, 75 years later. Comets are alien visitors from the solar system. Their fly by’s has traditionally always been considered to portend deaths of famous people, major catastrophes, and battle warnings.The Chines astrologers saw them as indicators of imbalance in the yin and yang.

Let’s look at Comet Neowise’s discovery chart. I have put in Comet HOPI into the chart, and this is a HELIOCENTRIC CHART.

The SUN is in ARIES conjunct LILITH and squaring the NODES of FATE which are South Node in Capricorn North Node in Cancer.  What does this mean?

Comet Neowise Astrology, Tara Greene

Comet Neowise Astrology

COMET NEOWISE is a new spiritual messenger. It is an embodiment of the Wounded Healer Chiron, for toxic masculinity of Aries warrior energy and for the Dark denied Feminine shadow of women’s independence, equality and sexuality, Lilith.

I see this as a great healing energy symbol. CHIRON and LILITH in ARIES conjunct the SUN, the identity of NEOWISE, square the Nodes of the Moon also conjunct asteroid PSYCHE which means the Soul or Unconcious which is always feminine and Asteroid HOPI. It is connected to the Hopi Prophesies perhaps. This is  a KARMIC energy when planets square the NODES.

This comet’s message can be seen as a harbinger of the imbalance in the masculine and feminine and the new healing fire of Lilith and Chiron which holds the cauterizing healing torch of the soul to heal the toxic warrior masculine energy.

MARS the ruling planet of the SUN is in grounded earthy physical CAPRICORN conjunct the expansive wealthy death and rebirth planets JUPITER and PLUTO in conjunction with SATURN at 0 AQUARIUS indicating a new consciousness.

The MOON the emotional feeling of the comet is conjunct URANUS in TAURUS 

This is radical new freedom-loving practical gut instinct intuition. The Moon is what we need to feel emotionally safety and nurturing. This is a brand new emotional body and values being built. 

VENUS at 22 TAURUS in her rulership trines Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius to bring some solid stable resourceful tools which we can integrate into our radical consciousness for transforming the corporate Patriarchal model. 


the Great Mother is a feminist, a radical, freedom-loving independent in a tense love connection with her daughter Venus. Women used to be free to choose their own lovers and mates and the lineage was Matriarchal. This indicates these old values resurfacing in a new modern way. 

MERCURY and NEPTUNE in PISCES are widely conjunct with Neptune sextile VENUS

The messenger is spiritual idealistic compassionate and creative. Neptune is VENUS’s higher octave and their positive aspect grounds the spiritual idealism into a practical feminine appreciation of love relationships values and beauty,

If you can see Comet Neowise it’s quite awesome. I saw it last night very clearly naked eye in dark skies. Yes, it can have negative portents but I found Hale-Bopp was personally very good for me and my family.

In 1997 my husband and I travelled to Death Valley California to do a fertility and Give-away ceremony to conceive a child. We timed it to be there for March 21 Spring Equinox and we were under Hale-Bopp the last huge comet to appear in the skies. Long story short we  did a ceremony  with a lingham stone a traditional Hindu standing stone and covered it with honey and flowers and created an energetic yoni and prayed and also gave away our need to have a child to the Universe. The give away part was very emotional and we both cried a lot but it is a necessary part of bringing in a soul. Two months later spirit told me to make love now and we conceived our daughter and thanks Goddess for her, Leah was born at home with midwives wide awake a perfect 10 on the Apgar scale and now she is 22. So for me comets are very positive. 

I encourage you to tune into this lovely E.T. Messenger and ask for what your heart and soul really need to advance your spiritual growth.,Halley’s%20Comet%20in%201059%20BC.

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the Muse Tarot 4 of Inspiration or 4 of Wands/ Fire in the THOTH deck at Order of Golden Dawn this card symbolize VENUS in ARIES an aggressive new, vibrant Initiatory desire love or value. 

The 4’s are always about the 4 elements.

Astrologer A.T. Mann created The Mandala Astrological Tarot describes this card as  “The Lightning of Aries.” assigned to the Third Decan of Aries as Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter is the Greater Benefic and Venus the lesser Benefic. 

This is a very optimistic card for EASTER SUNDAY. Like The Queen’s Message that Easter symbolizes the light triumphing over the dark.

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The Lion Queen, Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo, Make Love like a LIONESS

July 27/28- August 21

Lots of hot passionate love and BIG hair, cat fights and drama galore.

Mars is already in LEO and VENUS speeds up to claw him down. The two lovers stay within 8 degrees of each other from August 12 -24.

There will be a VERY HOT DUSTY Old Town  hook up as VENUS MARS conjunction August 24 @ 3 degrees VIRG0

Venus the Goddess of LOVE Beauty, Relationships, BLING, demands to be treated like A QUEEN or King, so you better get ready to bow down.

Tarot_de_Besançon_-_Renault_-_Trump_11Renault, cardmaker from Besançon in France, fl. 1820 [Public domain] LEO Strength

LEO is STRENGTH in the Tarot #11 or 8

Power struggles can get even more raw, inflamed, hot and passionate.  There will be lots of drama.

Leo governs vanity, competition, showing off, jealousy, possessiveness, you know…with big ego power politics 

Venus in Leo is everything YOUR HEART DESIRES, you want it, and you know how to seduce it and get it. 

 80’s manes of hair, catfights, and courageous acts are all Venus in LEO. SHE WANTS THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, luxury, fast cars, big rocks, BLING, to make her purr with pleasure, trophy wife, Venus in Furs, Isn’t CATS making a comeback?


Leo is the 5th sign of creativity and LOVE AFFAIRS and sexy is the new black.

Bright yellow, red, gold or deep purple, are Leo’s colors.

Venus in Leo wearing a  big cat skin, is a Jungle Queen, fearless Amazon, 



She is also Hindu Goddess DURGA riding her Lion into battle to kill all the ghouls and demonic forces when no other God can. WILL power with love behind it is unstoppable.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Love and romance are roaring with strength and joy. Shout out your passion, roar out your love, you will know what to do, if it feels good, go for it.  Leo is known for Generosity of the heart, acts of loving-kindness, Leos are fiercely loyal and giving to those they love.

Questions to ask:

WHAT makes my heart-throb with passion? What do I love and desire the most? What makes me happiest?

Venus in Leo loves art and creativity- see link below-

WOMEN take center stage as leaders power movers and shakers, fearlessly fueled by love. “I am woman hear me roar.” the Helen Reddy song 

Leo rules statesman kings, leaders, actors and actresses, billionaires, entrepreneurs, anyone who is center stage. Leo rules children, giving love, show children your support and love them courageously,


MICHAEL JACKSON    Daniel Radcliffe   Andy Warhol


Madonna  Pamela Anderson Whitney Houston Tori Amos

Nichole Kidman and Tom Cruise   Jennifer Lawrence

Selena Gomez  Gwyneth Paltrow   Salma Hayek

Amy Winehouse Lindsay Lohan

George W. Bush

Niall Horan and Liam Payne of One Direction

Film Directors Tim Burton Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick

writer Paulo Coelho

singer Michael Buble

Enjoy Venus in LEO- get out and dance the tango, be generous, enjoy the drama keep it fueled with positive passion.


All writing is copyright of  Tara Greene

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Yes and no, Astrology

Venus the Goddess is crossing behind the Sun. She is INANNA the Oldest Goddess and she has descended into the Underworld, she is invisible but very powerful. She is behind the sun at the degree she crossed in front of the Sun in 2012. Remember that? On June 5-6 Venus was visible in front of the Sun in a rare only once every 125 year transit at 15 degrees GEMINI

We are getting a behind the scenes, backstage look at the SUN. Imagine you are travelling behind the Sun with Venus. What does that feel like? NASA has reported a huge coronal hole which appeared recently. 


This is a very dreamy aspect floaty, meditation high aspect which is part of this RARE Grand MUTABLE CROSS.  You will believe your projection is real. Yes,

I’m sooo high….. I’m up up up


things are feeling very intense. i have been frustrated and crying.

SUN opposes SATURN in EDT in early morning June 3  { it already happened Westward} 

BACK TO EARTH!!!! plummeting like a rocket. I’m down.

Things are light and heavy. DUALITY is glaring in your face.

yes or No astrology advice Tara Greene

Moon conjuncts Mercury in the early a.m.  and then sextiles Chiron in Pisces

Your moods and thinking will be practical.Even though you may be feeling a tad vulnerable you can manage to put it in the back of your mind. 

MOON opposes MARS IN SCORPIO @ 4:02 pm PDT then the moon goes Void of Course


This puts more emphasis on the NO, not yet…..

We are really stuck in the quicksand, the morass of MARS Retrograde. This is a prime opp. to do some very deep soul searching and shadow embracing. We are seeing the world’s shadows barnstorming the worlds stage. 

Don’t hold the anger, sadness, frustration, repressed emotions in.

Use the VOID OF COURSE MOON time until 8:01 pm PDT for a lot of deep inner grieving. Underneath anger is sadness. Cry yourself a rive if you need to. It is cathartic. 

THIS IS AN ANGSTY ONE! I think I’ll take that as my Street Art name. 

Yes irritability, how can i count the ways???? 

Be careful of explosive tempers.

VENUS opposes SATURN  in the evening

This is an excellent aspect to make vows on, seal a deal, creat a commitment that you love. 

There’s that Venus in GEMINI High with the Saturn in Sagittarius Low. 

The balance point is 13 degrees Virgo and PISCES and you know whats there. 

This can feel bipolar. Mutable signs are mot stable, so just let the craziness blow in the wind. 

Those with planets at mid-degrees of MUTABLE GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES feel it the most.

Moon enters GEMINI late friday evening to help us to  BREATHE, Gemini rules the lungs.

SUN squares JUPITER JUne 4th  @ 3:47 am PDT/ 6:57 am EDT

This is a lovely aspect and worth getting up early for the do your SUN SALUTATIONS outside and call in Jupiter in Virgo’s benefic energy. 

There’s a lot going on at this NEW MOON

VENUS square JUPITER- real love is real. 

I will be leading ceremony Saturday night up in Bancroft and will be sending the energy out.

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I still can’t figure out how this website has disappeared from Google’s search engines. If you search my name there is no mention that I have this blog??? WTF? Mars Retrograde my blog has gone down the rabbit hole. 

If you know any techies out there who can help solve this mystery I would be much obliged. 

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Hot and Cold- Katy Perry  



Scorpnado, 4 elements, Father’s Day Astrology

Monday starts off with those OBSESSIVE  deep INTENSE SEXY POWER Hungry SECRET CONTROL issues as

Moon enters the maw of Scorpio @ 3:38 am PDT/ 6: 38 am EDT

Once a month its death and rebirth time- this is NOW.

Scorpio Moon makes a nice little Trine to Mercury Retro- around Noon  EDT

what was it that I forgot, they did?  Expect to feel the rage in hindsight.

NEPTUNE planet of BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS, and All things ineffable, ephemeral, that which MONEY CANNOT BUY goes RETROGRADE.

RE-DREAM those dreams. Old soul mates will return. DEBT ROLL BACK> This could indicate a financial turn around which  could point to some major problems later this year. Watch for gold stocks to rise in August.




the MOON Psychic Tarot Tara Greene


 expect very obsessive, sexy dreams tonight. Don’t drink too much water before you go to bed.

June 10 – a varietal day Scorpio intensity continues, feel the seething emotions. 


Scorpio Moon opposes VENUS IN TAURUS – Not drunk in- but stubbborn and sensuously in love.

A great day to get a deep tissue massage or any body work. Deeply felt LOVE in the body.

SCORPIO Moon conjuncts SATURN. Here’s where you get nailed to the cross-


Scorpion astrology Tara Greene PSychic


propose to your beloved, feel the heavies, sink into a deep depression, find the source of your secret life.  A day to deal with death, finalities, endings, funerals, resurrection, wills, your dad, the boss, quit work,  blow it all out.

SUICIDE LINES Will be at their highest. Get help if you are feeling desperate. I have a number of clients who have been decimated in the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS or Saturn.


blow it out in order to heal those wounds.  Much crying. Go see THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and cry there if you must.

Some quirky quincunx’s from Moon to Uranus- the Universal whoopee cushion of chaos, U can’t avoid sitting on it.

Scorpio MOON is Q. to the sunny SUN in GEMINI- 

the Salton Sea is not necessarily a lovely place to meet folks. It’s a metaphor folks.


Deep sentimental moods. Focus on what you want to let go of and what you want to give birth to. Also useful for to get pregnant. rip down walls,come to someone’s emotional rescue, trust those you love you to support you. watch out for big tummy aches too. 

Once you go through the dark night of the SOUL there is the light.

June 11 YES at the end of the tunnel SAGITTARIUS MOON

GALLOPS in just in the nick of TIME 8:23 am  PDT/ 11:23 am EDT

Except for a mind/emotional boondoggle   Moon quincunx Mercury RETROGRADE in CANCER – don’t try to figure it out. All things will pass.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES @ 9:11 am PDT/ next day EDT

Great night for launching LUCID dreams. Go to bed early do all the right things, intend to remember your dreams.

I already wrote about the Sagittarius Full MOON- it falls on the 12/13 -see


MOON enters CAPRICORN FRIDAY  the 13th are you superstitious?


MARS SQUARES PLUTO @ 5:44 am PDT / 8:44 am EDT at 12 degrees + Libra/Capricorn 

THE TERRIBLE Duo who co-rules SCORPIO DUKE IT OUT.  Who you gonna blame?

CIRCLE where 12 degrees LIBRA And CAPRICORN are in your charts. Be very aware of the inner WAR ZONE, the ammo  has been lit. 

War, fighting, hostage taking, shoot outs, attempts to placate the crowds may not be happening.  Dangerous, this aspect squares the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees CANCER. Much road rage, battles against the government, violence.  

Feeble attempts to bring peace don’t work.

This is another bout in the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS my HEART and HOPE TO DIE match.

with Moon jumping in  conjuncting PLUTO adding fuel to the fire.

Moon qaures Mars Uranus and later opposes Jupiter.


Go visit an art gallery, have a nice family barbecue, Spend some money on practical beautiful objects.


most of the Feminine energy of Mar s in Libra has been Feminizing men this year. GOAT Moon qunincunx GEMINI SUN Don’t get DAD anything to do with GOATS, no fetta cheese, body rubs, perfumes or anything made from tin. Maybe find an old copy of Giles GOAT BOY by JOhn Barth? You catch my drift.

MOON ENTERS FREEDOM LOVING AQUARIUS at 10:27 am PDT/ 1:27 pm EDT  to radically shift the energy

ELECTRIC ECCENTRIC AQUArii moon qunincunx’s Mercury Retro in Cancer

be very careful about trying to get a group together at any location. Mercury Retro stuff, you know.

BUY DAD some HI tech with a RETRO look, give him a ticket to freedom.  Buy him some rad chillin’ clothes, take him bungee jumping.


ALL writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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BORN TO DIE- Lana Del Ray