Inspirational card for November 8 Election Day

I thought that because it is so tense that I would just pick one card for today to inspire you. I know it will be a stressful day for millions of people. 

Remember it’s an Aquarius Moon which is good for being emotionally detached and thinking about what is good for everyone. The Moon does go VOID-Of-Course at 5:54 a.m  PST/ 8:54 am EST until 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST. so there is 4.5 hours early in the day of a kind of disconnectedness.  Usually this means that things may not turn out well. The Moon symbolizes the people’s mood and when its Void making no aspects in between changing signs it can make people feel confused and isolated. 

Then the MOON enters PISCES  and brings in compassion, sensitivity, martyrdom, delusional projections and  foggy energies. 

Mars enters AQUARIUS @ 9:51 pm PDT; new revolutionary energies are blowing in the wind at that time. We are going into the Future. 

Inspirational card


Rider-Waite Deck Card of STRENGTH #8 

The symbol of Tarot Arcana #8 the number of infinity which floats above the Goddesses or Anima or soul’s head means that ALL TIME IS NOW. So choose wisely and carefully. The Astrology sign is LEO. On 11/8 I chose #8. In the Tarot 8 and 11 are interchangeable. 

STRENGTH, courage, daring, will power, leadership, vanity, ego, Royalty,  creativity, passion, selfishness, childishness, Lust, these are all LEO energies associated with this card. Be strong.

The very literal message is that the woman, tames the LION, the wild beast with the mane of hair! Trump has a LEO ascendant with macho Mars on it. 

The strength card symbolizes Kundalini energy as it is also associated with the snake, the primordial FEMININE symbol. A venomous green snake was found on an airplane yesterday in Mexico. In the Thoth Tarot, Strength is called LUST.  It shows the Whore of Babylon– I know I can hear the comments already- taming the 7 headed beast which symbolizes the chakras. A lot of this imagery is related to tantric sexuality and the kundalini fire released which must be controlled or the person burns out.  It is not blatantly sexual at all. Like the temples in India with the naked gods and goddess engaged in intercourse, all thoughts of lust and earthly pleasure must be overcome before any great spiritual strength is attained. The means of sexual union can be used to get there.

You can interpret it how you will. I predicted Hillary Clinton winning in my 2016 predictions and then a great darkness or confusion. I also predicted a civil war breaking out. The year is not over yet. 

Be safe. Be strong. Remember all of this exhausting journey is part of the Divine Plan. No matter who wins, the U.S. is set on a breakdown course and a civil war. Jade Helm in 2015 was a practice run for the military to prepare for civil unrest because of this election. I do believe Trump is working for Clinton and that this is a NWO takeover set up. 

The really even more serious issue is the TTP, the biggest enslavement model ever in the world. Sorry to be such an alarmist but you must read about it and act. Any corporation can sue any country for not allowing it to rape, plunder and pillage whatever it wants to its heart’s discontent plus sue the country if it dares try to stop its machinations or if they don’t make their expected profits. It’s already happened.  What is happening at the Dakota Access Pipeline is a mere appetizer to what is coming down the pipe. No pun intended. We must act to stop and block the TTP.  I don’t believe Trump can do this either. He merely opposes whatever Hillary says. 


When I was 12 years old I had one of the most startling and powerful Remote Viewing experiences. I was suddenly the fly on the wall in a huge boardroom with about 12 or 13 very strong looking older men sitting at a gigantic, very expensive ornately carved wooden oval table.  One of the men was saying. “Ok, so now you, Germany will be our enemy for awhile, we’ll fight you and then we will rebuild you. There’ll be a lot of killing and we’ll all make a lot of money. Then Russia will be our enemy for awhile. Then it will be our friend. Then Japan, same thing, enemy, we’ll win then we’ll help put you back together. Everyone gets a turn.” And they all laughed and held up crystal glasses and saluted and drank together. It was the most real thing I have ever experienced. I knew then, in 1963 that these were the big boys who ran the world and all the leaders of the apparent free world and that’s the way it was. I totally trust this as it was my experience. 

I hope you get some sleep. Be strong. You are deciding your future America. I leave you with a positive and a truly prophetic warning song by the genius poet Leonard Cohen, who should also win the Nobel Prize for Literature next year may he live so long.  Blessings 


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You Gotta Be- Des’ree 1999

The FUTURE by Leonard Cohen 1992

Test by fire or desire.

The Moon is in sensuous earthy Taurus Aug 22-24 and we feel more grounded. August 23 is a day when the Bull has us by the horns. The horns of the Bull have from ancient times symbolized the Goddess, Her worship and the Moon’s cycles of waxing and waning itself.
Taurus,Astrology, Mythology Tara Greene
The Taurus Moon inconjuncts {150 degree aspect} both MARS and SATURN.
Taurus moon mooves slowly plodding along, needing safety, security, and a solid guarantee that its’ creature comforts will be met. Taurus, a Fixed sign, dislikes changes.
Burning mad, aggressive warrior MARS in fiery Sagittarius and heavy, serious SATURN, the planet of karma and death, in Sagittarius are the Swords/ Wands, of Truth. Thes planets are the apex of the Bullfighter’s aggressive, stabs at the moments of destiny for the fighter or the Bull.
2 of sword, astrology Tara Greene2 of wands Tarot Tara Greene
2 of swords, Tarot of the Ages                 2 of Wands, Path of Life Tarot
What will this moment of truth and justice hold for you? We are both the mythological Minotaur, the half human-half Bull creature who symbolizes the bestial, animalistic, selfish, “eat or be eaten” survival mode parts of ourselves. The human half is our higher conscious, ethical and compassionate ability to think and reason mind. The Mythological Minotaur eats anyone who comes into the Labyrinth which is on the greek Island of Crete.  
We are also the Bullfighter archetype; the heroic macho stylized killer who outwits the savage beast. The unfortunate bull is sacrificed to prove human superiority over the wild beastly parts of ourselves. Psychologically and compassionately this is a very bad playing out of “good” versus “evil.”  It is extremely narcissistic, archaic and creates needless suffering for a poor beast. The crowds are bloodthirsty and revel in very low-level vibrations at the spectacle. Often the bullfighters get gored and are seriously wounded or killed during the fight. There aren’t very many bullfights left in the world.  Sagittarius is a fire sign and the 2 of wands suits this planetary picture now.
Taurus moon sextiles Neptune in PISCES
Let that Bull go and enjoy his life, grazing, procreating and smelling the roses, like Ferdinand. Compassion rules. Release the bulls, let them roam free. Let our own simple animal instincts be free as well.
A very powerful Sensuous EARTH trine from Moon to PLUTO crowns the day. 
This aspect encourages us to really enjoy life on the physical plane. This is the Garden of Eden, Taurus Moon helps us to really enjoy its earthly delights.
Pluto is Lord of Riches, eat well, slowly, noticing every taste and texture. Slow down and smell the roses, notice the sensuality and vibration of everything around you. Indulge in beautiful things, massages, pure aromatherapy oils, fine wine, making love. Noticing how much beauty there is in nature, in the world and everywhere you look. 
REMEMBER on AUGUST 24 that MARS and SATURN conjunct at 9+ degrees SAGITTARIUS on ANTARES, This is One of the hardest most bad-ass aspects there is. More sooner. Squared by NEPTUNE in PISCES. You gotta have FAITH.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of  Tara Greene.
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Virgo good times, weekend update

The weekend features earthy pragmatic Virgo energy until Sunday in the wee hours.

Virgo astrology, weekend Tara Greene

The Constellation of Virgo

We can really focus on getting the chores done, reorganizing, and have orgasms from cleaning- it’s Virgo’s  rapture energy. Virgo’s love to save money, so if you shop, cash in your coupons, count your savings, rework your budget. Work on perfecting your diet, organize stuff, and being in nature is also important to Virgo’s as earth signs. Anything to do with health, fitness, your dietary, routine and natural healing  is easier now. 

Virgo’s love information so catch up on some summer light or heavier reading, review old notes and brush up on work related knowledge bases.

Virgo is the largest constellation in the Zodiac. The 6th sign is traditionally the sign of servants, health care providers, indicators of health, routine, work, your community and pets, Virgo’s like to serve. 

Moon trines Pluto in the wee hours bringing those shadows and scary Nazi or the robber archetype up in your dreams. All Nightmares come in service. 

Moon sextiles Sun conjuncts JUPITER-

good for all Virgos, and wherever you find Virgo in you Natal chart.

Virgo’s are getting ready to finish up their best year in 12 shortly, so splurge a little. 

Moon makes three sexy sextiles today to Mercury in home loving Cancer, Mars in sexy Scorpio and Venus in motherly Cancer.  The mood is sentimental, so perfect for family gathering, outdoor barbeques and the like.

It’s Summertime and the living is easy. OK for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES later in the afternoon

so be prepared for unexpected stuff of one sort or another and people’s moods to be shifting gears very quickly.

Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces –

your tummy may be upset or sensitive. Do watch what you eat and drink plenty of water with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or ginger.. 

SUN SEXTILES JUPITER @ 10:41 pm PDT/ July 10 EDT @ 1:41 am

This is a grand day for VIRGO’s. Jupiter expands everything he touches. We are getting the scientific facts about Jupiter the planet’s real identity now courtesy of spacecraft Juno. It is so telling that Jupiter is in VIRGO as this space mission launches. Virgo is scientific, organized and detailed. 

Those os us who are VIRGO clean freaks can benefit from some long overdue dusty bunny clean ups, organizing laundry, whatever has piled up- you dont want to see my office these days. Take care of the mundane, maintenance stuff that Virgo’s love to sort out while the Moon is in this sign. It’s easier to watch your diet, and review financial goals set a budget, and work in the garden. 

Virgo is the sign of the harvest, review your week and see what you have reaped.

The aspects are easy for Sunday. will write about that separately.

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Inspirational Card, sexy Mars home birth Scorpio,Tara Greene

Feeling the Intensity? Mars brand new home re-birth in Scorpio July 25. Life will be lived much more emotionally intense now, are you ready for it? Obsession, more sex, devious secrets,new battles til Mid September.

SCOR PIO- duh I just got it. After lingering in Libra for seven months the action is just starting again.

Lull? what lull? 

Many of my clients are going through further breakdowns in their lives because of the Grand Cardinal Cross. How are you doing?Me? Saturn on my ascendant- slow, heavy, rebirth. 

Inspirational Card of the Day on Jupiter conjunct LEO NEW MOON

Gypsy Tarot psychic Tara Greene

THE EMPEROR Tarot Trump # 4

Tarot of the Gypsies by Dr. Papus

THE EMPEROR is THE KING, as is LEO. This is beautifully synched into this Jupiter in Leo New Moon with the planet  Jupiter appearing on this version of the Emperor Card. Usually #4  is associated with ARIES and then MARS would be its ruling planet. 

THE EMPEROR is THE SUPREME masculine authority, a warrior king, dictator, authority figure the President. 

His number 4 is the square, the root, the foundation, the four elements, humors, directions.  He squares things up.

He symbolizes masculine power in both men and women. Active, aggressive, spontaneous, short spurts of energy.

All NEW MOON’s are new beginnings . LEO is Fire like the Emperor. KINDRED spirits.

Mars  squares the SUN MOON JUPITER on this New moon.  Firey new moon.

ARIES people you will feel much more charged up and ready for even more deeper faster harder transformation with your ruler in Scorpio. 

 WHAT DO YOU BURN FOR? Where’s your passion?  WHAT new territories do you want to conquer?

It may feel like you’ve lost touch with it all these past seven months with Mars in Libra. I know I feel that. 

The Emperor is  WISE KING, father, responsible for others, supporter, protector, defender.

Did you have a good relationship with your father?  with Authority figures?

How comfortable do you feel taking on authority, responsibility, leadership?

MEDITATE on discovering your own INNER KING, WARRIOR, LEADER, responsiblity at this new moon.

WHAT new lessons strengths, powers and plans will  you create a foundation for ?

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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FROM A JACK TO A KING- Elvis Presley