Galactic Black Hole Love time

August 5 VENUS in GEMINI conjunct the NORTH NODE at 28 GEMINI and NORTH STAR Opposite the Galactic Center

The G.C. is a favourite G spot of mine.  26,000 light-years away. It is huge. 

Time to hook up with your Galactic Love. 

This is very current with the coming Higher Consciousness of Aquarius only more out there. 

According to John Major Jenkins, there is a 50-year window of opportunity where the Winter Solstice Sun aligns exactly with the GC and the Galactic Plane from around 1975-2025 which awakens our Galactic Consciousness. Note that much new age channelling which was based a lot on Theosophy and Rudolph Steiner’s teachings and the Seth material, Indigo children began to become aware from around 1975.  The Book is called Galactic Alignment. 

The Galactic Center is the source of incredible very bright infrared energy called SAGITTARIUS A, the huge black hile cosmic vagina with a mass equivalent to several million suns. This spot draws in cosmic energies sucks in all light and matter and is a wormhole. Nothing escapes from a  black hole. The Black HOLE radiates and emanates frequencies. Its a pulsating G spot and is said to be the origin of most of the gravitational energy in our galaxy.

THE SOUTH NODE at 27 SAGITTARIUS is exactly conjunct to the G.C. now and wil be throughout AUGUST and into early September.

This gives an incredible opportunity to tune in and download Cosmic expansive wisdom and reboot out consciousness.

Ruled by planet JUPITER which was in Sagittarius in 2019, old systems of Justice, education, philosophies, honesty, politics, belief systems and expansion are being ejected. We see this happening in the news.  Sagittarius the 9th sign is the sign of International relations, adventure, travel, truth-telling, optimism, and humour. We have reached the end of cycle. This is a once in 9+ year connection, the last time the South Node was on the GC was in the Spring of 2011 and the last time the NORTH NODE was on the GC was November/December  2001-2002.

With VENUS opposite the Galactic Center we can tune our hearts into the great vast depths of the COSMIC YONI and download incredible chunks of cosmic riches. Working with the Divine Feminine enhances working with the GC now. 

The GC powerfully transmits cosmic energies. Connecting to the GC enhanced your psychic powers. You dont want to miss this rare opportunity to throw a heart lifeline into the GC. The energies you receive need to be written down and then acted upon.

The Rapa Nui people of Easter Island knew of the Galactic Center and the Mayans referred to it as Hunab Ku.

Astrologer and planet namer Philip Sedgewick says “The Galactic Center radiates brilliant insight to anyone connected with it. This insight craves implementation. This infrared information reveals how to let go of what is in the way to make a clear path for the next step. As soon as an idea is grasped and brought forward, the path of accessing new information refreshes. At all times, new and newer insights spew forth. This carries the tone of consciousness evolution.”

Sedgewick recommends.

“Ask questions of the cosmos in an objective manner. Ask as if the answer will not be of consequence to you.

Try to do so regularly, at the same time of day, for a fortnight, at least. Write down everything that comes to mind. Write it down by hand. This makes the channel clearer. Once written, it can be transcribed into a computer.

Review the insight collection every week or so. Notice how you evolve to wrap around the insights and see their place in the real world. Value the ideas!

Do what you must to flesh out the ideas. When in some sort of development, then you can claim ownership of the insight.

Focus on the fact that you received this information. As much as the Cosmos gave it to you, the Cosmos needs you to be the fresh insights mouthpiece.

Consider your newly rendered concepts to be divinely inspired and make your contribution with enthusiasm and confidence!

Fortunately, with Mercury in Leo now, a confident rendering of the newly received concepts can occur.”

Many famous people, seers and scientists and others are connected to the GC like Albert Einstein, Edgar Cayce and Yuri Geller. If you have planets connected you feel you are not of this world, that you are an ET and feel you are a Galactic emissary and part of the Galactic  The Wright Brothers flew for the first time connected with the Galactic Center. 

If you have planets or rising or asteroids connected to 26-28 SAGITTARIUS you will feel this energy the most. I have Mercury at the G.C. 

FAMOUS PEOPLE born with SUN on GC on December 18

Bradd Pitt, Cristina Aguillera, Billie Eilish, Joseph Stalin, Steven Spielberg, Katie Holmes, Keith Richards, Sia, Paul Klee artist, astrologer Jonathan Cainer. 

December 19 

Jake Gyllenhaal, Allysa Milano, Ronan Farrow, Edith Piaf, Criss Angel, 

There is an Archangel related to the GC this is METATRON who emanates from the top of the Tree of LIfe. Call Metatron in to speak with you as the Guardian Angel. This is what The GREAT WORK is all about. The timing of this event is huge. Spend about 10 days working with the GC. 

ERIS and LILITH are also trine the GC so work with those energies too 

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Watch LIVE Interview with Philip Sedgewick and CIA Astrologer Gemini Brett on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency interview  from 2017


Venus Trine Mars luck in love

April 10 the Aquarius MOON keeps us detached and higher-minded. Aquarius Moon keeps things detached while heavy energies set in as Sun and Pluto square off today and tomorrow bringing deep secrets and underhanded ruthlessness into view.

The moon squares Venus and JUPITER  as all are Fixed signs. Stubbornness rears its head.

Keeping a cool head is the best move. 

Sun squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN in late evening PDT/ 11th in EDT and GMT

this produces conflict tension and power struggles.

VENUS TRINES MARS in late PDT/ April 11 EDT and GMT

Venus and Mars Botticelli astrology

Venus and Mars by Botticelli 1485 

a beautiful LOVE triangle 

If you are a Virgo you get to make this a menage a trois

delicious romantic idealistic yummy sensuous 

the Garden of earthly delights


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Fire alarm Foreign affairs

March 9

Moon’s in truth-telling adventurous optimistic SAGITTARIUS

SAG. is the sign associated with Foreigners and International affairs. Guess what was in the news today? 

Yes TRUMP agrees to meet with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un before MAY-to discuss denuclearizing- that’s URANUS and PLUTO territory-N. Korea before URANUS enters TAURUS on the 15th. 

JUPITER is the sign of foreign diplomats and a fire sign and these two certainly have traded fiery insults at each other. Are they two peas in a pod? Can’t you just visualize Kim in an old-fashioned knickered golfing suit with plaid socks and a pompom cap playing golf in Mar A Lago with Trump and smoking Cuban cigars? 

JUPITER the planetary ruler of SAGITTARIUS {and PISCES} just turned RETROGRADE  in PST EST and Today in GMT. 

See previous days post-

SAGITTARIUS super honest moon squares the PISCES SUN

Which is the doubly whammy with JUPITER ruling both these signs.

I am a double Sagittarius and something very suddenly ended today although I did have an intuitive sense of it. I was still surprised as it came bam just like that. It’s all good though because another eve better door opens. 

Expect more sudden stops and endings with JUPITER REtrograde.

The key word for JUPITER retrograde is literally 


Jupiter was known as JOVE to the ROMANS and he was Jovial happy optimistic trusting and that’s what the root word of JUV means. to Re happy yourself. 

MOON conjuncts MARS at 25 + degrees SAGITTARIUS on the Galactic Centre

Hot to trot you must exercise your right to fight for the truth

This aspect really helps anyone align with the super Black hole cosmic vagina streaming energies. They are huge. Download a little bit of it and trust what you get. Just tune into G.C. 

MOON trines URANUS in ARIES later in the day then moon goes Void-of-course

MOON URANUS always makes the emotional ride wild crazy fun electrifying chaotic. Enjoy the wild wild night.

Moon squares Chiron in PISCES later in the evening in PST

Next morning in EST/GMT 

Saggy bluntness can hurt sensitive empaths and compassionate people’s feelings. You yourself fire signs may feel a wee bit sensitive too. Shed a few tears if you need too.

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Jan 20 transition of power,”Dark Night of the Soul”

A large coronal hole on the Sun has been spewing out a solar wind stream of plasma, which is energized, charged particles, primarily electrons and protons, flowing outward from the Sun, that is now affecting the earth. See

These Solar winds affect electro-magnetic fields in the earth’s ley lines and in our bodies. We are really electricity in the flesh. If you have been feeling tired dizzy and kind of “out of it” that is my experience of how these solar winds and CME’s affect us.

I was downtown today going to two events and people seemed to be really in a weird energetic space. Many seemed to be really somnambulistic. How were you feeling yesterday?

Anti-Trump protesters were very angry under that Mars-Saturn square as would be expected

I don’t condone violence. One protester assaulted a Repub supporter and hit him in the head, he needed stitches. I find it laughable that Trump protesters are being referred to as leftists. But Trump actually becoming President is a totally insane idea but there are some good things in there too. Who pushed the button and we all ended up inside a reality TV studio? Do you feel we are all suddenly living like Jim Carrey in that movie The Truman Show?  Only we haven’t figured out its all a set yet.  The reality may or may not be coming to a theatre- your own life, soon.

And now its Inauguration day. Trump is a #22/4 The Fool/King

Yes CNN did a story which was a not so secret plant to inducing some maniac to off Trump and Pence scenario which was very weird.  Or they were revealing their plans out in the open.  The tension is still in the air.

The nice energy today is VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO @ 17+ degrees Pisces/Capricorn

VENUS in PISCES, the Goddess of unconditional love, blurred lines, martyrdom, delusion, debt and romance is blessings the corporate conservative inauguration of Trump who is PLUTO in CAPRICORN at this point embodied. Values are dying and being reborn. This is especially important for women to hold a position of power now.

I know that still seems hard to wrap our heads around. PLUTO is still PLUTO though, yes the PLUTOCRACY. And he is still LORD of the UNDERWORLD, the shadows, the scapegoats- “Mexicans, Muslims terrorists, Jews. ” He wield incredible power and control, secrets, sex, scandals, cabals. It is SCORPIO energy under a Scorpio Moon.   Trump as much as he keeps foisting that he is on the side of the ignored, the Pisces underdogs, has hired the richest of colleagues to be in his crew. It is shameless 1% ers all the way. Republican Democrats its all the same show. But the deplorables don’t seem to get it.

Venus in Pisces is illusions and delusions so be very careful what you project onto TRUMP. Everyone sees something else. He is a showman, a manipulator, yes he is bringing change, but what kind of change and who really benefits? The poor Venus in PISCES person roots for the underdog and then gets martyred in the process. Venus in Pisces is also all those who quote the bible, want to control women, poor me, victims. The anti-Trumps are campaigning for women’s rights, for LGBT rights for anti-rascism, anti-fascism, freedom of speech.  These are democratic, secular, higher consciousness values.

We shall see. I know the revolution is simmering in the background already. I was looking ahead to 2020 and OMG. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Either Saudi Arabia is nuked off the face of the earth or they start WW3.  Big new long-term cycles kick off in 2020. Trump may still be there.

The last aspect of Jan 20 is SCORPIO MOON trines NEPTUNE in PISCES

The Plutonic theme continues. Yes they will be celebrating in Washington. But all is not what it appears at all. Neptune in Pisces is like the whole world drank the kool-aid. Scorpio can secretly exercise its need to control using those addictions, or distractions, entertainment, the internet, etc.  It is time to wake up to see how monitored everyone’s lives are, how controlled the media is and this isn’t just Democrats. The secret government who runs the Presidency have been brainwashing everyone for years. That is advertising and big banks, and culture, and religion all of these are tools to control huge populations.

There are secrets, illusions, delusions, projections, deep emotions, obsessive fantasies, sex, big money, death, rebirth, spirituality, debt, lies, banking, deception, scandals and BIG False gurus.

 The Tarot card of DEATH #13 is SCORPIO energy and Pisces 12th house spirituality, magic, source energy, surrender, drugs, illusions, escapism is The Card of the Moon #18 in the TAROT.

A dangerous cocktail indeed. it’s tinged with S & M, depression, addictions, suicide, danger, false paths and unconscious shadows taking over.

There is a need for white light angelic spiritual protection.

The positive side of this it’s very creative, very imaginative, good for artists musicians and doing any kind of creative work.

It is a good energy to do rituals with especially with water. It’s good for meditation, visualization, and deep soul connections and inner visions. Scorpio brings courage and daring, fearless, death and change. This energy heightens your deepest psychic energies with the desires of the soul. This is deep shadow country.

It’s also excellent for doing Tantric sex magic rituals.Be careful with this energy, you must always use it for positive energy and white magic. Use only with a beloved, to reach states of enlightenment.  Do not be dragged down into Scorpio’s lower chakra nature, you could be eaten by demonic forces easily or your own unconscious need for power and control.

Faith is important at times of major transitions. You may feel you are going through the “Dark Night of the SOUL” but it is all part of the rebirth process. Trust and connect with Source to guide you.

PUT On your xray specs like in the famous 1988 Jon Carpenter film THEY LIVE

 “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you.  You’re wrong. Dead wrong. “

All really great sci-Fi is tuned into the future and is prophetic. I believe this movie certainly was. It doesn’t have to be literally about aliens. The message is very much about waking up to the control brainwashing and consumerism. The corporate 1% are alien in that they are separate different for the rest, they can be metaphorically seen as reptilians because they are cold. Which is a popular conspiracy theory and alt view of the world.

Trump, wake up, Astrology



on the right is Shepard Fairy’s 2011 show honoring the original John Carpenter film.

Note how it says THIS IS YOUR GOD OBEY YOUR DICTATOR. on it.

“One of my main concepts with the show, and the [Obey] campaign as a whole, was that obedience is the most valuable currency. People rarely consider how much power they sacrifice by blindly following a self-serving corporation’s marketing agenda, and how their spending habits reflect the direction in which they choose to transfer power.” says Fairey.

Donald Trump is a total capitalist. It’s all about giving people jobs so they can consume more, frack the hell out of the earth for more oil, to create more industry, pollution, and to hell with the environment.  It’s all the same show, democrats Republicans blah blah blah.

It is time to wake up to see how monitored everyone’s lives are, how controlled the media is and this isn’t just Democrats. The secret government who runs the Presidency have been brainwashing everyone for years. That is advertising and big banks, and culture, and religion all of these are tools to control huge populations.

My husband and I started watching  RT a few months ago and found it refreshing. It is more open and more about the world, Larry King is on it. Their anchor people look real not all plastic.  They showed some truly hideous footage of poor malnourished Arabic children in Yemen who Saudi Arabia is trying to obliterate. The Humanitarian organizations asked that the U.S. and Britain stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.  Remember the House of Saud was part of the 911 plan and protected by the U.S. Government. What is really going on is the arms manufacturers only want to make a profit. They don’t care about poor little kids who are Muslims or Whatever they are. They are happy to support their obliteration. So take a long look at how this planet has been played out. Scorpio brings the gift of X-Ray vision. See beyond the fake show. Its all fake. Trump calling CNN Fake is partly true and partly a reason for the Repubs to control the media and absolve themselves.

We need to pray for a real spiritual awakening.

In the meantime, the best we can do is work towards being enlightened ourselves. The split in America is a split in the culture, a split in what really goes on and the denial or ignorance. The split, is a crack which opens up so that hopefully positive change can emerge.

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July 2 Sun quincunx Saturn, karmic liberation

The Gemini Moon is active today opposing Saturn at night in EDT and GMT which could bring up travelling dreams or elder master dream teachers giving you instructions. 

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces

which could put the fog and romantic projections into a debate


MC Escher, Inconjunct astrology Tara Greene

Lizard/Fish/ bat #85 M. C. Escher 1952

This is a major aspect, a 150 degree, quincunx or inconjunct, a difficult aspect between the emotional Cancer Sun who is mother, family, roots, very loyal, protective, nurturing and private and Saturn, the planet of karma, the cosmic cop,  in Sagittarius which is the sign of firey truth,  getting space in relationships, and adventure. The conflict is about freedom from karma in past and present life. This aspects pits our sentimental, rooted to our ancestors, tribal ways and customs which keep us trapped in the past. Sagittarius is always seeking freedom, new space, and hates being obligated to the rules with Saturn demands. This is freedom versus emotional security in other words. Don’t fence me in or smother me says Saturn in Sagittarius. Relationships that are too clingy will fail. Give me Liberty or give me death. On the July 4th weekend and on the heels of Brexit, liberty and freedom are very strong urges.

That Gemini moon keep skipping along, squares Jupiter in Virgo 

It may be good to get out in nature, and watch your diet and digestion today,


Gemini MOON makes two more inconjuncts or quincunx’s the first to Pluto in Capricorn in the morning and later to Mars in Scorpio in the evening.  This creates a YOD pattern, from Mars and Pluto to the Gemini Moon, this occurs between 16 and 23 degrees of GEMINI. the 150 degree YOD aspect indicates 2 planets totally out of tune with each other, think of a piano out of tune. How do we make harmony when one planet in one element known nothing about the other element. They don’t speak the same language at all. They need an interpreter, a Rosetta stone to find a common denominator. Something’s gotta give.

If you have planets at these Mutable AIR degrees and I know someone who does. You may be feeling thwarted, frustrated and angry, confused about a career path or relationship choice  you have chosen.  You need to look at your unconscious motivations from both Mars and Pluto. There is a Scorpio hidden element of deception, secrecy, power, control that you haven’t bothered to examine which could undermine your conscious intent. 

That Gemini moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES

Bringing some lighter ideas and new insights into solving the conundrums.  Moon goes Void of Course at 8:34 pm PDT

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces late PDT/next day EDT/GMT 

this may be a tender revealing intimate time to tell a significant other what you most fear or simply open up in ways that you never dreamed possible before. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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