A mercurial Pisces Moon unhinged friday

How was your post NON-eclipse? In the interests of honesty I felt that I had to call out some prominent New Ageer forecasters like Elizabeth Peru and astrologers who were claiming that Aug 18 was a penumbral eclipse and therefore a yaddah yaddah time for ———. The Saros cycle 109 ended in August of 1998.  Perhaps people are using older calculations?  The earth’s  shadow JUST MISSED the penumbral Moon. The Moon is TOO FAR off the mark to qualify for an official eclipse. Even if you qualify it a minor eclipse. You are making a mountain out of a moon hill.

Moon entered PISCES where we can sail away sail away.

Dariusz Klimczak. Pisces Moon Tara Greene

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Aug 19 PISCES Moon makes some hard aspects to Mars and Saturn in squares at night.

The hard edge of reality can hurt even during our dreams. Bruised soft feelings will mend. YOu may even wake up with bruises. 

Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE

this is THE Dreamiest aspect of the month during the night PDT. The best time to lucid dream is when the Moon is in Pisces.

Record your dreams for further noting. You may wake up feeling all fogged up.

SATURN inconjuncts VESTA in CANCER

This is SATURN on ANTARES, ANGEL URIEL, and Vesta in Cancer is extremely motherly. Talk to your guardian Angel. The things that matter most are family, those you are emotionally connecting to, those you love, your friends, the people who support you  emotionally.

Invest in the Great MOTHER and your own emotional security and connection to Her and the Dark Lords, the guardians of reality who try to tear you away from  your immanent connection with the Great Goddess; the Patriarchy ,church, politics, religion, culture and the Spiritual dimensions will bless you.


this is a day when any criticism will make us really feel vulnerable. Allow the vulnerability to heal you.

Moon sweetly sextiles PLuto in CAPRICORN 

easy access to unconscious memories in the afternoon


Rebellion from having to do things exactly one way can foment revolution. People will want to bolt their jobs for freedom. Take this job and stuff it. 

Moon opposes VENUS in VIRGO in the evening

This can be a romantic letting go for overly focussed on the details and fussing and fretting about it peeps. RELAX> float down stream.

PISCES Moon keeps us floating Sat afternoon with conjunction to Chiron and oppositions to MERCURY and JUPITER.

There will be lost of spiritual talk, sensitive listening, compassion and support. Don’t sweat the details. 

The Moon jumps into ARIES at 12:18 pm PDT/ 3:18 pm EDT/ 7:18 pm GMT

to liven the party up. Wanting to take risks and getting bored and restless very easily. It is a competitive mood with moon in Aries. Watch out for those wanting to start fights. 

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Pre-eclipse herbal remedies for all signs

Pre-eclipse March 22, the Virgo moon keeps ups grounded, which is a good thing. Watch your diet carefully,  and your digestive system, which Virgo rules. It’s likely to be stressed under the Jupiter Saturn square energy now until the month’s end, never mind March 23 Lunar eclipse.

VIRGO’s quest for 

Perfection, Astrology, Tara Greene

is being tested by SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and JUPITER in VIRGO exact on March 23. For all signs the reality versus the reality may be a hard test. Remember that NEPTUNE in PISCES is also in the mix making this a threesome. It’s really two reality principled elements and planets versus one very spiritual dreamy, ineffable sign. 

Jupiter in Virgo thinks if I work harder, I’ll get it right. These two planets balance each others energies out well though. JUPITER in whatever sign is optimistic, fun- loving and easy going. Virgo’s you are getting a big break for most of 2016 continuing on from August 2015.  Learn to play a little. SATURN is stern, testing,maturing and in Optimistic SAGITTARIUS, Saturn is making you manifest those lofty ideals Sagittarians are so fond on spouting. While bringing down the spiritual higher vision. 

 There’ll be a gnarly Moon Uranus inconjunct in the middle of the night may make it difficult to sleep. If you are tossing and turning or blowing up government buildings in your dreams, or shooting your accountant, that might be part of the picture. Uranus in Aries is feeding the revolutionary fever.

Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer in the early morning.

You may wake feeling quite weary and worn out. Its o.k. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and everyone else. Eat well. Don’t push yourself in your usual workaholic way. 

VIRGO energy is HERBAL remedies. Very ancient cures for what ails you. 

 Virgo herbs and aromatherapy oils and incense magic cures to help you through today.

To reduce Virgo’s compulsive tendencies, uses Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli or Vetiver. Some people really don’t like Patchouli- be careful of this one. 

To facilitate Virgo’ focusing abilities use Rosemary herb ir oil, Peppermint, and Lemon. 

To cam down your frazzled Virgo mind, and get some mental ease. Use Frankincense, Bergamot, lavender, Roman chamomile and Juniper. 

For an all around cure use CYPRESS, it is woodsy, grounding,  calms those overactive Virgo brains, and keeps us from  feeling overwhelmed, a common complaint these days. and helps facilitate deep and clear breathing.

Moon enters LIBRA @ 10:23 pm PDT so it’s fairly simple before the eclipse. Remember to breathe.

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Tarot Card of  the Day


Sex, Love, Venus Retrograde conjunct Mars phase 2

Rescued rehabilitated male swan is released and returns to his mate of 10 years. So beautiful.

As Venus Retrograde and Mars conjunct August 31 in LEO, may all lost lovers reunite in bliss. May each find their “other half.”

August 31/September VENUS and MARS conjoin for the 2nd time this year in LEO with VENUS RETROGRADE at that 15th degree. In the passionate heart of the Lion, Venus is doing a re-evaluation, of all values in relationships, This is a revelation degree of the Heart. Leo is a fiery Fixed sign, so there may be anger issues. Venus and Leo are both extremely passionate, sexy and  courageous in Leo.

sorry due to Venus retrograde my entire one hour of work disappeared. So sorry