Weekly Astrology May 26-30

There’s a big week ahead. The MOON is in tensely emotional SCORPIO.


Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse in inspiring Sagittarius, is spiritual, dreamy, aiming higher for the stars, for truth and justice and to release old stories and additions that have kept us in delusions and projections. Sagittarius connects us to sacred law and our Starseed origins.

Chanting mantras like Om Mani Pädme Hum during a lunar eclipse brings 700,000 times the benefits according to Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

OM is the  pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha

MANI, meaning jewel, MA always symbolizes breasts or mother in all cultures and ethics. It symbolizes the factors of method, altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassion, and love.

PADME, meaning lotus, symbolize wisdom. Purity must be achieved by an indivisible unity of method and wisdom, symbolized by the final syllable HUM, which indicates indivisibility or union.

This is a mutable magnifying time. SAGITTARIUS gets the full throttle of this energy as does GEMINI, VIRGO and PISCES.

Watch my video explaining the details in depth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jdiWQ8zHzA&t=7s


– ROMANCE is in the AIR, this could be one of the most romantic days of the year with challenges.

MAY 28/29 MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS at 24 degrees

 -talk about love, and d have 2 lovers. Splits in values, communicating beauty.


at 3:33 pm PDT/ 6:33 pm EDT/11:33 pm GMT

EXPECT THIS MERCURY RETROGRADE TO BE MORE DIFFICULT WHEN MERCURY IS IN THE SIGN IT RULES ALL COMMUNICATIONS. PREP IN ADVANCE AND YOU CAN RIDE IT OUT, Its really a revision period to get off of social media, and review, reflect, renegotiate. All the Rx good medicine things.


– difficult love money or power struggles. This can heavily affect the economy and flow of information. Watch for computer glitches and hacking. Venus is on the North STAR. Do you want that sugar daddy?

MAY 30/31   MARS trine NEPTUNE in PISCES

-pursue your dreams, passion for nurturing others addiction highs.

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Happy Venus Day Astrology

A busy happy optimistic truth telling adventurous Sage Moon today Friday March 5 which is sacred to VENUS.

That is why Catholics eat fish on Friday to honour the ancient Goddess workshopping pagan spirituality. It has nothing to do with Christ. Christ being related to fishes is because the Age of Pisces began at the time attributed to his birth.

watch the video of all the aspects explained https://youtu.be/G0wyeT1AH3w

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Weekly Horoscope Nov. 16-22




the trouble-making Goddess ERIS, MARS’ sister is out to seek revenge at 23 LIBRA/ CAPRICORN. This, on top of VENUS square PLUTO yesterday and Venus square Jupiter too. Look to where these degrees are in your own and loved one’s charts as a battle is set to go off. It can be sexy, some people like that kind of energy. This aspect is a hard one and Jupiter can expand the hardness. But Jupiter is also the planet of luck, there may be touch choices in values but it will be worth it if you keep the faith.



Expect shocking deep secrets, sexual, financial, and cover-ups to be stripped away. Uranus rules Cryptocurrencies they could go up or down. Conversations may come from way out in left field. You could also get brilliant inspiration.


This is a nice positive deep ray of sunshine for your bones.



Relationship tests and trials, responsibilities and obligations. Contact with older men, issues with family, fathers and arbiters of power. Women can get ahead challenging the hierarchies in business now.

NOV. 21 VENUS ENTERS SCORPIO until December 15


She’s bringing sexy back. For all, you Scorpio’s things are looking very hot for you now.


Happy Sagittarius time. After the dark Scorpio month Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter comes to bring optimism and humour. Cries for truth and justice.


<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>SCORPIO Mercury inconjunct Mars in ARIES Communications problems, many people will be in high defence mode.</strong> SCORPIO Mercury inconjunct Mars in ARIES Communications problems, many people will be in high defence mode.

November 16-22 HOROSCOPES


Mars is direct you can begin to get going. Watch how you handle that overheated energy though. Working out is important. VENUS in LIBRA then SCORPIO sets off fireworks in the love department.


VENUS in LIBRA is bringing hard asspects this week. Jupiter and Saturn are trining you only for the next month. Build long term projects now. Lilith in Taurus can bring powerful strong independence if you’re a woman and be attracted to them too.


Venus is Trining your sign for the next few days. Reap the Gemini love. North Node is at 20 degrees now. You gotta be the leader and show the way. Plan now for when Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius as they will bring benefits soon.


Recover from the Scorpio New Moon first. Use the Capricorn hard squares to sober yourself up to the harsh realities. Mercury in Scorpio helps you see below the surface. Neptune may want to make you avoid facing what you know you must.


Sagittarius’ time brings you the fire you crave. Mars moving direct amps up your leadership stamina again. The South Node in Sagittarius is making you itchy to let go of old philosophies and belief systems. Speak out against injustices.


Mercury in Scorpio is assisting you to look deeper and to feel more intensely. It can bring you insights into new hobbies and ways of making money. Vesta is in your sign, pick where to invest your time, focus, money and physical practices.


There’s intense squares from all the big boy Capricorn planets now. You must get stronger to stand up for what you value. Venus is helping you charm everyone then she moves into Scorpio bringing deeper delights and more financial assistance.


The New Moon should have brought new inspiration and dreams. Mars direct gives you new inspiration. Your big month is almost ending but Venus moves into your sign now. Enjoy the charisma and get the deep sexy love you crave.


It’s your month baby. Mars Direct gives you some energy finally. South Node is in your sign at the 20th degree, let go of old philosophies and histories that are holding you back. Jupiters’ conjunction with Pluto helps you feel the soul wealth.


VENUS is bringing you some sexy, beauty, women, money and fashion into your life this week. This is your last month and a bit with Jupiter and Saturn in your sign. Make the most of it. Athena helps you in your attack strategies.


Get ready now for your big next month year and years ahead. Venus in Libra may have brought some new love sparks which can deepen and scare the crap out of you this week. Cryptocurrencies may go haywire this week.


The New Moon in Scorpio brought new visions. Sleep on them and speak to your spirit guides more, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio add depths and reveal shadow sides you didn’t know existed.

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Daily Astrology and Tarot reading

February 27 MOON’s in ARIES a new lunar cycle has begun

Aries Moon does those CARDINAL square things

Squaring Jupiter in Capricorn in the wee hours

impatience will rule the day

Moon conjunct Venus in ARIES

fiery impulsive action-oriented, anger is high

and square Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn

The big brakes are on the impulses to go go go frustration levels will be high

Moon is void of course from 7:25 pm PST/10:25 pm EST

Until MOON enters sensuous grounding TAURUS @ 11:30 pm PST

February 28 EST and GMT 

Watch the daily Astro tarot and  please share widely

NOTE Mercury retrograde blooper I saw January 27 instead of February

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Big week ahead Astrology

Big week ahead Nov. 18th-24

Mars enters Scorpio November 18 PST/ Nov 19/ EST/ GMT- January 3 2020

We will finish the decade with Mars in Scorpio.

Nov. 20 Mercury is stationary Direct @11:12am PST/ 2:12 pm EST/ 6:12 pm GMT

Nov. 22/23 it’s Sagittarius time YAY!!!!

November 24 Venus conjuncts Jupiter the best love and luck day of 2019


HERS some famous MARS in SCORPIO

SEXY FASCINating People-


Susan Sarandon, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jon Voight,

Oprah Winfrey,  Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lee,  Gandhi, Mark Zuckerberg,  

Film Directors Benicio del Toro and Martin Scorsese,

Fashion Designers Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier,

David Icke, Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze,

MUSICIANS: Taylor Swift,  Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, Shania Twain, Usher, Frank Zappa, Olivia Newton-John, Hildegard of Bingen, 

WRITERS, Politicians, Philosophers, Dictators, Artists J.R.R. Tolkien, Chairman Mao, Josef Goebbels, Charles Bukowski, Bachar Al- Assad, Dictator of Syria, Henry Miller, Renoir, Hunter S. Thompson,

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Magic portal opens Today. The Winged one and Neptune

April 3 a astro vlog. Are you floaty and dreamy from all that PISCES energy? Things seem to be flowing. 

According to Traditional astrologer Adam Sommer https://www.facebook.com/kosmognosis

who wrote about an esoteric and alchemically Hermetic Platonic related poem which Renaissance astrologer Marsilio Ficino was researching hundreds of years ago. This  piqued my soul actually. 

“Ficino began to notice something strange which linked the works of Plato and Hermes Trismegistus. References to birds, angels, tridents, and a time when lightning was harnessed. Plato writes:

Mercury. Hermes, Thoth, Wednesday Astrology Tara Greene

William Henry Goodyear d. 1923 [Public domain]

When the winged one appears out from the firmament,
angels dance on the tips of the Trident
And the ocean of time reveals its trick.”

Poetic and cryptic, this passage seems to prophesize something…pointing towards a specific time in the future.”

Ficino found “a wyrdly similar passage from Hermes Trismegistus,.” The name means Triple Great, associated with the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth the scribe. I have worked with the THOTH Tarot since 1990 now. The Hermetic poem fragment- reads:

“The language of birds 
a green tongue
reveals angels spinning on the tips of Poseidon’s trident
Time fades away”

 after much prayer and soul-searching Ficino came to this conclusion 

 “The Soul exists partly in eternity and partly in time; When the winged one stations next to Neptune’s sea, the following Wednesday, on his hour, a portal will open..”


This specific portal which would be opened, Adam interprets, one week after Mercury the Winged One and Neptune’s meeting is today April 3, during the day ruled by Mercury which is Wednesday during the hours of Mercury. There are daytime and a nigh time hours. For EDT it is 

6:57 am -8:00 am EDT

2:25 pm -3:28 pm Mercury EDT

21:37 -22:32 pm  which is 9:37 pm- 10:32 pm EDT

You can calculate Mercury ruled hours of the day for your specific location here https://www.astrology.com.tr/planetary-hours.asp

 Adam continues “If this is true, make sure you know the movements. If you don’t know the movements, you must watch the OA. if you don’t know The OA, it’s just a google search away.

Ficino also said this: We are as elastic as the gas of gunpowder… a word dropped in conversation sets free our fancy, and instantly our heads are bathed with galaxies.

You may think you are made of stardust. But you are also eternal. Let’s go on a wyrd adventure this Wednesday. It just may be the Transit we have all been waiting for~The final pass between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. Imagine.”

I am totally taken by this and have re-arranged my schedule to meditate and tune in during at least two of these times today. Try it yourself and write to me and let me know how it is for you. 

Read about Hermes here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermes_Trismegistus

please share widely. 

Always smudge yourself first and the space in which you will do this work. Call in the 4 directions starting in the East or South always move clockwise. You can call in the 4 major Archangels too- Michael Raphael Gabriel and Ariel.

here is an invocation to Mercury from https://solascendans.com/2010/03/10/planetary-invocations-6-mercury/

I’ve changed a few words for gender and made a space for your own name insertion. 

this is taken from the Greek Magical Papyri, specifically to Hermes.  It is important to be emotionally involved and to vibrate the words in BOLD CAPITALS

Mercury Hermes or Thoth

“Hermes, Lord of the world, who’re in the heart,
O Circle of Selene, spherical
And square, the founder of the words of speech,
With golden sandals, turning airy course
Beneath earth’s depth, who hold the spirit’s reins,
The sun’s and who with lamps of gods immortal 
Give joy to those beneath earth’s depts, to mortals
Who’ve finished life. The Moirai’s fatal thread
And Dream divine you’re said to be, who send
Forth Oracles by day and night, you cure
Pains of all mortals with your healing cares.
Hither, O blessed one, O mighty son
Of the goddess who brings full mental powers,
By your own form and gracious mind. And to
Me, —–a pious man or woman, reveal a sign
And send him your true skill of prophecy.”

here’s another version to invoke mercury https://digitalambler.com/2012/09/26/prayer-to-hermes/

and another one to THOTH http://www.magiqc.net/misc/invothot.pdf

For Neptune

You must have solid boundaries and the 4 directions set up before calling in Neptune.

Call in the directions starting with the East, Some traditions start in the south. ALWAYS MOVE CLOCKWISE. You can call in the 4 Archangels too starting with Michael in the East, then Raphael, Gabriel and Ariel.

you would invoke NEPTUNE as God of the Oceans, bringer of dreams and psychic powers, insight, telepathy, automatic writing, prophecy, seership, oracular seeing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, God of shamans, yoga, ashrams, and mystics.

In Astrology Neptune if the Higher Octave of VENUS who is presently exalted in PISCES as well. This is so auspicious.

Neptune rules all artist, all actors,all creativity which is channeled from spirit directly. 

Neptune governs soul mates, unconditional spiritual love, higher dimensions, visions, mysticism, spirituality, anything hidden, our cellular consciousness.

Neptune in the Tarot is related to a Higher octave of the Moon #18 The Dark Side of the Moon

But be careful with Neptune as its nature is to cast fog, to tempt your lower self’s addictions, to spin illusions, delusions of glamour and mental illness. Also denial ,lethargy and being a martyr. Ask Neptune for understanding the secret or hidden or karmic meaning behind events in your life buried in your cellular consciousness and unconscious. Always thank the Gods, energies, spirits and angels who showed up in your circle. Always release the Gods and spirits back to their specific directions and dimensions before closing the circle. 


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Royal Wedding May 19 Astrology

The world is waiting for the Royal Wedding Day May 19, 2018, between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is a historic wedding in so many ways. Traditionally an Astrologer would be chosen to pick the perfect stellar alignments So let’s look at what the aspects on this day for the Royal Pair.

Royal Wedding Astrology Tara Greene

The SUN is the central light and SOURCE is at 28 degrees TAURUS on the most notorious ill-fated Star in the traditional Fixed Star catalog.This is ALGOL which means Head of a demon and also Alcohol in Arabic forbidden to Muslims. The blinking star symbolizes MEDUSA who Perseus slew by cutting off her head of snakes. The Royal family has this star quite prominently in many of its members birth charts. The SUN is in the 10th house of worldly fame and this marriage will be watched by a billion people world-wide making it the source. 

Medusa was originally an Amazon from Libya in Africa and her head of snakes was the dreadlocks the Amazon women wore. The Amazons were ferocious fighters and feared as they fought against the Patriarchal invaders. The archeo-myth of Perseus was invented as a mytho-historical Patriarchal conquest of the Amazons. 

Meghan Markle has Uranus the planet of Revolutions freedom and higher consciousness at 26 degrees SCORPIO opposite ALGOL/MEDUSA in her 4th house of her roots her mother her emotional needs and privacy.  Meghan Markle and her mother who is is African-American usually wears dreadlocks. Doria Raglan will break with Royal Tradition by accompanying her daughter to the wedding procession. It appears that Meghan and her Mother will radically alter the ancient mythology freeing and settling the score against the Amazons after thousands of years. 

The MOON the mood of the day is @ 22 degrees CANCER sign of home emotional safety nurturing nourishing sign of the Mother. This is lovely. Markle’s ascendant is 24 degrees CANCER. She is the Moon Mother. This is a very fertile portend.

The MOON opposes PLUTO and LILITH in CAPRICORN at 21 degrees and in opposition to MARS in AQUARIUS

This is potentially an emotionally explosive aspect. Lilith PLUTO is about the redemption of the dark rejected Black Moon Lilith in Judeo-Christian mythology. At the highest level this marriage gives Meghan Markle incredible power to symbolically tackling every archetype of the rejected feminine and endeavouring to personally resurrect the Divine Feminine back to Her former Place of honor. Lilith is Pluto’s bride in a great sense but she is not Persephone. Amazing synchronicity is that Meghan Markles Pluto is at 21 degrees LIBRA exactly squaring PLUTO and LILITH.

The PART of FORTUNE is at 20 degrees LIBRA right on Meghan’s Pluto which symbolizes her soul. I included asteroids whose names coincide. Asteroid MEGAN is at 17 degrees LIBRA conjunct the Part of Fortune and Megan’s Pluto. I am in awe.

Mars in AQUARIUS opposite the Moon indicates the masculine connection through the opposition of opening up to equal relationships with the Feminine. Mars is in a hard Square aspect to URANUS at zero degrees TAURUS in the 8th house of inheritances- Royal Titles transformation and “true lovers.” A Mars Uranus square on a marriage date would ordinarily be considered a radical unorthodox open marriage or a struggle for freedom within the marriage. Both can be considered activated here. Yes this Royal marriage is unusual. Harry and Meghan’s marriage breaks with a thousand-year-old tradition. Markle is American divorced and bi-racial. Meghan and Harry may find it a struggle to maintain their independence in a very historic structure. Life won’t be dull that’s for sure. It can serve as a sign of the unorthodox new traditions this couple will invent and bring to the staid conservative Monarchy. Mars in Aquarius indicates adopting children opposite the Moon. Harry and Meghan may adopt children as well as have their own.

VENUS the planet of love is OUT OF BOUNDS! This only happens 12.05% of the time.

This in itself is unusual and adds an element of chaos and unknown romantic energy. Venus in GEMINI out-of-bounds indicates the need for changing one’s mind constantly for loving communication being very open-minded. These two are like two kids who just want to play and are super curious about the world and each other.

Venus is at 29 degrees 53 minutes of GEMINI and enters CANCER @ 1:10 am GMT

If the Wedding starts on time it will take an hour. Venus may enter Cancer just as the ceremony ends.This would be a good thing. Venus at the very last degree of GEMINI does not bode well for a lasting marriage. Communicating is the basis of the love in their marriage. Venus conjunct ATHENA. The wise owl of dreams strategy and Feminine power is strong in this marriage. Venus in GEMINI indicates having twins.

There is a lot of emphasis on the 5th house with Saturn Pluto Vesta and Lilith at the tail end of the house associated with Children and creative self-expression. Saturn is associated with maturity so is obviously referencing Meghan Markle’s more mature Bridal and fertility status.

VENUS is opposite to SATURN RETROGRADE squaring Chiron in ARIES

This is a sobering karmic indicator of this marriage. Saturn rules maturity indicating the ages of Harry and Meghan 33 and 36 respectively. Venus opposite Saturn in Capricorn represents history and following a traditional path. Meghan has given up her acting career and has converted to the Church of England “out of respect to Queen Elizabeth” she didn’t have to convert. Markle will have to dress more traditionally and conservatively when she is Mrs. Harry. Many feminists feel have judged her harshly for giving up her own lifestyle blog The Tig and her freedoms for this marriage to happen. Saturn Retrograde to Venus is a karmic love affair. These two were separated in a painful way because of war rape of another tragic violent incident. They were married in a previous lifetime. This time is a very happy new karmic beginning for both of them. 

SATURN and PLUTO in the 5th house square 

This is the house of children love affairs and creative self-expression. The children of this marriage will have immense power and wealth at their disposal. Pluto opposite the Moon square to URANUS in Taurus can indicate difficulties in having children. Uranus is invitro fertilization and the Royals may choose this option to ensure the safe genetic material between the two as Markle is past 36. The mother will have a very strong control over her children. 


Cancer Moon Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces

A very emotional magical empathic charitable soul mates energy this is. Everyone identifies with this fairy tale romance and the overflow of love will be immense.


Mercury on the Mid-Heaven the High Noon position means this wedding is a real fairy tale. There will be practical messages. The praises to Harry and Meghan will be sing for many ages. There every word and image will be thoroughly scrutinized on the world’s stage. 

NORTH NODE in LEO @ 8 degrees is conjunct Ceres at 15 Degrees in the 12th house squaring Mercury 

There is a spiritual meaning to this union. The 12th house is the house of spirit of faith or belief. Leo is the sig of courage daring and the heart and the former symbol of Royalty. The Star Regulus the heart of the Lion is now at zero degrees VIRGO.The Taurus sun squares that degree. Meghan Markle will become a Duchess never a Princess.  They are meant to have a family together. 

Meghan Markle is a LEO her SUN at 12 degrees LEO conjuncts the sun and Ceres. Squared by Jupiter in SCORPIO. The Mother archetype is strong. Meghan may already be pregnant?  She will be under incredible pressure to get pregnant asap. She may not like being in the pressure cooker this way. 

This royal marriage has so much archetypal importance.I have been caught up in thinking about it a lot. I believe the two are truly soul mates. Hoping that this real fairy tale turns out to have the happiest of ever afters.

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Daily Tarot Astrology Guidance

April 8

The CAPRICORN MOON is doing its cardinal square thang again. Moon squares SUN -always some tension between ego and feelings.

Moon conjuncts Pluto sextiles JUPITER a nice aspect of depth sexuality shared soul searching and revealing.

Moon squares URANUS for some unexpected emotional jolts

And moon sextiles CHIRON in PISCES at days end. remember this is the last of the 29th most critical degrees of Pisces revelations and releases.

Moon enters AQUARIUS late in PDT/ next morning EDT and GMT

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Rare event Galactic Guided Meditation

Join into experience Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center Nov. 22/23 invocation and Live Guided Meditation.

Live recording of Invocation and Guided Meditation through the Cosmic Intelligence Agency on Facebook.

The energy of Saturn on the Galactic Center won’t happen again for another 28 years.  The energy of Saturn at the G.C. is exact until the 23rd and lingers on until into 2018.

You can listen to the guided meditation over and over and go back to discover more from the “other side” the Great Void. There is a few minutes of black before I come on as they are waiting for watchers to come on.

Bad signs and how to use your magical will

March 11.

This is a day of bad cosmic omens and sign from the stars. But it’s OK. There’s help. 

Virgo moon is inconjunct to VENUS RETROGRADE in ARIES

This is a bad sign. The Moon governs our moods and feelings. This is Not a good day to go on dates, shopping, or starting anything new. It would be better to stay home and do some early spring cleaning. 


This is a VERY bad sign. The Sun in PISCES is benevolent flowy, dreamy, inspirational, sees the beautiful spiritual source of everything. JUPITER rules PISCES and is inspirational and optimistic and symbolize faith and trust. To have these two powerful cosmic bodies out of alignment with each other indicates a very rough day for relationships. Disappointment alert. This energy extends into the FULL VIRGO SAP Moon on the 12th. I’m still getting to that.  These omens bode ill. 

Virgo Moon opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is the last major aspect of the day. The very realistic down to earth practical moon stands against everything that is PISCES. This is one of the hallmarks of tomorrow’s Full Moon. Reality versus the dream. 

NEPTUNE also rules the Sign of PISCES 

Neptune has the better aspect here. An opposition is something we can see and work with. Those inconjuncts are things we can’t quite grasp.

 A divination card to help guide you.


5 of discls Tarot Tara Greene


This is one of the nicer images of the 5 of coins disks or pentacles. Usually this is a card of poverty, strife, loneliness, loss, disappointment, challenges and regret. All of the number fives in the tarot show blockage and struggle. They are in the middle of the circuit of numbers from 1-10, they are choked and pivotal.

The earth element is featured and this is totally in synch with the VIRGO MOON.This card represents MERCURY in the 1st decan of TAURUS. 

Our thoughts create our reality.

If you have thoughts of fear, loss and, poverty, then we are going to attract exactly what we fear.  The Virgo Moon influence shining on this card points out the problems with perfectionism, which always will feel less than perfect, and will compensate by trying to work harder and harder and never attain that goal. The card is most certainly pointing out the difficult energies in the stars and planets today.


Mercury in TAURUS positively expressed is all about using your magical will, your solar plexus, symbol of the SUN, and your heart together. Clear your mind to gain clarity and gain a single pointed steadfast focus in connection with your body and gut instincts to create what your higher self desires.  Just like the #5 in the TAROT MAJORS, the POPE or HIGH PRIEST symbolizes this very image.  

When times get tough and your down and out, you need to connect to your Holy Guardian Angel. 

Don’t get flummoxed. I love that word.  Plus it has TAURUS in it. 

Here’s your mantra.

” I use my magical will and heart in alignment with the Source of all Light to manifest the most positive earthly wealth as a mirror of spirit.”  Repeat 3 x’s.

Remember that all things pass. 

Please share widely, Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think and how this works for you. I need to know other wise I am just shooting my arrows out into the universe and never really knowing. 

All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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