Will Kawhi Leonard, re-sign with Raptors or go?

We’re all pretty pleased up here in Toronto because of the Toronto Raptor’s historical NBA win, led by Kawhi Leonard who was chosen MVP 2019.

Two million people turned up for the Raptor’s victory parade on June 17. It was five hours long because of all the crowds. I am sure Kawhi was impressed.

But the big question on everyone’s mind is will the two time MVP stay in Toronto or head back to his L.A. home to play with the Clipper’s or the Lakers? Will he stay for an additional 1 year or a very lucrative 5 years and $190 million US$ contract with Toronto? There’s also an option for a 2-year contract now as well. Drake is seducing Kawhi to stay. Kawhi is a Los Angelino who apparently doesn’t like Toronto cold winters. Basketball season begins October 22, 2019.  Mercury turns Retrograde on July 7 he should make up his mind today on July 4.

Kawhi has a lot of Leo in his natal chart. Jupiter Venus and Mars, He is a proud guy who loves to be the center of attention. I am sure he was impressed with the incredible heroes welcome Toronto and all of Canada gave him and the Raptors.

Let’s look at Kawhi’s astrology chart for July 3 when he met the Raptors Masai Ujiri n Toronto.

Kawhi Leonard astrology transits July 3

Kawhi Leonard is a home-loving CANCER boy. He is very close to his mother, I know his dad died when he was young. He is a devoted family man and  dad and he is very house proud and he loves to eat. The call of him to return to his L.A. roots must be very strong for him. 

He has many planets and asteroids, South Node and CHIRON in CANCER. Synchonistically the Total Solar Eclipse July 2 falls only 3 degrees from his SUN indicating a new cycle in his life. The eclipse affects his VESTA, the root word of investments and what he invests himself in, and also what vest or shirt he wears. Vesta is about money. The Cancer Eclipse is opposite his Natal URANUS in CAPRICORN, the sign of career, maturity, and long term plans indicating a change.

On July 3rd the Cancer Moon touched all of Kawhi’s natal planets in Cancer the moon entered Leo this day at night. Cancer moon’s make one feel sentimental and homesick.  Venus also entered Cancer in the morning of July 3 when Kawhi met with Raptor’s President Masai Ujiri.

But the really major energies affecting Kawhi are SATURN, the planet of karma and the father, career, and responsibility sitting right on his NORTH NODE with PLUTO and the NODAL REVERSAL he is going through. I call this combo the Bone-crusher. This is something that athletes want to avoid at all costs. 

The South Node is conjunct his North Node, a 9-year cycle which is about how long Leonard has been a professional Basketball player since 2011 as we go into the 2019-2020 season. The South Node is the past and must be left behind and the North Node must be the highest spiritual goal to follow. In Capricorn its worldly success, maturity and building for your family.

The Transiting NORTH NODE in CANCER on Kawhi’s  SOUTH NODE in CANCER, his home and roots, indicates a leaving behind of his roots and foundation, his home now. K. has to be willing to let go of his security and his comfort zone as he is going through this. The Nodes take 1.5 years to transit a sign. 

THE NODAL REVERSAL helps Kawhi to let go of past issues in Cancer and his roots and to go directly into his Future. SATURN and PLUTO are sitting there with karma, discipline, maturity, endurance, fatherhood, building, worldly fame and riches for being on his soul’s path in his work. The NODAL reversals occur around the ages of 9, 27, 46, 65 and 83. 

He must focus on his NORTH NODE in CAPRICORN what brings him the most from his career. He has just achieved his most major success with the Toronto Raptors in his life. This is security for his family and World renown and fame. Kawhi’s was treated like the King of the North by winning the Raptor’s the NBA championship. He wants stability and honors. 

PLUTO the planet symbolizing the SOUL, riches, wealth and fame in CAPRICORN is opposite Kawhi’s MERCURY in Cancer, Mercury is the messenger, the trickster, the fleet-footed one. 

Kawhi’s must be feeling rather confused. Transiting NEPTUNE planet of illusions, spirituality, glamour and deception in PISCES is sextile to his Natal Neptune in CAPRICORN. The natal and transiting Neptune inconjunct his JUPITER, MARS, AND VENUS in LEO.  He doesn’t know what to trust. HIs will power -LEO, is being affected. 

NEPTUNE is TRINE Kawhi’s Natal PLUTO in SCORPIO and his SOUTH Node in CANCER. Neptune and Pluto are soul riches in combo. Kawhi must think long term dreams and spiritual fulfillment. 


Oppose Kawhi’s Natal Saturn and Moon which symbolize karma-Saturn and Home the Moon. Mars wants to get moving. 


Ceres is the Great Mother and nurturing. Kawhi seeks balance and peace for his family at this time. 

The Asteroid TORONTO #2104 is transiting at 21 degrees AQUARIUS conjunct PSYCHE at 20 which is opposite to Kawhi’s MARS and VENUS in LEO. MARS is hugely important in an athlete’s chart it is the planet of energy, testosterone, drive, passion, competition. That Kawhi has a Mars-Venus conjunction is also important as he has a perfect balance of the Masculine and feminine energies within himself. 

JUPITER planet of sports and foreign things in SAGITTARIUS

Is trine to K.’s Venus-Mars conjunction in LEO. It is expansive for K’s to be in a foreign country. 

I’ve used the Asteroid La-La to symbolize Los Angeles even though there are two L.A. teams. LALA is at 14 LIBRA natally squaring his SUn Vesta South Node Mercury in CANCER and Kawhi’s Lilith URANUS, NEPTUNE, NORTH NODE in CAPRICORN. Which is also being squared by Transiting Saturn, planet of limitations karma and debts. 

Transiting LALA is at 8 degrees ARIES is conjunct CHIRON the Wounded Healer

Its squaring Kawhi’s Natal Cancer SUN and opposing his LILITH-the asteroid of no compromise. This indicates injury if he goes back to L.A. One of Kawhi’s must have’s is staying injury free which he largely did in Toronto. 

URANUS in TAURUS is sextile to K’s SUN

This indicates his ability to have freedom of movement away from his home to make a radical change in his emotional security needs.

I’m using my special brass My pendulum and Herkimer diamond crystal for psychic answers to the question. Even though my pendulum seemed to indicate a yes. My intuition said he would leave. It’s hard for him as an American to stay in Canada. The players are not loyal to their teams. They are athletes who want to play their best. A Cancer always wants to go home. a Total Eclipse in Cancer on July 2 definitely indicated that. 

Thanks for the memories Kawhi. You brought Toronto and Canada a great treasure and pride and have launched basketball as a more popular sport in Canada. Basketball began here its only fitting that Canada take up its own summer sport to balance its winter one. 

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Triple X Scorpio Moon energy

June 14 well we are celebrating up here in Toronto and all across Canada tonight as the Toronto Raptor’s have won the NBA championship for the first time in their 24 years of existence ending the Golden State Warriors run. This is a big deal. I was interviewed on CBC National TV about which team would win. using my Tarot cards and my pendulum and crystal I predicted the Raptors would take it in 6 for the 6Ix.

June 14 its president Donald Trump’s 73rd Birthday. I’ll write about that separately.

The energy is SOOO intense today.

Scorpio Moon energy lasts all day. 

MARS is super active as is his nature making 3 major aspects today. 

Mars trine Neptune at night

Great for dreaming imagination and spiritual stuff.

 You may wake up still feeling like you’re in a dream.


SCORPIO Moon trines Mercury in Cancer Neptune in PISCES and Mars in CANCER

Row, row row your boat gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

Scorpio Moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn

a very seriously harmonious energy. Capricorns can get sexy too


If you have planets at middle degrees of CARDINAL SIGNS you are feeling this heavy energy. Its sink or swim time.

Mars inconjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius

This is a frustrating energy, truths will not be heard.

Scorpio moon sextiles PLUTO THE RULER OF SCORPIO 

this is a great day for Scorpio’s.

Mon in conjuncts The SUN

This is a mini identity crisis,

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Kawhi Leonard Astrology

Kawhi Leonard Toronto raptors NBA

Kawhi Leonard Toronto Raptors NBA

The Toronto Raptor’s basketball Team may see a historic Canadian First ever win for the NBA team tonight June 10 in Toronto. If not tonight then I believe they will win the NBA Championship 2019 Title. The Raptor’s key player is Kawhi Leonard a 27-year-old American player who was drafted to Toronto on July 18, 2018, along with Danny Green from the San Antonio Spurs. At 6 foot 7 inches 2.01 m and 230 pounds 104 ks. He is considered to be a small forward.

Let’s look at the Klaw’s astrology He’s a Cancer Born June 29, 1991 in Los Angeles California I have no to birth time. 6 objects in Cancer. The chart’s not complicated.  A few oppositions. JUPITER MARS VENUS conjunction in LEO Kawhi has STAR power with Pluto squaring that energy from obsessive power hungry secretive Scorpio.

Kawhi Leonard Astrology NBA Raptors Toronto 2019

Kawhi Leonard Astrology NBA Raptors Toronto 2019

Kawhi is a soft-spoken, emotional {but detached} CANCER water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancer’s are nurturing, sentimental, homebodies, very connected to their mother’s family.,home traditional, they nurture others, love children and are ruled by their stomach’s. He has SUN and Vesta, South Node, Mercury, Psyche and Chiron the Wounded Healer/Shaman all in Cancer. That’s 6 objects in Cancer.

SUN conjunct VESTA on SIRIUS the US SUN

Vesta is the Asteroid of focus, of dedication to the sacred flame, Whatever Kawhi is doing he has an unwavering focus on keeping that flame alive. Vesta conjunct SIRIUS the brightest star in the sky and connected to the ancient Egyptian symbol of rebirth and the US SUN brings special gifts. 

From a sports article today on Sportsnet https://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/nba/past-adversity-raptors-kawhi-leonard-appreciating-present/  ” But he knows not to get so distracted by the future that you trip on the present, as he related during his introductory Raptors press conference.

“[I] just stay in the same routine and just focus what’s in front of me,” he said Sunday.” 

Kawhi also has MERCURY OUT OF BOUNDS in CANCER conjunct PSYCHE

Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods is the planet of communications, ideas, tricksters, thieves, and merchandisers. MERCURY conjunct PSYCHE he is very intuitive and a deep person. Psyche means the soul. psychology. He can psyche out the other players or anyone. He may seem intimidating because of this.and his OUT OF BOUNDS MERCURY allows him to strategize outside the box, he thinks differently, he speaks differently and is a free thinker. OOB Mercury also indicates high intelligence. 

Kawhi’s SOUTH NODE is in CANCER conjunct Mercury

According to Ancient Astrology, the South Node symbolizes Past Lives Kawhi may have been a woman in a past life or someone who nurses or nurture’s women and children. Cancer men are very protective of their families and their emotions. He is very private emotionally and sentimental and a soft soul. Cancer South Node with Mercury indicates those who worked with security, anything to do with the home, a doctor or nurse. Or who wrote about women’s issues, or children’s needs. He was at home and not out in the world. 


CHIRON is where we are the most vulnerable and also where the greatest healing is. Chiron is opposite JUNO the 8 armed symbol of what I call the Feminine form of Genius. yes, men have Juno’s too. The 8-armed Goddess image indicates literally juggling 8 things at once a very handy energy to have.

Chion in CANCER opposite Saturn in Aquarius 

This indicates some past life karma with freedom independence, being an innovator or instigator of rebellion, and emotional limitations.

Without an accurate birth time, I don’t know exactly what degree his Moon is but His Moon is most likely in AQUARIUS between 0-12 degrees.

Moon rules the sign of CANCER  in the AIR sign/element of Aquarius he appears emotionally detached. He is cool-headed and analyzes his emotions. Aquarius Moon’s are team players, never feel superior to others and are independent, revolutionary freedom loving people. He is and is not traditional. Moon in Aquarius is a higher consciousness person. He does not think like the status quo. That’s a big advantage.

AQUARIUS MOON is conjunct SATURN Retrograde

Saturn governs Aquarius traditionally. This makes Kawhi bound up by Saturn’s restrictions and gives him discipline. He may have always seemed mature since he was a kid. He has a reputation for appearing dour and not laughing, that’s Saturn conjunct the Moon which is sobering. He seems to be an “old soul.” This also indicates a very close bond to his father or a mentor. He will always get the job done and won’t let his emotions get in the way. He is a results-oriented guy. When he invests in something, someone or a job he is totally dedicated and responsible for that task. Saturn-Moon restricts emotions and in Aquarius even more so. Kawhi feels a lot but doesn’t show it. 

JUPITER MARS VENUS conjunction in LEO Kawhi has STAR power amped up by Pluto squaring that energy from obsessive power hungry secretive Scorpio.


Venus in  Leo is the love of being a star. Having passion, drama, energy, heart courage and will. 

MARS Action planet

When looking at a sports figure you want to check out MARS, the planet of competition, action, adrenaline, testosterone, speed,

MARS in LEO conjunct JUPITER at 15 degree

Mars is in fiery passionate LEO and conjunct JUPITER

MARS brings energy passion, star power, drama, intensity, courage, daring,  strength, playfulness, and all eyes on me leadership. Mars in Leo rules the heart and Kawhi will give his all to whatever he is passionate about. He has to do what is in his heart bottom line. 

JUPITER  the planet which governs benefits, good luck, faith, travel, honesty and sports is conjunct to MARS.

The Gaugelin sector was used to gauge athletes prowess. Planets at the 15th degree of any sign are considered to be the most powerful. There is Kawhi’s Jupiter on the 15th degree greatly enhancing his WIN WIN WIN attitude and potential. He could also have heart problems. He needs to watch out for this.

Kawhi’s Uranus Neptune Conjunction in CAPRICORN is a generational aspect

Neptune is also at the 15th and most powerful degree. This aspect brings innovation idealism and creativity in hierarchical corporate structures. It’s Creative practical businesses.


Pluto is also a generational planet it rules Scorpio in modern Astrology. Pluto squares Jupiter Mars and Venus with obsessive energy. Kawhi is a great strategist and has X-Ray vision. His soul is power hungry and secretive.

North Node in CAPRICORN at 18 degrees

This is a karmic time for Kawhi as Saturn and Pluto are both aligned with his North Node today and over the next few weeks. Saturn is rewards for hard work and discipline in career. Pluto is wealth and fame if you are following your soul’s path.

Asteroid TORONTO yes there is an Asteroid named for the largest city in Canada

AT 23 degrees PISCES. Toronto trines his Mercury Psyche in CANCER and Pluto in SCORPIO 

Kawhi is doing his best work ever this year.  The transiting North Node and Mars in CANCER are exactly opposed to his own Natal Nodes. These are karmic destiny timing. 

these are positive energies for anyone and especially those involved in sports or International affairs.
NEPTUNE the planet of Dreams is TRINING his natal Pluto SOUTH NODE, Mercury and Psyche in Cancer 

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Toronto Raptors NBA Prediction Astrology

As a Toronto native, I can’t help notice this city’s Rapturous response to the Raptor’s winning the Eastern Conference Finals on May 25th.

Raptor mascot Wikimedia Commons Image taken and owned by Adam Lazzarato


This is a historic day as The Raptor’s are the first Canadian team to be in the modern NBA championship Playoffs and tonight May 30 is the first Championship game to be played outside of America. Toronto Raptors fans and Canadians are in a frenzy of anticipation. 

Basketball is a Canadian sport.  Invented by Canadian  James Naismith in 1891 while he was teaching at a YMCA in Springfield Massachusetts. basketball is now one of the most popular sports in the world. See link below

Lets looks at the Raptor’s Birth chart born May 16, 1995 No birth time using Noon Toronto

Toronto Raptors Basketball Team Astrology

Toronto raptors Basketball Team Astrology Birth Chart

The Raptor’s are an earthy, stubborn sensuous persistent TAURUS team. Ruled by VENUS, the planet of grace, socializing, money and luxury.  Venus is at 29 degrees Aries which suits their Raptor’s name very well. 29 Aries is the critical warrior degree. 

They have PLUTO the planet of Power, death and rebirth, transformation, big money. depth, sex, secrets, strategists, at the last degree of Scorpio which it rules in modern Astrology. This is a Hugely powerful enriching and willful placement. Once the Raptors hit their stride they have immense worldly power. They need to use their X-Ray vision ability to see right through their opponent’s strategies and act accordingly.

Pluto also squares MARS in VIRGO creating a T-square with their SUN. They have a lot of brain power, ability to work hard and be of service to the community. T

The MOON, which is the emotions moods and the people in an event chart is in sporty fiery truth-telling Sagittarius, and also sign of animals-dinosaurs too.  I always felt that Toronto is the perfect Sagittarius city with its 125 different ethnic groups which the Raptors bring all the diversity together with.

MERCURY in GEMINI opposite the Moon

Mercury rules Gemini and communications are a huge forte for this team. This can also make them late to get into their stride as they don’t want to grow up. Deciding what they really want is an issue.

Mercury opposite the MOON indicates an emotional balance between the head and the feelings.


Saturn in PISCES opposes Chiron in VIRGO square Moon Mercury is a tense aspect. 

The Raptors have some karmic issues with playing the underdog. They are perfectionists and too self-critical. They donate a lot of money to charities, do a lot of community work and raise awareness for poor youths. 

The Raps also have JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS @ 20 degrees in its home sign where it Rules. This is an excellent planet to have and the Raptors are having their best year in 12 under their Jupiter return right NOW with Jupiter Retrograde.

MARS at 26 LEO

Gives the Raptors a strong ROYAL aspect. Mars is conjunct to Fixed Star REGULUS the Heart of the Lion. They act entitled. They have will power and are a dramatically oriented team. Leo rules the heart and will power. 

They have a Grand Fire trine of Moon Venus and Mars 

This is positive active energy.

The team’s North Node is in Scorpio at 5 degrees 

They need to evolve into going for power to be able to pick themselves up and emotionally transform any situation into a Phoenix rebirth. Scorpio is power, will, soul essence, psychology, research, strategy and wealth. 

DRAKE the rapper and Mascor born in Toronto has his SUN and PLUTO conjunct the teams North Node. He is literally their guiding superstar. He brings the team and Toronto incredible wealth and notoriety.  Drakes Jupiter squares the team’s, Mercury in Gemini and their Jupiter. He is their biggest cheerleader and media person literally.

URANS and NEPTUNE conjunct in Capricorn and Aquarius

The Raptors were born when Uranus planet of inventions, new technology, independence and team building entered its modern home sign. They are built on the mass communications and egalitarian ideas.  On December 21, 2020  Jupiter and Saturn will have their Grand Conjunction at 0 Aquarius and this will boost the Raptor’s worldly status. 

Neptune at 27 Capricorn indicates a desire to be philanthropic with their power and wealth as a business. 


The Raptors are going up against the 2017 and 2018 Champs the Golden State Warriors who have won the last 4 out of 5 championships. 

Moon is Void of Course which means outcomes are difficult to predict

Jupiter Return for Raps is on now this is very lucky even if Jupiter Retrograde

URANUS, the planet of Revolution, high energy, higher consciousness thinking, teamwork management and lightning fast moves is on the Raps SOUTH NODE. They will have to quickly change their past strategies if they are going to win. Since this is all new territory for them this also bodes well. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES by transit is conjunct Saturn opposite CHIRON in VIRGO Square the MOON in SAGITTARIUS

This is the Wounded Healer aspect.  If the team were a person I’d caution them about being too Gaga over a serious situation, addiction, debt repayment-Saturn; work and health- CHIRON in VIRGO. There may be some injuries they have to watch out for. Also They have to play scrupulously by the rules-Sagittarius. The Moon symbolizes the people. They may also have karmic enemies in the Golden State Warriors- that’s Saturn in Pisces. This also represents The Raptors tendency to choke or shoot themselves in the foot which is a very Canadian – “sorry,sorry”  aspect. 

PLUTO and SATURN in Capricorn plus South Node 

Conjunct Neptune and sextiles Saturn in Pisces and quincunx or creating a Finger of God aspect to Mars in LEO. They have to be playing with all their hearts and will power. 

I believe the Raptors have a very good chance of winning but they will have to play their hears and souls out. 

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