Love and Justice in the air

Watch the video please, Pisces moon reigns. The MOOD is spiritual psychic telepathic dreamy creative soulful, in retreat.

Mercury backs up into Libra again. Yes old conversations, lovers and friends will be on the radar, your phone, and dating apps.

Venus enters her own sign of LIBRA until November 21

Venus brings grace and longs for peace but is always having trouble making decisions. We will be needing to socialize even more and even under Covid-19 the need to talk and be in relationships with others is stronger.

LIBRA is the scales of justice, and people want that now will demand it now.

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Love Languages Astrology

October 27

MERCURY Retrograde re-enters LIBRA October 27 @ 6:33 pm PDT/ 9:33 pm EDT

VENUS enters her home sign Libra 8 minutes later at 6:41 pm PDT/ 9:41 pm EDT till November 21

LOVE Languages and more relationship Communicating will be in the air. This is a good thing.

We need to communicate with each other much more and relate in more direct ways.

Mercury Retrograde takes us backtracking through old relationships, old conversations, the same old conversations, the same old thinking patterns, the same rebalancing act, the same needing to make peace, the rewriting of the mental patterns, the longing for peace.

All Retrograde are good reviews time so think back to what you were doing on September 27 when Mercury was last at the last degree of Libra. I know it’s hard to keep track of the days now. Old conversations may come up again, people you were texting or connecting up with on the net, dating sites etc may pop back up especially with Mars Retrograde in Aries.. Get ready to rethink your relating style.

VENUS entering her Own Sign brings graciousness, beauty, fashion, needing to relate- not necessarily in person as Libra is an Air sign, social media. Venus becomes the planetary ruler of Mercury now rather than Mars when it was in Scorpio. She tones down the intense mental-emotional agony and paranoia of Mercury in Scorpio.

Venus is in her own sign in Libra. Mars is in Aries in his own sign. Saturn is in his own sign now and will continue to be in his own traditional sign in Aquarius too from December 21 2020.

VENUS and MARS will be opposite each other on November 9th

which can be a tug of war for some and certainly I see this happening in the fallout from the U.S. Election. It can also provoke love sparks in relationships.

Practical use

It’s a good time to redecorate your home and office or redo your closet, give away things you are not wearing anymore. Yes most people are getting rid of the office outfits. Beauty makeovers, get a new hairstyle. Watch different kinds of movies, look at different types of arts and crafts. See women in new ways. Ask how you can bring more balance into your own life, family and in the world.

WOMEN’s values

Venus brings women into the forefront. Libra is the scales of Justice and women will be the ones demanding equality, justice and step into the roles of peacemakers which they traditionally did in tribal societies.

Venus in Libra is a go-between and liaison maker and counsellor. Sharpen your listening tools with Venus in Libra and lean out and help others.

Venus rules the yearning for Peace and it’s up to us to cultivate the peace by taking the middle path and not going into oppositional enemies. Be kind, rewind. That was a cute movie,

Look at where Libra is in your chart and what planets you have there and what aspects they make. Love, beauty and messages will be coming to you there. Rethink what your values are in relationships all kinds and types of realtionships. Everything is up to be re-evaluated, your job, your relationship to the world.

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Weekly Horoscope September 14-20

This week’s major planetary aspects to help guide you. If you know your Moon and Rising sign please read the aspects affecting them too. 

Monday, Sept. 14 KEYWORD DRAMA

LEO MOON brings passion drama and big-hearted sparks and especially benefits good LEO, SAGITTARIUS and ARIES


The LEO Moon is a DANCING QUEEN today making a trines to Chiron, Conjunct VENUS in LEO- LOVE THOSE LEO’s- square URANUS in TAURUS-unexpected Drama, sextile Mercury in LIBRA, but you can talk about it. Then inconjunct JUPITER in Capricorn, Neptune n PISCES and Pluto in Capricorn this makes for dislocation, shattered projections and power struggles. Leo Moon always has to be the Boss.

SEPT. 15 MOON enters earthy VIRGO @ 11:37 am PDT/ 2:37 pm EDT/ 7:37 pm GMT



SEPT. 16 NICE EARTH TRINE  LEO MOON Inconjuncts Continue and

LEO MOON Trines MARS RETROGRADE-prepare to go back to where you once belonged. EARTH TRINES with URANUS in TAURUS and JUPITER in CAPRICORN bring nice grounded energy. WE enjoy the Garden of Eden. 

SEPT. 17- VIRGO NEW MOON AT 25+ VIRGO @ 4:00 am PDT/ 7:00 am EDT/12:00 pm GMT


  Jupiter newly Direct, points out how imbalanced things have gotten since the spring.

  Virgo MOON trines PLUTO and SATURN beneficial solidifying Moon for Virgo.


  battling over details, budgets, numbers, anger is mounting

  MOON ENTERS LIBRA 11:56 am PDT/2:56 pm EDT/7:56 pm GMT

this helps to bring detachment, focus on relationships, social interactions and attempts to make peace,


SEPT. 18 Lots of aspects today. LIBRA MOON opposes Chiron in ARIES trying to talk about the wounds. Moon inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS and Neptune in PISCES, all inconjuncts are blindspots a dream or ideal is going off the rails.

Moon sextiles VENUS in LEO-romantic, dance it out;


REDRAW THE DREAMS, communications breakdown between what is real and what is an illusion or projection may rock your world.

Moon squares JUPITER and later PLUTO in CAPRICORN the square dance tension always pushes for evolutionary change. Moon conjunction to MERCURY in LIBRA brings out the best in social life. You can find someone you can really talk to. Beauty rains. 


Libra Moon squares PLUTO and SATURN in EDT and GMT. Tensions that push for expansive changes and growth.


Frustrating trying to get things down and anger is building. Peacemaking tools need to be sharpened up. 

MOON enters SCORPIO at 11:33 am PDT/ 2:33 pm EDT/7:33 pm GMT

this is the most intense emotional soul searching time of the month. The weekend can be intensely internal, emotional turmoil and anger will be high.


Scorpio MOON inconjuncts Chiron in ARIES

these 150-degree angles sneak up on us. Under a Scorpio moon, they can trounce us.


Scorpio MOON inconjuncts Chiron in ARIES in EDT and GMT

SCORPIO Moon opposes URANUS in TAURUS immovable forces butt heads, this turns some people on

Moon squares VENUS in LEO can be luscious for love

Moon sextile JUPITER in CAPRICORN-easy to focus on career goals

Moon trines NEPTUNE IN PISCES in the evening

this is excellent for meditation, visualization, Tantric sexuality, dreamwork and all creative expressions.

Mercury squares PLUTO in PDT

Relationship power struggles, arguments, intensely sexy too.

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Scorpio Full flower Supermoon transformation

 The Scorpio SuperMoon called the Full Flower Moon competes at 3:45am PDT, 6:35 am EDT and 10:45 am GMT

Scorpio Full Moon is also celebrated as Wesak one of the most powerful dates in the Buddhist spirituality celebrated as Buddha’s birth enlightenment and death. It is considered to be a super-powerful time when the Buddha and Christ energies combine. See previous Wesak article.

The Last SUPERMOON of 2020. The Scorpio Full Flower Moon is the MOST intense, powerful transformative of Moons for soul evolution. 

SCORPIO is associated with DEATH it’s the #13 in the TAROT

For many thousands of people dealing with the deaths of family members, colleagues, friends and those in community, this Scorpio Full Moon of Death, Change, Transformation and rebirth is very real.

13_-_La_Mort Oswald Wirth/ Public domain

The Oswald Wirth tarot is a version of the tarot (the first esoteric tarot published) that was designed and painted in 1889 (in collaboration with Stanislas de Guaita ) by the Swiss occultist Oswald Wirth (1860-1943). 

The Death image is from the Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne.

We go deep down into the dirtiest dirt of the Soul, to bottom out. We need to get down to the nitty-gritty in order to let what no longer serves us die, rot and compost to be reborn anew.





Mercury is conjunct with the stable Taurus Sun, opposite the Moon of course, our instincts and our minds are connected solidly. Trust your gut instincts. This Moon in relation to the Buddha is important. The Buddha touched the earth as the witness of his enlightenment and Taurus is the first earth sign. We are meant to be enlightened in the body and on the beautiful earth something Taurus appreciates. While we are in COVID-19 lockdown which is beginning to seem very long, we have great opportunities to be with our bodies to understand what we really need and appreciate. 

Mercury sextiles Neptune in Pisces bringing on strong dreams, intuition, imagination and trusting the body for its wisdom.

Scorpio FUll Flower SuperMoon astrology

“You dont know what you got till its gone.” wrote Joni Mitchell in Big Yellow Taxi, 1970.

Pluto, the modern ruler of SCORPIO

is the great recycler and composter of wastes, especially TOXIC ones. From toxic emotions, sexuality, finances and abuses of power, Pluto’s conjunctions with Saturn and Jupiter this year indicate 2020 is a year of a major transformation in power, 

PLUTO Retrograde In Capricorn conjunct Jupiter trine Taurus Sun and MERCURY. The combination is bringing deep-rooted transformation not necessarily for the betterment of everyone. Jupiter expands Pluto’s powers, which is indicated by the recent astounding wealth the Plutocrats made in the first 3 weeks of Covid-19 with the Markets crash benefitted the superrich. Pluto also rules fascism, dictators and secret cabals.

Athena at 0 degrees AQUARIUS conjunct SATURN about to turn retrograde May 10/11 indicate a solidification and a return to patterns and limitations previously explored when Saturn was in Capricorn before March 21, 

MARS the traditional and co-ruler of Scorpio

in Aquarius at 26+ degrees squaring the Sun-Mercury and Moon forming a T-square. There is certainly tension going on. Many groups have been protesting the lack of freedom because of Covid-19. Mars in Aquarius helps us to stay detached from our anger and frustrations but also helps us to see where we need to organize our ideals to bring a major revolution, to change the old guard and create an Aquarian humanitarian, idealistic, group movement that is solid grassroots [Taurus} and transformational {Scorpio}. Forming thinktanks amongst organizations to collaborate worldwide would be ideal under this Full Flower supermoon. The Full Flower Moon symbolism reminds me of the 60s when a woman put flowers into police guns. 

NEPTUNE is Trine the Full Moon and sextile the Sun and Mercury in Taurus

This is an idealistic dreamy, spiritual, Soulful SuperMoon. Emotions will be strong powerful and deep. While Scorpio pulls us into our shadows to do the deep inner work, where jealousy, revenge, abuses of power, control, sexuality, death, obsession and secrecy lurk, the Taurus Sun and Mercury gives us surety and stability that we won’t be drowned in Scorpio’s black waters. If we don’t do our inner work, spiritually emotionally intellectually and physically and integrate and accept our own shadows, the rejected parts of ourselves, we project them {Neptune} onto others. This SUPERMOON allows us to flower. 

the Flower will be a black orchid.

CHIRON and LILITH are conjunct in ARIES  sexual healing

CHIRON and LILITH conjunct in ARIES, Old toxic patriarchal warriors’ sexual energy is merging with LILITH to be reclaimed in HER healing spiritual sexual Kundalini transformational fires. A new honouring of the innate power of women’s sexuality can emerge at Scorpio FULL MOON.

VENUS Goddess of love at 21 GEMINI is conjunct Asteroid HYGEIA at 18 degrees  and VESTA 

Asteroid Hygeia conjunct VESTA {investments, focus} at18 GEMINI conjunct Venus Goddess of love at 21.
GEMINI rules the LUNGS and all Media. Gemini NORTH NODE at 29 opposite SAGITTARIUS S. NODE of honesty, How do we get sick public news healthy?

Venus is square to NEPTUNE she is detached in Gemini and can be split off from her feminine essence and nature. Neptune’s influence or sinfluence can bring on Illusions delusions projections love addictions, multiple partners, for better or worse, denial avoidance, and being non-committed are all pitfalls. You can be subject to others projections and delusions too.

We all need to be on guard against false media information, manipulation and brainwashing during these dark times of death and Covid-19 unending mass media stories. SAGITTARIUS SOUTH NODE urges us to get to the truth, justice, higher philosophy, and spiritual law,

VENUS and VESTA the Asteroid Goddess of investments in GEMINI is what do we invest our consciousness into?

Uranus is Hanging in at 7 degrees Taurus in a square to Saturn which will become important in early 2021.

There is a FINGER OF GOD from ERIS the Disturbia Queen at 24 Aries sextile VENUS Vesta in GEMINI and they are finger of Godding the MOON. There are some disturbing undercurrents going on.

Use this auspicious SUPER FLOWERING SOUL MOON to transform the depths of your passionate desire, will, consciousness and soul. Nothing ever dies, everything is infinite soul and only reconfigures itself resurrects and transforms. For the next 2 days is the disseminating period to distribute the spiritual wealth you have been open to receiving now. the effects of all Full Moons are in effect until the next New moon in Gemini May 22

Sending you many blessings 

I am writing this as the SUPER MOON just peaked.

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Daily Tarot card reading

The astrology aspects are very light today. Upbeat optimistic Sagittarius Moon inconjuncts Venus in Taurus at night which may affect your dreams. They can be big adventures with sumptuous meals and quite sexy with an exotic person. You may wake up feeling very hungry. 

SAge Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

Sagittarius relates to plane travel and foreign things and Neptune in Pisces rules viruses, incarceration and imagination. The only way to travel is with your imagination. This aspect may make you overconfident {Jupiter} with drugs or alcoho-Neptune. Especially with quarantine for Covid19, your rational judgement is not grounded, alcohol lowers your immune system and drugs compromise it too.

Today’s Tarot card reading from the Muse Tarot 

The 2 of Voices/AIr/Swords

In the THOTH tarot which I usually use for all my readings and the Golden Dawn the Two of Swords symbolize the MOON in LIBRA.

The Moon is always the unconscious, psychic energy, the emotions, the dream world, mother and womb/ LIBRA is a Cardinal AIR sign of duality, complements, Justice, relationships, peacemaking, and creativity,

Remember to just breathe to stay balanced. Have a pleasant day. Stay healthy.

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Rare Mercury Retrograde in Heart of the Sun

MOON moves from PISCES sextiles to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and goes Void of Course at 6:12 am PST/ 9:12 am EST

Moon enters ARIES at 1:47 pm EST A new lunar cycle begins.

SUN conjuncts MERCURY RETROGRADE> a Retro CAZIMI time today to reflect upon. 

Moon moves into ARIES at 1:47 pm EST

Mercury Retrograde sextiles Mars in Capricorn in PST

review, take notes, declutter, you may hear from past men in your life. You may want to go back to an old job. Also, release a pile of old anger. 

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Double Trouble Astrology, Mercury and Mars

February 16 Mars enters Capricorn and MERCURY turns Retrograde in Pisces

A lot happening in 1 day today.

Under a fiery optimistic Sagittarius Moon, the mood is upbeat, expansive, feeling lucky, 

honest, and seeking truth and faith.

Moon inconjuncts Uranus in Taurus at night and Trines Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries.  Stubbornness and Centaurs just lock horns and hoofs.

Be honest with your hurt dont suppress deny or be so defensive.

MARS enters CAPRICORN until March 30

-I’ll write about that in another article about that. 

Mars is action, sex, passion, war, defences in Capricorn it’s very business-like, corporate, responsible reliable, do what needs to get done practically.

Moon in Sagittarius trines VENUS in ARIES 

this aspect is a lot of fun and very high energy. Get out in nature, do something dangerous, adventurous and challenging. Plan a get-away, a good time to work out in the gym, watch or play sports as a date. Competition levels are high, it’s laughter filled and passionate.

 MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE Feb 16- March 9/10 12 Pisces  to 28 Aquarius 

It’s not a disaster just rest your weary spirits and minds.

Moon squares Mercury in Pisces

Stay humorous about the retrograde.

Daily Tarot cards and astrology video with the Muse tarot by Chris-Anne

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Daily Tarot Guide February 5

February 5 its been a complicated Gemini Moon energy

Remember Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus

Moon enters CANCER February 5- 7 we want Mom, we want hugs. We want emotional safety and security. We want to stay home and eat comfort food and hang out with mom and our families.

Moon Squares Chiron in Aries old family childhood wounds my be open and raw. 

Nurture yourself.

Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus there are new ways to feel and do

Moon trines Neptune in Pisces

have compassion and pay attention to your oceanic dreams tonight.

please share widely all writing  and content is  copyright of Tara Greene

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Bliss Mind Astrology

February 3 Post Palindrome day, Imbolc and Super Bowl.

Monday is the Moon’s Day and she enters chatty Gemini sign of communications and merchants. Mercury the planet that rules Gemini and Virgo enters Pisces February 3.

Early Mercury Retrograde alert! February 16-March 9

Moon in GEMINI where are minds are quicksilvery. Marketing, advertising and flirtiness are strong. Madly texting, social media butterflies are out in full force. 

watch my video Tarot reading of the day

Mercury the ruler of GEMINI enters PISCES @ 3:37 am PST 6:37 am EST 11:37 am GMT 

NOTE Mercury turns RETROGRADE FEBRUARY 16  at 12+ PISCES until MARCH 9  at 28° Aquarius.

Mercury Retrogrades back into Aquarius on March 4th

Mercury Turns Stationary Direct March 9, at 28° Aquarius.

Mercury re-enters PISCES on March 16 staying in that sign until April 11.

That’s almost 2 months of Mercury mainly in PIters PISCES February 3, Retrogrades out on the sign until March 4th  re-enters PISCES on March 16 until April 11.


We become very empathic and telepathic as our psychic energies are heightened during this time. Pisces is very creative, spiritual and dreamy. This is an excellent time to take note of and journal with your dreams. LUCID DREAMING will be much easier and powerful. I will be open to supplying dream readings during this time. This is an excellent time to meditate and do visualization. We feel very sensitive and need to remember to protect or thoughts and minds. Wearing black tourmaline and using Lavender oil on your 3rd eye is recommended. Also be nice to your feet as Pisces rules your footsies. It is not an accident that the bottom of your feet is called the sole. 

Our minds and the way we communicate sinks to the bottom of the oceans of our own unconsciousness, becoming soggy, foggy and soppily compassionate. Mercury is usually the quicksilver Magician in the Tarot, consciousness itself.  The Piscean or Fishy, feminine, nudge nudge, wink,wink, is the spiritual and emotional source of all life as well as the well of the collective unconsciousness. Pisces also symbolizes the oceans, the primordial soup where all life emerged. If you think of the brain as two fishes swimming in either direction that is Pisces symbol. 

Mercury in PISCES

Pisces is the symbol associated with Christianity as the AGE of PISCES began around Jesus birth. The demons and the angels reside in the 12th house as our shadows, our dark side. This is an excellent time to write out and analyze your shadows and dreams. 

Mercury in Pisces  Keywords

Spiritual communications, intuition, 6th sense, clairvoyance, the divine, oracular mind, synchronicity, brain fog,  photographic memory, imaginative, dreamy, creative, artistic mind, film critic,  glamour speak, speaking in tongues,  God, the Infinite,  SOURCE, dolphin and whale communications, mermaids, sirens, the oceanic consciousness, denial state, expressive arts therapy Bliss,compassion forgiveness, end of mental habit or cycle of thinking.

Mental problems, depression, schizophrenia, addictions A.D.D., Telepathy, remote viewing,  spiritual lecturer,  humanitarian minded, compassionate,   spiritual junkies,  mental/spiritual healing, thought transfer, distance healing, confessions, A.A. meetings,  spells, magic, wizard lessons, thinking about ephemera, analyzing your dreams.

While Mercury is in Pisces – do try to telepathically communicate with your ancestors, Guardian Angels, and to project your thoughts to others, pay attention to your dreams. Do charitable works during this time period. Know that your mind is not separate from the SOURCE.

Put your head in your heart/EMOTIONS, the seat of the soul.  Think compassionately, put yourself in the others’ shoes. Do unto others as you would have done to you. 

It is also very idealistic and romantic, Pisces rules the “soul mate.’ You can connect with that special beloved more easily. Be careful of projecting what you want to see onto others and the “too good to be true” deal on all levels. 

PISCES rules actors, musicians, artists, dancers, ceremonialists, shamans, priestesses, photography and film. 

FAMOUS PEOPLE With MERCURY IN PISCES – naturally actors, actresses and empathic, creative sensitives


LADY GAGA. Celine Dion,  Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday,  Johnny Cash, Kesha, Steven Tyler, James Blunt, Carrie Underwood, Nina Simone,  Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elton John, Fergie, Pharrell Williams, Ravi Shankar, Erykah Badu


Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Rickman, beloved Professor Snape in Harry Potter, John Travolta, Lucy Lawless, Tom Hiddleston, Steve McQueen, Rachel Weisz, Heath Ledger, Bette Davis, Queen Latifah, 

Model Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan, David Letterman, 

Politician Mitt Romney

ARTISTS- Yoko Ono, Benicio Del Toro, photographer Diane Arbus-


Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin,


Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel, classical composer. 


Victor Hugo author of Les Miserables, and what is known as the Hunchback of Notre-Dame,  Charles Baudelaire, Maya Angelou, 


PSYCHIC Edgar Cayce, Eckhart Tolle, Rudolph Steiner, Tony Robbins, Ramakrishna, Dane Rudhyar, 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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Happy Aquarius season

January 20 AQUARIUS TIME 6:55 am PST/ 9:55 am EST/January 21 @ 2:55 am GMT

Aquarius times are ELECTRIC! Think laundry static, hair standing straight up. Liberation time, detachment from all the heavy emotions, freedom, revolution, whatever your personal and collective break out may be. Be your own individual, be weird, proud – It’s the opposite sign of Leo remember.Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, rotates at a 90 degrees axis. That is weird.

Time to be free.

AQUARIUS, yes you can hear the song from the musical Hair start on cue.The Age of Aquarius won’t begin for another 400 years actually, because that is how long it will take till the Sun enters the Sidereal sign of Aquarius at the Spring Equinox.  Because of the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Spring equinox vernal point has slipped backwards, 23 degrees from Zero degrees of the  ARIES Constellation in the last 2,000 years, to 6 + degrees Pisces. I use Tropical Western Astrology not VEDIC Sidereal Astrology which is what Astronomy is aligned with.

MERCURY os also in Aquarius till February 3. Mercury in Aquarius help communications fly fast on electric air waves.


FEBRUARY 16- MARCH 9  MERCURY RETROGRADE 12+ PISCES- 28 DEGREES 13 MINUTES AQUARIUS. MERCURY SHADOW PERIOD STARTS fEBRUARY 2- it will take until MARCH 29TH for Mercury to be free of its shadow Retro period. That’s a long time for Mercury to be in PISCES 

January 22/23 Sun squares Uranus in Taurus

they are egging each other on there be be unexpected chaos the entire week, 

New Moon January 24  at 4 degrees Aquarius  squares Uranus


Question your relationships. Take space. Be rebellious and free, 

It’s an AIR SIGN, NOT A WATER SIGN as many people think because of its symbol in the constellations. The Astrology glyph is two parallel wavy lines represent electric currents moving through the AIR. The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness, or Divine love.

AQUARIUS is the symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT #17.

The 11th SIGN is traditionally ruled by SATURN, which seems weird to most moderns. Each planet originally ruled over two signs, a masculine and a feminine one- very balanced. The Sun and the Moon are NOT planets, Sun rules LEO and the Moon rules CANCER.

Planet Uranus was discovered by Herschel in 1781, although it had been observed before by the naked eye. Astrologers didn’t want to disturb the original 7 planetary designation, so they places Uranus as the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mercury.  It was originally called the Georgian Planet after King George the 3rd.

URANUS rules the 11th sign and house of wishes, hopes and dreams. Higher consciousness, revolutions and radical thinking, objectivity, big picture thinking, management, organizations,  engineers, radical new inventions,  IT,robots, A1, the Internet, computers,etc. open-minded, group think, lightning, aeronautics, ambulances, clubs, debating, earthquakes, chaos, dangerous  fire powered weapons, telepathy, guerillas, and eccentrics and LGBTQ people.

HEY ALL YOU AQUARIANS -YOU need to bring IT. The revolutions which honor each individuals right to be free. You were born for these times.

To thine own self be true.


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