Thanksgiving and Chaos

November 28 

Moon enters CAPRICORN and rhe moos is sobering and stable

some unexpected chaotic turkey gravy spills today as


this is CHAOS MAGIC if you know how to do it.

You may be asking where’s the beef? That’s a bad last degree of Sagittarius joke.

Capricorn moon trines Uranus too and conjuncts Venus. This will be a sentimental yet non-traditional Thanksgiving.

Neptune is stationary for the next few days enhancing dreams before it begins to move ahead again. Pay attention to your dreams. 

incoming coronal hole energies which affect EMF’s in our bodies. you may feel exhausted, dizzy cranky with headaches. 

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Healing through feeling the pain, sing the blues.

Moon is in Pisces as of the morn of Jan 22.

Mellow out, feelings flow easily, life is a dream, foggy, and gauzily beautiful as seen from behind rose-coloured glasses.

We dream and drift back into the arms of spirit, feeling safe, secure, invisible, floating on a cloud.

We project out perfect gurus onto all kinds of swindlers, sex addicts, quick fix, abundance for everyone, abuse artists in search of God and the illusion of the glamour and riches of the material world.

We are searching for peace, for a piece, of wholeness, of safety once again. But even to say once again is romantic, idealistic, some people have never ever had any peace in their lives, or love, never been loved, never felt safe, never had enough to eat or a place to retreat to.  

Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Like I said; caught between a dream and a hard place.

Moon conjuncts Neptune for bazinga! instant karma!

or maybe the zing of cupid’s bow- falling in love instantly.

Moon conjuncts Mars in PISCES-

Get your pain and your healing on.

It’s sexy/hurts to be spiritual, it’s sexy/hurts  to be an alcoholic,

enraged, a film buff, a tantric guru, working on an oil rig, an artist, in denial, charitable.

Good time to go to Re-hab under a Mercury Retrograde if you need.

Sun sextiles Saturn 

“Just keeping it real”, like those Native Americans say in the movies. 

Jan 23 continues in the soft pastel tones of sextiles to heavy hitters Pluto in Capricorn 

makes it easy to be hard-working and dreamy too.

Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces- 

The pain, oh the pain. All the New Age, be lighter, ascension folks, optimistic,the law of attraction and make the multi-level marketing guru richer.  Always ignore the nightly news and the dark side of things. I feel that is as much a dangerous form of denial same as any Christian or Muslim right-wing stance.

I’m not saying it isn’t great to be positive, it is. It works.  But we must also acknowledge our pain, our hurts, our losses, our weariness and feel that fully. Each one of us carries wounds, and unexpressed pains from our childhoods, as part of the human condition. We do appear to separate from spirit. It hurts. We also carry what I believe are past lives injuries, memories of our deaths, betrayals, unconscious hatred,and fears into this “present” life. 

I went to see a friend of mine, Jan Kudelka perform as Janis Joplin last night at a small 200 seat bar/theatre in Toronto. She was honoring what would have been Janice’s 72 birthday on Jan 19.

Jan is professional singer, actress, writer, performer and she had created a similar but more elaborate Janis performance twenty years ago. She has always channelled Janis, had dreams of her. Seen herself since she was  a child performing as her before she could possibly know who she was consciously. Prophetic dreams, Pisces stuff. And of course Janis’ alcohol and drug addictions and longing to be loved, and being a martyr are all Pisces themes.

Janis Joplin

My friend Jan is in her 60’s now. She literally resurrected, a MERCURY Retrograde word- Janis Joplin as if she had lived and was still singing at 72 years of age. Jan channelled those old blues songs, in such a way as to punctuate the profound hurt of each pain, each heart-wrenching primal scream of abandonment. It was a packed sold out show for two nights.  

I knew many of the people in the crowd, many of them very New Age types. I am feeling very open and tuned into spirits messages lately. What i knew was why everyone had come to see this performance was that they needed to touch that deep sorrow and pain.

Last week’s monstrosity was the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, and another 2,000 people slaughtered in Nigeria, we hear about these things, we watch them on the news, or our phones. and then…

We just keep on keepin’ on truckin’ as they used to say in the 60’s.

Where does all the pain registration go to if we don’t feel it fully and sream it out, like Joplin did? Remember Primal Therapy, which started at Esselen in California I believe? John Lennon went through it. It’s totally disappeared. 

A female artist from Montreal had created an art piece at Nuit Blanche in Toronto last year. It was a screaming booth, because we have nowhere safe to let out our deep feeling of rage or frustration in a holistic way. I though that Idea was brilliant. It was one of the most  popular pieces.

So I felt the catharsis Jan channelled in the blues and we were all so moved by it. Gotta feel them blues in order to be happy. My friends’ life has also been very difficult,she was also singing /screaming her own pain. Her ex-husband had committed suicide.

So allow yourself to feel the pain. Even if it isn’t politically correct.

Pisces is tears. The ocean is the same as our tears. Spirit may also be full of tears too. How do we know? 

While up at the Grail Springs last week, That is the other thing that was coming up for me. How do we know if anything is real at all? What is real and what is the dream? Those are the essential 12th house/sign questions. Do you ask yourself these questions?

I was in the crowd watching Janice Live up close in this Video at a Rock Festival in Toronto in 1970. 

Please share widely. Your feedback is most welcomed.

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Cry Baby, Janis Joplin Toronto live 1970.







last of 2014, feeling overwhelmed, magical helpers

Boxing Day did you go out shopping?

Dec. 27

Moon is still in relative Peace and spiritual blissed outedness and making lovely sextiles to Mercury and Venus. Smooch smooch. Moon goes Void of course at 7:44 am PDT/ 10:44 am EST.

Venus in Capricorn is in  quincunx to Retro Jupiter in Leo at night PST

Going over the why you made that decision makes love a rather difficult thing to express, or to feel heard by the heart. Be careful of being too guarded and justifying your actions.

Dec 27 Moon enters ARIES @ 10:35 pm PST / Dec 28 @ 12:51 am

Moon trines Saturn @ 12:25 pm PST/ Dec 28 @ 2:25 pm EST

This is a good day to write out your New year’s resolutions as you will be feeling energized and optimistic.

Moon squares SUN

we are 1/2 way to the next Full Moon Jan 4/5 in Cancer.

Moon does the Cardinal Square Dance with 4 other planets

you know the steps to this dance, conjunct Uranus, square Pluto- Dec 29 in EST.

It’s a very long slow dance right now

Moon continues to square Mercury and Venus till late on Monday.

Challenges in communications and choosing love over career.

2014 is winding down. I don’t know where it went.

I am grateful for a year with travels, new accomplishments and new friends. Shout out to Julija from Cosmic Intelligence Agency, who is my new galfriend, she came and stayed with me in Sedona in September. I am Agent 129.



10 of WANDS

The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt

The 10’s are always the end of the cycle, they symbolize the ultimate accumulation of any element. The cycle is full, complete, the baby is past its due date, the expiration date is now.

Wands are Fire, inspiration, action, passion, aggression.

In the Fairy Tale Tarot of Rumpelstiltskin, one of my favorite fairy tales, the heroine is pictured as trapped and feeling helpless, overwhelmed by the task set to her of spinning the straw into gold. Rumpelstiltskin, the little bearded gnome like man is just entering the room to come to her aid.


On the image, feel yourself as the heroine in the card. Think about how the feeling of being overwhelmed energetically is affecting your life now. I can certainly relate to this. Too  many demands, too much to do, not enough time, energy is feeling blocked. Needing a little magical miracle helper to get yourself out of the stuckness.

I think this is how a lot of people are feeling from Saturn being in Scorpio for the last 2 years.

The Lesson

There is always magical help available. You may have forgotten about that. Pray and call on a magical helper from the Light to come clear your path, help you organize your chaos, reconnect you to your passion.

Your feedback is very important to me.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene


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