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Moon is in upbeat Sagittarius today spreading the optimism around.

If you were born with the Moon in Sagittarius you are having your monthly Lunar Return. Me too!

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Weekend Astrology update. Earth Trine mood.

I am still recovering from the Charlie Hebdo shootings. I am feeling the anger of the world against the Muslim Extremists. I have to keep breathing through it. I saw Bill Maher on Jimmy Kimmel saying he was a Liberal and Liberals have to defend their freedoms against millions of Muslims whose religion states you cannot joke about Allah.  Enough of this political correctness. That day and age is over. Nail that coffin shut. Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces will ensure that.  No more “idiotic compassion.” I will write about that another time.


Yes it’s all shadow work now.  The year 2015 in Numerology;  if you use the 20 prefix as the one thousand year High Priestess Feminine cycle we are now in..

Then number #15 is present year and is THE DEVIL in the TAROT. That’s exactly what we are dealing with.  Each side is demonizing the other except we aren’t singling out and beheading and murdering those others because they are not doing what we like. Its all psychopathic behaviour.. 

The Moon is in Virgo now as of Jan 8 @ 5:58 pm EST

The moon has squared Saturn making for a morose subdued sad energy.

Jan 9 

Moon is opposite Neptune tonight making for intensive dreaming.

It’s another one of those out of kilter quincunxy days with the Nit picky Virgo Moon making;

quincunx #1 to Mercury in Aquarius.Mercury rules Virgo so we will be very detached in our analysis.

Quincunx # 2 to VENUS in Aquarius. Means arguments, cool headed arguments,

Quincunx #3 to Uranus in Aries. Means jumping to conclusions and reacting in haste makes us too volatile.

There is an earth Trine from the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn

indicating great undercover investigative powers. Major information  will surface about the Terrorist attacks and the downed Plain in the Java Sea. 

The earth trine also benefits you TAURUS so go over your budget while the Moon supports you.

Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces

Virgo Moon loves to analyze and there will be much continued discussion about religious tolerance, compassion, martyrdom and where we stand in this polarization.

Jan 10 

Moon trine SUN in Capricorn

This is always a nice aspect. Try to stay grounded. 

JAn 11 

Capricorn Sun quincunx to Jupiter Retro. in Leo at night 

up oh someones luck has run out. Be careful about your boasting. 

Virgo moon also Quincunx’s Mars in Aquarius in the wee hours.

New ideas may enter your dreamscape. You may be flying on magic carpets, dreams may be high tech in nature.

MOON enters LIBRA #=@ 3:57 am PST/ 6:57 am EST

We will begin to feel a bit more balanced. We need this now. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius sunday morning

Truth, justice, religion will be debated. 

Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces afternoon

Maintaining a sense of balance will be difficult. Offset with feelings of overwhelm as sympathy, false compassion, and martyrdom mix.



5 of discs Tarot Tara Greene

5 of discs Dream Logic Tarot

The Five of Disks illustrates perfectly  a Virgo Moon with all those quincunxes happening.

Traditionally it has the title WORRY. Yes and we are worried. And we should be worried. These are grave crossroads as all the number 5’s point out. We are being tested as to where we have come in the last 5 years and where we are going in the next 5.

The mind runs through and reruns all the scenarios, all the details, all the what if? should haves….

Virgo Moon wants every detail to be in place and works very hard to attain an impossible perfection. 

This is also big self-criticism time. What you didn’t do well enough. Blaming others for slacking off. 

I’m going to pull another card tomorrow. 

The antidote for Virgo mentality is to breathe and center in your heart.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Bjork- Its all in our hands  2001  







2014 Astrology Horoscopes X BOX forecasts by Tara Greene

I wrote yesterday about MARS in LIBRA for 7+ months and its effects on Libra & those born with Pluto & Saturn in Libra.

I am feeling pretty buzzed. Sun’s in Sagittarius and Mercury just entered it to. I have both Sun Moon And Mercury in my Natal Birth Chart. I am gazing in to my crystal Ball for you. Got specific questions? Please ask.

I have now dubbed the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS Energy of 2012-2015 

X BOX Grand Cardinal Cross Tara Greene Astrology


Whatever is out there in popular culture also has a cleverly disguised hidden spiritual pun or deeper meaning. You can see it everywhere if you look or know how to look. A Grand Cardinal Cross is = to an X Box. That explains why they are so popular.

More about MARS IN LIBRA 

ARIES Rams – 7+ months of  “Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache.” Butting your hard horny heads at an airy dervish.

sexy 50;s Astrology Tara Greene

Aries you are WEAKENED, dare we say emasculated by  MARS IN LIBRA, like Sampson having his head shorn by Delilah.

Mars in Libra may have you feeling like you’ve head master planet has betrayed you.

MARS is pussy footing around- excuse the ahem, pun in VENUS owned Libra for 7 + months.

It’s a good thing as Martha Stewart Says if you’re willing to lay down your arms, stop fighting, being the HERO.

Many soldiers are committing suicide these days because they can’t take the stress of killing.

ARIES the ALL FOR ONE Sign is being force-fed the We’re in this together, the ALL FOR TWO Libra sign.

MARRIAGE? Living together? Single no more? Could be a good thing for lots of peeps. 

You may as well stay in bed. Take a breather, sabbatical,  find a way to bide your time.

PATIENCE???? an unknown word to ARIES something you will have to swallow.

You may need Geritol ,VAM an Aphrodisiac to keep it up. You are being lured, pulled, prodded seduced into the Feminine. No man or woman is an island.

You can go willingly or fight it. The choice is yours.


especially the Pluto in Libra and SATURN in LIBRA generation

-see previous article

YOU GOTS PLANETS or ANGLES between 8- 17 degrees of ARIES, Aries ASCENDANT  ETC. 

Don’t forget URANUS SITTING on your SUN at 8-16 degree ARIES  if you are BORN -March 29- April 6th of any year

Mark these times on the 2014 calendar

You wont be in the pink till July 25 when MARS enters his home sign of SCORPIO and then even hotter and healthier than ever when JUPITER enters RED HOT LEO on JULY 16.

Plus you will also be squared away by PLUTO In CAPRICORN  from 11- 14 degrees all year

Jupiter in CANCER from 10 degrees Cancer- 29.59 Cancer.



Don’t bite your fingernails, hide your head in the sand, blame the others, have a shotgun wedding, drive racing cars, lift excessive weights,

DO NOT ESCAPE BY PLAYING with your XBOX all the time.

 It’s just a metaphor for the crucible,the crux, it sounds more moderne. Hipster?

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DELILAH Tom Jones 


Zen koan, Mars, December -2014 Horoscope from Tara Greene

Just wanted to mention,  MARS in late degrees of Virgo since Nov. 27 is SQUARING the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees Sagittarius.

Irritating, like a ZEN Koan metaphor for “what’s the sound of 9 cats scatching on the chalkboard?”

Virg-oish Mars tries to do the impossible… like clean up a Black Hole. 

NIT PICKY perfectionist Mars in Virgo is also irritating the upper intestines, communications, getting angry and slighted over misinterpretations and other coversationals, NTM wreaking havoc in the Info department where info seems to be disappearing into that humungous Black Hole. Mars in Virgo is in detriment and has been causing accidents. Sending healing to those injured. 

MARS Squares the SAGITTARIUS GIGANTIC BLACK HOLE  Dec 3 and 4th. Magnifying the issues. Be mindfull.

supernova astrology Tara Greene

I have my Natal Mercury at 27 degrees Sagittarius, Mars has been squaring it and causing all kinds of hoof in mouth problems this past week. Lets just say some feelings were hurt involuntarily when words flew out of my mouth as if being sucked out by the G.C. 

Fellow peeps with Planets somehow sitting on the event horizon. Do you have MERCURY on the G.C. or other planets? Feeling Zonky?

How’s it been going for you?

Mars in Virgo loves to analyze so here’s a real ZEN KOAN for MEDITATIONS

imagine the cosmic image above

“Those who speak against killing and who desire to spare the lives of all conscious beings are right. It is good to protect even animals and insects. But what about those persons who kill time, what about those who are destroying wealth, and those who destroy political economy? We should not overlook them. Furthermore, what of the one who preaches without enlightenment? He is killing Buddhism.” 

DEC 4 Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS 
Further just horsing around energy to our finely crafted communications. This is MERCURY’s only visit to the centaur this year and a quick gallop too. It’ll be short fun, horsey, indelicate. 

Here’s the December run down 

Dec. 2  SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON  @ 10 degrees +

Dec. 4  MERCURY ENTERS SAGITTARIUS – plenty of horsing around lots of yuks.

Dec. 7 MARS enters Libra – – begins an extrememly long till JULY 25 2014 stay in LIBRA!!! I’ll write about that separately.

Focus will be on rebalancing relationships. 2014 will be very intense as Mars in Libra in a HUMUNGOUS CARDINAL CROSS with PLUTO URANUS AND JUPITER- especially in mid APRIL 2014.

DEC 17 GEMINI Full Moon- TWIN antenna’s are up  SUN on the GALACTIC CENTER.

DEC 17 Uranus goes Direct- full speed chaos ahead – very powerful date! I will do a video for this one. 

DEC 21 WINER SOLSTICE/ Summer Solstice One of the most important dates of the Year

DEC. 21 VENUS Goes RETROGRADE at 28 degrees Caprirciorn 58 minutes- Ground Hog Day 2014- Grok that! LOVE takes a U Turn 


DEC 25 Mars opposite URANUS 8 Libra – 8 Aries  MaJor T- square- whacky Xmas eve. 

DEC 28 SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY – 7 degrees Capricorn

Dec 29 MERCURY square URANUS – 8+ degrees Capricorn to 8 + degrees ARIES

DEC. 29 SUN Squares URANUS – 8 + degrees Capricorn- 8+ degrees ARIES

DEC 30 MARS SQUARE PLUTO – 11 degrees Libra to 11 degrees + Capricorn- DIFICILE intense.

Dec 31 MERCURY SQUARES Pluto – 11 degrees+ LIBRA –11 degrees+ Capricorn


DEC 10 Mercury TRINE URANUS 8 degrees+ Sag. To 8 degrees+ ARIES

DEC. 12 JUPITER TRINE SATURN 18 degree Retro to 18 degrees + of Scorpio


all writing copyright Tara Greene

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Hottest club, Art, DISCO, lucky stars,Solar returns

It’s my birthday today. November 29. I am an 11:11 in Numerology. Happy Birthday to all the other 11 11’s out there. It’s not a very common day to be born on. One of my favourite artists William Blake was born November 28. One of my favourite artists, visionary Alex Grey is also born November 29.

C.S. Lewis creator of Narnia, Howie Mandel,Gary Shandling, the Coen brothers- Movie directors, and actresss Dianne Ladd, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU.

I wrote about yesterdays beautiful Venus, she rules artists, in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer opposition and how it was beneficial to Capricorn’s, Cancer’s Libra and ARIES, and also peeps with planets at 19 degrees of those signs.  I was thinking about my husband who has his Natal Venus in Capricorn in his 10th house at 20 degrees. So the Lovely expansive GOOD LUCK energy was bang on for him. So yesterday with all the Giving of Thanks, Hannukah, Comet ISON brouhaha, I then realised it’s also bang on for me too. I have VENUS conjunct my Neptune exactly at 20 degrees of LIBRA, a great blessing for my year ahead. Thank you Gods and GODDESSES. So it should be a great year for us and our family.

Napoleon Brousseau Art

Slumber party 30 cx 22 ” Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau 2002

Your birthday is called your SOLAR RETURN in actuality. It’s when the Sun return’s to the exact degree it was at the moment you were born. It doesn’t always fall on your exact birthdate, it can come one day before or even one day afterwards.  It is an important chart to get a reading with as it is a predictive tool for your entire year ahead.

YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR SOLAR RETURN READING for your own birthday gift, whenever it is in the year.


Buy now, reading is done on SKYPE

Speaking of art . I’m watching to see how this will play out.

A book came out recently reviewed in NEW YORK magazine-about one of the hottest clubs in New York in the 80’s AREA.-see link below My husband Napoleon Brousseau, yes its his real name,  was one of the Area Art Directors for a few years. He was responsible for designing and creating those huge art installations which the club was famous for. With a crew of 40 people working with him every 6 weeks, huge new installations were designed, they had gigantic budgets. Those were the days. Napoleon returned to Toronto, you can see his CAMERON HOUSE ANT SCULPTURES on Queen Street West. See more of Napoleon’s works 

Napoleon is represented by ANGELL GALLERY 12 Ossington Avenue in TORONTO where he is currently showing erotic, dark charcoal drawings and paintings. If you’re in Toronto this Saturday November 30. The artist will be present form 1:00-4:00 .m. Come by and meet him. I’ll be there too.


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It Was the Hottest Club in Town.

Another review with great photos

MOON ENTERS SCORPIO Friday night – expect intense this weekend.


80’s ART