Go with the flow Grand Water Trine

A Cancer Moon makes us all feel sentimental. We want home cooking and comfort and snuggling and hugs. Cancer is the sign of MOM. 

Grand Water Trine, tara Greene

A GRAND WATER TRINE forms today between the Moon and the SCORPIO SUN and with Neptune earlier this day. Your dreams may have been very vivid -Lucid Like dreams -dreaming of places from your childhood. Babies food nurturing; safe spaces your ancestors those you love and children.

In the Tarot the Cancer Card is the CHARIOT # 7 

You may be feeling water-logged sensitive and dreamy all day. as the flow just keeps on. 

CANCER moon opposes PLUTO in Capricorn

Caring values have spoken. 

Cancer Moon times are great for sending blessings to the waters of the earth. A good haircut day if you want to grow your hair back fast. Good for planting seeds. Definitely get in touch with the element of water. On earth we evolved from the oceans.

Moon trines CHIRON IN PISCES at night to continue the watery saga.

Do incubate your dreams again tonight. 

The Moon quincunx’s with Saturn in Sagittarius later on

this may make for uncomfortable childhood memories or disagreements with your father an older person or an old karmic truth that you have been buried and may in big denial about. 

sorry for that run on sentence.

Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES in the evening in PST/ next day in EST and GMT. 

Expect weird erratic energy which can confab family issues. Try not to hyperventilate. Sleeping may be difficult.

We are approaching a SUN Sextile PLUTO on the 9th.

good for empowerment. Shine a light into the depths of your soul. What are you really hungering for? With Pluto in Capricorn its power in the world. More deep secret reveals about the Paradise Papers Mr. Weinstein who I will write in depth about and Kevin Spacey. Saudi Arabia is rounding up crooked politicians. The Queen is implicated; Bono of U2; Madonna and many heads of countries.

Nov. 9 MARS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES oin the evening

This is a big disappointment energy. Mars in Libra is rather flaccid anyway. In a complicated inconvenient energy with romantic idealistic Neptune in Pisces, you may be left slag jawed when you get to see the illusion in the relationship. 

This bodes ill for social events. Neptune is the stronger planet here in its own sign and Mars in detriment in Venus sign. Artists who like challenges may have a field day. It could be interesting to write down what you want in relationships and winnow the illusions from what really matters to you. Maybe this is a good time to talk over your projections with someone you are involved with. It goes both ways. It could be a very cleansing conversation. Projections are our own unrealized desires which we see in others and we are drawn to. But then we may not love the other person unconditionally for who they are but for what we want them to be. This is a major psychological battle/playground. 

11:11 is coming and also one of the most beautiful events on the 13th as VENUS conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO at 7-8 degrees.

Gotta go. 

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Fairy Dust love chaos Full Beaver Taurus Moon Lilith

NOV. 3 Moon enters TAURUS to help us ground this morning.
Moon opposes JUPITER in SCORPIO
We are feeling intensely stubborn. Be careful of road rage and people unwilling to back down.
A very spiritual sacred fairy dusty energy. Deeply yearning for your soul mate who you can share and reveal all your darkest secrets with. 
This is a good energy to do deep excursions into the spiritual realm with. You can be the “fly on the wall” doing remote viewing with this kind of intensity. Be careful of being deluded by your own fears and shadows. A trine is not always a good thing. Scorpio’s love secrets and power. It can be another layer of revelation about sex money laundering power and control issues. Thats a good thing.
A major opposition between the planet of WOMEN in her own sign where she holds more power. Venus in LIBRA is the Queen of socializing and balancing relationships; the money markets and values in general. Her opposition to CHAOTIC URANUS the revolutionary street fighting man who loves anarchy change and freedom. They may be comrades in arms.
ANTIFA will start civil war in the U.S. on Nov 4 with anti-fascist marches and civil unrest under this aspect. It’s the day before Nov 5 in V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes Day.
Then there’s the Full BEAVER Moon in Taurus. The SUN’s energy is expanded by close proximity to JUPITER in SCORPIO. These two biggies Sun and JUPITER will magnify the effects of the MOON. Scorpio does everything at 200%. Expect a bigger return than that= Big highs and lows. 
NEPTUNE trines the SUN and sextiles the MOON adding a layer of foggy dew an intangible dreamy spiritual beauty. Fairy dust and soul mates and la la land. It’s very creative so sing dance paint party let it all hang out. It inspires dreams and fantasies. Could be a very sexy full moon.
The GRAND FIRE TRINE is still in effect between Eris URANUS trine SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and the NOrth Node in LEO. This aspect will begin to dissolve in the next few weeks. What spark did you light? 
CHIRON is still squaring SATURN
It’s a painful time of releasing through telling our truths about our deepest secrets which bring healing.
LILITH is ending her 9-month journey through fiery SAGITTARIUS. The Black Moon is @ the 29th and last critical degree of SAGITTARIUS until November 9.
Since Valentine’s Day LILITH in SAGITTARIUS has been the silent Archetypal force who has helped all women who have been raped or sexually abused speak their truth. By doing this all victims become stronger they become teachers and leaders and inspire others to do the same. Thank Lilith for assisting us to tell our truth.
Lilith will journey through the corporate earthy sign of CAPRICORN from November 2017 until August 6, 2018. Isn’t it interesting that Lilith has a 9 months journey through each sign hence her relationship to the moon and the gestation cycle of a human baby.
LILITH in CAPRICORN will help women to rise to corporate heights breaking through the glass ceilings on every level in every country.
LILITH in the 10th sign of worldly power and fame will bring women out from the shadows of the patriarchy. 
Lilith in the earth sign also brings patience and savvy business acumen.
Ruled by SATURN;ELDER Women will demand and will get respect for their wisdom born of experience. There will be an end to trying to compete by looking young which is an immature denial of the elder status. Women will learn to embrace their wrinkles and crows feet as marks of wisdom. They will want to be judged by the work they’ve done and become mentors to the younger generations.
Bathing in goat’s milk will be a big fad of 2018 just like Cleopatra did. 
Lilith in Capricorn is not airy fairy. She is practical and hard-working. She does not expect to get off easy or to just lunch. She likes to get her hands dirty. 
For Cancerians or those with a strong moon or 4th house planets, Lilith in Capricorn will help you step out in the world.
Enjoy this Beaver industrious tree chewing chaotic moon.
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December 1 Major Mojo,astro preview

Here’s just a very brief overview of the MAJOR Planetary aspects for DECEMBER. I will write horoscopes in more details shortly. You will want to note these dates.


MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN @ 12:53 am PST/3:53 am EST/ 8:53 am GMT

the Capricorn moon reign until the 3rd. It’s better to go with that hardcore reality of Saturn ruled Cappy moon and knuckle down and get some work done. 


Chiron the wounded healer has been Retro since JUNE 27th. that been a long time of incubating those wounds.  As  Chiron turns direct you can openly express your vulnerability which is a great strength. 

MOON Sextiles NEPTUNE today so you may be feeling rather spacey, dreamy and fantasizing about a new love, something you’d like to have or just escaping. 

MARS TRINES JUPITER TODAY @ 16+ degrees AQUARIUS/LIBRA @ 7:46 pm PST/10:46 pm EST/ Dec 2 @ 3:46 am GMT

This is a major mojo Positive aspect for breaking through many sound, thought and relationship barriers. 

MARS IN AQUARIUS seeks inventive pioneering radical freewheeling solutions. There are many stalemates and blockages these days if you haven’t noticed.

MARS in AQUARIUS needs freedom, in the moment, spontaneous combustion. Ge’s a rebel. Jupiter in Libra wants to be known for being NICE and needs to be in relationships. This positive aspect may make it easier to want to be turned loose as the wide open road of possibility and adventure beckons. “Give it up, or turn me loose.” as James Brown says. 

MARS in AQUARIUS is explosive literally and firey and JUPITER ignites that fire. There are already terrible fires burning in Gatlinburg Tennessee, by Dolly Parton’s hometown and Dollywood. I feel sorry for the people who had to evacuate and the animals killed in such a huge fire. 

This can also trigger terrorist attacks, volcanic explosions and wildfires. This can also ignite wildfires of the heart too of course.

Hearts on fire, Astrology Tara Greene

 Mars in AQUARIUS is like Steve Jobs, Nicola Tesla, Henry Ford or anyone who has had a sudden brilliant idea or flash of inspiration. THAt is MARS IN AQUARIUS! Yup its the old “struck by lightning” aspect. This is the planet associated with Trump Card #16 THE TOWER. It’s strange, isnt it? America symbolically experienced the archetype of the Tower at 9/11. Seems they are still stuck on the same symbol 15 years later at its 1/2 Saturn return. 

Tower Tarot Tara Greene

Keep those brains clean and the transmission lines open. Have a super powered smoothie, eat some good flax oil or walnuts, exercise briskly, prime the brain, eat very good high-quality food today. Super brain foods are recommended.  Walnuts, goji berries, lots of pure water with organic lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Coffee is good for the brain. No heavy fats or greasy meals. You want to be revving on high octane.

JUPITER IN LIBRA can bring great connections through networking, traveling, public speaking, dinner parties and social connecting. 

If you have planets at 11-21 degrees GEMINI you get a GRAND AIR TRINE- don’t waste it on being full of HOT AIR. OK. Be aware of sudden synchronicities which spark the brain fires. 

Remember that AQUARIUS is traditionally ruled by SATURN< so the Capricorn moon favors this energy as well. Venus rules LIBRA and she is at 27 of Capricorn semi-sextiling the GALACTIC CENTRE which MERCURY has just passed over. 

Put on your thinking cap by being creatively left-brained. Do the opposite of everything you would normally do. 

I’ll keep you posted.



2nd MERCURY Enters Capricorn

7TH Venus enters AQUARIUS

9 Sun sextiles JUPITER

10 SUN Conjunct SATURN @ 18+ degrees SAGITTARIUS

11 Sun trines URANUS on 11th/12 squares Chiron

13 FULL MOON in GEMINI 22 degrees


19 MARS enters PISCES as MERCURY goes RETRO@ 15 of CAPRICORN for the 4th time

21 is SOLSTICE SUN enters CAPRICORN  and Happy summer down under



26 JUPITER opposes Uranus @ 20 degrees LIBRA/ ARIES

28 New moon in CAPRICORN @ 7+ degrees. SUN conjuncts RETRO MERCURY @ 7 Capricorn + Saturn Square CHIRON @ 21+ degrees

29 URANUS turns DIRECT @ 20 ARIES since July 29

31 JUPITER inconjuncts CHIRON @ 21 degrees and MARS CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE @ 9 degrees

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Sun square NEPTUNE, Shout out to Donald Trump

Nov. 30

The Moon is in optimistic, full of faith SAGITTARIUS today. It sextiles Jupiter at 1:20 am EST and makes a sobering conjunction with SATURN in the wee hours.

You may find that your dreams are filled with archetypal old men, bosses, your father, many restrictions,tests and hardships and karmic memories.  

Notice how you feel in the morning. Saturn is like lead, for some you will be out like a log, for others you can wake up feeling very tired. This can feel heavy and perhaps you will have a painful awakening. Trust that there is help and guidance from the angelic realms.

Mercury will be in conjunction with the GALACTIC CENTER enter over the next few days. THE SUN CONJUNCTS THE GALACTIC CENTER once a year only on Dec 19-20. This is a perfect opportunity to meditate in that void in the Yoniverse’s centre. Much guidance can be downloaded now.

Moon squares CHIRON in PISCES in the early morning

which can make us feel sensitive compassionate and empathetic. 

SAGE Moon trines URANUS in ARIES

its still early in the day. This is a brilliant flash of insight from out of nowhere, trust your instincts. be bold, brave and lead your group to new heights of awareness. This is a very high spirited rebellious energy. Go dancing or work it out in the gym. 


When major planets especially the Great Luminary the SUN connects with any planet it is the most powerful. SUN square NEPTUNE is a challenge to work with and accept the brilliant spiritual Light. No matter how dark, gloomy, dismal, or down we may think the world is, this conjunction helps us go through all the darkness to reconnect with the Light which is the essence of everything. 

In the TAROT  THE SUN is #19                              NEPTUNE or PISCES is the MOON #18                                                                                                   

Tarot of the SUN                                                                   Tarot Card of PISCES/Neptune

Neptune is the veil which covers and protects our eyes from gazing directly at the Light. These two energies are compatible. Use this time for spiritual work, meditating on the Divine Light within every atom of existence. Write a poem of gratitude for your life, say prayers, do a dance for Spirit, make an imperfect offering to the light. We are still in New Moon effluence, sit quietly in prayer and receive before setting new intentions.

Moon conjuncts MERCURY which is passing over the GALACTIC CENTER

Today and the 1st. This is a perfect opportunity to meditate in that void in the Yoniverse’s centre. Much guidance can be downloaded now. Connect with your oversoul, your guardian angels and higher master teachers. 

DECEMBER Will be an HUGE month. HUGE! especially around Christmas time and right on New Years as well. I can’t believe the year is almost over.

I will post a DECEMBER outline here tomorrow. 

Dec 1 CHIRON turns direct for the first time since JUNE 27! 

The whole world has been doing unseen invisible healing work and bleeding internally and healing for all of these months. Now it is time to let the wounds show. To share and redress our wounds. More about this.

MARS in AQUARIUS is gearing up to trine JUPITER on the 1st @ 16 degrees LIBRA

This is a NICE AIRY Aspect which is great for seeing the bigger picture, expanding peoples minds and social circles. If you’re a GEMINI and have planets at 16 degrees + or minus 3 degrees, be prepared for chaos, big changes, big picture flashes of brilliance and the need for freedom.


You are having your JUPITER RETURN within the next few days Donald. This happens once every 12 years on average and is considered one of the most beneficial transits to have. The MARS JUPITER TRINE is exactly on your natal JUPITER in LIBRA at 17 degrees and trine to your natal URANUS at 17 degrees GEMINI! That’s an exact GRAND AIR TRINE. This give you the SUPER POWERS of the royal gift of the gab that runneth over, brilliant outsider insights, chaos, freedom, speedy energy, and change.

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Drain the swamp, Sun semi-square Pluto

SUN semi-squares Pluto from zero Sagittarius to 15+ degrees Capricorn

The 45-degree semisquare is like a square, and grating but maybe you don’t see it approaching. Old shadows may rear their heads and things you never thought you would say may come flying out of some deep unconscious depths. This is like heavy spiritual Drano. You known trump said “Drain the swamp?” Well there are many types of swamps and many ways to drain them. Bringing those old alligators and dinosaurs out of your own swamp may be dangerous but at least they are out in the open. With Saggy Sun though- trust me- it won’t be pretty.

VERY VIRGO earthy trines today

Grand Earth Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Moon trines all business Venus in Capricorn and Pluto too

This can bring up extremely nit-picky energy. Stick to the facts. 

Moon squares Saturn in Sag

this is heavy energy.


This is a great aspect for writing, communicating and being diplomatic. Jupiter should help us be gracious. But watch out for that devil may care Sagittarius stuff, The Jupiter in Libra may not be able to hold the reigns of that Sagittarius off to a full gallop, balance.

Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces

the facts and boundaries or all mush, compassion? Can be the see-saw between healthy boundaries and co-dependent behaviors.

Moon inconjuncts Uranus in ARIES

this can stymie brilliant thinking. Don’t sweat it too much.

Mercury conjuncts SATURN in SAGITTARIUS on the 23rd in the morning PST

If you have to speak in public you will be taken seriously so better be ready to give it your all. This is a good but difficult time to create or establish anything new in publishing, traveling, education,foreign trade, teaching or tutoring.

MEAN what you say because it will have GRAVITAS today.

Words have weight, Mercury conjunct Saturn Tara Greene astrology

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