Twilight of the betwixt eclipses Astrology Tara Greene

Its been a crazy week, Mercury Retrograde now in Scorpio

How was it for you?

That Total Scorpio eclipse which shook a few feathers, caused a bunch of arguments, people are coming and going in your life now,right?

the old falls away and the new begins.

Where is 22 Scorpio in your natal chart? what aspects did the eclipse make in your chart- shows what is being transformed where and how

we are all in for PSYCHOLOGICAL shakedown for the next 2 years.


serious business and the good old boys club is feeling strong-

for now

and good time to get determined on long-term projects

Israel Astrology chart

that Scorpio Total eclipse fell directly opposite Israel’s TAurus Sun

and square to  her Saturn and Mars in LEO

so out come her BIG GUNS

I fear Israel may fulfill the Judgement day prophecy and wipe herself off the map with this kind of action. Egypt is no friend to her anymore. I am not a Zionist. and thousands of Israeli’s are protesting but they don’t run the government.

Die before you die is a spiritual maxim- but not literally.

Shady dealings and shadows coming out all over the place and more to come.

Moon squared Pluto 11/16 did you feel that!

Sun conjuncts Mercury today in late Scorpio

we are betwixt 2 very powerful eclipses

I am off to deliver an Astrology lecture, my printer wasn’t working, getting threatening bills from the cable company because they mixed something up,you know… very busy

stay centered breathe

need a reading?

EGYPT revolution, Astrology of, and current events by Tara Greene Intuitive Astrology

egypt's astrology chart

Jan. 25 -26 2011

Egypt is experience an 80 million strong protest and Mubarek’s government has shut off the WWW electricity and water to the people.  See

My intuition said Egypt’s natal Astrology chart, countries have natal birth charts just like people,  must be receiving aspects from Uranus planet of revolutionary freedom, individual rights, and Jupiter the planet of expansion, freedom, optimism.

Egypt’s natal chart cast for JUNE 18 1953 at 11:30 pm GMT in CAIRO. This chart is set for GMT so shows different time. Shows a 27-29 degree Ascendant in Aries.


A Gemini Sun conjunct the North Star with Mars at 2 degrees of Cancer conjunct the Sun in the 3rd house of communications. Moon, the Feminine balance to the Sun is at 9 degrees of Virgo, sign of hard-work, servitude, perfection, analysis in the 5th house of pride, will, heart, giving love, children.

Mercury is at the very bottom on the IC, the root quadrant, at 19 degrees of Cancer, square to Neptune at 21 degrees Retrograde of Libra in the 6th house of servants, conjunct Saturn at 20 degrees Retrograde of Libra.  

Saturn and Neptune in conjunction represents the limits of harsh reality connected to dreams, visions, cosmic inspiration, divine love, spirituality. Its symbolizes the ancient’s ability to build and create the Pyramids, one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is their spiritual legacy, their discipline as architects, visionaries, and magicians. 

                            GREAT PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT AND SPHINX

Venus is in Taurus at 1o degrees in the 1st house. This reveals down to earth values, tillers of the earth, stable, hard working, resistant to change, sensuous, ancient culture. Money is made from the earth, the values and tools, which have been preserved.

Jupiter is in Gemini in the 2nd house at 9 degrees. Uranus is at 17 degrees of Cancer in the 3rd house squaring Saturn and Neptune.  Pluto is at 21 degrees of Leo in the 5th house.

The North Node is at 3 degrees of Aquarius in the 10th house of world standing. South Node {the past} is at 3 degrees of Leo. Love it. Leo is the sign of the Lion; the Sphinx was built during the Age of Leo, 12,000 years ago. I believe this to be true intuitively.

Chiron the wounded healer is at 19 degrees of Capricorn right on the MC the HIGH NOON position of their chart. Opposite Mercury and Earth Mother Ceres at 17 degrees of Cancer this position indicates that Egypt is carrying the wounded Healer archetype out in broad daylight. This will be one of its main function to carry its’ wounds out into the world via mass communications.  Chiron Mercury Ceres are all Square to that Saturn Neptune conjunction.

Without going into total detail about Egypt’s chart. The TOP Astrology influences on this current revolution are:


this is a very karmic turning point for Egypt- Saturn Retro square Uranus activates natal squares} and its wishes hopes and dreams and religious beliefs { Neptune}. Egypt has been becoming more fundamental Islam after being very much American backed. We hope that the tolerance will come back if a real peoples’ revolution is reached now.

Saturn is also Square to Chiron- bringing the people wounds out into the world’s stage by the Internet being shut down! Saturn is only 3 degrees from reaching

Egypt’s SATURN RETURN is happening

This is the approach to the end of the cycle of the last 30 years- 60 years of Karma created by Egypt. In mid October 2011 Egypt will have its actual Saturn Return and also Neptune and Saturn conjunction. This is a very karmic point in Egypt’s evolution.

URANUS planet of Revolution and freedom has been at 27 degrees of Pisces, also the sign of endings, and has been exactly SQUARE- 90 degree angle; this is pressure, to Egypt’s Sun for most of 2010 so the pot is ready to boil over. In addition Jupiter the planet of expansion, freedom, teaching, philosophy, foreigners, has also been connected to Uranus at the same degrees also Square to Egypt’s Sun.

Jupiter just entered Aries Jan 22 and it is squaring Natal MARS at 2 degrees of Cancer- anger, defences, actions, war and fighting for rights for children, home, food, Mars also has just crossed Egypt’s North Node in Aquarius on Jan 20th.

Jupiter will cross Egypt’s Ascendant during the 3rd week of May 2011 which indicates the time when the expansion and a new beginning in Egypt’s ancient Sphinx- face is shown to the world. Jupiter indicates foreigners having a big influence on this new mask.

My sympathies are with the poor, over burdened ordinary Egyptian who has been enslaves by a very corrupt Mubarek Government for too long. They aren’t going to take it anymore.

The time has come for Egypt to change radically. Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Egypt ‘s chart so prominently indicate Egypt has an ancient pledge of Spiritual Enlightenment to uphold.

Halloween Horror scope by Tara Greene witchy psychic predictions

HALLOWEEN originally called SAMHAIN is the Pagan New year!

We totally out of synch with solar/lunar natural cycle Westerners who denigrate the earth, the Feminine, the Goddess, and ourselves celebrate New Year’s on  a totally artifical Gregorian calendar date 2 months later.  Why not get in synch now?

 The commercialised version of Halloween which has been handed down to us, does partake of some of the original mystery of this night filled with ghosts and spirits walking amongst the living.

October 31 is the night when the veil which divides the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest. Covens of pagans, who are ancient nature worshippers, labeled witches and persucuted by the Catholic Church for centuries, would gather to celebrate this sacred Night, the direction of the North West on the great round of the wheel of Life.

Plates of cakes and wine with candles lit are offered to your beloved ancestors, without whom your consciousness and body would not be here. Recalling your departed relatives with reverence is part of the scaredness of this day.

An alter is decorated with autumn leaves, the oranges and golds, the pumpkin, a fall vegetable, one of the last of the season, symbolizes the full round, ripe with abundant seeds of Life.  The harvest has been gathered, the fields are fallow. The King of the Waning Year has sailed over the sunless sea of the womb of the Mother, and alights on the Shining Isle, the luminous wolrd egg, becoming the seed of his own rebirth. The gates of life and death are opened! the new Sun child is conceived, the dead arise and walk, and to the living is revealed the Mystery, that there is no death, that life is everlasting, all endings are but new beginnings. We meet in time out of time, everywhere and nowhere, here and there, atonce, to greet the Lord of Death, who is Lord of Life and the Triple Goddess who is the circle of Rebirth. – referenced to Starhawk.

IT is the best night to scry gazing into crystals or water.

crystal gazing psychic Tarot reader Tara Greene  uses these

amethyst crystals enhance psychic 3rd eye abilities by holding and transmitting energies

The popular childrens Halloween game of bobbing for apples, comes down to us from the original ancient ceremonial use of the apple at the Halloween Sabbat ceremony. An apple is the Goddess sacred fruit of Life- remember the Garden of Eden? It is cut by a ritual sword or athame splitting it open to reveal it as the fruit of death as well. The 2 in One.  All apples are Goddess symbols, the shape of the fruits’ seeds is the 5 sided pentagram ,the five fold star of rebirth, as Venus actually cyles in the pentagram shape over time. Upright pentagrams are symbols of Venus herself. The downturned ones are inverted used for black magic and negative.

Apples and eaten wine is drunk. Celebrations of rebirth, renewal, everlasting life is what Halloween is all about. At Midnight Nov 1st becomes the day of the Dead celebrated thoughout Mexico, it is coincidentally also part of that ancient Halloween celebration. The spirits of the dead are able to intermingle with the living. Meals are shared with the departed ancestors and friends. In Mexico great fmaily picinics occur in cemetaries. The dead are consdered to be helpers and protectors of the living from the beyond always with us but closer this night.



Oct 31 2010 early in the day shows a firey proud passionate show off Leo Moon shining down. So expect raucaus outrageous over the top grandstanding. Very playfull child like adults whooping it up in their best Zombies, dracula, Vampires, witchy, drag, favourite star, clever, cleavage reavealing, bondage,kinky, best. 

MOON is Void of Course at 2:01 pm PDT/5:01 pm EDT

A Void-of- course Moon is great for scrying, spiritual work, crystal ball gazing, casting spells- white ones of course. The good witches say ” Harm none, or the spell comes back to you 9 times over.” 

YOU should see the “crack between the worlds”  this night. not to be confused with someone’s Mooning or derriere crack exposed by too short pants.  The veil between the worlds is what the High Priestess Tarot Trump # 2 protects and she is the MOON incarnate. I am a High Priestess by birth Number. I remember many past lives functioning as a High Priestess in many cultures and time periods. Read all about it in my upcoming book…

Energy may wind done as Moon moves into earthy, perfectionistic VIRGO “what’s that out of place, blob on your zombie costume?” at 8:51 pm PDT / 11:51 pm – 9 minutes before the Witching hour?  So a big shift in energy tonight.


The astrology chart cast for 5:01 pm EST time shows a firey Aries Ascendant and Saturn sitting right on the descendant at 11 degrees of Libra.  I predict marriage proposals for some seriously Saturn-ized Librans and other signs tonight.  

I’ve included asteroid VAMPILOVE # 3230 in the chart fittingly its at 2 degrees of SCORPIO { with venus Retrograde about to cross it} -it is the Asteroid whose name is most similar contraction to VAMPIRE I LOVE and  for more info on Asteroid VAMPILOVE – see my take on the most popular and handsome Vampire – Robert Pattinson- and its role in his Birth Chart at

This asteroid is being squared by Pluto- Lord of  Death, and the North Node on Halloween.Karmic. Be carefull if bitten.


what with Sun conjunct a Retro Venus and Mercury in Scorpio {plus that Asteroid} that’s 3 watery intense power, control, fetish, secrets, nite.

With Venus retro almost conjunst that Vampilov expect past lovers to show up mysteriously at your party but you won’t recognize them. Many many sexy bedroom romps later on this night on the day of the Dead Nov. 1st with mysterious strangers. Life in death and death in life.

Be carefull not to get inticed by spirits diguised as living humans.