T-squares,Grand Trines, 50 shades of Scorpio days Astrology outlook

Friday Jan 4- shortly before 10:00am EST

BUT- LIBRA Moon quickly opposes URANUS and Squares MERCURY in a T-square of unparalleled mind thrumming, brain blending, weird concepts and outta sight brilliant insights and peace talks trying to hold the forces of revolution and freedom

Next up is a HIGHLY PASSIONATE TRINE from energetic MARS in Aquarius to JUPITER Retro in Gemini at @ 7 degrees 4:45 am PST.

Whoa this is a VERY passionate sexy, to notch up the freedom, yakkety yak, break out of the old everything blessing,

At least throw out some stuff you haven’t used in awhile!

And there’s more! 

LIBRA MOON makes an AIRY GRAND TRINE to MARS  & JUPITER before 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST

Romantic, beneficial, over the moon, ask for that raise, make a risky move,

Very fertile, rushing down the aisle to Vegas or City Hall to tie the knot,

Battling for your ideas in retrospect is one way to call this one

It’s PIE IN THE SKY and you don’t have to die!

Moon makes last quarter square to Capricorn Sun @ 10:49 pm EST. challenging us to recognize fairness.


The energy shifts completely. Mercury Jupiter quincunx 3:08 am –what’s the left hand/right hand saying? Can’t communicate too easily now.

Lovely Venus Moon sextile 6:14 pm is a lovely romantic  dinner out, pleasure may be a necessity at this point.

MOON enters SCORPIO 10:09 pm PST – Sunday Next day 1:09 am EST

Emotions get heavy as always on this moon

Sunday- 2 days of the heavy intense TRANSFORMATION,

colloquially speaking 50 shades of Grey intensity

scorpio transformtaion

Serious and heavy Mercury CONJUNCTS PLUTO –deep dark and delicious if that’s your taste.

Thinking, obsessive, passion, power struggles, manipulations, all secrets out  HIGH ALERT!

as this is a snake year, this would be seen as a beginning stage in the shedding. 

A Mercury textile Saturn-cools things out as rational thinking and avoidance of deep emotions is easier to access.

More stress  -Scorpio MOON SQUARES MARS 5:05 pm

Mars rules Scorpio so it’s red alert emotionally, quick to fight.

Scorpio moon conjuncts Saturn @ 6:11 pm EST. SOBERING!

This could be very depressing, avoid suicidal thoughts, downers, intense power struggles,

Stay on the Saturn sober side. Disagreements with authorities and father figures. Be the dispationate watcher.


MARS SATURN square from 10 Aquarius to Scorpio 11:32 a PST

Aquarius detached cool all inclusive mentality and Scorpio intense take ‘em by the balls need for power and control makes for a tense chess game. Independence and limits are what’s happening.

Scorpio Moon conjunct NORTH NODE @ 3:52 pm PST helps us to follow the high road.

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