Blue Star Sapphire, gemstone magic

The image of a blue star sapphire came to me in meditation the other day. I send this to you as the Moon is in earthy Capricorn March 3rd. The Blue Sapphire is a sacred gemstone of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. The earth creates these beautiful gemstones to heal and inspire us.


Blue star Saphire, Astrology gems Tara Grene

Blue Sapphire 

“Is a stone of wisdom and royalty, prophecy and Divine favor. It has always been associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in the history and lore of nearly every religion. The heavenly blue Sapphire is considered like heaven and signifies the height of celestial hope and faith.

Wearing Sapphires and was believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It is a symbol of power and strength, but also of kindness and wise judgment.

In Hebrew lore, King Solomon and Abraham both wore talismans of Sapphires. The Greeks uses it to connect with the ancient oracles at Delphi. The Hindu’s consider it one of the greatest gems used in temples and to align with Saturn. Buddhists believes it brought devotion and spiritual enlightenment. 

The stone is believed to help discover fraud and treachery, protect its wearer from poison, plague, fever and skin diseases, and had great power in resisting black magic. It healed ailments of the eyes, increased concentration, and would lose luster if worn by a person who lies.

The stone brings psychic activation. Its pure Blue Ray associated with the 5th throat chakra brings order and healing to the mind,  strength and focus. The stone assists in being able to see beneath surface appearances to underlying truths and to use that knowledge. The stone stimulates the 6th sense/chakra/ Third Eye centers allowing one to access deeper levels of consciousness in order to gain a fuller understanding of self.

Associated with Saturn, Blue Sapphire embraces order, structure, and self-discipline, and is ideal for accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas into form. Sapphire’s power to transmute negative thoughts and energy also makes it highly effective for earth and chakra healing. It’s also an ideal tool for anyone needing assistance in grounding their ideas into reality and who requires extra energy to bring things through to completion.

Use Blue Sapphire to stay on your spiritual path, and to help in being disciplined for every day and longer term goals.


As a professional support stone, Sapphire provides awareness of higher principles in archeologists and historians. It stimulates the mind and wisdom in executives, ministers and writers, and increases discernment and good judgment in journalists and lawyers.

 Sapphires are a symbol of integrity and are highly effective for speedy and positive resolution of legal matters and issues concerning justice. Since Blue Sapphire was traditionally worn when treaties were signed, wear or carry even a small piece of it when signing contracts or payment negotiations, for yourself or on another’s behalf. 


Blue Sapphire is effective for channeling healing powers from an angelic or higher source into the healer, and is popular with Reiki healers. Sapphire also amplifies healing through the voice. 

Blue Sapphire is a stone of love, commitment and fidelity and has become popular in engagement rings. 

Star Sapphire has the same metaphysical properties enhanced and intensified. The six star itself represents the manifestation of Divine knowledge and Light into 3D  reality, and reminds us that the outer manifestations we treasure are a reflection of the Light of our own essence. The three lines that cross in the six-rayed star represent faith, hope and destiny, sometimes associated with three angels who offer protection to those who wear Star Sapphire. The moving star brings ongoing safety to travelers and guides their way home.

Star Sapphire especially in paler shades, is a symbol of wise and honest leadership, and a good stone for businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who wish to succeed without compromising integrity. [Eason, 365]”

The natural stones are quite expensive. Visualize a blue star sapphire in your mind’s eye. And to meditate on the healing gemstone’s energies to strengthen your chakras but most especially your throat chakra, whose color is also blue. Star Sapphire’s are like the stars in the night skies. You can also see the sky at night as a gigantic star sapphire and project this image out on the night sky.

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Taurus Full Moon Meditation Ritual

TAURUS  Smell the Roses, Full Moon Meditation  

By Agent 129 TARA GREENE                                               Cosmic INtelligence Agency Agent 129 Tara Greene    

This bullish Full Moon opposite the Sun in Scorpio occurs Oct 27 @ 12:05 p.m. GMT.

Taurus is the first earth sign and symbolizes our physical embodiment. As the 2nd sign, spirit has evolved from a spark from the Light of the 1st sign of Aries, and entered the densest spiritual vibration of the third dimension of matter, flesh and earth.

Taurus is the Garden of Eden, of earthly delights. Taurus energy is our own bodies, our physical environment, Mother Earth, Pachamama, and the realm of the five senses.

Taurus Full Moons are a fulfillment, of everything tangible, everything we can taste, touch, smell, hear, see, on the physical plane. Taurus is fixed and preserving energy.

This Full Moon invites us to revel in our senses, to enjoy, to seek pleasure and sensual gratification. On this Taurus Moon we are sensuously enticed to dance and move our bodies.

Taurus is a fixed sign, it holds energy, and stabilizes.  Ruled by planet Venus Taurus is the most sexual of all signs. On a purely physical level, we are largely running on instinct, to eat, to quench our thirst, to find shelter, comfort, safety, to have set-to procreate, to feel pleasure, to rest.

Taurus Full Moons symbolize our resources, our tangible assets, what we can make and what we own. Taurus Full Moons invite us to build, to DIY something, to create, to make art, poetry, love and to appreciate what we have and what we have built. Taurus rules gut instincts and often we know best hoe to prosper by listening to these. We need to express Gratitude at this time.


Taurus rules the throat chakra. Venus as ruler is the planet of Love and also rules the heart chakra traditionally in Indian chakra rulerships although that is related more to her other sign Libra. At this Full Moon we need to open our throats, our second chakra, a power center connected to our root, first chakras. Taurus helps us to give voice to our desires, to sing, to speak out for love and creativity. It is a wonderful time to chant, sing and to give voice in prayer.


Ancient cultures worshipped the Bull all over the world. Ancient caves drawings of bulls in Lascaux France are 30,000 years old. Shiva rides a sacred bull in India. The Bulls crescent shaped horns were considered to be the symbol of the waxing and waning moon. In Crete, a Goddess centered ancient culture had bulls as a central theme and axes shaped like the Bull horns/moon. The Buddha’s birth is traditionally celebrated under the Sign of Taurus.

In modern times the New York Stock Exchange is said to be Bullish when on the upswing and profitable. The NYSE was created to align with the constellation of the Bull.  

With Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo and very closely aligned, Pluto in Capricorn The North Node just entering Virgo, and Ceres at the last degree of Capricorn we have a predominance of earth elements to further urge us to be in our bodies to be present here and now.


Taurus associated with the Tarot Trump #5 THE HIEROPHANT or POPE who symbolizes a direct connection, a mouthpiece for God / Universal Intelligence. 

Trump #5 The Pope/Hierophant                                                         THE INITIATION
heirophant the Pope

The Initiation, Charles Sellier

                                                                              by Charles Selllier c.1880

COURT CARDS:  5 of Disks/Pentacles for this degree. MINOR CARD: Knight of Prince of Pentacles/ Disks

If you have a Tarot deck pull out these cards to act as Guides and Mascots for this meditation.

INTENTION is the be fully embodied, in gratitude and present.


Colors: green, or brown
METALS: silver for the moon. Copper for Taurus’s ruler Venus
Sound; c #, Key of C, D flat in the musical scale
Celtic TREE Mythology: Ivy or Gort, this is the last day of this plant. Linked to Dionysus.

MINERALS:  Emeralds, all green stones, copper, malachite, and chrysolite

PLANTS: Berries, wheat and most spices.

FLOWERS: Daffodils, goldenrod, violet, rose, lily

FRUITS: Apple, pear peach, fig, almond, ash, cypress and most vines. 

TAURUS INCENSE /ESSENTIAL OILS: Cardamom, thyme, rose, amber, musk, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood,  

HERBS and TEAS: chamomile, cardamom, saffron, rose, vanilla, spikenard, storax.  

Set up an alter or sacred meditation space.
I would recommend being out in nature on the land or if need to be indoors have bowls of earth or potted flowers.

MUSIC: Put on rhythmic drumming, or soft chanting. Deva Premal would be great.

You can pre-record these instructions with pauses to listen to as you do the meditation.

Begin by smudging yourself first. Light your candles. One for each direction. I always work EAST to SOUTH to WEST TO NORTH. Always move clockwise. Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle.
Call in the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael in the same order.

Have a rattle, spoon or something to keep rhythm with.
Center yourself by breathing, sit or lie down, close your eyes.

Begin to breathe, naturally deeply. Then beginning by sending your breath down to your root chakra. Enjoy the feeling and sensual delight of your spirit being in the body, to experience all that it can on this physical plane.  Sense being rooted to the earth and work up through each chakra one at a time until you get to the THROAT CHAKRA. Whose color is deep blue. 

It’s important to clear your throat’s energy. A lot of issues can get stuck here. Things we haven’t said get stuck here. So make sounds. You can tone the vowels, A, E, I, O, U, or simply OHM. This is where you have the power to vibrations into words of power.

Keep breathing naturally and deeply, and continue sounding, chanting or singing. These will increase your intake of oxygen and will make you relax. Singing is one of the best ways to feel happy. Whatever sound, song, tone, sobs or screams come up let them come from your root chakra. The Full Moon is drawing these sounds out of your deepest desire to give voice to them.

You should start to feel tingly. If your body wants to move and sing do that. If you feel like stamping to keep rhythm or tapping out a beat or clapping on your body do it. Let your body go, free it up, loosen the knots.

This is a time to revel in your instinctual natural body wisdom and energy, your natural strength, power and resiliency.

As you sing or dance send your breath down from the throat chakra into the earth. Send the throat energy down past the rocks, and crystals, deep down into the very center of Mother Earth .

Feel the connection of your throat to the power of the earth. Ask Pachamama if she will speak to you.

Listen closely, wait for Mother Earth to speak to you. This may come as a feeling in your gut. Ask her for healing strength for anything you need on the physical plane, your own body’s health and for abundance, wait and feel Mother Earth’s power filling and strengthening you. Take as long as your need.

Ask Mother Earth if there is something that you can do for her in return. Ask if she wishes you would speak for her, on her behalf?  Listen deeply for this. I believe that we are all spokespersons for the earth, for our own physical wellbeing, for ourselves our families and cultures and for the world at large. Mother Nature needs us to speak up on her defense like the symbol of the Hierophant in the Thoth deck. Make a vow to speak your truth for the earth.  

At this Full Moon give be Grateful and give thanks for all you have in your life, say it aloud. Thank your body for being strong and healthy especially if you are sick and in need of healing. Give thanks for material wealth and pleasure, especially if you are struggling to stay afloat. Positive affirmations through the Law of Attraction would be extremely powerful under this moon.

Taurus energy is slow moving and loves to stop and smell the roses. This requires time. Time is also a precious resource. Reflect on how much more time you have given to simply being present, and aware.

Make a vow on Taurus’ Fixed energies that you will stop being so busy, distracted and on your cell phone/ iPad /computer. Vow to stop and notice and enjoying the simplest things in life, nature, dancing, singing, good food, lots of sleep. Being in nature and gardening are incredibly healing. New research has come out stating that microbes in the soil act better than drugs against depression. Get your hands dirty.

Come out of your meditation. Feel the strength from your embodied journey. Write down your vows and five things that you will do to manifest what you need to say and do for your body, for wealth and joy. Spread this embodied joy out into the world and the cosmos. 



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