Weekly Horoscopes March 9-15

Astrology clock

Astrology clock

Horoscopes are based on Solar houses with your Sun sign as first House. If you know your Moon Sign and Rising use those too for helping energy for this week.


March 9 VIRGO FULL MOON  AT 19 DEGREES a harvest of dreams.

MERCURY TURNS STATIONARY DIRECT AT 28 AQUARIUS at 8:48 pm PDT/ 11: 48 PM EDT/ March 10 @ 3:48 am GMT

March 11 Sun sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn- a lovely positive solidifying dreams energy

FRIDAY March 13 SCORPIO Moon water trine

March 14 MARS in CAPRICORN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES- build those dreams

SUN SEXTILES PLUTO in CAPRICORN-nice soft supportive dreamy and practical


CHIRON and LILITH are lovers in early ARIES and can bring healing desire for new relationships and those that flamed out. MARS is boosting your career potential. Grow roots while Mars grounds you. VIRGO Full Moon in 6th House of HEALTH, practice good hygiene. You feel imperishable. Be practical and safe.


URANUS and VENUS are canoodling in your sign shooting out of this world electric Ladyland vibes into your life. A very freeing, creative energy on every level can bring money from unusual sources. Get a big makeover. The Virgo Full Moon in your 5th house of will power, giving love and creative self-expression. 


MERCURY turns Direct on the 9th/10th freeing you up to move ahead with ideals. The VIRGO Full Moon in your 4th house says clean up your act. What have you completed in the last nine months? Take stock. Asteroid Hygeia is in GEMINI right now. Work from home if you can. Do watch your Health. 


VIRGO Full Moon in 11th House of communications, talk about what’s worrying you. Career and family opposing needs has you feeling quite frazzled from the intense Capricorn energy. Do remember to take care of yourself.  On the 13th, take a big long healing bath of the soul. Mercury Direct moves money to you.


The VIRGO FULL MOON in your 2nd solar House of money and self-esteem says be aware of a balanced budget. You never have a self-esteem shortage. Make sure a new dream, lover or money is real. Mercury moves Direct in your relationship and communication House. DM’s, social media are fast forward.


The VIRGO Super Moon in your 1st house of self is completing and taking stock of all spiritual, romantic, dreams, creativity, deal with addictions, losses, mental health and consolidate debts. Mercury turns Direct in your Health House. Be extra mindful of your health now but dont go into fear panic and hoarding mode.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 12th house highlights imbalances in relationships, mental health, addictions, dreams, illusions, and debts. You’re under extra pressure from Capricorn stellium of planets. Mercury Direct in your 5th house opens new ways of communicating to lovers, creatively and with children.


VIRGO Super Moon in 11th house brings small gifts from organizations, networking and social media. A healing Lilith woman may show up. Dreams,  delusions, debt or addictions may linger from Sun Neptune conjunction. On the 13th do water cleanse to purify sticky spiritual negativity You’ll feel rejuvenated. 


Super Moon in VIRGO in the 10th house of career and worldly fame. Stay humble, pay attention to details. You are here to serve as a teacher and inspirer. Neptune Sun energy brings new inspirational dreams. Mercury turns Direct in 3rd house. Get back to writing and channelling new ideas and finishing up projects now.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 9th house says study, learn, teach or brush up on info. Pay attention to details under these heavy pressures. New inspiration and dreams just dawned, you need to act on and build them. Mercury turns Direct in your 2nd house, money and feeling more compassion will begin to flow in soon.


The 8th house of transformation highlighted by VIRGO Super moon brings money, love, and a healthy routine into a practical new reality. Money may begin to flow but start small, stick to a strict budget. Avoid feeling paranoid. Mercury turns direct in late AQUARIUS in your 1st house, get onto those new projects.


VIRGO Super Moon in your 7th house of love and commitments is harvest time. Sun Neptune conjunction has really lit you with dreams, visions and angels at your back, bring it all down to earth. Pay attention to health as Mercury turns direct in the 6th house, new alternatives can boost a sensitive immune system.


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A true vacation day Astrology.

There are no major planetary aspects today on Presidents Day and Family Day here in Ontario. A true VACA. As above so below.

Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune in PISCES all-day

that’s a dreamy optimistic expansive educational adventurous energy. Pay attention to your dreams tonight. Be creative.

Enjoy your well-deserved break today.

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Watch daily Video of astrology and Tarot from The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

9 of Emotions The Muse Tarot

9 of Emotions The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

Mars in Sagittarius, ride that horse

Mars rides into firey Sagittarius January 3 until February 16/17

Urania’s Mirror Sagittarius and corona Australis Sidney Hall [Public domain]

The warrior god/planet where the action is, leaves heavy ruthless power-hungry Scorpio and enters upbeat optimistic Honest as the day is Long SAGITTARIUS. 

Things will be warlike with foreign countries which Sagittarius rules and right on cue, Total synchronicity- Donald Trump sends drones to Iran and kills Commander Suleimani freaking many people out that WW3 is starting.

Note that February 16th Mercury turns Retrograde in Pisces that day too.

Yes, the energy will be wild, upbeat, happy, easy-going, free, kicking at the stable, all gypsies mystic exotica truthful justice-oriented easy-going, and yearning for high adventure.

This will further uplevel the energy fields. Men may go into gladiator or Exotic heroic mode. Don’t try to fence a relationship in now it just won’t work.

The urge for travel is what to follow. Sage wisdom is the most valuable thing to have. Higher education, political action and a passion for positive energy too

Enjoy the optimism and good-humoured energy of Mars in Sagittarius,

be kind to animals, play sports or go watch a game, get an improv lesson, go to a comedy club listen to old comedians, speak your truth, learn something new, go get some justice, put your energy into political action, 

Mars in Sagittarius 

January 5 Mars trines Chiron in Aries 

Be honest with your wounds and armour.

Jan. 7 Mars inconjuncts Uranus in Taurus

This makes for odd bedfellows. Uranus in Taurus is stubborn. Humour may be the cosmic cattle prod which may hurt your gut instincts.

Jan, 25 Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Mars

think new different, hi-tech, radical, There will be protests.

Jan. 26 VENUS in PISCES squares MARS 

a nice romantic idealistic, creative, spiritual, dreamy, foggy. energy

Jan. 28 MARS squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

A very honest optimistic truth-seeking target hitting energy as Pisces is the Source,

Dreaming of long-distance travel this is a great day to book it.




Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner,

Prince Harry, Prince Charles, 


Rihanna, J-Lo, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Judy Garland, Eryka Badu, 


Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Saddam Hussein, 

Carl Jung, Ted Bundy, Johann Sebastian Bach, Arthur Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, Jackie Chan, Agatha Christie, 


Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, John Travolta, Liam Hemsworth, Jack Nicholson, 

Ellen DeGeneres,


Rachel McAdams, Cate Blanchett, Greta Garbo, 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Leo Moon quincunxed and irritated

December 16 the Leo Moon is in a royal mode of command and has no patience with all these tedious quincunxes today which is just FFing up my sense of noblesse oblige.

a darkened astrology vlog

Kirk Douglas Hollywood legend Astrology dies at 103

Kirk_Douglas_1963 Photographer-Henry Grossman, New York [Public domain] in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest on Broadway

I wrote this article two months ago when Kirk turned 103. He passing away today February 5th, 2020. 

Kirk Douglas was an incredible actor, the last living legend from Hollywood’s Golden Age days  His life is literally a rag’s to riches story as he was brought up in abject poverty, a Jewish immigrant family’s son. His father was a rag picker. The lowest job.

Douglas turned a remarkable 103 years old on December 9th  and I was curious to look at his astrology chart.

You can go to Wikipedia to read up on the Hollywood legend https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirk_Douglas

Kirk Douglas Astrology

Kirk Douglas Hollywood legend, Astrology

Kirk was a fiery Sagittarius born on A full Moon with the Moon in communicative planet Gemini and Mercury also in Sagittarius close to the Sun. Sagittarius is an easy-going, higher truth, honest,  teacher, traveller, philosopher, adventurous, comedic sign. He was always searching for a higher truth.  He had oodles of Gemini charm, and this is why he stayed young active and aware even after a debilitating stroke where he had to recover the ability to speak. He wrote two books about his life. The Ragman’s Sun and Stroke of Luck. 

The chart has an AA Roden rating giving Kirk a 0 degree Aquarius Ascendant but I would rectify it back a few minutes to 10:12  a.m. because it makes more sense for someone of Kirk’s longevity to have a 29 degree Capricorn Ascendant. 10:15 is a rounded-off number. The 29th degree of all signs is considered to be the most intense. It is called the anaretic degree and it means “destroyer ” in Greek. Kirk Douglas has a  reputation for being an extremely intense actor.

Kirk had SATURN ruler of Capricorn on his DC opposite Ascendant at 29 Cancer. The 29th degree shows up here as well. Saturn is longevity, stature, status, the father. This is what gives Kirk his long-lived genes. Capricorn’s get younger as they get older because they have learned from the school of hard knocks when young. He certainly experienced that. Saturn in Cancer is a deeply reserved and emotional and traditional man. 

Saturn is the father. Kirk had 4 sons from 2 marriages, one son Eric died a few years ago. Of course, Kirk is the father of another famous actor his eldest son Michael Douglas who as he ages looks more and more like hid handsome father. Michael has acted on Television and many films directed many movies and won academy awards himself. Douglas is currently starring in a fab Netflix series called the Kominsky Methos which he co-stars with veteran actor Alan Arkin and which is wonderfully written and very funny. 

Kirk’s abundant sexy charisma came from his has VENUS, the highest elevated planet in Sexy brooding obsessive Scorpio naturally.  His Venus is squaring his Nodes fo Fate. He had a powerful sex drive. His second wife tolerated his womanizing. 


and we can see Kirk’s intensity and obsessive focus which he brought to many many films.

“I don’t need a critic to tell me I’m an actor,” he once said. ” I make my own way. Nobody’s my boss. Nobody’s ever been my boss.”

You can see this quote in his chart with Jupiter in aggressive independent ARIES, Aries is the military soldiering-playing Spartacus. I am my own boss is Aries squaring Kirk’s Natal Saturn in Cancer at the last degree. Kirk also as Mars in Capricorn opposite to Pluto.  Kirk had incredible drive, passion and will, coming from a penniless background to being a huge Hollywood star. He could be ruthless, obsessive, very sexual, needing to be in power and in control.


also gave Kirk tons of energy, drive and stamina.  Aries rules the head and Douglas is famous for his hugely dimpled chin. He did things his way. He was impulsive rash and could lash out in anger. 

MOON and MERCURY Out Of Bounds.

This is a relatively recent astrological definition. The Moon and the planets move beyond the tilt of the earth’s axis which is 23 degrees 28 minutes. The Sun never moves beyond those boundaries. When a planet’s declination exceeds 23°28′ North or South, it is described as being Out of Bounds. According to astrologer Steven Forrest, the OOB Moon gives people the ability to be free and independent.  Ditto for Mercury-free thinkers. 

Kirks’ Mercury is at 25 degrees Sagittarius conjunct to the Galactic Center and opposite the North Star at 25 Gemini This also gave Kirk that amazing magnetic personality. 

MARS in Capricorn in the 12th house 

Mars is his drive, Opposite Pluto in Cancer, he had a reputation as a Womanizer. He was a very charismatic sexual man. He may have had secrets. He may have had nightmares and huge anger issues. He had a great imagination which helped him inhabit roles as an actor. 


The planet which governs Hollywood actors, film, projection and images was in LEO the sign of Stars, leaders and drama in his 7th house on his Descendant. He was a natural actor and always knew this was what he wanted to be. The 7th house of marriage and all “others” close to his Saturn. Kirk certainly has longevity and projects weight. One of the most remarkable things about him as an actor is his ability to project that heavy reality as he inhabits a character. He starred in One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on Broadway after buying the rights to the Book from Author Ken Kesey. His son Michael Douglas directed the film which won Jack Nicholson an Academy Award. 


This was an unexpected death even though he was 103.  He died at home of natural causes.

Sun conjunct Uranus squaring Natal Venus in Scorpio and his MC.

There may be an unexpected backlash due to the accusation that he raped Natalie Wood as an underage aspiring actress. That was trending on Twitter. She stated she had been raped but never dared to name her rapist.  Venus in Scorpio certainly indicates a womanizer and Kirk had a reputation for that. His passions were electric and unexpected. He could get incredible inspirations.

NEPTUNE in PISCES has been squaring his Sun.

Kirk may have had dementia or simply connected with his dead ancestors in the spirit world more and more. He had a spiritual passing.  His Jewish roots have become an important part of his life for many years. 

Transiting North Node in Cancer conjunct his Pluto, South Node conjunct Natal Mars in Capricorn.

Kirk had so much passion drive and chutzpah in his life. The North Node in Cancer indicates a soul wanted to go home. Cancer is the sign of home, the mother, emotional safety.

SATURN and PLUTO have been conjunct his North Node at 20 Capricorn and square to his natal Jupiter in Aries. Kirk had a lot of energy right till the end. 

Saturn at 25 Capricorn planet of old age, Father Time and death, was opposite to his Natal Saturn at 29 Cancer and square to his Jupiter in Aries. Kirk was ready for a new adventure in the afterlife. Kirk is survived by his wife, Sons actor Michael, Joel and Peter and grandchildren

Kirk has the Sun Transiting at 17 Aquarius conjunct his Natal Uranus in his 1st house. He went supernova and went out like the Star that he was.

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Mercury in Libra, Love on the brain

Sidney_Hall_-_Urania’s_Mirror_-_Libra public domain Restoration by Adam Cuerden

Mercury, Mighty little messenger of gods, communicator, trickster, Lord of merchants and thieves, enters Libra, sign of Relationships and Justice, governed by VENUS, is in LIBRA  September 14- October 3rd.

Libra, the 7th sign is associated with marriage traditionally but includes all relationships with “others” as in selfie and others, including all social and business relationship interactions. It is a masculine Air sign, ruled by Goddess of Love Venus. So the focus will be on lots of chatting about our partners, fashion, beauty, social networking, media, culture, the arts, fashion, music, theatre, poetry, literature. and gossip. 

This is a good time to analyze our romantic patterns.  What is your pattern? Where do you need to balance your own inner masculine and feminine energies?

Think about your own sense of aesthetics.  Mercury in Venus’s sign will certainly want everything to be NICE, friendly, diplomatic, concerned with social justice and connecting with others. 

We need DIPLOMACY and balance now in the World which has been made to become more polarized.

This is the time to seek BALANCE, LIBRA is not naturally peaceful but must find that still point. We may be cementing alliances, making social contacts and contracts and sparkling as the hostess or host with the mostest. Lots of wonderful soirees and parties coming up. 

Where is the sign of LIBRA in your natal chart? Check out where Mercury is transiting and how it will impact your relationships. I have 4 planets in Libra myself

Libra’s downside is indecision, caught between two opposing forces and wanting to please, Libra tends to lean on what others think and can become superficial and losing the sense of their own power and choices.  

The SCALES Of JUSTICE are Modern Libra’s symbol. The Statue of Liberty is the modern version of Libra. Originally these were the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at’s scales. This is the time of the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the balance of day and night, of the masculine and Feminine. We need a new balance in love, sexual politics, culture, wealth and the world. 

Napoleon Brousseau

“Late Terminal Capitalism” 2015 Siberian charcoal and oil on paper  

 31 x 21   Angell Gallery Toronto

 Libra in the Tarot is Trump # 8  Justice is KARMA  or #11 in other decks

FAMOUS Mercury in Libra peeps

Leonardo di Caprio, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Niall Horan {One Direction} Kendall Jenner, Bruno Mars, Sigourney Weaver, Gwen Steffani, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Zeta-Jones, 

Check out where LIBRA is in your astrology chart to find out which house and with which planets your social graces will be expanding, your friendships increasing, your social calendar filling and for some marriage commitments will be made. 

I have four planets in Libra myself in my 11th house. 

Please share widely 

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 Napoleon Brousseau’s art  http://www.napob.com 

Lucid Dreaming Time of the month

July 20 PISCES MOON is LUCID DREAMING time of the month

Practice dream incubation before you sleep. Some people recommend drinking half a glass of water before bed. Then drink the other half upon waking.

a big dreamy move Saturday and Sunday. Do pay attention to your dreams. Its the best, most psychic, creative, empathic time of the month, so tune into your soul’s callings.

Energies are relatively easy today so just chill. It gets more fun and adventurous later in the day. Play. be near water, take a ritual cleansing bath,

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Mercury in Leo, Retro July 7/8

June 26 Aries moon and Jupiter Trine nice positive energy. Aries impatience moon squares Saturn and Pluto the 2 heavies that will stop you in your tracks. Moon sextiles Venus in Gemini -big flirt time.

MERCURY the Trickster God of communications, merchandise thinking analysis and messages enter LEO today @June 26 @ 5:19 pm PDT/ 8:19 pm EDT/ EDT, June 27 @ 12:19 am GMT,

Mercury enters Leo. You won’t be able to miss the Drama Kings and Queen’s everywhere. Say it loud and proud. Heated up communications and ego-driven shouting matches will be common. Shout by Tears For Fears, You’re So Vain by Carly Simon is the song of the times.

It’s a quick spin through the fiery 5th sign of DRAMA QUEEN’s and Kings, big hearts, proud, courageous, strong willed, childlike sign. The mind wants to be king but it is really the heart that rules LEO.Mercury in Leo is fast, bright, passionate, into partying big time.
people will be thinking it’s all about me.

Remember that MERCURY will turn Retrograde July 7/8 -31st.
Mercury retrogrades are times to rest, relax, renew, revisit, the mind and our consciousness through the element and sign that Mercury is Retrograding through. This Mercrec rewinds from fiery Leo, the spirited, strong willed, courageous, big hearted, childlike, leader, dramatic, active sign of Leo. Recycling of old ideas talks and Conversations from romantic And leadership areas. Red ignite playing with your inner child. Yes old dramas will resurface. Mercury turning direct in Cancer at the end of July indicates a need for nurturing, feeding, soothing, mothering, safe making our minds and emotional bodies connectivity. protecting our sensitive inner thoughts and feelings, providing safe space. Check out where 23 degrees Cancer to 4 degrees Leo falls in your own astrology chart to find out how this Mercury Retrograde will affect you.

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Rare Pink Libra Blue Moon and Lilith, Juno Grand Air trine

April’s Full moon is a Rare Pink Blue Moon. The PINK MOON, is so called because of pink phlox flowers that bloom in Spring. It’s almost a supermoon but 3 days past perigee, and it will look bigger. It’s also a rare Blue Moon because it’s the 2nd full Moon in Libra in the season.  Pink and Blue make Purple. Its a magical mystical full moon. 

At 4:12 am PDT/ 7:12 am EDT/ 11:12 am GMT

Pink Full Moon astrology

Noriaki Fukasawa [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D

This Full Moon is also know as the Hare Moon, Sprouting Grass, Fish, Egg and Paschal Moon. 

This LIBRA FULL MOON, ruled by VENUS at 28 degrees of Pisces, just one degree past her exaltation degree of April 18th. Venus is square to JUPITER STATIONARY RETROGRADE at 24 degrees of SAGITTARIUS near the Galactic Center the Black Hole at the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Harmony, is exalted in Pisces and Jupiter further enhances her energies now. She rules Libra and Taurus. 

LIBRA is always about the Balancing act and karma This special Blue moon is heavily weighted by lots of ARIES energies indicating a push me pull you impatience and a tendency to be unable to make a decision.Mercury, Chiron and Vesta in a tight conjunction at early Aries and Eris and the SUN at the 29th acute degree of Aries.That’s 5 planets in Aries, five is Venus’s number as well. 

The Full Moon at the last critical degree of LIBRA signals an end to certain relationships which have been too selfish, too underhanded or disturbing. Literally disturbing the Peace.Its urgent that we find some peace and balance, a middle way.Something’s Gotta Give.

The LIBRA Blue “Pink” Full Moon April 19 forms a GRAND AIR TRINE to LILITH at 28 AQUARIUS and JUNO the Asteroid Goddess of Feminine GENIUS at 29 GEMINI,

This is a FABULOUS supportive feminine combo.
Venus ruled Libra is the scales of Karmic Justice, traditionally associated with the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at. Libra is all about relationships.
Issues about women ‘ subjugation are being challenged by being uncompromising like Lilith. Aquarius is Women working in hi-tech fields like Katie Bowman who was essential in the Black Hole Photograph.
Lilith in Aquarius helps women use technology to connect worldwide to campaign for women’s rights and to understand their power as a collective force for radical change in liberating women now.
JUNO, the symbol of the multi-tasking 8 armed Goddess of female Genius can bring incredible new ideas where women use their beauty and their sharp intellect to speak from their own truths. Juno is conjunct to the NORTH STAR always a symbol of being the pivotal cosmic point that everything else revolves around. 
Women take heart and strength at this critical Full Moon which needs to bring peace and balance. Feel how we are all connected with all other women and all life on the planet. We are the change. Women will radically change the world for the better if we support each other and follow our highest collective goals, symbolized by the North Star.

The planet URANUS, the Trickster’s trickster,The Magiciain #1 in the Tarot, planet of chaos, change, radical invention and freedom. Uranus governs astrology, freedom, and collectives and higher consciousness, is also conjunct the SUN opposing the Mon and sextile to Juno at 29 Gemini. 

Of course this is a Heavy Full Moon with a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS 

SATURN PLUTO and SOUTH NODE in conjunction squaring the Full Moon and ERIS the SUN and URANUS and North Node in Cancer. 

Things are karmic and radically shaky. Nothing is as you expect. These are interesting times. We must learn to move with the tides of change. 

NEPTUNE planet of spirituality is in a T-square with CERES at the Great Attractor at 13 SAGITTARIUS and MARS at 12 GEMINI. 

We may be feeling totally lost, Mars in Gemini like Libra is a dual Air sign and  unable to make a decison while Neptune’s cosmic fog machine serves to befuddle our judgement even more. Call on the  Great Mother Ceres to attract your honest truth and higher philosophical understanding.


The  Full Moon and EASTER and PASSOVER are synchronized this year as it was on the original Christ’s Last Supper the Passover seder. For over 5,000 years Jews have celebrated this festival marking freedom from slavery and bondage in Egypt from Pharaoh’s tyrannical rule with God’s help.

The Rare Blue Pink Full moon symbolizes closure to imbalanced relationships and justice needed to right the wrongs in the world especially for women.

Venus in Pisces helps us to find balance within ourselves, Under pretty extreme chaotic times- learn to cultivate peace within a divided and polarized world through beauty, self-love without ego, art and grace.

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