Weekend astrology, three big change ups.

October 28-30

October 28 Jupiter re-enters Pisces until December 20 a very important time of redoing endings, putting final creative finishing touches onto projects, dreaming big 2.0. Note Elon Musk took over Twitter and became the Chief Twit. I love Elon Musk.

October 29 Mercury enters Scorpio until November 17

We’re going into deep emotional intelligence communication time, obsessive digging into the roots and caves, the hidden secrets, investigating everything, doing the shadow and soul integration work, no lite commentary now. Note how this also synchs in with Musk Twitter day 2. Criminal investigations, murders and mysteries, death topics, assisted suicide, abortion, finances and power talks are on the agenda. Feelings are what guide the mind. Learning how to detach from your emotions is important to understand what motives us.

October 30 Mars turns Retrograde at 25+ Gemini 37’ until January 12 2023 at 8° Gemini

Get ready for a passionate rewind of Comminications,,ideas, analysts and anger issues, road rage, divisive words, hotly debated topics, angry men, repressed anger, two faced non commitment men, divisive thinking reviews, change of mind, questioning everything and open our minds to be fresh and inquiring. Expect crowd hear from old boyfriends, lots of texts from the ex’s, and should I or shouldn’t I? Angel/ devil issues..a great time to breweries a story post a book.

Those are huge changes. with Mercury in Scorpio and Mars Retrograde in Gemini the emphasis will be on deep scraping of old passions, ideas, friends, lovers, and projects.

If you have planets in late Pisces and all the mutable signs and last 2 degrees of Gemini Virgo Sagittarius too you will feel this energy strongly

All Scorpio planets go under the intellectual microscope to be examined. All fixed signs are affected by Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mars Retrograde from 25-8° Gemini affects everyone with planets at this degrees. Also effects all mutable signs with planets connected with those.

What do you have there?

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