Mercury conjunct Uranus. Mercury in Taurus

MERCURY conjunct URANUS- Higher mind download

Mercury leaves Aries with a bang conjunct Uranus on Mother’s Day at 29 52 minutes. You can download an entirely new program from a very high consciousness place. Note that Uranus will retrograde back into ARIES on November 6th and stays at 29 degrees 52 minutes until March 6/7 2019. Reactivating these newly downloaded consciousness programs and getting more integrated and begin to implement them.


Wherever sign MERCURY is in, that’s where our communications emanate from. Taurus rules the throat chakra. That is our power center. Focus on your throat chakra, called the VISHUDDHA chakra. It’s color is lapiz Lazuli blue. Mercury is related to the 5th Chakra. 

Mercury in Taurus allows us to really resonate with and embody our voices. The 5th chakra is connected to the Root chakra- our survival center. 

Sounding toning chanting singing are all recommended to open your throat chakra to allow your voice to become stronger more integrated and for you to resonate with your own vibration. Everything is vibration. Chanting OHM the Sanskrit sound of the universe really aligns you with that actual resonance. 

Sound healing which is becoming increasingly popular and will become mainstream while Uranus is in Taurus is an excellent way to release stuck energies and to return one’s body with the harmony of the cosmos.

TAURUS is the symbol of The POPE or HEIROPHANT or High Priest in the Tarot #5

Yoga of 5th chakra,Vishuddha is associated with the sign of Taurus 

This is the power of the word to manifest. Meditate on your throat chakra, You can put your hands  on your throat to naturally Reiki it. Symptoms of an out of balance Throat chakra are having trouble speaking, getting frequent colds,  difficulty expressing yourself or being too critical. Thyroid problems are connected to this chakra. Meditating on and incorporate the color blue, into your life can also calm any out of balance emotions. This chakra is also connected otthe Root or power chakra and survival issues.emotional upheaval. For instance, introduce blue-colored flowers or decor to your home environment.It is good to sound, tone or have sound baths for healing. Chanting or singing uplifting love songs or spiritual mantras is recommended with Mercury in TAURUS. 

This is also related to 5th Tarot card of the POPE or Hierophant who speaks with the authority and power of the Higher Self. 

Mercury while in Taurus slows our minds down to a sweet molasses rate. This is a good thing. Taurus Mercury is focused on practical, tactile, sensuous mind-body integration. No one will talk until they’ve thoroughly looked at all aspects as to how necessary the words are and how they support your overall physical needs first. Body-Mind consciousness is the way to go. Give yourself time to slow down and smell the roses now. 

Mercury in Taurus is very stubborn. It will be harder to convince someone to change their minds now. Mercury in Taurus craves solid blue-chip things, beautiful art, jewelry, money, real estate, flowers, and nature.

Mercury in Taurus communicates through gut instincts.  Get or give massages.  Get into your gardening, slather on the cream, give and receive messages. This is hands on DIY time, make stuff, buy handmade quality things on ETSY. Taurus is ruled by Venus, now in Aries, until June 6th.

Born with Mercury in TAURUS?

People born with Mercury in Taurus are charming, have good speaking voices, are very attractive. Their words have weight and power. They are sensuous seductive persuasive speakers. You know some peeps with this?


Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Russel Crowe, Jack Nicholson, Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Bono, David Beckham, Collin Farrell, Salvador Dali, Pierce Brosnan, Trent Reznor, Sigmund Freud, Krishnamurti, 

LADIES:  Uma Thurman, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Clarkson,  Cher, Sarah Michelle Geller. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Weekly Astrology

May 7  two major planetary activities today

Astrology man copyright free Tara Greene

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

 Mercury square Pluto a fiery power conversation @ 21+ ARIES/ CAPRICORN

This is a hard aspect and Pluto always takes us down into the Underworld of our soul’s shadows. Reflect on what you are avoiding or don’t want to face. Mercury in Aries brings a new firebrand energy to initiate something new where you are unconscious and mentally obsessing about something. Change is good.

Second BIG ASPECT Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in PISCES 16+ degrees 

This is super romantic spiritual creative compassionate. You may think you have found your soul mate in two people. How to choose? A divided heart finds oneness and bliss. Use this energy to communicate your spiritual desires. Women become visionaries.

This also opens up our inner vision our 6th sense psychic energies and our dreams to see things from a dual perspective.

Under a cool AQUARIUS moon.

Moon trine Venus in Gemini

A good night to hang with your buds or tribe. Good for women in tech. Get an objective view of your choices.

Moon squares Sun we’re one week away from that eventful New Moon in Taurus

Moon squares JUPITER in PDT/ on the 8th in EDT/GMT

May 8

VESTA in Capricorn squares JUNO in ARIES @ 4+ degrees

Invest in your own inner feminine Genius. Brilliant new ideas to change how corporate structure works and can be amended to fit feminine ways of working in the world. 

SUN opposes JUPITER in SCORPIO in the evening of the 9th in GMT @ 18+ degrees

Beauty is unearthed from the soul and it is One of the best days of the year is coming up May 8 as SUN opposes JUPITER. Grounding and expanding. Born this day? it will be a year of much change and growth. Big positive aspects and good luck flow with most contacts to Jupiter. But Jupiter is RETRO in Scorpio and going over old psychological territory. This is expansive for Scorpio Leo Aquarius and Taurus at the middle of the sign. 

MAY 8th MOON enters PISCES on the 8th at 11:11 pm EDT


“Trouble trouble trouble.” like that Taylor Swift song.

May 9  Venus in GEMINI inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO @ 18+

Relationship troubles. If you have been two-faced or cheating you will get caught. Scrape the bottom of your own psyche with a dual-pronged pick. 

May 10 “What a day for a daydream”

A magical dreamy day. Moon trines Jupiter SQUARES Venus in Gemini

A lunar trine to Jupiter allows us to see vast and deep and feel our shadows. You may need to make sure your shields are up today.

Moon square VENUS -talk about your spiritual inner polarity and seek to find a unified vision. 

MOON sextiles SUN in Taurus and PLUTO in CAPRICORN

All sextiles are positive and enhancing the flow of energies between the planets involved. We can ground our visions and access the riches of our souls. 

May 11 Moon enters ARIES in the morning

Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries

You may intuitively find a new healing method for an angry or overly aggressive part of yourself or find a way to settle an angry competitor. Fight for your right to heal yourself. Be your own healing authority. 


A very rich rewarding deeply sensual day.  Reward yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labors


always sobering.  Get serious about your feelings don’t deny them and grow up emotionally. 

12th in EDT and GMT VENUS in GEMINI inconjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN @ 21+ degrees 

Relationship money and communications troubles. If you have been two-faced or cheating you will get caught. Earlier in the week, Venus was inconjunct to JUPITER. now the plot thickens. Not good for certain CEO’s in high places. 

May 12


Initiate debates. Good for new ideas for your career or starting a new business. Our minds are moving very fast with Mercury in Aries it’s hard to stay focused. Mars rules Aries and the earthiness of This energy can slow it all down which is good. 

Aries Moon inconuncts JUPITER

These two elements do not see each other. Its frustrating and an Aries moon can spontaneously erupt in anger. 

Moon squares PLUTO

Always intense an obsessive. Power struggles. People are feeling impatient and trigger happy. 

Moon sextiles Venus in GEMINI in evening in PDT/ May 13 in EDT ad GMT

a nice romantic double date or doing fun flirty dancing socializing evening. 


Get mom a sensuous hi-tech luxurious but unusual gift. As Mercury conjuncts URANUS at the very last degree of ARIES. 


To beat Uranus to the punch. Thinking speaking and communications slow sown. Our minds are in the physical realm. Thinking and speaking are realistic sensuous stable luxurious and creative. 

Moon enters TAURUS in the afternoon in EDT and GMT.

Aries Moon squares MARS

Maybe a debate about how to spend the day. Argumentative! Rash. People are on edge. 

Moon conjuncts URANUS

It may be hard to choose where to go and what to do. Chaotic energy. Expect the unexpected. 

Moon enters TAURUS in the afternoon

This is much better. Buy Mom something beautiful and luxurious. A day at the spa or a great message would be great. Luxury jewelry quality scarves lingerie perfume or other feminine attire or art would suit. 

Moon conjuncts Mercury 

Sing your mom a love song. Tell Mom you love her. Express your admiration for the women that brought you here on earth.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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10 tips to bring Heaven on Earth

May 6. The big aspect of the day. SUN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES definitely a Heaven on Earth energy day.

mother earth climate change Tara Greene

Mother Earth (credit: EarthFirstNewswire)

Bring those spiritual romantic idealistic creative visionary compassionate dreams down to earth. The Capricorn Moon helps us get grounded today. It’s a good day to take care of whatever needs to get done. Capricorns are the most practical hardworking signs. 

Moon conjuncts Mars in the wee hour in EDT and GMT

This may make you energized and focussed on whatever tasks have your attention.

Moon squares URANUS it’s those old Cardinal crosses we have to bear.

SUN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES definitely a Heaven on Earth energy day.

Bring those spiritual romantic idealistic creative visionary compassionate dreams down to earth.

The combo of the earthy sensuous practical Taurus Sun and the Capricorn Moon with Neptune means your dreams can be realized. Your night dreams may also be very strong. The day might seem like a daydream.

Here are 10 things to do to make Heaven come down to earth.

1. Write out your hopes wishes and dreams. This helps define them.

2. Make a Dream board. Gather pictures from magazines or print them off the net. Create a collage of all the aspects of your life you would want.

3. Speak your affirmations out loud. Taurus rules the throat chakra. It’s important to vibrate your desires out loud. The word is the vibration of God/Dess.

4. Do charity work tithe or give away something precious to a charity. This is important to create abundance for yourself. 

5. Get real about any addictions and get practical help. 

6. Be creative sing dance write a poem express your soul/sol.

7. Create strong boundaries for healthy relationships. Neptune in Pisces requires this.

8. Get some bodywork- a massage or give one to a lover or friend. Our bodies are the temples of the soul. 

9. If you have debt you need to take charge of it now. Neptune rules Debt you must start saving and waiting until you have enough money to buy with cash. 

10. If it feels right in your gut instincts to forgive someone who has hurt you and you feel strong enough to do so then forgiving them also gives you freedom. 

Moon enters AQUARIUS in the morning

We have an opportunity to share the dreams with like-minded visionaries in our tribe.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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