Toronto Raptors NBA Prediction Astrology

As a Toronto native, I can’t help notice this city’s Rapturous response to the Raptor’s winning the Eastern Conference Finals on May 25th.

Raptor mascot Wikimedia Commons Image taken and owned by Adam Lazzarato


This is a historic day as The Raptor’s are the first Canadian team to be in the modern NBA championship Playoffs and tonight May 30 is the first Championship game to be played outside of America. Toronto Raptors fans and Canadians are in a frenzy of anticipation. 

Basketball is a Canadian sport.  Invented by Canadian  James Naismith in 1891 while he was teaching at a YMCA in Springfield Massachusetts. basketball is now one of the most popular sports in the world. See link below

Lets looks at the Raptor’s Birth chart born May 16, 1995 No birth time using Noon Toronto

Toronto Raptors Basketball Team Astrology

Toronto raptors Basketball Team Astrology Birth Chart

The Raptor’s are an earthy, stubborn sensuous persistent TAURUS team. Ruled by VENUS, the planet of grace, socializing, money and luxury.  Venus is at 29 degrees Aries which suits their Raptor’s name very well. 29 Aries is the critical warrior degree. 

They have PLUTO the planet of Power, death and rebirth, transformation, big money. depth, sex, secrets, strategists, at the last degree of Scorpio which it rules in modern Astrology. This is a Hugely powerful enriching and willful placement. Once the Raptors hit their stride they have immense worldly power. They need to use their X-Ray vision ability to see right through their opponent’s strategies and act accordingly.

Pluto also squares MARS in VIRGO creating a T-square with their SUN. They have a lot of brain power, ability to work hard and be of service to the community. T

The MOON, which is the emotions moods and the people in an event chart is in sporty fiery truth-telling Sagittarius, and also sign of animals-dinosaurs too.  I always felt that Toronto is the perfect Sagittarius city with its 125 different ethnic groups which the Raptors bring all the diversity together with.

MERCURY in GEMINI opposite the Moon

Mercury rules Gemini and communications are a huge forte for this team. This can also make them late to get into their stride as they don’t want to grow up. Deciding what they really want is an issue.

Mercury opposite the MOON indicates an emotional balance between the head and the feelings.


Saturn in PISCES opposes Chiron in VIRGO square Moon Mercury is a tense aspect. 

The Raptors have some karmic issues with playing the underdog. They are perfectionists and too self-critical. They donate a lot of money to charities, do a lot of community work and raise awareness for poor youths. 

The Raps also have JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS @ 20 degrees in its home sign where it Rules. This is an excellent planet to have and the Raptors are having their best year in 12 under their Jupiter return right NOW with Jupiter Retrograde.

MARS at 26 LEO

Gives the Raptors a strong ROYAL aspect. Mars is conjunct to Fixed Star REGULUS the Heart of the Lion. They act entitled. They have will power and are a dramatically oriented team. Leo rules the heart and will power. 

They have a Grand Fire trine of Moon Venus and Mars 

This is positive active energy.

The team’s North Node is in Scorpio at 5 degrees 

They need to evolve into going for power to be able to pick themselves up and emotionally transform any situation into a Phoenix rebirth. Scorpio is power, will, soul essence, psychology, research, strategy and wealth. 

DRAKE the rapper and Mascor born in Toronto has his SUN and PLUTO conjunct the teams North Node. He is literally their guiding superstar. He brings the team and Toronto incredible wealth and notoriety.  Drakes Jupiter squares the team’s, Mercury in Gemini and their Jupiter. He is their biggest cheerleader and media person literally.

URANS and NEPTUNE conjunct in Capricorn and Aquarius

The Raptors were born when Uranus planet of inventions, new technology, independence and team building entered its modern home sign. They are built on the mass communications and egalitarian ideas.  On December 21, 2020  Jupiter and Saturn will have their Grand Conjunction at 0 Aquarius and this will boost the Raptor’s worldly status. 

Neptune at 27 Capricorn indicates a desire to be philanthropic with their power and wealth as a business. 


The Raptors are going up against the 2017 and 2018 Champs the Golden State Warriors who have won the last 4 out of 5 championships. 

Moon is Void of Course which means outcomes are difficult to predict

Jupiter Return for Raps is on now this is very lucky even if Jupiter Retrograde

URANUS, the planet of Revolution, high energy, higher consciousness thinking, teamwork management and lightning fast moves is on the Raps SOUTH NODE. They will have to quickly change their past strategies if they are going to win. Since this is all new territory for them this also bodes well. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES by transit is conjunct Saturn opposite CHIRON in VIRGO Square the MOON in SAGITTARIUS

This is the Wounded Healer aspect.  If the team were a person I’d caution them about being too Gaga over a serious situation, addiction, debt repayment-Saturn; work and health- CHIRON in VIRGO. There may be some injuries they have to watch out for. Also They have to play scrupulously by the rules-Sagittarius. The Moon symbolizes the people. They may also have karmic enemies in the Golden State Warriors- that’s Saturn in Pisces. This also represents The Raptors tendency to choke or shoot themselves in the foot which is a very Canadian – “sorry,sorry”  aspect. 

PLUTO and SATURN in Capricorn plus South Node 

Conjunct Neptune and sextiles Saturn in Pisces and quincunx or creating a Finger of God aspect to Mars in LEO. They have to be playing with all their hearts and will power. 

I believe the Raptors have a very good chance of winning but they will have to play their hears and souls out. 

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Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Astrology chemistry isn’t shallow

Feb 25 Post Academy Awards under a Scorpio Moon I told you it was going to be an emotional Roller coaster. 

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper astrology chemistry

Bradley Cooper Director and Actor of A Star is Born and the co-star Lady Gaga astrology Chemistry (

Everybody’s talking about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s amazing chemistry as they sang Shallow together. 

What makes their chemistry so strong? Astrology of course.

This is the synastry chart of Lady Gaga with no correct Birthtime and Bradley Cooper.

The red lines are tensions lines which are exciting. The T-square points to a mutual Jupiter in Pisces with Mercury and Ceres. This is a nurturing almost telepathic, spiritual creative unconditionally loving relationship between the two of them. They know what each other feels intuitive. They know they are deeply connected as soul mates. But they are not meant to be sexual partners. People misunderstand the soul mates and rather fake twin flames phenomena. These two have strong chemistry as everyone can see. They are also actors, both Gaga and Bradley have Jupiter in Pisces who can appear as lovers and project all that.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Astrology chemistry tara Greene

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Astrology chemistry

Gaga is a Fiery Aries and Bradley an earthy Capricorn. Her Moon is in Scorpio conjunct Pluto she has lots of passion, drive, control, depth and soul and her South Node in Scorpio. Mercury in creative Pisces. Her Venus, creativity is also in independent energetic Aries. She has Mars at 0 Capricorn the World Point. She has the energy, the patience, discipline and drives to succeed. Gaga has Jupiter in Pisces, a very creative chameleon-like aspect, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Sagittarius, Neptune in Capricorn, North Node in Taurus and Chiron in Gemini

Bradley’s Moon and Ascendant is Sagittarius his Moon is in Libra Mercury is conjunct Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mercury in Capricorn, Jupiter is in Creative Pisces, Saturn in emotional Cancer, Uranus in Scorpio Neptune in Sagittarius Pluto in Libra, North Node in Sagittarius Chiron in Aries.

When you put their two charts together you can see the chemistry. 

They have a lovely Grand Water Trine from Gaga’s Mercury Jupiter and his Jupiter in PISCES to his Saturn in nurturing CANCER { he may have been her father or mother in a past life}  to Gaga’s powerful Moon-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio. They instantly recognized the other. 

They have a powerful Gaga SUN with Cooper’s soulful sexy  Pluto opposition squaring Gaga’s creative Neptune in Capricorn her career. 

They have a past life love relationship and that’s what comes through.

Bradley’s Neptune {film and photography}  North Node and sexy Mars in easy going Sagittarius exactly conjunct’s GAGA’s Saturn which is extremely karmic. There is a teacher-student relationship here. whose Sagittarius aim is to be open honest and inspiring and instructive. But it is a platonic friendship. 

Bradley’s South Node opposite his Neptune Mars conducts Gaga’s Chiron in Gemini. There is a past life wound or split- it’s Gemini which has drawn them back together in this lifetime. This squares their mutually beneficial expansive creative spiritual Jupiter in PISCES, which rules glamour film, photography, artists, and additions-one of the themes of A Star is Born, they are born 11 years apart and includes Gaga’s Mercury her communications. They work so well creatively together. 

In the Planets of Love department Gaga’s Venus in Aries and karmic North Node in Sensuous Taurus squares Bradley’s Venus and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn. When Venus and nodes aspect each other that is a very karmic aspect. The karmic glue is the emotions which draw the two people together. You can feel it and the public can feel it to. They talked about how they instantly felt at ease and connected and comfortable and familiar with each other, well that’s the old karmic glue.

Gaga’s Venus North Node opposes Bradley’s Uranus they have an unusual free-spirited relationship of equals.

Her Uranus  Mars Neptune is in Capricorn in Cooper’s first house with his Sun and Vesta.They share the same creative drives and discipline they work so well with each other because they really understand where the other one is coming from. 

In general, astrology where they would only point out their basic Aries Sun/Capricorn differences. It’s way more complicated than that,

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Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene