V for Victory, Venus transit, VAGINA, 1st Uranus Pluto square, Astrology from Tara greene

I have been incensed about Dem. Lisa Brown’s being silenced by Michigan Republicans for saying the tabu word VAGINA. She called a spade a spade in calling their legislation RAPE and they also silenced Barb Bynum. Government has to be secular. It is a gender issue. Men dont get pregnant. End of story. There is no democracy in the U.S. only for men. Women need to pursure liberty, happiness, in whatever way they choose.

If men had the glory and responsability of carrying and giving birth they would be able to get an abortion at a gas station, the golf club, or during lunch hour if they chose.

Gee what if she’d said PENIS. Male genitals are more covert than female ones.

V is for VICTORY I say.  Here’s my t-shirt

V for Vagina T-shirt by Tara Greene

 Is it just V words that are Tabu? Here’s more- Very Voluptuous V  words?

Vampires are Very popular these days. Viagra,  Virgin, Vesta, Vulgar, Vagrant, Vile, Vindictive, Voluminous, Vague,Valuable, Vast,

Vibration, Vernacular, Verbose, Verboten, Vice…

Vagina will not be censored. To muzzle a woman is to muzzle her vagina metaphorically.

Those Repubs in Michigan are.. a Yiddish word – Michiginah not spelled phonetically correct, usually meshigina but means CRAZY

Reminds me that this conflag arises from  the Venus Sun Transit June 5,6 

Venus = Women eclipsing the Sun=EGO,power, masculine, the King

Women must shed light on women’s rights, that is what Venus is showing.

Women are empowered and they are meant to eclipse the masculine Sun centered ego/religious forces now. It is an evolutionary force

Venus Retrograde in Gemini is a lot of talk, about Women’s values, Retrograde stuff is revisiting, RE- hashing old issues, reneging,

reminds me that REpublican is a Retrograde energy anyways, always moving backwards.

URANUS SQUARE PLUTO  the Ist of 7 Uranus Pluto squares comin’ up in less than 24 hours. 2:12 am PDT on June 24, 5:12 am EDT

I have been doing a lot of events lately and I am fortunate to meet all types of people. So I feel I get a good sampling, a  good read on many people. Iwas just at a hip Hotel opening, the Drake, last night in Toronto. The people I read for range from 20 somethings to late 50 year olds generally. I read for thousands of people every year.

What I see is people feeling very stressed, asking how do they change careers? They tell me they can’t sleep. Many people don’t even know what they really want to do, they dont know what they like. Many folks want out of the rat race. They dont know how to go about it.

The planet Uranus was the first planet discovered by a telescope. Uranus rules all technology, inventions, pioneers, electrical energy, transformers. Uranus rules the Internet, computers,revolution, independence, freedom, liberation. Uranus is like the Greek Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods to help humans.  Uranus is always unexpected, like lightning. Uranus shatters the old structures then invents something new. Uranus sees the big picture,  rules groups, the tribe, collective thinking. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, rules Aquarius and the 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams, opposite the 5th house.

Pluto, for whom status is nothing, Lord of the Underworld, King of the Dead, ruler of Hades, Pluto rules the unconscious, nuclear power, destruction, rebirth, the Phoenix, waste, garbage,  recycling,the Shadow, anything defiled, taboo, the dark side. Power, control, riches, the Plutocracy. Sex, money, inheritance, taxes. The Soul. All the biggies, the deep stuff. Primal. Pluto is the higher octave of  Mars. Pluto co-rules Scorpio and the 8th house. MArs also rules Aries. Wheer Uranus is right now. So Mars is also a big player now.

So stage 1 of Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn  means-

Literally new life, freedom from and the breakdown of old existing structures, business and government. World revolution.Technology tramsforming the world soul. Unstoppable change. Unexpected destruction from nuclear power.

 A total transformation of the SOUL. The re-invention and birth of a new consciousness and world SOUL.

 Aries is the 1st sign, of new life, it is passionate, independent, angry, defensive, impulsive. Aries rules firearms, explosions,the head, defenses, missiles, the seed, the ram,soldiers, law enforcement,adventurers, action, ego, narcissistic personalities,long life, abundant energy, aggression.

Capricorn is the old guard, the Patriarchy, the government, corporate structure, conservative, traditional, worldy power,the father, old age, senators, seniors, employers, civil servants, social status, fame, ambition, power, honor, authority, public standing, all business, architecture.


 Uranus at 8 degrees of Aries and Pluto at 8 of Capricorn will impact YOU through the houses in your natal chart they are transiting.

Aries born March 26-30 you get the Uranus direct personality I AM makeover, and the Pluto square in your 10th house of  career.

Capricorn born Dec 29-Jan 2nd get the most Pluto rebirthing  identity and the Square from Uranus, unexpected changes at home and deep inside.

Cancer born June 26 -June 30 get the Uranus Square and the Pluto opposition. Uranus rocks your Career house, Pluto demolishes and transforms your marital status and all business relationships.

Libra born  Sept 27-Oct 1 get the Pluto square and the Uranus opposition. Pluto ignites an atomic explosion deep within, home, security, your shadows explode. Uranus brings liberation and independence into your relationships, you will stronger willed.

The Republican vs Vagina conflab is also part of Uranus Square Pluto- it is so obvious. Liberation vs Old guard.

V for Vagina Maynard James Keenan

The Uranus Pluto squares are ongoing till 2015.

Each individual experiences these transformative effects individually and collectively.

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After I wrote this I went looking for some appropriate pics and found the cover of an album cover from musician Maynard James Keenan of  TOOL

 fame, another offshoot band of his called Puscifer. Recordedin 2007! Never heard it. It was synchronoicity.

Maynard is the owner of Caduceus wines in PAge Springs near Sedona Arizona. The winery produces amazing wine. We bought a cheaper and mid range wine and it was one of the best I ever tasted.    http://www.caduceus.org/