Dream big, planetary support

May 12 This is a big day.

Jupiter is at the last degree of AQUARIUS and moves into PISCES the feminine nighttime receptive sign it rules May 13 at 3:36 pm PDT/ 6:36 pm EDT/11:36 pm GMT until July 28.

Things will feel very different for PISCES and SAGITTARIUS and everyone else too!

JUPITER in PISCES enhances spirituality, creativity, dreams of all kinds, lucid, real and any other kind, it enhances compassion, empathy, charity, it will make empaths overflow with emotions and make cold people thaw out.

JUPITER in PISCES enhances feelings of ONENESS, with everything! Other people, the earth, those who are at the bottom and need help, mental health and addictions, the jailed and forgotten and our shadows and projections.

I think of Jupiter in PISCES as a a protective Angel over your shoulder. Jupiter in the last sign of Pisces indicates a time of closures. A cycle begun 11/12 years ago will begin to close.

Jupiter also expands all PISCES ruled things like mental illness and education for that-Note Oprah and Prince Harry’s new series is coming out as Jupiter enters PISCES. I will write more about that Later.


a nice uplifting rebellious, open minded debate. Should we tear down and rebuild or not? Saturn in Aquarius supports bold new inventive ideas high tech stocks and organizations.

SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE IN PISCES 10:45 pm PDT/ MAY 13 1:45 am EDT/ 6:45 am GMT

This is a DREAM BOLD and SOLID aspect, A good time to imagine your dreams and do something real to enhance them- make a list, build a structure, invest in them.

A nice mix of grounded spirituality so put that compassion into action and practice a random act of kindness for a charity, food bank or donate a gift anonymously.

The Gemini moon is upbeat, and happy, We are flitting along like butterflies. Distraction may be an issue.

Enjoy this day its happy and dreamy. I’m off to do a guest masterclass on astrology for Tiffany Crosara.

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Happy Mother’s Day Ecology

Eugenio Zampighi, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s past present and future.

A fascinating article in tune with Nature and MOther’s is this


And watch NIna Paley’s incredible homage to the Goddess https://youtu.be/gpSfm6f3jDY

I am grateful to my son Elijah and daughter Leah for choosing me to be their mother. I love you both so much. Remembering my mother Fay, she passed away in 2009 and remembering her mother my sweet grandmother.

ENjoy the day. Blessings to you.


Taurus Lilith New Moon Astrology Magic Workshop is a very sensuous grounded practical magic experience. The New or Dark Moon is conjunct LILITH in Taurus and 4 planets in the first earth sign are connected with The Pleaides magic.

Taurus Lilith New Moon Astrology Magic Workshop is a very sensuous grounded practical magic experience. The New or Dark Moon is conjunct LILITH in Taurus and 4 planets in the first earth sign. New Moon and Lilith are conjunct to the PLEIADES.

This New Moon is all about our bodies, values, beauty, self-esteem, luxury, independence, Boundaries, Pleiadian magic.

Lilith works with self-esteem and boundaries. Lilith helps us to be free and raises the bar for accepting what we truly want and never settling for less. She has so many lessons to teach us.

This will be an embodied activation of Lilith and Venus and the Pleiades. We will ground the energies from the Scorpio Full Supermoon working to reclaim the sensuous Power of the denied feminine shadow of LILITH and bring those aspects into our bodies and our psyches. We will do authentic movement and sounding. Taurus rules the throat chakra.

The astrology of this New Moon symbolism and energy will be discussed in straightforward terms. You can bring your astrology chart to find out how the Sun Moon Uranus Ceres and Lilith all in Taurus are affecting you personally. This specific workshop will be more experiential. There is a meditation and a channelled message will come through.

Fee is $28 Canadian equivalent to $22 U.S. currencies will be exchanged into Canadian funds. A PDF will be sent out. HURRY. TICKET sales close May 10 at 7:00 pm EDT

zoom link is sent at registration and will be recorded if you cant make it live.

JOIN NOW https://lu.ma/3o4u1avc

JOIN ME MAY 11 for International Intuitive Awareness Day

8. Timetable for  Raising Awareness Day (11th May)  of International Intuitive Day (11/11)


Timetable below is in BST (8 Hours ahead of PDT – 5 hours ahead of EDT)

11am – Tiffany Crosara

11.30am – Alexandra Wenman – Creator of Precious Wisdom

12:pm – Inga Deksne – Creator of Magical Creators 

12:30pm – Marcia O’ Regan – Creator of Divinely Prosper 

1pm – Michele Henshaw – The Mindful Entrepreneur Coach 

1.30pm – Melanie Moore – Creator of Transformational Neural Technique

2pm – David Lacopo – Author of Raising Our State of Consciousness to fulfil our Soul’s Growth 

2.30pm-  Marina Beech – Soul Alchemist

3pm – Aishling Mooney – Creator of The Angel Cafe 

3.30pm – Tara Greene Tarot – Astrologer, Intuitive and High Priestess 

4.00 pm Art Giser – Creator of energetic NLP