Leo Moon, Daily Tarot card

I hope you had a lovely MAY DAY. I took the day off. I was also working downtown in the early evening. As the North Node of the Moon enters Leo between now and the 9th  depending on which system you use. We need to review the last two and half years that the North Node was in VIRGO and the South Node in PISCES.

As the North Node of the Moon enters Leo between now and the 9th  depending on which system you use. We need to review the last two and half years that the North Node was in VIRGO and the South Node in PISCES.

A great thing about the North Node leaving VIRGO is that everyone will stop nitpicking about every last detail, especially around words and communications. The net is partly to blame for this as well. South Node in Pisces is pure projection, everyone projects what they want to hear onto the other person’s words. 

Moon is in LEO and a hot Fire trine to VENUS in ARIES in the early a.m.

Will make you have sexy erotic dreams.  You will wake up ready to roar. 

Have you noticed that your energy is more Up since Venus is in ARIES.


A wandering eye and a quick talking passion governs the day. 

Moon squares TAURUS SUN

we are half way to the next FULL MOON  on the 10th in SCORPIO 

people will be in stubborn moods today don’t push that river

in PDT the Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES  / May 3rd in EDT and GMT

pay attention to your dreams and also to the gap between what is in your heart and what your soul or spirit wants to do. This is critical.

MOON sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA May 3rd in EDT and GMT 

Nice even trying to stay balanced on the tightrope. Sextiles are always nice easy aspects. 


as mercury is moving super slow it is most powerful as it turns Direct. Be particularly aware of communications snafus. 



And speaking of paying attention in communications, this card is all about that. 

The Knight of Swords is a masculine, mature active card. Swords symbolize thought. The point of all spiritual teachings is to have clear thinking to focus one’s intention. The Knight of Swords also symbolizes GEMINI which is infamous for being of two minds at once. This card tells us to focus our minds, to have two swords, or weapons, not one to declutter, to focus, to make our intentions with, to have a two-pronged single purpose in your mind. 

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Super positive earthy day May 10 Tarot Astrology

May 10 CANCER MOON, Happy in her HOME sign floating along, nurturing, sensitive, needing emotional food, watch out for tummy upsets.

It’s a very very positive day today The MOON has trines Neptune early this a.m. bringing sweet dreams. I had one.

Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter- who are SUPER LOVEY_DOVEY today

The only wrinkly in the fabric of time is a MOON SATURN in SAGITTARIUS off-kilter quincunx

Don’t fly off the handle, watch your words, 


excellent earthy trine again. Happy Birthday to BONO and my friend Sissel in Norway. Bringing all the beauty back home. Loving your body, women, beauty, art, flirting, Get onto the ground, get a massage, get real, love your work, your home, love your inner critic into shutting up.Bring it on home.

Moon opposed PLUTO- focus on what your desire is fully.

Moon sextles Mercury in Taurus and the Sun

fresh from their mating meeting transit/mini-eclipse yesterday

Just realised that the Dot crossing the sun of Mercury was just like a little sperm compared to the giant EGG that each life started with. It was an insemination of new solar insights, bright light new consciousness connecting with the earth. Mercury is in TAURUS right? That is brain food. 

ENJOY This day, 


10 of cups meaning Tara Greene Tarot psychic

The 10 of Cups Thoth Tarot

Well this is an affirmation. The 10 of cups is compete emotional fulfillment.

Fill you cups to overflowing. When your heart is open your joy is unlimited.

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Air and Water astrology by Tara Greene

Moon is in electrifying air sign of Aquarius, early Oct 3

The mood is detached, we can see things from a new perspective and higher consciousness.

Moon already squared Mercury- getting ready to go RETROGRADE Oct 4 @ 10:02 am EDT/1:02 pm PDT.

A couple of lovely trines today;

Moon to VENUS in LIBRA early in the day

Sweet mental  connectivity, love is in the air, seek out those who are on the higher vibration of things. Move forwards with the intention of creating a new revolutionary intention in your love life  One which seeks true balance, no blame, and being sojourners of the heart united.

Moon TRINES SUN @ 6:55 pm PDT/ 9:55 pm EDT

You may not see it. But you can feel it. This is harmonious masculine and feminine energy.

Detachment is a huge part of Buddhist teachings. No drama. no fear.= FREEDOM for U and everyone to shine.

VENUS quincunx Neptune in Pisces in the evening.

THE TWO PLANETS OF LOVE  gets entangled by co-dependence. Free yourself  from those unconscious must do’s for others. It’s not true. Love shouldn’t hurt.

INSPIRATIONAL Card of the Day the 8 of cups 

The 8’s are transition numbers. When you turn 8 horizontally it becomes the INFINITY Symbol.  In the Thoth deck it appears very negative.

Thoth Tarot  8 of cups

8 of cups Thoth Tarot astrology Tara Greene

The card shows emotional energies which are stuck, swamped, drained, scattered, tired. We are going through some very intense times now. Just  before a total Lunar eclipse plus the last 2 years of the Grand Cardinal Crosses. We can easily be feeling emotionally frazzled as if  our wounds are wide open and oozing. Our energy is leaking everywhere, as if we’ve been shot 8 times. Where are we giving our energy to things that do not emotionally help us in any way?  What do we get out of this? There is always a reason we stay stuck,  in a bad relationship, job or limitations.

Here’s a very different card with the same signature. A remedy.


Yoga Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

8 of Chalices


By sitting still we can repair and center. MAKE the TIME. If only for 10 minutes. Slow your breathing down. Moon is in Aquarius the electrifying breath of life. Breathing is key.

Close your  eyes and center your breath into your spine, the central channel. Visualize your roots going down from the bottom of your spine like a beautiful graceful willow tree which gets its nutrients from down way deep in the earth. I just meditated and sat under a beautiful one this morning.

The deeper your breath the more you center. Allow your mind come to a gradual stillness. Discard all thoughts that come into your head.  BE still and know. Be where you are. You will get clear, your emotions will settle like the sun sparkling on a still lake. Then you will know what to do.


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Walking on sunshine Katrina & The Waves 






Rob Ford, Toronto inspirational card of the day from Tara

Nov 13 Moon’s in Aries so a new emotional cycle is begun.

I’m presently at Ground Zero of the Rob Ford ongoing debacle in Toronto.

More Cardinal T square energy today- Don’t you love stress?

This one involves the  Sun to Venus in Capricorn get your priorities in order Capricorns’ as well as Libra and Cancer -8-10 degrees especially.

Moon conjuncts URANUS at 4:05 pm PST emotional WHOOPEE CUSHION I call it.

Keep surfing, this is a test of your emotional poise and balance.Yup right.

And last but not least, Moon squares Pluto. Get in touch with your childhood repressed memories.

You may be very mad at the BOSS today.

Yes Mayor ROB FORD admits he has bought illegal drugs today.

Thousands of my fellow T.O. citizens are protesting at City Hall. Rob Ford has become a recognizable brand world wide for all the wrong reasons.

See how corrupt it is? If you or I admitted to buying drugs on the job we would be fired on the spot.

And This my friends is what these intense Cardinal T- squares are creating. YES. They bring up the gunk, the hypocrisy, the lies, the arrogance of those in power.

CARD FOR THE DAY                                             


Tarot card Tara Greene Tarot reader for party events Toronto


This card signifies the last 10 degrees of PISCES and the first 20 degrees of ARIES.  RULED BY planet MARS 

ALL IS NEW, new life, new growth, masculine power, regeneration, insemination, Spring, danger, fire, lightning bolts, sharp weapons, explosions, selfishness, ego, aggressive, defensive, criminals, political party fanatics according to Rex Bills Rulership book.

ROB FORD Is a Gemini but he has his north node in Late Pisces which this card covers and also his Venus in ARies and his CHIRON in Aries.

ROB FORD astrology by Tara Greene

Planets Mars is going to cross Rob Ford’s natal Pluto on November 23-24. That’s it. MY PREDICTION!
It’s over for Rotund Mr. Ford. I was looking for a video to include and YouTube’s new comment rules says smarter sorting. I was thinking of Rob Ford and I saw smarter snorting. LOL.

I hope you are inspired today.


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BURNING UP by the Jonas Brothers 

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