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chocolate healing love drinks at The Chocolate Tree in Sedona photo by Tara Greene

Chocolate healing love drinks in copper cops, Venus’s metal, at The Chocolate Tree in Sedona photo by Tara Greene

This week is a combination of LOVE as Venus, the planet of Love moving Retrograde is active with MERCURY planet of words and magic is also on the move in Gemini and these two meet up and kiss on the GEMINI New MOON  on the 22nd.

It’s very Mercurial, the Magician is Mercury in the Tarot and loving, Venus’s metal is Copper. and her day is Friday. Mercurys day is Wednesday.

There should be lots of distance loving, sexting, messaging, playing, “good cop/ bad cop” marketting of your skills, upbeat and lighter energy for sure.

GEMINI, TAURUS, LIBRA and PISCES you mutables, one cardinal sign and one stable Taurus hold center stage this week.

IT’S GEMINI time on the 20th ay 6:49 am PDT/9:49 am EDT/2:49 pm GMT

Are you ready for more double trouble?

VENUS Retor and her “higher octave’ NEPTUNE in PISCES square off on the 20th creating romantic sparkles, magic carpet rides, high fantasies, creativity, strong psychic energies and dreamy dreams. A good time to write a love poem or a love letter to someone you haven’t seen and tell them you still love them.

May 22 Mercury and Venus conjunct at 1:41 am PDT/4:41 am EDT/ 9:41 am GMT  a very powerful connection of mind and heart.

Mercury squares NEPTUNE in PISCES 

amplifying the message you could receive psychically from out of thin air or in your dreams. Stay aware but in the dream, trust your intuition, Dont second guess. Easy to do with all this Gemini energy going on? Ha!

May 23 GEMINI Moon conjunct Venus and Squares Neptune replicating the pattern but we will sense and feel the mood of these energies more.

Use these three days to channel into LOVE, dial-up some higher visions, get inspired. Write dance play ask questions, imagine.

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Labor day, Back to school astrology

It’s Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada on September 5. In Canada we spell it labour like the British. 
The Moon enters turbulent deep waters of SCORPIO early in the A.M.  It is a rare day. There are no major aspects between the planets.  Even they are taking a rest from their labors. This is a synchronous message from the Universe: “As above so below.”
You get complete permission and actually Scorpio Moon marching orders to act as if you are a new mother who has just given birth, and you have! Ask any woman who has given birth naturally and they will tell you, they don’t call it labor for nothing.
You need to rest and recoup.
Do take advantage of the Mercury Retrograde, to turn off your mind relax and float downstream.
Things will be changing soon enough.
The Scorpio Moon keeps things deep, mysterious, powerful, and obsessive until the 7th PDT and EDT with a powerful SUN PLUTO TRINE on the 6th/7th. 
It may feel like an intense struggle to get your kids back to school if they are younger. Expect lots of stubborn refusals. Teens and college kids who want to conquer the world at University will be in their power, focussed on coming out on top at school’s end. 
Venus will be active on the 7th for better and for worse.  It will be a very high and low day emotionally  The Moon enters SAGITTARIUS late on the 7th. 
September 8- 
It’s an all SAGITTARIUS Thor’s day. Jupiter’s day. Very upbeat. Only two months to the U.S. elections now. 
September 9, 2016 = 999 on the calendar. I did post about 999 on the last one September 9, 2007, and 2009.  Triple 9 and besides being an experimental Beatles song written by John Lennon, symbolizes the Hermit in the Tarot #9. The Hermit relates to VIRGO grounding the wisdom and humility. Being of service in the world. This is a TRIPLy HERMIT day.  A day of three times the attention to details, to completion, integration, grounding your instincts and being true and complete unto yourself and belonging to no man, in true Virgin Goddess style.  
JUPITER enters LIBRA, the sign of Karmic JUSTICE for the first time in 12 years and will remain in the sign of the BALANCE until October 2017.  I will write a longer article on that shortly. Yes great for all LIBRAS. As Jupiter ignites zero degrees of LIBRA, it also lights up zero degrees of all the Cardinal points. Jupiter expands, for better and for worse all the qualities of the sign it passes through. 
Yes it will be a very social time. Yes laws ought to be put into place to balance out everything. The Sacred Masculine and Feminine need to be equal Harmony, peace and socil graciousness rule the next year.  The arts flourish, but we tend to find it hard to make decisions. 
Friday the 9th is a complex and difficult day in communications.  The Sagittarius optimismn honesty and boldness will be on full view but Mercury Retrograde in VIRGO clashes with Uranus in ARIES. The budget may not match the all green vision. Belt tightening may be a necessity.  
Sept 10
Mercury opposes CHIRON in PISCES  and we will be rehashing some old wounds and talking about them for a looong time. The Moon enters Capricorn and SATURN, the signs ruler, and NEPTUNE have their last face off until many years from now. The last square which began in 2015 helps us to see the hard edge of the TRUTH versus the illusions.  Better to be awake then sleep walking in denial any day.  This aspect triggers the 2nd birth where we recapitulate all who we were and what our culture religion and upbringing have made us to listen to our own intuition dreams and visions. This aspects sharpens our wisdom and discernment to know what is real and what is fantasy, and to not be seduced, martyred and be used by others through false promises.  Saturn makes us take repsonsibility for our own illusions. These lessons may hurt but make us wiser. The addictions must be kicked. 
addictions, neptune in PIsces
Sept 11 
It is now 15 years and half a Saturn cycle since 9/11. Saturn in Sagittarius is where Pluto was on 9/11. Venus in LIBRA squares Pluto, a major love, wealth, power, control, judicial balancing act coming into play. Relationships take a hard turn or get deeper entrenched. 
Cardinal cross energy all day and some nice Lunar trines
Gotta Go.
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