SCORPIO deep sex therapy Astrology

Are you ready for an intense, passionate, deeply sexual Weekend? One filled with power and control issues, moody, covertly sexual transforming tantric energies?  How many of you are going OH GOODY?

Moon enters SCORPIO’s obsessive, dark, goth waters Sept. 26

Moon TRINES NEPTUNE at night

this is great for Meditating and going totally into peaceful vibes. Do put out spiritual intention and call 0n ISIS the positive Ancient Goddess of Egypt or any other feminine Goddess to be your dream guide. Write poems, paint, sing dance.

Sept 27 


A good day to cut your hair if you want it to grow fast. 

Moon trines Chiron

Hidden awareness of vulnerability rises. It’s Good but doesn’t feel that way.

Moon squares Jupiter in Leo

so expect power trips galore. People can be pisssed off.

MERCURY enters SCORPIO  @ 3:39 pm PST/ 6:39 pm EDT 


This is always very serious and can be frustrating. Some feel it as depressing. Some may want to make big commitments.  It’s good  for discipline. Some may decide – that’s it , THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU,Like the movie title. Games over and unanounced they leave with their stinger out. You may be feeling bewildered and clueless. It’s a big mirror.

Oct 4 2014  Mercury goes Retrograde

for its third and final time this year. Mercury rules memory and consciousness itself. A retrograde is time to Remember- a Retrograde word itself, the land of the dead, the psyche, buried unconscious memories deep in SCORPIO’s 8th house territory. Re-member means put yourself back together.

SCORPIO is FIXED WATER. Literally that means emotions that do not want to move, they are damned up. Scorpio is all about acknowledging that everything in life is always changing birthing and dying and nothing is stable. Therein is the crux of the problem.

Mercury in Scorpio consciousness is intense obsession, you cannot stop thinking about what he did or she did to you.  Anger and revenge are the lower forms of Scorpio energy. The highest form of SCORPIO energy is to feel it all, but not to get triggered emotionally to REACT. This is a very Buddhist teaching. We see that we are the source of all of our pain, that we have created whatever it is that is coming at us.  Our souls are running the show. We actually know very little and have very little control and no control of others at all, We can only control and change ourselves and our REactions. More Retrograde words.

Scorpio is the sign of DECONSTRUCTION, like the art movement.

Marcel Duchamp FOUNTAIN 1917  

BTW Duchamp’s chart Ascendant at 17 degrees Scorpio conjunct his Moon. Close to where Saturn is now at 20  degrees.

Mercury will be Retrograde till October 25.

The Retrograde symbol is Rx just like medicine. Be Receptive. My intention, and yours should be to use this time for therapy of the soul using these astrology transits.

Scorpio is sex. Use Astro-sex therapy. I am trained as a Transformational psychotherapist and as a Past Life Regressionist.

A SCORPIO Mercury Retrograde  feels like your legs are being spread open so that everyone can see. It can feel shameful and dirty. We have all been whores one way or another, selling our souls for money, to be liked,status, to gain power. 

Mercury REcycles and scrapes back the SCORPIO dark soul stuff, the guck, the emotional grudges, the stickiness, the discarded wad of old emotional gunge you put under the desk or blame on your partner. Think about all the sex and power games you’ve played or had played. Be honest with yourself about this.

Have you been raped? Scorpio is Pluto’s home, he raped Persephone into the Underworld to awaken her sexually. Use this time to help heal the pain, if you’ve never told anyone, this is the time to let the secret  and the shame out.  Tell the police. Release your victimized stance, your fear, get  therapeutic help.

Have your sexually or emotionally hurt another? This is the best time to make amends. You need to be scrupulously honest and to forgive yourself. Make a list, write down what you did, meditate and send prayers and light to those you have hurt .This is intense work, Scorpio’s middle name.


Women carry sexual imprints from men they have had sex with who didn’t love and honor them. It would be good to cleanse and release all stuck emotional ties from those people who have put their sexual hooks into you. . Most women are unaware of the traces left inside them. That energy really hold your LIGHT back. The work begins with a conscious re-acknowledging. Tears must flow and anger.

Ritual cleansing and bathing is best done on the Zero degree of SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon of October 23. indicating a brand new life phase.

I will do an online video about this important issue.

Women if you want to clear up your old relationships issues, this is the prerequisite to do so.  I can’t restate this enough. I did it myself before I started my relationship with my 2nd husband. I knew instinctively that to change this relationship we had to both do this together. That’s a whole other workshop.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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