Earthquake weekend astrology by Tara Greene

Time to get grounded after that ultra hot Aries New Moon infusion.

Moon enters sensuous, stubborn,  resourceful, creative, romantic TAURUS @ 11:10 pm PDT April / April 8th @. 2:10 a.m. EDT/ 6:10 am GMT.  Friday and Saturday are under Taurus moonbeams and Taurus wants stability and security on the material plane above all. 

The BULLISH Moon conjuncts Mercury, inconjuncts Mars in SAGITTARIUS and sextiles Neptune in PISCES

Our minds and feelings are very instinctive now, we do not want to fly off the handle and trot off to higher pastures but are happier to be comfortably dreaming, smoking a hookah, listening to soothing music and eating a delightful organic vegan meal. 

NICE EARTH TRINE #1 between MOON and JUPITER in VIRGO happens late Friday /early Sat. EDT.

As with all earthy trines, bodily comforts come first, get down. Jupiter in Virgo is practical and won’t stay out too late.

EARTH TRINE #2 April 9 with Bull Moon trine to PLUTO in Capricorn @ 17 degrees early a.m. 

Combined with the former this is a GRAND EARTH TRINE and you should use it to enjoy being alive and in the Garden of Eden.

Do Taurus things like enjoy music, art- I will be at the Angell Gallery’s 20th Anniversary in Toronto Saturday afternoon 2-5:00 pm with my husband artist Napoleon Brousseau. 

Taurus earthquake astrology Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

But expect things to amp up with a big JOLT from Saturday afternoon

SUN and Uranus conjunct!  4/9 @ 2:26 pm PDT/ 5:26 pm EDT/ 9:26 pm GMT @ 20+ degrees ARIES.

This is literally a Solar flare, a revolutionary flash of light, a chaotic uproar, a freedom flash, an inspired bolt of higher consciousness which could also be a literal brilliant download.  Earthquakes, solar flares, revolutionary Terrorist attacks. 

This is an annual event. 

If you are born this date – KRISTEN STEWART for one, you are going to have a revolutionary exciting chaotic year ahead. It will be a Shock and awe year!

 will write a detailed Kristen Stewart article tomorrow for your K.S. fans who have been asking and waiting.

If you have planets at 20 degrees ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN-get ready to blast off into parts unknown. I have my NEPTUNE VENUS conjunction at 20 degrees LIBRA! my husband has his Venus at 20 degrees Capricorn.

Ride the shock waves! A brilliant bolt of higher consciousness. To those tuned in keep your antanee open. 

Moon will enter GEMINI 10:59 pm PDT sat. night. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of  Tara Greene

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ANgell Gallery Toronto


Tipping the balance,Daily Inspiration Card

surprised to see that yesterdays blog was hardly viewed. What you don’t like Beauty or Blessings? You were all watching the GOP Debate? 

heading into the weekend. 

JAn 29 Air TRINE of Moon and SUN we don’t see too many of these lately.

Libra and Aquarius and GEMINI benefit. detach detach. detach.

Libra Moon is busy being very social , naturally. She makes 6 aspects,

she sextiles Saturn- good day to cozy up to those in power, 

Squares Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn opposes URANUS in ARIES – those GRAND CARDInAL CROSSES once again. We havent gotten these lesson quite yet now have we?

LIBRA MOON inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces -is saying if you really are hurting, we can’t help you. 

and the MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn @ 9:58 pm PST/ JAn 30 12:58 am EST is on this is the BIG CARDINAL CROSS to bear. 

take it all with a grain of salt.  Refugees will be sent home from Sweden, Donald Trump will run as an Independent if he isn’t the “Chosen One.”  Bloomberg will also run as an independent , two billionaires battling to get elected to the top job in America and in the world and one very intelligent new thought man Bernie Sanders with no money also running but who has the young people’s ideas. Sanders represents the very changes the U.S. needs to go through. Its fascinating. The world needs to change.

Women are getting death threats for displaying their menstrual blood on Instagram – it makes world news. Many younger individuals are waking up and seeing through this farce. It isn’t their reality anymore. It isn’t funny. I was dreaming about it last night. We are heading into some deep shit which is necessary for the changes.. 


Queen of Cups Tara Greene Tarot

QUEEN OF CUPS/ CHALICES Metamorphosis Tarot

The Queen of Cups Water of water, the mother of the oceans, tears, deep unconscious feelings. Pay attention to your dreams and inner visions. Allow yourself to feel fully. This is the most feminine of all cards. The womb, the waters of life. Water of Love,,,,.

I was LUCID DREAMING last night, I was in a very poor place last night. I went from one bus station to another, then  railway stations. There were poor ragged people it was like being in the depression in the 1930’s or what the refugees are enduring these days in Europe. There were poor crying children and lost boys. It was dark with small lamp lights on the streets. I kept asking people what time it was but no one had a watch, or a clock. I kept trying to get on a bus to leave. Then I was on the bus and kept seeing more and more of this sad landscape of hopeless people. It was very grounding.

The image in the Queen of cups shows the Queen with pigs, who symbolize wisdom and stupidity. The brown pig has human legs and reminds me of Donald Trump. 

PLease share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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RIP PAUL KANTNER of Jefferson Airplane/ Starship I was a big fan. The Starship were big in the last 60’s. 


SAIL ON SAILOR- Ray Charles/ Beach Boys 

The Weekend update Tara Greene

I was out at a great fundraiser for Breast Cancer last night called PLANET BOOBY this year. The Booby Ball.  They had great decor and people were wearing a lot of sparkly spandex spacy 60’s kind of outfits.

60's style fashion Tara Greene

60’s fashion

MY contract clearly states that  YOU MUST SITUATE ME WELL AWAY FROM DIRECT SPEAKER NOISE. So where did they place me? DIRECTLY UNDER A SPEAKER. Whose volume always cranks way up after the first hour. I asked to be moved, no. I was literally yelling into their guests ears for hours. They don’t find it pleasant either. My ears were hurting after 3 hours of this. I can’t believe I went through that. My ears still hurt. WHY don’t event planners pay attention to this? NEXT time I will make them sign that they agree or I don’t work under those conditions. Otherwise it seemed to be a very successful event for a great cause and a great evening of explaining people’s planetary placements using my old Ephemeris. 

It will be a chatty buzzy Saturday with Moon in Gemini sextiling Uranus and Venus. Unexpected romantic encounters. The Moon is VOid Of course all afternoon so just chill. 

MOON ENTERS CANCER @ 5:22 pm PDT/8:22 am EDT

and makes an awkward quincunx to Saturn in Sag. in the evening. You may feel uncomfortable at a political dinner or company gathering. Be careful what you eat. Moon in Cancer governs the Tummy. Food poisoning is more likely.

Moon squares Mercury in the late evening

Your feelings {the MOON} and your mind will feel pressured to stay in balance. 


The Hermit Tarot tara Greene

Trump #9 The Hermit by Mezamero Deviant Art

The Hermit

The Hermit is appropriate for this time of year as it is related to the sign of VIRGO. Jupiter is imbibing Virgo lessons and teachings for all of us this year. The Hermit needs to turn inwards, not necessarily to be all alone but any hermit needs to be undisturbed, undistracted and unphased by the busyness of daily life. If you honor the Hermit you will get rewards.

Hermit energy is ruled by Mercury who is still Retrograde  until October 9. If you don’t feel like being out and about today then don’t. Listen to your gut instincts.

The Hermit invites you to meditate, to be still, to listen within or go walk in Nature. Discipline, order, simplicity are the order of the day.  Write, read, organize. Pay attention  to what your digestive tracks is doing. Watch your diet. 




all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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