John Lennon’s spirit, Imagine the vision

October 9th is the anniversary of John Lennon’s birthday. He was and still is one of my heroes. The renewed interest in the Beatles generated by Ron Howard’s documentary about their early days is bringing the band that changed the world’s incredible music, energy, romantic, revolutionary creative energy back into the world again to inspire us all.

I wish he was still here in the physical plane to guide us. I can always tune into his wisdom in spirit. He told me to tell you that he hates most rap music because it’s so misogynistic.  

The Thoth Tarot deck which I use
#17 Aquarius The STARThis is Good energy for chilling and relaxing. It is a holiday weekend in Canada where we are celebrating Thanksgiving and it is Columbus Day in the U.S.  So do chill.

The Moon enters AQUARIUS 1/2 hour before midnight in PDT. 

MONDAY October 10 

The HOLIDAY is AQUARIAN lunar energy which means it’s an easy-breezy, detached, airy mood. Our minds and emotions and moving lightning fast. There is a mood for Freedom, revolution and connecting with like-minded tribes. Viva La Revolution. It is coming in the U.S. it is being birthed now. Cue another John Lennon song. “Revolution.” Remember that the energy that was birthed in the 60’s has been reignited now. 

Moon trines Mercury

Stay open to new ways to communicate, to get your ideas across. 

Moon also trines JUPITER in LIBRA  in the afternoon

This is great for socializing, for feeling balanced, for finding some peace of mind. The mood is optimistic, fun, creative and striving for balance. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in SAGITTARIUS  late at night in PDT

Plan your serious long distance journeys or educational goals. This brings up longings for learning. There may be some interesting, philosophical exchanges this night for sure. This is a combination of serious and expansive energy.  

Wishing you a  wonderful Holiday. 

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In John’s memory, his greatest song, IMAGINE a totally AQUARIAN SONG

Aquarius Weird and Revolutionary Times, from Tara Greene

SUN enters AQUARIUS Sunday Jan 19 @ 7:51 pm PST /10:51 pm EST

Aquarius times are ELECTRIC! Think laundry static, hair standing straight up. Liberation time, detachment from all the heavy emotions, freedom, revolution, whatever your personal and collective break out may be. Be your own individual, be weird, proud – It’s the opposite sign of Leo remember.Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, rotates at a 90 degrees axis. That is weird.

LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY as Neil Young famously put it when Uranus helped create that age.

AQUARIUS, yes you can hear the song from the musical Hair start on cue.The Age of Aquarius won’t begin for another 400 years actually, because that is how long it will take till the Sun enters the Sidereal sign of Aquarius at the Spring Equinox.  Because of the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Spring equinox vernal point has slipped backwards, 23 degrees from Zero degrees of the  ARIES Constellation in the last 2,000 years, to 6 + degrees Pisces. I use Tropical Western Astrology not VEDIC Sidereal Astrology which is what Astronomy is aligned with.

MERCURY has preceeded the SUN and will be in Aquarius till Jan 31 .Mercury in Aquarius help communications fly fast on electric air waves.

AQUARIUS is a STATE OF MIND. Like a New York or ITCHY COO PARK or whatever state of mind.

Question your relationships. Take space.

It’s an AIR SIGN, NOT A WATER SIGN as many people think because of its symbol in the constellations. The Astrology glyph is two parallel wavy lines represent electric currents moving through the AIR. The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness, or Divine love.

AQUARIUS is the symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT #17.

I use the #17 from the THOTH TAROT as my business card, because it pictures what I do as my profession, dispense cosmic insights. The STAR is literally the Stars of course, Astrology.

The 11th SIGN is traditionally ruled by SATURN, which seems weird to most moderns. Each planet originally ruled over two signs, a masculine and a feminine one- very balanced. The Sun and the Moon are NOT planets, Sun rules LEO and the Moon rules CANCER.

Planet Uranus was discovered by Herschel in 1781, although it had been observed before by the naked eye. Astrologers didn’t want to disturb the original 7 planetary designation, so they places Uranus as the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mercury.  It was originally called the Georgian Planet after King George the 3rd.

Little Prince George, son of Prince William and Kate has a prominent Uranus in his natal chart, 12 degrees Aries Retrograde in his 4th house is square to Pluto at  9 Capricorn in his 2nd house,and his Mars at 6 degrees Cancer in the 8th . It seems that he will be a very different leader or his position of power will be radically modernized.

URANUS rules the 11th sign and house of wishes, hopes and dreams. Higher consciousness, objectivity, big picture thinking, management, organizations,  engineers, radical new inventions,  IT, the Internet, computers,etc. open-minded, group think, lightning, aeronautics, ambulances, clubs, debating, earthquakes, chaos, dangerous  fire powered weapons, telepathy, guerillas, eccentrics, the Occupy movement, and more

URANUS is in ARIES Of course, In that tight T-square dance with the other planets so most AQUARIANS are feeling that big squeeze.

ARENT YOU????? Lets hear form you AQUARIANS> SPEAK UP

HEY ALL YOU AQUARIANS -YOU need to bring IT. The revolutions which honor each individuals right to be free. You were born for these times.

To thine own self be true.


ALL writing is copyright of Tara Greene