Tuesday, Inspirational Daily Card

Tuesday afternoon, post Blue Strawberry Moon Solstice.

I hope you had a lovely Solstice celebration. We did, just my husband and I in the backyard. We had our bonfire and did our ceremony there. There was fantastic weather, very breezy to cool off after a hot day. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were brightly visible shining down on us. 

Capricorn earthy element Tuesday- you got variety, almost one of everything,

1 sextile, 1 incongruent, 1 trine and 1 conjunction. 

Moon to NEPTUNE in the wee hours- should bring enlightening dreams or too much drinking and revelry hangovers? 

Moon inconjuncts Mercury in Gemini in the morning

this is NOT the best day to ask for a raise, or to try to debate.

MOON trines JUPITER a nice earth trine is always good

Gratitude is important under this kind of trine.

Moon conjuncts PLUTO

The moon and Pluto rendezvous once a month. To talk over Huge business deals, deep secrets, connive, plan big schemes, dig up dirt, recycle, and to plan those long term scaling the heights maps. A good time to dig through your own psyche. 

ONLY 8 more days of MARS RETROGRADE! 


Universe Tarot Tara Greene

Medevial’s DreamTime Tarot by Stefan Beckhusen


The World or the Universe is the last card in the sequence of the Tarot. We have completed a major life lesson, finished a cycle. As such it symbolizes SATURN, the third dimension, the real physical world, maturity, our karmic lessons. Once we take responsibility for creating everything in our lives, we are free. We have “Done it my way.” as Frank Sinatra sang. It is “After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”  It’s the laundry, the bills, ageing and freedom. 

I like this image a lot, it is a quite different take on the Universe which traditionally always has a dancing naked woman in a vagina/vesica pisces dancing with the 4 major Fixed signs of Astrology surrounding her symbolizing the 4 elements. This card reminds me of death, leaving the Universe and also the cosmic coming back into the Universe. Pretty trippy. I feel there should always be the Woman symbol as she represents the soul, the anima, always considered Feminine in its nature. 

A very appropriate card for the SOLSTICE, once cycle has ended and a new one beginning.

Please share widely. The more the better.  All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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It’s cryin’ time ,Centaur Chiron in Pisces 2/8/2011-4/20/2018 + Spiritual healing web Tara Greene Astrology advice

Chiron, the famed Ancient Greek Centaur,aka Wounded Healer, a rogue “comet,” planetoid…

You may know only know of Centaur’s from Firenze from Harry Potter books. This Centaur Chiron whatever you want to call his rock form, carries a lot of psychological and symbolic weight. Chiron first dipped his hooves into Pisces ocean waves in April 2010 the day the BP deep Horizon oil rig blew up creating one of the worst eco-disasters ever in the Gulf of Mexico. Talk about yer wounded healer…that was a pretty dramatic {Piscean} first act. The best is yet to come. Love hurts…

Chiron re-enters the last sign of the zodiac and the last is the first and round-about as Pisces is the Sign of spirituality, endings,karma, illusions, delusions, fantasy, dreaming, creative, soul mates, oil,
depth psychology, institutions, drugs, addictions, escapism, Hollywood, glamour, debt.
Chiron shows us how to heal by making us Ubber vulnerable within our own wounds. Yes in Pisces the big tendency will be to escape, to numb out, drug out,fantasize, but the reality { in Pisces?} yes the reality is true spiritual healing is available for the next 7 years which is a good enough long time to thoroughly heal yourself and be re-born with the rest of the world and in the oceanic bliss of Oneness.
stay tuned. CAll it RAdio L.U.V. call it the Bliss wave, 2012, Ascension,Fractal Time, Aluna,the Aeon, the Returned Jesus, Judgement day, a rose is a rose is a rose…
Spirituality the church the 2000 year reign of Christ is ending, Pisces the fishes is the constellation associated with Christianity, nearing its natural 2,000 year reign. It is metamorphosis time.
Religion will be personal, communal, intuitive, through dreams and intuition, trusting feelings, not the mind, curing through mental thoughts, harnessing and learning that consciousness is all. and other great stuff. Meditation, thought control, communal living,dream connections, master spiritual teacher, telepathic comunications, itis all in process. we will teach each other how to heal and we will be taught by the Angels and Ascended enlightened master tyeachers coming through. Feelings will become once again realized as the true mind, the feminine will re-gain prominence. the inner worlds will be balanced with the outer. Stay tuned I wil be leading group meditations, join my mailing list
taragreene@sacredartscentre.com for more info