Scorpio Full Flower Moon, sex bomb astrology

Scorpio Full Flower Moon of the 10th/11th blooms with soulful power and intensity. Like the lotus which roots in the depths of the mud, we have the ability to open ourselves to fully flower under an intense grand Fire Trine and a new consciousness energy. The Full SCORPIO Moon @ 20+ degrees of the 8th sign brings to high tides our deepest feelings about sex, death, power, control, secrets, psychology, money, taxes, rebirth and transformation the revelation of your shadows.

Flower Moon, Scorpio Astrology Tara Greene

Maria Louise Kirk, from The story of Hiawatha

SCORPIO Mon’s are never  LITE. This is the full Flowering.


“Downward through the evening twilight,
In the days that are forgotten,
In the unremembered ages,
From the full moon fell Nokomis,
Fell the beautiful Nokomis,
She a wife, but not a mother.
She was sporting with her women,
Swinging in a swing of grape-vines,
When her rival, the rejected,
Full of jealousy and hatred,
Cut the leafy swing asunder,
Cut in twain the twisted grape-vines,
And Nokomis fell affrighted
Downward through the evening twilight.”

– see link to poem below

Scorpio has three levels of consciousness. The lowest Scorpion level, on the ground, defensive, sting and get away, ruthless.

Medium level, the EAGLE-more fully conscious, rising above the depths of bare survival.

The highest level, the Phoenix, transformed into higher emotional levels, rising from the ashes, evolution. 

The emotional intensity is highest under a SCORPIO FULL MOON Supercharged.

The MERCURY URANUS exact conjunction occurs in the morning on the day of the Full Flower Moon @ 25 degrees ARIES conjunct ERIS. This is a total mind blowing energy. Its extremely volatile, and can bring on intense lightning storms, explosions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, nuclear spills or attacks. It is chaotic, unexpected shock.  Naomi Klein wrote about the Shock Doctrine. It’s like that.

MARS, the ruler of SCORPIO is in dualistic air sign GEMINI trining Jupiter Retrograde in LIBRA. There is a lot of airy elements to this depth. Things will feel oppositional, with lots of arguing and debating about current changes in policy, government, sexual roles, gender, relationships and money. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES is square to MARS, creating a confused, foggy, projecting, dreamy, fuzzy, obfuscating, martyrdom, denial and addictions energy into the mix. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship of any type or an addictive relationship or realize your own addictions, then this powerful Scorpio Full Moon can help you to see that clearly and have the strength to let the co-dependency umbilical cord die so you can walk away and seek help and healing. 


Kundalini rising chakras on fire

Kundalini rising/Galactic Center

This Full Moon may be one where many can connect with the spiritual nature of sexuality as healing tantric energy. The sex bomb is kundalini energy. The coiled snake at the base of the spine. Be very respectful of this natural atomic bomb, its very uranian and Plutonic.

The mood may bring out the darkest shadow qualities. People may be nasty and ruthless. Expect others to fight dirty. Watch your back and don’t take anything for granted. The 8th house Scorpio energy is karmic, many old chapters need to be closed and ended now. 

SCORPIO in the Tarot is the Death card #13

Death, Tarot card reading Tara Greene

PLUTO, co-ruler of SCORPIO, Retrograde in Capricorn is squaring that Mercury-Uranus-Eris ARIES conjunction and JUPITER in LIBRA. We are still in another HIGHER round of Cardinal CROSSES.  PLUTO is sextile the Moon lending it, even more, power to turn the tides. 


Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology

Between URANUS ERIS MERCURY in ARIES to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and LEO NORTH NODE at the 29th degree. The North Node has just crossed the heart of the lion star, REGULUS now in VIRGO to retrace its old position in LEO.  Fire trines are fast, energizing passionate, impulsive, too honest, angry, and spiritual. 

Let’s see what the Chandra Symbols by John Sandbach say

 “Global Transformation (Ayin Shin Lamed)

Angel: ASALIAH (a-SA-lee-YAH) Contemplation

Scorpio 21: The wind whirling thousands of loose manuscript pages. 

Chaos can rewrite reality, and sometimes that is a good thing. NOTE THIS>

This degree knows when to let chaos have its due. We think that things need to be prioritized in a certain way – that’s our story. But when the plot of our story get ripped apart and re-ordered, a new story can emerge, which reveals new and unsuspected aspects of the self. This degree is about being aware of how we limit what we see, and through a renewal of our looking finding new ways of seeing and thereby learning more about what we’re looking at than we ever thought we could.

Chandra Symbol  “A pair of glasses with no lenses in them.” This degree is about seeing directly, although, it’s not that simple. Because the lenses are missing the focus here is on the frames,and the fact of the matter is that it is how we frame things that determines what we see. The more we look beyond the transparent lenses which are distorting what we’re seeing the closer we will come to seeing the truth.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 8. Experts arguing over the authenticity of a painting.  Debating over the nature of reality leads eventually to the realization of alternate possibilities and the potentially freeing nature of chaos. “

CHIRON in PISCES is trining the SCORPIO MOON  and square Saturn on the Galactic Center

This is a time of intense upheaval, shocking changes and revelations, power struggles, tyranny, secrets, manipulations, anger, revenge, repression, control, and deep ruthless darkness of the soul coming into the light to be healed. For many it may feel like the “dark night of the soul.”

The GALACTIC Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius is the great COSMIC VAGINA, where all souls are born from and return to the source. Saturn on the G.C. now and throughout 2017 is grounding us to the truth, SAGITTARIUS tells the truth, the higher truth. Saturn is re-bonding us to HER vibration to the great Galactic Mother’s womb/source. This is to anchor us in reality so that we all know where we really come from. Remember this only happens once every 28-29 years.

Saturn rules reality, the bones, the earth plane, time, 3D, maturity, matter=Mater- mother. Saturn was traditionally the mother obviously, not the father.

Ride the depths of the SCORPIO FULL FLOWER MOON.

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Scorpio overload, Sexy lady, Galactic Central Mars

October 22

Moon’s in Libra today doing the Cardinal Cross dance plus its conjunct Mercury, quincunx Chiron for some major wounds and sextile Jupiter for a positive recovery.

Take a deep breath as we are leaping into the DEEP WATERS to drown in Scorpio sexual regeneration energy.

Oct 23 SCORPIO overload. 

SUN enters scorching Scorpio. Identities are changing, the key is to See beauty even when it isn’t pretty,as in ORIAH Mountain Dreamer’s Invitation. 

The beauty in death, embracing all of life.

This is a Tibetan Buddhist teaching. Go to graveyards and meditate on death, endings,your ancestors, Halloween stuff.

Venus enters Scorpio at 4:52 pm EDT   SEXY LADY seduction time till November 16

Yes its time to OBSESS over everything. Deep, deep, transformation time. Death, rebirth, secrets, sex, sex, sex, recycling all the garbage

Venus rules your love life, your values, art, relationships, women.

SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Old love affairs that have died may be rekindled now.. 

VENUS in Scorpio is The Empress and Death combined.

The Goddess of BIRTH and the Death Bringer, the HAG or Crone. Nature, the Goddess is both, In every birth there is a death,

Scorpio Venus babes are vixen’s, the devil’s bride. All that projection of men’s fear of women’s sexuality. 

VENUS IN SCORPIO is EROTIC Fixed energy, purpose, power. Gives staying power. 

Venus in Scorpio dressed in a Dominatrix outfit, cracks her whips.

Venus helps you to address your fears of intimacy while she is in Scorpio.

All religions have sought to control women’s sexuality as it is the direct line to ecstasy to God/Goddess source. I always liked the  teachings that the SHIVA/SHAKTI  Masculine Feminine force are always in union always lovemaking, constantly co-creating the Universe. The nature of the Universe is erotic, magnetic.

Imagine a world where the erotic is celebrated and worshipped instead of reviled. It is returning.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay- Z, Mila Jovovich, Bill Gates, Mahatma Ghandi, Demi Moore,Jim Morrison of the Doors,Vladimir Putin, Bruce Lee, Joachin Phoenix, Avril Lavigne, Charles Manson, Zac Efron.Matt Damon, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Spielberg, Ann Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Drake, Rachel McAdams,Marie Antoniette, Keith Richards, Ava Gardner.

Moon enters Scorpio at 5:10 pm 

SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs at 5:57 pm EDT it is visible in most of North America.

Scorpio cleanses, renews, scrapes away. There are lots of  lingering shadow, fears and anger to shed. The Fear factor is huge right now- ebola, etc.

MARS, Scorpio’s  ruler is on the GALACTIC CENTER

MARS in Sagittarius until October 26 drives sexuality to higher heights. We will want to philosophize our sex.

The deep desire is for TRUTH. Honesty is the best aphrodisiac. Do you think this is true? 

Try telling your partner the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth while having sex. 

When Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas TRUTH will be the measuring stick for the next 2- 1/2 years.


and GO into DEEP SPACE.

The Galactic Center is the void/wormhole/Black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy

Our mother, the cosmic vagina. What the mayans call Xibalba – where the souls emanate from and return to. The Matrix.

Send your imagination out there – 25,000 Light Years from here.

From the event horizon you can download massive Galactic information. It is vast. It can seem  incomprehensible. You will get a small piece of the puzzle for you to ruminate on. Others get their pieces of the pie too. Ask and you shall receive.

I will be meditating especially at the eclipse when the energies are the most powerful. I have my Natal Mercury here and trust me I have been tuned into that spot since I can remember as a very young child. It is my beacon, my main antennae. We will meet there and swap info OK?

PLUTO is co-ruler @ 11 degrees Capricorn Pluto sextiles Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces.

there is major healing going on but underneath the surface,deep in the psyche




All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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