Expand psychic and dreaming power

March 15 Mercury enters PISCES, the sign of psychic, dreaming, compassion and bliss energies until April 3rd. A quick dip into oceanic spiritual, psychic, empathic consciousness and dreamscapes. With Mercury in PISCES, our consciousness morphs into being very sensitive and telepathic. With covid-19 and all the losses many have suffered we have all learned to be more empathic and compassionate to others and ourselves.

Do charitable works during this time. Know that your mind is not separate from the SOURCE.

Our psychic energy fields are naturally expanded and the need for strong boundaries is absolutely necessary. Remember to protect your thoughts and energy fields, your home and where you go. Wearing black tourmaline and using Lavender oil on your 3rd eye is recommended. Saging by wafting burning dried sage, not cooking sage and using incense and other forms of fumigation for clearing energies.

Pisces is very creative, spiritual and dreamy. This is an excellent time to take note of and journal with your dreams. LUCID DREAMING will be much easier and powerful. Meditate, practice yoga and do visualization. Be creative with painting, making films, dance, sound healing, dream dramas and poetry.

Give your feet special attention as Pisces rules your tootsies. It is not an accident that the bottom of your feet is called the sole. Pisces as the 12th Sign rules addictions, self-sabotage and karmic endings. Mercury in PIsces can make you more focused on denial escapism and addiction-prone. You can be more detached during this time and get help with tackling your addiction. The 12 step programs are still very helpful

Mercury is the quicksilver Magician in the Tarot, consciousness itself.  The Piscean or Fishy, feminine, is the spiritual and emotional source of all life as well as the well of the collective unconsciousness.

Mercury in PISCES

Pisces is the symbol associated with Christianity as the AGE of PISCES began around Jesus’s birth. OMG this gives scary old Ted Cruz an advantage as a bible thumping political candidate here for a few weeks. The demons and the angels reside in the 12th house as our shadows, our dark side. This is an excellent time to write out and analyze your shadows and dreams. 

Mercury in Pisces  Keywords

Spiritual communications, intuition, 6th sense, clairvoyance, the divine, oracular mind, synchronicity, brain fog,  photographic memory, imaginative, dreamy, creative, artistic mind, film critic,  glamour speak, speaking in tongues,  God, the Infinite,  SOURCE, dolphin and whale communications, mermaids, sirens, the oceanic consciousness, denial state, expressive arts therapy Bliss, compassion forgiveness, end of mental habit or cycle of thinking.

Mental problems, depression, schizophrenia, addictions A.D.D., Telepathy, remote viewing,  spiritual lecturer,  humanitarian minded, compassionate,   spiritual junkies,  mental/spiritual healing, thought transfer, distance healing, confessions, A.A. meetings,  spells, magic, wizard lessons, thinking about ephemera, analyzing your dreams.

While Mercury is in Pisces – do try to telepathically communicate with your ancestors, Guardian Angels, and to project your thoughts to others, pay attention to your dreams.

Put your head in your heart/ EMOTIONS, the seat of the soul.  Think compassionately, put yourself in others’ shoes. Do unto others as you would have done to you. 

It is also very idealistic and romantic, Pisces rules the “soul mate.’ You can connect with that special beloved more easily. Be careful of projecting what you want to see onto others and the “too good to be true” deal on all levels. 

PISCES rules actors, musicians, artists, dancers, ceremonialists, shamans, priestesses, photography and film. 

FAMOUS PEOPLE With MERCURY IN PISCES – naturally actors, actresses and empathic, creative sensitives


LADY GAGA- whose song Till It Happens to You- is a very empathic song about women being raped.  Celine Dion, famous for her vocal range and extremely emotional delivery. 

Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday,  Johnny Cash, Kesha, Steven Tyler, James Blunt, Carrie Underwood, Nina Simone,  Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elton John, Fergie, Pharrell Williams, Ravi Shankar, Erykah Badu


Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Rickman, beloved Professor Snape in Harry Potter, John Travolta, Lucy Lawless, Tom Hiddleston, Steve McQueen, Rachel Weisz, Heath LEDGER, Bette Davis, Queen Latifah, 

Model Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan, David Letterman, 

Politician Mitt Romney

ARTISTS- Yoko Ono, Benicio Del Toro, Diane Arbus-photographer, 


Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin,


Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel, classical composer. 


Victor Hugo’s author of Les Miserables, and what is known as the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, 

Charles Baudelaire, Maya Angelou, 


PSYCHIC Edgar Cayce, Eckhart Tolle, Rudolph Steiner, Tony Robbins, Ramakrishna, Dane Rudhyar, 

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You are the magic

Card of the Day June 9 YOU ARE The MAGIC from the Muse Tarot

the Magician #1 Arcana in the Tarot is the go to card of the day.

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Virgo moon time, Martin Luther King

The Virgo Moon keeps the mood of the collective grounded, conscientious and willing to serve. This is an industrious Monday so pull up your sleeves and get right to work.

It’s also Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. honoring his birthday on Jan 15,1929. Remember that he had a dream which he followed and built upon and created lasting change and awareness.  See his natal chart analysis below

The moon opposes Venus and Mars and trines Pluto during the day. This could be a productive think/tank day. Use your intuition and intellect in balance for the greatest results.

The moon will square Saturn in Sagittarius bringing a cold hard bitter taste of reality. Good for your digestion but otherwise hard to swallow. Difficulty with foreigners is a major issue.

The energies feel very tense as Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius approach their exact square this week. This is a tough aspect. Tempers are drawn taught. It’s a passive-aggressive game too.

The moon will oppose Chiron as well as MARS CONJUNCT CHIRON in PISCES and many people are feeling depressed, low energy lethargic and hopeless. Addictions escapist urges and scapegoating energies are high. These aspects are difficult and draw on our deepest levels of compassion and faith. Pisces

Mars conjunct Pisces is a cosmic finger in our wounds. Yes, we are feeling vulnerable and hurt. Addictions, escapist urges and scapegoating energies are high. These aspects are difficult and draw on our deepest levels of compassion and faith. Pisces is the source the true God or goddess source. If you are feeling desperate then pray, cry for a vision, for help from the angels from source from the divine mother’s unconditional love. This is a healing crisis in the world.

Read about those who have triumphed over adversity. Who have walked through the fire and emerged unscathed though smelling of smoke and ashes. Like MLK.

Martin Luther King Astrology Marrtin Luther King Astrology tara Greene

Martin Luther King was an earthy hard working Capricorn with his SUN right on his M.H. born at noon. This indicates a person who will achieve worldly success and notoriety.  With the Moon in PISCES -the dreamer, the religious idealist-conjunct Ceres, the nurturer and provider of Earth’s children. The Moon in Pisces is in the 11th house of organizers, freedom fighters, radical difference makers. Moon in Pisces indicates a martyr, someone who will sacrifice themselves for an ideal or dream and it is in square to Saturn in SAGITTARIUS, the sign of truth and justice, religion, education and freedom and is also square to MARS Retrograde in GEMINI. MLK was a gifted speechmaker, inspiring leader and a highly energized communicator and debator. Mars Retrograde made him a

Mars Retrograde in his 2nd house of values, made him a peaceful, non-violent warrior. His natal Mars was also Out-of-bounds when he was born, making him a very different kind of man, strategist, and orator. His message was for freedom of actions for all. 

MLK also had Venus in Pisces, of course he had a dream, as Venus is opposite to Neptune in VIRGO at Zero degrees.His dreams needed to become practical real and available for all to use.  

MLK’s Mercury in AQUARIUS in his 10th house of worldly fame indicates he was a man of higher consciousness, a rule-breaker, a revolutionary, freedom fighter. He always thought outside the box, jail or any limitation.

URANUS the planet which rules Aquarius is in ARIES in the 12th house

This is an unconscious driving force. MLK was a self- starting independent entrepreneurial man and the maker of his own revolution. He had a fiery radical inspired energy. He could ignite people to action.

With Jupiter in TAURUS conjunct his natal Chiron in his 12th house trine Neptune in Virgo

MLK was a stubborn, sensual, hard-working, determined leader. Through his own experience of being locked up in the 12th house, shut out of opportunities, being seen as inconsequential and being relegated to “the back of the bus” through segregation, this wound is what fueled his practical dreams.  Jupiter in Taurus in the 12th indicates a martyr as does his PISCES Moon and Venus and Ceres. Jupiter squares his Natal SUN. 

With his Natal Pluto in Cancer in his 3rd house opposite his SUN, MLK had incredible powers of persuasion and charisma. 

MLK had incredible powers of persuasion, communication soul power and charisma. He could and did move a mountain because he cared so much. MLK was very close to his roots, his family and his Mother. 

MLK’s North Node @ 28 degrees TAURUS conjunct to that fixed star ALGOL in his 1st house

Here’s what famed Fixed Star interpreter  Diana Rosenberg has to say about ALGOL at 26+ degrees TAURUS. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” 

MLK identified as the earthy stubborn bull headed confronter of the darkness. 

His SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO in his 7th house indicated that he was married to transformation, to deep emotional power struggles, to much change, death, reformation in his lifetime and in his death. MLK was obsessive about obtaining his goals. He was an intensely sexual man. In his later life, he was a fierce critic of the Vietnam War, and he has begun to preach an uncomfortable gospel that involved the radical redistribution of wealth a very Scorpionic topic. 

We all know that he was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968 which sparked many riots in the U.S.

Interesting how today  88 years after his birth. The planet Pluto is exactly opposite to where it was at his birth. The same issues of racial inequality and racism are rearing their heads again in the U.S. and in the world. 

The planet Neptune is exactly conjunct to King’s Natal VENUS in PISCES with transiting Venus conjunct his Natal Moon. We are still dreaming about peace, equality, egalitarianism. 

Saturn in Sagittarius is only 2 degrees away from King’s Natal Position, this would have been his 3rd Saturn return this year had he not been killed at only 39 years old.  Where are we in regards to truth, honesty, education, justice, and freedom with our International countries? These topics are all going through major reshuffling right now.

Transiting CHIRON in Pisces is squaring MLK”s SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

This echoes the same aspect going on now in 2017. The wounds are still there, the dream of peace equality and respect for all life is being held up by Saturn, symbolizing the conservative, restrictive, racist, Patriarchal republican party politics of Donald Trump and an effect that is being felt in the world as well.

Uranus in Aries is squaring MLK’s Natal SUN

 Uranus has made one complete revolution since his birth. How far have the ideals and dreams of MLK come? We carry the legacy, it is our karma to evolve.

MLK was a #19 Personality the SUN, the leader, the Source, the inspirer, the life-giving Light.

His hidden teacher number was 10- The Wheel of Fortune – he gambled, he expanded our world.

His root number is #1 THE MAGICIAN. The Magician’s ability is to communicate, to initiate, to invoke through the powers of intention. We are also under the influence of the number 1 Magician year. Use the current energies to monitor your thoughts and intentions to create the magic you wish to see in the world.

Don’t be down about the current energies.

The New moon will change all of this. The Chinese New Year of the fire Phoenix is upon us. The Phoenix is an immortal bird and birds represent souls. We will all rise collectively from our own immolation, from our own destruction, this is Scorpio energy. Jupiter will enter Scorpio in October 2017. We will live again through this destruction and become greater, not through our projections of our own sovereign powers onto any leaders but through owning our own power.

Mars will finish his swim through Pisces purifying waters and enter Aries, his own domicile on the new moon and a new cycle begins again.

Rest now, be patient. All will be well,

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Image by Napoleon Brousseau Napo Brousseau

Six things to do when Mercury is in Virgo

Mercury enters its home sign of VIRGO July 30 where communications, details and accountability rules. Where getting the job done perfectly is all that matters. This is good as it help us get our minds refocussed back to the daily ordinary humdrum stuff. Virgo, the 6th sign, is hard working, serving others and humble. Yes they can be nerds. Bernie Sanders is a Virgo.

EARLY MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT August 30 -Sept. 21 Fall Equinox is the 22nd.

August 30 -sept. 21 Fall Equinox is on the 22nd.

Mercury Retrograde will have us rethinking, retooling and reperfectting though September’s ECLIPSE season.

VIRGO the Virgin is the largest Constellation, She is THE Great GODDESS the Divine Mother.

6 things to be sure to focus on with Mercury in VIRGO


Health is wealth and very important to Virgo. You are what you eat. Beneficial time to do a cleanse, especially as we are going into season change time. You will find it easier and more beneficial to stick to a healthier, more nutritious natural wholesome diet. There is more cognisance of the mind/body connection. Virgo is the harvest, the plants and herbs of the earth. Try using a homeopath, naturopath, Chinese acupuncture or ayurvedic specialist. Virgo is the body, always tune in and listen to your body as it never lies. 


Virgo’s are the workaholics of the Zodiac. They love to be of service and are traditionally the servants of the Zodiac. Questions to ponder with Mercury in Virgo. Are you working too much?  Are you too afraid to ask for a raise or speak up about your rights?  Are you truly loving your work? How can you master your work? Think about ways to reinvent your work environment and innovate new ideas in your work. If you are bored to tears then move on. 


Virgo’s need to feel they are being of service. Do you feel that your work and your gifts are being used in the right service? What is your higher purpose for serving? Whom do you serve? Are you being of service to your own body, your own environment? How can you improve this?


Mercury in Virgo can help all of us, especially those who are neatness challenged to get their acts together. Gemini,  Pisces, Sagittarius- listen up. Virgo energy is perfectionist. Not to be O.C.D. but use this time to clear out messes everywhere you find them. Reorganize, declutter, recycle. Be more prompt and on time. Follow up and follow through. Virgo energy is extremely responsible and Always gets the job done.



After all your hard work you need to reap the benefits. Where can you do this in your life? Do you have an idea of what your goals are and what that harvest looks like? If you don’t have a very Virgo business plan and clear goals you cannot create and manifest what you want. Make a plan, get some coaching if needed. 

6. Gratitude 

Always be grateful for what you have no matter how humble. Bless those bills. Affirm abundance and not poverty.

Remember JUPITER is finishing his year long blessings to Virgo’s and exits the sign on September 9, 2016.  Get your shit together now. 

MERCURY the planet is personified as THE MAGICIAN Tarot Trump # 1


THOTH TAROT # 1 the MAGUS Mercury 

The magical skill we all have is our minds. With our consciousness we can create whatever we wish to. Yes you are a wizard or a witch. We all are. You are what you think. The Magician usually has an  INFINITY symbol over his head. As does the woman in the STRENGTH card which is LEO energy.  With Magic you can  control ALL TIME.  The mind is INFINITE. Mercury is a hermaphrodite, both masculine and feminine. He symbolizes the two-lobed brain, the conscious and unconscious sides of ourselves. Each person contains both sexes. Inter-gender is a popular term these days.  The MAGICIAN is a trickster.

The Sign of Virgo the Virgin earth is personified as THE HERMIT #9 


THE HERMIT is not necessarily alone or has abandoned all worldly possessions. The Hermit is usually pictured as a wise old man with a long beard in profile holding up a lamp, a light to guide the way. He is very  much the Inner GUIDE, the one who is always there within you. Just quiet that busy mind and you will find the Hermit, as your ancestors, an unbroken lineage working for and protecting you. 

Use this time with Mercury in VIRGO to tune into that ancient wisdom of the Hermit residing already there.

THE SUN will enter Virgo August 22 and there will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo September 1st which will trigger a hell of a lot of cleansing. 


What is your relationship with your inner hermaphrodite?  Bruce Jenner is our current Magician.

How IN TUNE are you? What kind of mind games do you play on yourself?

Dialogue with the HERMIT daily as a meditation. Ask him questions, he is waiting to guide you. The Hermit can be a female guide as well, the Virgin Goddess, the keeper of the harvest.

Why am I so afraid of being alone? Very important for women to ask this question.

Talk to your body, ask each part how it is feeling, You will be amazed at how correct this is.


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