Venus sextile Pluto sex and power

December 28 Venus, the love Goddess in Scorpio is at her sexiest best. She is deep fearless, obsessive, wanting to go deeper, darker, further, push the envelope, dive into sex as death, sex as soul, sex as life. She wants total control. She is a dominatrix, into BDSM dark and very dangerous things. 

Pluto is one of the ruling planets of Scorpio. Mars being the modern ruler. Pluto is making a long trek through Capricorn. Pluto overturns everything in its path. Pluto brings death, recycling, rebirth, resurrection beyond any fear. These two planets don’t often touch base.

A sextile is a 60-degree “easy” aspect. 

A venus sextile Pluto aspect is the sluttiest of them all.

Power is what Pluto is all about and Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn is earthly power, Plutocracy.

Carl Jung said there are only two emotions. Love or Fear. 

Capricorn is associated with the Tarot Trump card #15 The Devil.

Scorpio is associated with the Tarot Trump card #13 Death

Venus is associated with the Tarot Trump card #3 The Empress

This aspect enables our deep feminine Venusian side mired fully in our emotions in watery Scorpio Pluto ruled to easily access our soul’s earthly gifts. 

Use this energy to mine the jewels within your self. Significant meanings with powerful people are possible. Use your feelings and desire to move forward. 

This is very much a power of Attraction energy.

Meditate on what your soul really desires. Is it sex, love, power, control, resistance, money, death, fame, fear,  these are all just soul experiences on one level. 

Those with planets at 20 degrees of Scorpio and Capricorn plus Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, will feel the impacts more directly.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Law of Attraction New Moon in Sagittarius

Attract anything you want at Sagittarius New Moon December 6 @ 11:20 pm PST/ December 7 @ 2:20 am EST and 7:20 am GMT because the New Moon is conjunct the Great Attractor at 15+ degrees of Sagittarius.

Great Attractor, Astrology Tara Greene

The Great Attractor 2MASS_LSS_chart-NEW_Nasa IPAC Caltech, by Thomas Jarrett [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Galaxy and nearby Galaxies are being sucked into The Great Attractor. Our Solar System is hurtling through space at a furious pace of 2.2 million kilometers an hour.  Were not clear as to what the G.A. really is but apparently its an  Intergalactic gravitational anomaly at the center of the local Laniakea Supercluster, where the Milky Way is located, called the Zone of Avoidance. This Z of A is called this because it’s very difficult to observe wavelengths because of the obscuring effects of our own galactic plane. 

The Great Attractor, determined in 1986 is situated 150 -250 Million Light Years from the Milky Way. 

he Great Attractor bends time and warps light. Connected to Sagittarius, the GA brings foresight and hindsight. We can see what’s up ahead without seeing it. Using our 6th senses and trusting our blind insights to boldly go forth. 

According to the Law of Attraction, where your consciousness goes it attracts the same energy or vibration. 

The GREAT ATTRACTOR  aka Abell 3627

Tropical Longitude: 14 Sagittarius 02 22 {2000 AD.} Latitude 38 S 54

Sidereal Longitude 19 Scorpio 18 11, Right Ascension 243 53 12 Declination 64 S 55

This New Moon is also very spiritual and Neptunian in nature as Neptune and Mars are conjunct at 13-14 degrees PISCES virtually squaring the Sun and Moon.

JUPITER the planet which rules Sagittarius also rules Pisces. Jupiter is in his home sign at 6 degrees Sagittarius- right on my Sun! This is an extremely advanced, {the word that is coming to me} telepathically enhanced, optimistically, sourced, connected, brand New beginning on the last New Moon of 2018.

Jupiter is the planet of Goodwill, exploration and risk-taking. Jupiter is the Master Teacher. The Sun and Moon at the 15th middle degrees are at their high tide mark.

This energy can be overwhelmingly shocking. A blast of Truth from Jupiter’s fiery Sagittarius ethically justified, judgemental nature may dash our naive illusions and Pisces projections, but for the better. 

Neptune and Mars together can work one of two ways. Either as spiritual warriors fighting for the defenseless and from the Soul or fighting a religious or a Holy War. It can also raise consciousness around addictions and co-dependent behaviors. 

Delusions of grandeur and glamour, that smoke and mirror show which we are blasted with daily can now be seen for the truth of what that is.  Hypocrisies will be revealed. Anger and rage at allowing ourselves to be victims and martyrs may be ignited in personal and global politics. Our instincts get unleashed like a stampede of wild horses.

SAGITTARIUS in the Tarot is Card #14 Temperance traditionally ART in the Thoth deck

We can be alchemists now.

Jupiter itself is symbolized by Tarot card #10 The Wheel of Fortune

Mercury turns Direct on the 6th  at 27 degrees Scorpio trining Chiron in Pisces

This is a symbol of reintegration and transformation, of releasing what no longer serves us and of integrating strength from our Higher Powers from Our Guardian Angels. Old karmic wounds are bubbling up to be healed. Many empaths I’ve spoken to are exhausted. Many people are feeling burned out. Chiron is also slowing down to turn Direct on December 9th. We need to do the deep soul healing work now for ourselves and for the world at large. Chiron is closing a 50 year cycle in the next few months before re-entering Aries.


Speak your truth inspire others. Jupiter is justice, honesty, ethics and integrity, get on your soapbox and preach. Just be careful not to be a hypocrite.

Sagittarius is half human and half horse. Use your horse- sense your natural instincts. 

Galavant off to exciting new adventures, book that exotic trio, yoga vaca or Vision quest now.

Omega and Chandra symbol from John Sandbach

“Sagittarius 16. A magician’s wand sprouting golden leaves.(Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

(Degree Angel: Yeiazel (YAY-ah-ZEL) Speaking the Right Words, Divine Consolation and Comfort)

This degree has a wonderful aliveness that allows and supports the flow of creative energy. It is a degree of fortuitous occurrences, which are allowed room to happen because creativity is engaged in with a minimum of expectations. What seems ended goes into a new cycle of growth, and what seems exhausted of possibilities suddenly and surprisingly spawns new potentials. Its all about attitude.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A man shearing sheep.” The man is borrowing from another life form what can be useful and protective to himself. This is a degree of adopting and adapting. The wand of the Omega Symbol is now sprouting new growth, taking on a new form in the golden leaves, just as the wool can take on the form of coat, hat, rug, etc. This degree finds materials everywhere which it uses to form new creations. And, of course, the sheep is the creature of Aries, signifying a new cycle of growth.

Azoth Symbol: Thoughts being exchanged by many people over great distances.”- 


At this New Moon, do light red or yellow or purple candles for Sagittarius fire.

Jupiters’ metal is Tin. Stones are turquoise and smoky quartz. Jupiter likes exotic things, mantras, and information.

Sit and focus your will and intuition and once you clear declare your intent. Be positive confident and know that Jupiter has your back. Aim your arrows of truth and visions higher like the Archer. 

Know that YOU  are the Great Attractor, you can attract whatever you wish. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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