Mars in Sagittarius Full Moon recall

May 21  Full Moon at 1+ degrees Sagittarius is conjunct MARS Retrograde at 1+ degrees.

This is one HOT HOT Full repressed angry Full Moon. Tempers will be flaring, as old issues that have been simmering on the back burner will burst into flame. Mars Retrograde’s repressed anger can only go on for so long. This Full Moon draws out the waters of the tides but also of the element of FIRE.

We can see the anger growing over the POLITICS of the election in the U.S.  Sagittarius rules the political arena, laws, foreigners and most importantly TELLING THE TRUTH. 

WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? Most people are not aware of the lies they have been drip fed from the moment they are born and  before that. The shit is about to hit the fan.

SAGITTARIUS always aims higher and Saturn in SAGITTARIUS is RETROGRADE and BERNIE SANDERS is basically Saturn the elder, wise philosophical teacher incarnate, who is FINALLY speaking the TRUTH. Bernie Sanders is aiming to take freedom higher, to expand the vision of the people and he is trusting and having faith and keeps humbly to the task of being of service to the collective. This is ambodying JUPITER the ruling planet of SAGITTARIUS in VIRGO and square to SATURN – exact May 26. 

This is an important aspect, the last of three JUPITER square SATURN  @ 14 degrees VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS.  Saturn is also conjunct to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR  a vast anomaly in space which curves time and allows us to see things from a totally different perspective. We have a unique convex space-time mirror with which to see the hidden agendas. Where are these degrees in your NATAL chart?

Jupiter is Faith and Saturn is reality. Jupiter laughs and Saturn is bitter. So together they balance each other out.   Where do you need be less critical, less perfectionist about sweating the details?  Saturn’s shows where you need to tighten up and be totally honest whowever hard that may be. Where do you need to be more grounded, realistic, honest and mature with your  ideals?The dreams need to have more flesh from both of these planets now. 

Their first square was August 3, 2015  at 28 LEO/ Scorpio- conjunct old Fixed star Regulus. 

their second square was March 23, 2016 @ 16 degrees VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS.

We need to think about where we were at  when they started this trinity of squares.  Balance your work and your play. Do pay attention to the details. 

THE GAP  between your dreams and the REALITY is super important.

Sagittarius’ shadow is hypocrisy. Do you lie to yourself? Do you promise things you can’t follow through on?Do you let others do that to you? 

It is the First of the Four Agreements of Toltec Shaman Don Ruiz

BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD – Be faithful to your ideals. 

It is time to teach what you know, grow up take yourself seriously, the world is waiting for your knowledge. Or perhaps you need to go to school and start learning what your vision is so you can make it your work.  Follow your bliss and keep it real. 

 there is also a GRAND EARTH TRINE 

Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus -turning DIRECT MAY 22nd @ 14 degrees TAURUS and JUPITER and the NORTH NODE at 13 and 18 degrees VIRGO respectively. 

This is a framework of pragmatic magic. A triangle of keeping it real.

The SUN is conjunct another hot flame and that is the Asteroid Goddess VESTA at 2 degrees GEMINI. Vesta keeps us focussed on our goals. We stay steady incorruptible, dedicated to keep that spark alive whatever that is for us. 

We are literally burning the candle at both ends. That is literally what it is, what it feels like and how it looks. Are you feeling that way? I have mentioned feeling the fatigue from Mars Retrograde. This aspect will breathe some fresh air into the flames. 

MARS is very bright in the sky and makes it closest pass called perihelion to the Earth on MAY 22. this is important in a real gravitational way too.

MARS is the warrior God when he lays down his arms when Retrograde he feels uncomfortable and insecure as he is used to being a warrior. His exact opposition to VESTA indicates that he is ready to be initiated by the Vestal Priestesses to heal his old warrior ways. He needs to be reborn, cleansed and loved by the Great Mother of his PTSD. This is partly mentioned in the Fisher King story.  The wounded warrior goes to Vesta’s Temple and honours the Goddess for his shame of spilling blood and killing at the Full Moon. Only a Sacred VESTAL Priestess who is menstruating can cleanse his soul from the profane bloodshed in war. By admitting his sin the Great Mother may forgive him as he repents, and the Mother’s love is the most powerful cleanser there is. The Vestal acts as the Goddess and in their sacred lovemaking, while she is veiled, anonymous, she shows him that her sacred menstrual blood of Life can cleanse and renew his soul.  As the warrior lets down his defences and allows himself to be human and vulnerable and awed by the beauty and power of the Goddess, and years to love and protect her more than his own life. then his tears open his heart so he can receive the Goddess love and can emerge cleansed, renewed and purified to return to ordinary life, loved unconditionally by the Vestals sacred Blood of Life. 

On the Full Moon, this is a time to recall those ancient ways. We can light and balance the spark of trust and faith. If you have been wounded or been the wounder it is time to meditate on going to Vesta’s sacred Temple with offerings to the Goddess. If your inner masculine is wounded you can ask for healing for that part of yourself. If you are a man and feel that you have abused women, or someone else or your own inner feminine intuition by only doing your duty, or passing the buck then you need healing at this time as well.

The old masculine warrior Patriarchal model can and must be healed and brought into balance now. We desperately need a whole, feeling-based Goddess honoring Masculine energy. Mars will enter Scorpio May 27th and we will go deeper into the Masculine’s soul wounds, 5,000 years of being split off from the mother, from living in fear. Mars will be Retrograde until June 29th and will stay in Scorpio until August 2nd.  

This is a time of a lot of tension.This full Moon in Sagittarius demands that we speak our truth and show our wounds in order to be healed and made whole once again.. 

Neptune is squaring Saturn at 11 degrees Pisces and so is the South Node.  We are releasing old martyrdom scripts, of being the long-suffering victim. We are leaving unhealthy spiritual fantasies and projections behind and learning to know that it is in real life that real change and real dreams happen and can grown to bring substance and sustenance.

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