Crazy love; optimistic ideas Weekend

How’s the VENUS-URANUS issue gitting you?

Very literally Venus is Money and Uranus is the internet= Cryptocurrencies skyrocketing like Bitcoin hitting new high valuations.

In your personal life a bit chaotic much?

Values and tastes are changing quickly. Relationships are rocketing and ricochetting all over. Relationship upheavals are of the moment. I know it’s not easy but with the help of a Taurus FULL MOON, we can stay grounded.

The Moon will make frustrating aspects with an inconjunct or an inconvenient truth to be precise to SATURN in Sagittarius in PDT and EDT and GMT.

NOTE: Daylight savings time ends Nov. 5 @ 2:00 am in all areas that make this time different moving back 1 hour.

MOON will also inconjunct VENUS in LIBRA later tonight in PDT only.

This aspect brings up money issues as well as the urge to try to hold on when the sands of time are shifting beyond our personal control.

Nov. 5

The energy continues to be chaotic as Moon opposes Mercury in Scorpio at the last degree of the most intense sign in the wee hours.

Scrutinize everything with your X-Ray vision

MERCURY in SCORPIO gives us laser-like X-ray scrutiny vision. 

Use this super power wisely. 

the Moon goes Void of Course at 1:29 am DST

MOON enters GEMINI in the wee hours.

MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS to bring out the truth.

Our thinking and communications will be more optimistic have more humor which we can all use and being more easy going A good offset to all the SCORPIO intensity.


December 2/3rd @29 SAGITTARIUS the most critical degree.

MERCURY RETROGRADES until the 22nd @ 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 

You know what to do. I’ll write more about this soon.

GEMINI moon creates an inconjunct to JUPITER in SCORPIO

Gemini Moon inconjunct JUPITER Tara Greene Tarot readings

Inquisitive minds be on guard against nasty Scorpion attacks.

Gemini MOON trine MARS in LIBRA

Nice for socializing this evening. Dont even try to make any decisions.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

We need to decide on which fantasy we want to pursue. Also be careful of the doubly Jekyll and Hyde aspect of this energy. Be mindful of your alcohol drug and prescription intake tonight.

Do incubate some dreams. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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