April VLOG Tarot Astrology for CIA

Here is my monthly Tarot Astro vlog that I have been doing for over a year for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Top Agent CEO has decided to make this public on the CIA website so it’s available to an even wider audience. 

If you want to go to your specific sign here are the time stamps:
ARIES 1:15   TAURUS 3:04    GEMINI 5:10    CANCER 6:55
 LEO 9:04    VIRGO 10:23    LIBRA 13:15    SCORPIO 16:00 SAGITTARIUS 18:57  CAPRICORN 21:37  AQUARIUS 24:04   PISCES 26:19 

join the Cosmic Intelligence Agency they have a full roster of the best astrologer’s in the world to help guide you. I am Agent 129. 

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