World Tarot Day is May 25

HAPPY WORLD TAROT DAY MAY 25 on this TOTAL BLOOD MOON SAGITTTARIUS LUNAR ECLIPSE, BE THE WISE FOOL 0 Zero infinite and 22 an Enlightened Master. I’ve been celebrating this day since 2004. It got me my first national Media coverage in the Toronto Sun Newspaper. It was started by Den Elder in 2003.

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

I have been promoting WTD since 2004. World Tarot day was started by Den Elder and has become expanded on by Tarosophy.
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Think Bullish Taurus time

April 19 MERCURY fresh from a conjunction with the SUN on the 18th at the very last critical degree of ARIES enters earthy sensuous TAURUS and we think sensuously stubbornly and artfully.

Mercury, the Messenger of merch, marketing and communication enters the Bull Market sign of Taurus April 19 at 6:28 am EDT ahead of the Sun at 4:34 pm at EDT.

Our minds and identity meld into one embodied, stubborn, sensuous, bullish energy. Lots of bull market talking even though the market may be in retreat this week.

 IT’S TAURUS SEASON April 19  SUN enters TAURUS at 4:33 pm EDT ground sensuous beauty love  and luxury, This is VENUS ruled  and VENUS is in her home sign so these factors bode well for All Taurus people right now. 

 The Moon continues it its home sign of CANCER too until 11:11 pm PDT but stays at home for the rest of the times Zones until the 20th.  Keep cooking and nurturing and connecting to family. 

the moon this week aprol 19-25

April 22 VENUS conjunct URANUS in TAURUS it’s EARTH DAY

at 6:01 pm PDT/ 9:01 PM EDT on the 23rd in GMT

That’s market chaos, unconventional women, values, relationships are topsy-turvey. Venus rules money so the market could start to take off at this conjunction. Uranus rules Cryptocurrency. Basically this is like trying to ride that Mechanical bull. Hold onto your cowboy hats and watch those spurs and chaps. Have a good one. 

April 23 MARS enters CANCER until June 11

Running home to mom, nurture, food, emotional safety. Foodie time. Love your pad and make it comfy. Pregnancy fever. Macho is coccoing at home. Men in the kitchen, nurturing masculine energy. Mom dominates. Can conflag the real estate market even more as Mars is where the action is. We will be feeling sentimental. This can also be aggressive women and mothers fighting to protect their sons from gun violence. I’ll write more about that separately. 


At the moment Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Lilith are all in earthy Taurus along with Pluto in Capricorn. With Mars in CANCER and Athena and Neptune in Pisces and the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 that is a lot of receptive feminine energy. 

Jupiter Saturn are in Airy Aquarius for now. Chiron and Ceres are in Fiery ARIES. The Nodes are in Fire and Air.

April 23/24 MERCURY conjunct URANUS in Taurus

 This is Radical thinking, new tech solutions, merchandizing. A great higher minded solution based for organizations and networking focus. Our minds are electrified and very open. This is good for science and outer space discoveries. All media is on the crypto markets. I realized in doing some research how few people own the top 1,000 or more bitcoin wallets. These days that is billions of dollars but its like less than 3,000 people in the whole world. 

April 24/25 VENUS in TAURUS squares SATURN in AQUARIUS  a tough love day.

Your love will be sorely tested by Saturn today. Women want freedom, open relationships and equal rights.  You may meet karmic soul mates in the airwaves. Radical taste changes. Inventive make overs, change your style. This is new government regulations in the stock market which could try to regulate crypto or go all in. Break away from routines in relationships change things up be daring.


More yelling about limitations on freedom, Protests, can be more suppression of people voices. When we are dealing with Uranus it is very chaotic energy. MErcury symbolizes our thinking and analysis the way world events are being played out may be scrutinized in a very different way. Saturn in Aquarius is grassroots organizations. Lots of street organizations protests about police.  

April 25/26 MERCURY conjuncts VENUS in TAURUS

A romantic sensual day of writing love sonnets, reciting poetry or creating it, smelling the flowers, and singing silly little love songs. This is a creative day for enjoying sensual delights, being in your body, getting a massage if you can. Talking about beauty, money, art, culture. reading about beautiful women. Thinking about the money, the economy, real estate markets. Talk about what brings you a sense of beauty.



This will be a cathartic intense grounded and transformative Full Moon. A PDF of what to prepare in advance and associated minerals crystals oils will be sent. LIVE on ZOOM. Bring your astrology charts. There will be a Q & A. 

Fee is $28 Canadian sign up

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Tarot Cards for Feb 9-10

Checking into the MUSE Tarot Cards for February 9-10

as Moon moves from Capricorn into AQUARIUS on the 9th @ 8:20 pm EST

SUN conjunct RETROGRADE MERCURY on the 8that 20 AQUARIUS and the shot was heard around the world as AQUARIUS SUN rules the internet cryptocurrencies and BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, etc. Retrograde means we may revisit this degree in the future when MERCURY crosses it again MARCH 7/8th.


The wounds and vulnerabilities can be talked about

Moon conjuncts PLUTO- power struggles

MOON will be VOID OF COURSE for most of the 9th so chill and reflect,

The 10th amps up the AQUARIUS energies

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Daily Tarot Card and Astrology

Daily astrology and tarot aspects from the Lovely Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne March 16

2 of Emotions, The Muse Tarot, 2 of cups

2 of Emotions, The Muse Tarot, 2 of cups

The 2 of emotions or 2 of cups traditionally

The two of Cups represents Venus, planet of love, beauty relationships, the arts, money and women, of course, in Cancer the cardinal water sign of the Mother ruled by the Moon. The Moon is always the womb, mother’s milk, nourishment, safety, moods, change, home,intuition, imagination. The Venus Moon connection is very relative to being at home and needing to feel emotionally safe and nourishment too. Making this card a super feminine dreamy imaginative, emotional, sensitive one. In The Thoth Tarot is called Love.

This card is also linked by extension to Jupiter the Great Benefic, planet of luck and expansion which is exalted in Cancer.  

Take this card as a good omen to stay balanced, to allow your feelings, intuition Mercury in Pisces as well and goodwill to flow. Love yourself unconditionally so that you may love others equally.

all content is copyright of Tara Greene 

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New Moon, 11:11 Inspirational daily card

I’ve been meditating tonight and got inspired about some new Super Galactic information I want to work with. 

I’ve been attracting some amazing clients lately. I am very grateful. Of course all the information is confidential.  Will write about that later. 

11:11 New Moon   Inspirational Card of the Day 

tarot card meanings, Tara Greene tarot readings

8 of Pentacles/coins/ disks – Medieval Scapini Tarot

The #8 and the #11 are interchangeable in the tarot. That is a long controversy. Some decks have the flow from Trump #7, The Chariot which is the sign of Cancer, followed by Trump # 8 as Leo the sign of following Cancer which makes sense astrologically..

Some decks changed it up, most notably the Thoth Tarot which has #8 as JUSTICE, the  sign of Libra and #11 as Strength , sign of Leo.

They are both powerful numbers. The number 8 alway alludes to infinity, the power of now,the master number 11 which is 11:11 today has to do with Mastering the power to know that all time is now as well. You can access all memories both past and future at any time. Yes future memories. I’ll write about that another time. 

8 of disks Tara Greene toronto

a different 8 of coins this one for Tarot Pink for Cancer by Carmen Waterman

This is a card of craftsmanship, perfecting your creative gifts whatever they may be on the earth plane.  It is a symbol of abundance, merging with the work you love, following your bliss. 

I wish you an infinity of Blessings on this blessed day. 

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Selfie,playful, fixed incoming energy

You are in the spotlight today Early Leo’s or late Cancer’s. Yes it’s SELFIE DAY.

 The SUN, head honcho who we take our biggest cues from is in Leo now and Mercury the communicator just entered Leo too about ten minutes ago they conjunct at ZERO degrees LEO which only happens a few times a year. 

Zero degrees LEO is symbolized by  the Ace of Wands in the Tarot

Inspirational Card of the Day

ace of wands Tara Greene

the Libra moon holds sway opposing URANUS . A fire has been lit.

 Be aware of bright ideas, lightning strikes and similar sparks in your mind. There may be brilliant conversations. Beware of much chest thumping, ego expounding and too much ALL ABOUT SELFIE!

People can also  be feeling very generous and open-hearted today, 

Playful too.

MOON ENTERS FIXED SIGN of Scorpio @ 7:07 pm PDT/10:07 pm EDT

 and squares Sun and Mercury late tonight PDT/next day EDT

you better get some emotional flesh on those matched quick. Weekend will be intense,  embattled and inventive.

Remember Venus Retro on July 25 and Uranus Retro on July 26. 

more about that later.

gotta go


Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Tarot bytes horoscope advice,from Tara Greene

I am writing a book which has many chapters, all about various spiritual and psychic events, episodes, interests.

PISCES FULL MOON highlights spiritualized realization, channelling, open dimensions, telepathy, compassion, COMPLETION.

Here’s some short ‘n sweet, well some may not be too sweet,   Horoscope bytes for the PISCES FULL MOON

Moon Goddess Tara Greene

 and I’m choosing a Tarot card for you for each sign


Full Moon in your SOLAR 12th house, cleanse those filled to bursting karmic closets, release, give thanks> Compassion is an important step,not to be overlooked.

TAROT CARD – 3 of swords – don’t overthink  it, Neptune may be making you off balanced. dream on it.


Full Moon in your solar 11th house. Say goodbye to old relationships & habits, I know its hard for you bullish ones, but its time, Just let them dissolve and build new

Tarot Card- 7 of WANDS – be courageous, you have the old tyme valour in you. So the right thing.


Full moon in  your 10th house of career, Fame. WOO HOO! Are you too uncommitted to succeed? Do you self- sabotage? Think it through, ponder it as deeply as you can, ask your unconscious to connect to your conscious mind and  release old concepts.

Tarot Card -4 of Wands- completion of a cycle, new beginnings, confidence, go with it.
 Full moon in your 9th house of higher learning, travel, foreigners, teaching, restlessness. You get a lovely Water Trine. It’s Important for you to learn to receive. You must nurture yourself.  Go for that big journey, vision quest. It’s safe and the right time to leave home feeling strong and supported.
Tarot Card-Princess of Disks – You are pregnant with possibility, Very fertile, Ground your bliss. Forgive yourself too.
Full Moon in your 8th {Scorpio} house of sex, power, money, resources, change. Let go of ego pride, it’s keeping you  stuck. Vulnerable Tenderness is  the coolest power to have. Open your heart, dance a dance of open-hearted strength.
Tarot Card- 4 of Disks – all about heart power, a strong foundation. Grounding authentic worthy goals.
Full moon in your 7th house of relationships, marriage, business, all “others,”  Serious connections, marriage, partnerships. Your dream of finding a soul mate is being realised. Let go of always taking care of business and doing everyone’s work.  You don’t have to be a hermit.
Tarot Card – 6 of swords- analyze the science of spirit, discover scientific basis for physics and spirituality where they merge. Focus on connecting.

The Full Moon is in your 6th house of health, work, service, pets, community.  Where are you overdoing it for others, yes it’s a Libra trait, but being  a doormat for others needs is out of balance. See it, drop it, achieve balance. Raise your boundaries. Redecorate your office. 

Tarot Card- The POPE/Hierophant Trump # 5 Use your Venus gift to speak your truth. In that way you can be of greater help to others as well as yourself.


Pisces Full Moon in your 5th house and in easy Trine. The house of love affairs, creativity, sex, cheating, denial. Are you a sex or porn addict? in denial? Sexual healing for you. You need to go to rehab. Forgive yourself for your own pain, release the past. Give it up to God, confess and go clean. Its much more rewarding.

Tarot Card- Prince of WANDS- like a house on fire!  summon up your will to win. To be truly your best with an open passionate heart.


Full Moon in your 4th house of  self, home, mother, emotional  security. The perfect time to allow old wounds, forgotten memories, to rise & be cleansed like bubbles and float away. This house is the foundation of yourself, the’s very healing. The Great Mother loves you unconditionally. You know this.  Call on spirit to help you. Your prayers will be answered.

Tarot Card-Ace of Wands- arise like a butterfly out of the cocoon of past wounds and fly high. New inspiration,


Full Moon is in your 3rd house, of communications, strategy,  choices, airing out ideas. HAving beginner’s mind. Who do you need to forgive in order to grow?  Where has your thinking become so rigid you can’t see new possibilities? Dissolve rigidity to see all is new.

Tarot Card- 2 of Disks/pentacle- CHANGE- it is Jupiter in Capricorn, change is the name of the game, it is strength.


Full Moon in your 3nd house of self esteem, assets, tools, money. What do you think and feel you are  worth? Open to your emotions, your feelings have value. Learn to trust your sense impressions. There are other kinds of intelligences in the body. Think with your feet.

TArot Cards- 10 of Disks/coins/pentacles – wealth, material success, hitting the jack pot. INtegrating all aspects of you makes you invaluable.


Full Moon is in your 1st house. You are the way shower.  Healing your self first. Expand your intuition,  spirit channelling, Tarot, dreams, mysticism, dreamwork. These are all your natural gifts. Just listen, Its is all there. You are in your element. Release all negative entities now. YOur intention is all, call in the Archangels and God’s/Goddess love and light to surround you.

Tarot Card-The CHARIOT Trump #7 Protect yourself from taking on other peoples’ emotions. You are in the driver’s seat now. Nurture and protect your connection with spirit. 

That’s all folks. I wish I could write all about my day. 


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SHAKE IT OUT- Florence and the Machine 

inspirational Tarot card for the weekend, from Tara Greene

Yes I went fishing yesterday. Well not exactly fishing but just a drive out of the Big Tomato thats what I call my hometown Toronto.

to the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay.  I work very hard and all work and no play makes me feel dull…

Yes I will write about Syria again as the crisis of choices is looming for that situation.

Yes and Oh No it’s the last weekend of Summer

It’s along holiday weekend.

So I felt like pulling 2 cards to  mull over.

The 1st one is the King oF Wands



The King of Wands is the Fire of Fire

It rules the last decan of Scorpio -Nov 13- Dec 21

I will be interviewed on Radio soon talking about Tarot and Astrology on Beyond Worlds Blogtalk radio

I’ll keep you posted.

The Fire of Fire

is about as primaly firey as one can get. In the tarot of metamorphosis it has a very different image than the traditional one. A  tree or ent person, a living tree is seated on a throne holding a smaller tree in his right hand.  The Tree always symbolizes the Tree of Life. Thats a very different than the usual King of Wands always holding a firey torch.

Lots of passion and power  here, passions which could get out of control. It masculine fertility. Fire is spirit,


Violent swift actions. Like a lightning bolt light up the night sky it quickly passes. Be careful about where one chooses to strike.Dont get overly enthused and burn out tooo quickly.

This is an intense T- square weekend. Moon opposes Pluto and conjuncts JUPITER squares Venus. Are you getting used to all these  T- squares heavy duty aspects yet?

Moon enters Leo Sunday night and the Moon conjuncts Mars  late late. Some difficult energies on Monday.


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FIRE by Bruce Springsteen   

Grand Sextile, how was it? Cosmic Orgasm or…

How was that GRAND Sextile feeling for you? WaS  IT cosmically orgasmic?

If you were feeling like it was just irritating or even nondescript, DON’t FRET.

Lets not forget all those hard T-square energies were also part of the Grand plan.

Yes, I have seen the interconnecting Merkaba triangles spinning every time I have gone into Meditation and very quickly. I had a very powerful dream last night which I will write about as it is alone, a whole book in a way. I felt the higher frequencies and interdimensional beings come through.

Yet I have also felt the Tough  T- Square aspect. The T-square is between PLUTO in Capricorn opposite Jupiter and Mars in CANCER in square to Uranus in ARIES. Yes it can make one testy, irritable, unpredictable to put it mildly and it really pressure’s Libra.

LIBRA’s and peeps with planets in Libra between 4-13 degrees- you get dragged into the T- square which then becomes a Grand CARDINAL CROSS for you.

That’s  immense pressure


GRAND CROSS from Tuscany

of these days.  LIBRA’S you have to balance things out by drawing some boundaries, and learn to march on your own path-that’s Uranus in Aries. Yes it can feel scary- Jupiter and MArs in Cancer, but your soul-Pluto in Capricorn,  knows it needs a strong, long-term practical  plan for you.

I have my Natal Mars and Saturn in those degrees  of my horoscope chart.  yes it felt  alternatingly irritable too. I sat in the garden for awhile just reflecting in my meditation while Grand Sextile was occurring.

AQUARIUS peeps with Planets or Sun at 1-13 degrees

You are also in another big FIXED Grand Cross with the Sun in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus. Time to shine and stop blaming everyone else- Saturn in Scorpio. Lay a practical Taurus  foundation,know you have the resources to create an entirely  whole new shiny You.

SAGITTARIUS  and GEMINI with Sun and planets from 3-9 degrees of those signs

You are experiencing a MUTABLE Grand Cross with Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Enough self-doubt and self-criticism already. Work that feeds your spiritual side needs to be learned and integrated. Charity work and learning to listen to others’ needs is also important. You need to balance the mental focus with the more intuitive side of your brain. Spirit is calling you to meditate and to have spiritual disciplines like Yoga, and creative outlets.

I would really advise that you keep doing the Guided Mediation for 5 days continuously as you are experiencing the harder side of this.

till August  3.

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June 17- 20 Astrology Mood guide for the week

June 17 

We are in the PRE_MERCURY RETROGRADE SHADOW- don’t forget.


Moon is in Libra and that’s always relationship emphasis. WHAT DO YOU THINK? rush out spend $ on beautiful things, clothes, jewellery etc. But Moon= moods are stressful because of the aspects Monday, a quincunx- which means “U no speak my language, no comprende” to dreamy, artistic, romantasy Neptune in Pisces, meaning there will be  relationship disappointments.

Moon is Square to Pluto, cue the heavy breathing, squabbles, secret looks; Moon is opposite Uranus=chaos which is social suicide for a LIBRA MOON, Are we getting used to the BIG T SQUARE yet? We should, theres 2 more years of it. Moon trine Mars in Gemini, air signs are yakkety yakking and being ambivalent very quickly, and quincunx the Wounded Healer Chiron in Pisces. OUCH is all I can say, I wish I could kiss your spiritual/social boo boo better. I am, I am sending you a special energy healing kiss- mwaa!
The next 6 weeks are SPECTACULAR the JULY 16/17 GRAND WATER TRINE, the SUN JUPITER North STAR conjunction now, and finally a very rare Grand SEXTILE in late JULY! It doesn’t get much better than this folks. WATER SIGNS you are IN!!!!  WATER IS HOT HOT HOT in a good way. Think of it as a hot tub you get to relax in for 6 weeks.

June 18

Libra moon does its lovely salsa,samba, dancing at home with a lovely dinner with Venus in Cancer. Moon squares Mercury, let those feelings out. Libra’s are detached you know. Moon makes beautiful bountiful magnificent TRINES to SUN AND JUPITER! This is that beautiful energy, give thanks for all the abundance in your life. Jupiter opposite the Galactic Center. 

Moon enters Scorpio 11:38 pm PDT June 18.

JUNE 19 Moon enters SCORPIO @ 2:38 am- Its got STUFF!!!

A heavy day Scorpio Moon conjuncts SATURN, Get serious and grow up GEMINI’s especially those whose birthdays it is today. But you get the icing on your birthday cake as the SUN JUPITER conjunct at 28 degrees GEMINI on the North STAR and you begin your best year in 12 with a golden ticket. 

There will be some angst though as Mars in Gemini squares Chiron in Pisces, old wounds may be lit by fiery tongues. Don’t spoil the party. Moon plays bumper cars with Uranus and Mars later in the day- June 20 EDT.


Scorpio moon keep on doing its research demolition obsession thing with Mars in Gemini. Moon makes lovely healing aspects to Chiron, Venus in Cancer and Mercury. All those long nights of weeping, wailing and soul-searching reap the rewards.

MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS in CANCER today @ 7:57 pm Hug everyone today!!!

this is great for heart to heart talks for real. 

I’ll continue the week as its summer solstice talk.