Deep insights day

November 18/19 Under a sobering Capricorn Moon and the Searing Scorpio Black Sun sextiles Saturn deep insights are on the table with some nice light sextiles today too..

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Mars sextile Pluto is truly transformational

June 18 Mercury has gone Retrograde until July 12 in CANCER at the pivotal 14+/15th mid Degrees conjunct SIRIUS, the brightest star in the skies. 


along with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto with NEPTUNE turning Retrograde on June 22/23.

We are being pulled back

Moon is in Taurus making lovely trines and sextiles today. Be nice to your body.

MOON is void of course all day until 

MOON enters Light spirited GEMINI at 5:00 pm EDT

Moon trines Saturn Rx in Aquarius keep thinking outside the box,


This is a truly Scorpionic transformational aspect. Use Mars in Pisces Psychic MAgic to Transform your embodied soul, wisdom and wealth.

June 18 @ 4:00 pm PDT 7:00 pm EDT 11:00 pm GMT



The Queen of Inspiration is the Queen of Wands

The Illustration on the heading a black image with a horse head and is me posing for an unpublished tarot deck created by artist Bobbe Besold in 1981 of the Queen of Wands I realized afterwards.




Mars enters Cancer, pussy boys, warrior women

Mars entering Cancer, the sign of hearth, the Mother, home, family, food, ancestors and the Sign ruled by the ultimately feminine Moon on June 4 to @ 12:16 pm EDT/ 4:16 pm PDT  until July 20th. Mars the warrior, goes home after the battle of  “should I or shouldn’t I” on the mindfields of Gemini.

Mars in Cancer, fire and water Astrology Tara Greene

Image from Mars Water


Mars is Traditionally considered to be in its’ fall in CANCER, as Warriors need to be on the Battlefield, as in Game of Thrones, not in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Cancer is the Most Feminine nurturing sign, that of the Mother. Cancer is all about sustenance, nourishment, the womb, home, emotional security.

Warrior MOM’s

Warriors battles will take the form of  cook-offs, BBQ battles, eating contests, family feuds, defending home turf. Mars is weak in Cancer, he is a pussycat not a Lion. This is a good thing. The embattled, war-weary warrior must return home sooner or later. Men may be seen as suffering from PTSD whether they have actually been in war or not. The workforce is a very competitive battlefield. Soldiers of the battlefields become soldiers of Love.

Cancer is the sign of emotions and needs and the modern Masculine men are taught to conform to the Patriarchal culture with anorexia of felt emotions.  Defending their own vulnerability, defending their tenderness, their need to love and be loved, men  are always defending their hearts from being open and that’s why so many die of heart attacks.

The warriors need to lay down their arms and to surrender, like the Hanged Man in the Tarot, into the arms of  the GREAT MOTHER, the DIVINE FEMININE, to be taken care of and also his rightful place is to defend the Feminine as in the time of CHIVALRY in the legends of Camelot.

the hanged man Tarot Tara Greene

Men need to become Knights in shining arm, defending and integrating Feminine values and this is what Mars in Cancer is teaching them to do. Men need to defend the FEMININE rights, freedom to express themselves, abortion will be a hotter topic. “I fight for beauty”- Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones.

game of thrones Tara Greene astrology

 Mars in Cancer governs the Stomach, the battle of the bulge will be on.  Tummies will be ultra sensitive to any emotional and food upsets.

Mars in CANCER –Warrior women  

Cancer governs the 4th house traditionally and that house/sign holds the key to your actual physical birth and pre-birth, to your relationship with your Mom, your early childhood, your roots, foundation, the Unconscious, your womb experiences. Any Unconscious, shadow material will be activated by Mars in Cancer. Mars is angry and lashes out spontaneously. So this would be a great time to do some therapy work and mine that treasure trove of knots in your gut caused by unintegrated emotional scars that you can’t recall consciously.

This will be a tumultuous time as Mars aggravates family feuds. Mars in Cancer is literally water on Fire or fire in water, battles over water rights, and the oceans. Street fighting man cools his heals by being soaked. Also more water in the weather, we just had the worst flash floods ever in Toronto last night over 1oo millimeters of rain in a few hours.


Surrender your ego posturing, your defenses, your need to fight and be right. Let go and allow. Honor your Feminine side, your intuition, and feelings which are always clear. Women become Wonder Woman our Amazonian heroine. The women’s March is the new way to move the world. Fight for feminism, fight to defend your home and children, family and keep it safe. Remember you need nurturing too.

Where is the Sign of CANCER in your natal chart? That is where the action is.

I will write an Astrology feature for each sign shortly


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Early warning, Holiday New Year Mercury Retrograde alert

We will be aiming higher in our expectations as Mercury trots through the 9th sign From Nov 12- December 2nd. 

Mercury in Sagittarius is the TRICKSTER in a HORSE COSTUME

Mercury in Sagittarius Tara Greene

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS shoots from the hip quite literally. Aiming its arrows of truth, beauty and optimism higher in pursuit of the big questions. Why are we hear? What is the meaning of Life? We will naturally be talking more naively and honestly to the point of  saying too much.

Mercury in the SAGE is after wisdom, intelligence, justice, philosophy and inspiration. We will want to read a lot, especially history, we will want to know how to back up our pursuits of justice through education, knowing that if we have the knowledge we can back up what it is we seek. This is a about FREE SPEECH. Travelling, taking classes in a wide range of subjects, mysticism, philosophy, Leonard Cohen’s poetry, languages,exotica, yoga, animal rights, and our communities needs, these are all Sagittarius pursuits. 

Our minds are free to roam, this is a good thing, to realize we have common ground in many histories, languages and cultures world wide. 

SAGITTARIUS’s symbol is the rainbow, always a sign from Heaven that there is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Sedona Rainbows spiritual tours tara Greene

Sedona’s famous double rainbows

If you see rainbows, know that it is synchronicity telling you that your prayers are being answered. 


Yes we have one more Mercury Retrograde this year which is quite unusual. The “storm” period begins as Mercury crosses the Galactic Center at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS on December 1st. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 2nd, officially turns Retrograde on December 19th at 15+ degrees of CAPRICORN, those powerful middle degrees and conjunct to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and squaring JUPITER in LIBRA and URANUS in ARIES. A power packed Cardinal T-square. 

Get ready to have a very merry Retrograde Christmas Holiday. It is a Christian Holiday and it should be called what it is to the majority of Catholics in the world today. If we are to be truly liberal we need to be inclusive and honor all the religions and holidays and not be afraid to offend someone else’s religious beliefs who may feel left out. This is the true spirit of Aquarius.  

 Yes our New Year 2017 begins with a Mercury Retrograde in CAPRICORN, indicating that there will be some recalls, rehashing, reviews, karmic business headaches to deal with in 2017.  We can’t start anything new in 2017.

Mercury turns DIRECT January 7th 2017 at 28+ degrees SAGITTARIUS on the G.C.  So relax and chill.

 It will take until January 28th until Mercury passes the 15 degree Capricorn Retrograde degree.  So don’t worry about fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions this year. You will have time to prepare during the Retrograde.

A retrograde Holiday season is best celebrated in very traditional old-fashioned ways. Make your own gifts, give to the poor, connect with family and old friends. Its not about fancy shiny gizmos or toys or the latest thing. Christmas is based on the ancient Celebration of Saturnalia which the Romans celebrated to let slaves be equal to their masters. It was a time of festivities, cross-dressing and making fun of higher ups.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere celebrates Winter Solstice, the ancient pagan festival of YULE, the turning of the seasons of the year.  We celebrate the victory of the FEMININE darkness during the longest night of the year, which gives way to the return of the LIGHT, the masculine SUN at the Solstice, December 21st. The story of Christ’s birth is an overlay onto the old religions and was literally translated as a son of God for the real Sun. 

Retrogrades are good times to reflect on the past year. It has been a hell of a year. Many famous and well loved musicians passed away, David Bowie, Prince and now Leonard Cohen and we are at Nov. 12 as I write this. Well you know what’s been happening. 

2017 also begins a new 10 year cycle in Numerology as it is a #1 year. The year of the MAGICIAN in the TAROT which is also the dual-nature planet Mercury.

Mercury Retrogade Tara Greene astrology

The MAGICIAN is the beginning of a new 10 year cycle. The MAGICAN’s message is that you are the Magician. You get to create your magic using your mind, intention and consciousness. We all have this innate power. So we need to be very careful of every thought, both consciously and unconsciously and bring that apparent duality into one focused idea. Magic is the nature of the Universe. To cast a spell one simply puts one’s attention, emotion and will behind what one desires. I recommend only doing WHITE MAGIC or positive intentions. 

What magic do you wish to make in 2017? Think about it. Share your thoughts here if you feel moved, Our collective thoughts shape a greater reality.

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mars regresses ,anger management

i wrote a blog here which disappeared, mars retrograde. i am standing in the calgary alberta airport having bern notified thAt the clight is 45 minutes late. calgary is a new place for me, it feels blah. considering how wealthy from dirty oil it is or was.
mars reenters scorpio and the intuitive advice i received was
prepare your fallout shelters.
if you are a boomer you’ll remember the cold war and that we were afraid to die i. nuclear war and tvere were thousands of bomb shelters built.
i videod a card of the dat for you too,
i feel like im in the teilight zone.
think about your liver, liverco trols anger in chinese medicine. think a out all the angerand resentment and revenge plans u always wanted to execute. think about how you wanted to kill your ex. all of that old ju k that you stuffed will atise with mars in scorpio. do tbe ashamed,honour your anger and let it out safely. it is degunk time,

Pre-eclipse herbal remedies for all signs

Pre-eclipse March 22, the Virgo moon keeps ups grounded, which is a good thing. Watch your diet carefully,  and your digestive system, which Virgo rules. It’s likely to be stressed under the Jupiter Saturn square energy now until the month’s end, never mind March 23 Lunar eclipse.

VIRGO’s quest for 

Perfection, Astrology, Tara Greene

is being tested by SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and JUPITER in VIRGO exact on March 23. For all signs the reality versus the reality may be a hard test. Remember that NEPTUNE in PISCES is also in the mix making this a threesome. It’s really two reality principled elements and planets versus one very spiritual dreamy, ineffable sign. 

Jupiter in Virgo thinks if I work harder, I’ll get it right. These two planets balance each others energies out well though. JUPITER in whatever sign is optimistic, fun- loving and easy going. Virgo’s you are getting a big break for most of 2016 continuing on from August 2015.  Learn to play a little. SATURN is stern, testing,maturing and in Optimistic SAGITTARIUS, Saturn is making you manifest those lofty ideals Sagittarians are so fond on spouting. While bringing down the spiritual higher vision. 

 There’ll be a gnarly Moon Uranus inconjunct in the middle of the night may make it difficult to sleep. If you are tossing and turning or blowing up government buildings in your dreams, or shooting your accountant, that might be part of the picture. Uranus in Aries is feeding the revolutionary fever.

Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer in the early morning.

You may wake feeling quite weary and worn out. Its o.k. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and everyone else. Eat well. Don’t push yourself in your usual workaholic way. 

VIRGO energy is HERBAL remedies. Very ancient cures for what ails you. 

 Virgo herbs and aromatherapy oils and incense magic cures to help you through today.

To reduce Virgo’s compulsive tendencies, uses Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli or Vetiver. Some people really don’t like Patchouli- be careful of this one. 

To facilitate Virgo’ focusing abilities use Rosemary herb ir oil, Peppermint, and Lemon. 

To cam down your frazzled Virgo mind, and get some mental ease. Use Frankincense, Bergamot, lavender, Roman chamomile and Juniper. 

For an all around cure use CYPRESS, it is woodsy, grounding,  calms those overactive Virgo brains, and keeps us from  feeling overwhelmed, a common complaint these days. and helps facilitate deep and clear breathing.

Moon enters LIBRA @ 10:23 pm PDT so it’s fairly simple before the eclipse. Remember to breathe.

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Tarot Card of  the Day


Ides of March, inspirational Daily Tarot card


When Shakespeare wrote “Julius Caesar,” it was a classic example of art imitating life. Shakespeare  has one of the conspirators say, “How many ages hence shall this our lofty scene be acted over, in states unborn and accents yet unknown.”  But now at another CRAZY TUESDAY in the politics of the U.S.  2016, we have the reverse: Life imitating art.

“Caesar should be a beast without a heart
If he should stay at home to-day for fear.
No, Caesar shall not. Danger knows full well
That Caesar is more dangerous than he.
We are two lions littered in one day,- Note Donald Trump has Pluto Mars and a LEO ascendant on his royal Mane
And I the elder and more terrible.
And Caesar shall go forth. (2.2.45-51)” from Julius Caesar 

It is another make it or break it day.  Tense but variable under strong MUTABLE ENERGY

Mercury in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo with the Moon in Gemini

Gemini moon opposes Chiron In Pisces

expect more shouting matches and projections

there will be large voter turnout. Voters will be easily swayed under all this  flux of energy.

Gemini Moon squares the PISCES sun. -To divide or to come together?

That is the essential spiritual underlying energy.

The Moon will be VOID OF COURSE for most of the day. 

Moon enters Cancer @ 5:57 pm PDT/8:57 EDT.

The big fortune day is the 16th-

Daily Tarot Card  

4ofwands thoth Tara Greene

Watch the video of my short interpretation. This card augers a new beginning, a bold brash firey independent warrior. It is Venus in Aries. It also shows that the day is an ending a completion of the race. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Blow your mind, brilliant healing insights

Major planetary energies this upcoming week. I’ll preview Sunday and Monday’s energies.

It’s a URANIAN week with high mental winds,  high-octane intense energies, a super charged New Moon, major dramas, tension, stress, opposing factions, more stress, aggression, impulsive displays of emotions, and mental physical emotional body activations.

As I am getting ready to travel to L.A. I will write less and perhaps do videos when in California. Ya got any requests? What would you like me to be writing about? 

Sunday July 12 

Brilliant insights are available with the Moon in Gemini and the Sun squaring Uranus. Let go of the ego, journey into the unknown. 

July 13 Inspirational Card of the Day 

Tarot card reader Tara Greene The Tower

July 13

Moon continues on Gemini and is very active as befits a Gemini moon of course.

Moon aspects Uranus Chiron Jupiter Venus And Saturn this day alone. 

Mercury,Gemini’s ruler is in Cancer and Trines Neptune 

Creative and spiritual awareness and insights are there. It is through following your feelings that the magic happens. Trust your intuition. It’s OK to daydream today. 

SUN trines CHIRON – a delightful healing aspect 

Centaur by Gustave Moreau tara Greene

Chiron the wounded healer with dead poet Gutsave Moreau  19th C.

Major healing can occur today. Bringing to light old vulnerabilities enables greater spiritual awareness that We are the LIGHT. We are the Source. We are the healers, we are already healed and whole. This is great energy and very positive as the Heads will roll energy is coming right up.

Moon enters CANCER its home sign  late in the evening PDT.

We will want to stick close to home and please our tummys. Call your MOM.

A very serious sobering days end as VENUS squares Saturn in Scorpio Rx.

Venus is a the last critical degree of Leo moving at a snail’s pace and in Leo she is as dramatic as she can be. Venus, the Queen of Love Money, luxury and beauty is the Queen of Hearts now. And you remember what she famously said in Alice in Wonderland don’t you? 

Yes and heads will roll in many directions. I know that has an awful connotation  what with ISIL beheading Infidel captives. Many bigwigs may get the sac for one reason or another for various screw ups and snafu’s and breaches of security. 

On a more personal level relationships can hit big walls, and tests of their strength now, with many seemingly secure relationships getting rocked. This energy will pick up speed as the planet changes direction as Venus Turns Retrograde on July 25 for six weeks until September 6.

Saturn is depression and many people may be feeling alone, down, in the black, getting old and feeling abandoned, lonely left out…etc.  The aspect occurs July 14 in EDT in the wee hours. 

As Venus goes retrograde in LEO we must retrace our relationship choices, which were based on selfish, egotistic childish desires, the negative side of LEO; Witness the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. 

Monday has Moon trine Neptune – dream on.

Moon conjuncts Mercury 

talk about your feelings.

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Heads will roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs 



Inspirational Card of the day

I’m here at the Grail Spring Spa. It is very, very quiet and the snow is pristine white and everything is frozen still. It is beautiful, smells pure and clean and austere. It’s like being in the Movie Frozen.

It is -27 degrees Celsius so I am not going outside. 

I am feeling that Saturn square Neptune energy, like what are you doing with your dreams?

Inspirational card of the day

queen of disks Tarot Tara Greene

THE QUEEN OF DISKS reminds you to be in the body, be the Queen in your temple. She is associated with Capricorn and the Sun is still in the sign.  The Queen of disks rules over the earthly sensual domain of riches, fertility, wealth, health and all good things.The Astrology symbols of Taurus Capricorn and Virgo are in the image. She is deciding where she will give of put her energy. She is generous, there is no end to the riches that you have inside of yourself.


I think I forgot for  few days, that’s not like me. 

Moon is in Sagittarius.

The Moon is the symbol of the HIGH PRIESTESS in the Tarot Trump #2 she is in the sign of ALCHEMY or Temperance or ART. Listen to your intuition, take care of your temple, stay balanced.

All wise words I need for myself as well.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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PMS, inspirational card of the day

Sorry I haven’t been able to write the last few days. I have to say being an Astrologer and understanding Astrology gives one an advantage to understanding why you are feeling a certain way. I never blame it on the planets, Saturn is not my scapegoat.  That would make a great T-shirt that maybe only Astrologers would get.

Have you been feeling PMS? Even guys feel it. It has to do with the FULL MOON. It’s not bad necessarily. PMS for me means Pre-Moon syndrome.

I’ll explain. Women’s bodies naturally are governed by the Moon’s cycles. Before electricity and when women lived in smaller tribes they all synchronized their periods together as they still do in modern times and they all bled on the New Moon and ovulated on the Full. Men would naturally sense women being receptive to having sex at the Full Moon as it is a biological imperative to reproduce. Men and women are “in heat”, sexually aroused unconsciously or consciously at every FULL MOON, they are acting instinctually not logically. The myth of the werewolf stems from this.  predominantly. We still have a reptilian instinctual brain. That is partly what the sign of Sagittarius is all about. the human part is on top, the animal part below. It is about conquering the animal instincts to some degree.

SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON at 22+ degrees is at 9:11 pm PDT/June 13 at 12:11 am EDT. 

It is an auspicious Full Moon being the one after Buddha’s enlightenment.

If you have planets, angles, NORTH NODE, or predominant somethings conjunct or in square to- 22 degrees Pisces and 22 degrees Virgo  or opposed to 22 degrees GEMINI then you will feel the pull of this FULL MOON strongly.

It’s 5-6 degrees from the GALACTIC CENTRE at 27/28 degrees Sagittarius. 

Keep your cosmic antennae open. Good evening to meditate. 

Remember VENUS in Taurus opposes SATURN Retro in Scorpio speaking of scapegoats minutes before the Full MOON. Gemini’s may be feeling depressed about love affairs that failed. 

Moon is squaring Chiron in PISCES

It’s a hurting, healing time.

You may  feel like escaping through that Gemini SUN and refusing to take responsibility. or you can face the pain feel it fully and move on cleansed ready to face life more whole.

SATURN will trine chiron

so the old scapegoat or horny goat Saturn will help you to heal by drowning you in it, especially in Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS  sees the big cosmic picture,

aims higher, can laugh at our human foibles, inspires new adventures, sense of wonder.

It’s all just a learning curve, Sagittarius is all about higher spirals of learning.


6 of wands Rowan TAROT 

tarot reader psychic Tara Greene

THIS card looks very much like a GAME OF THRONES type of image.

The leader has the image of the mystic stag like the one on the Jaggermeister label and which is also Harry Potter’s dad’s petronus. the horned stag is an ancient pagan image of a horned god- not Pan- who is  goat and is also Saturn. but a male deer. Horns are like antennae, tuning one  into the cosmic messages, just like this Sagittarius Moon.

The sixes are all triumphant and centered in Tifferet the very central seffirot in the Tree of Life. Tifferet is BEAUTY. 6 is the number of the LOVERS in the Tarot. The six is the Merkabah – the Star of DAVID- an ancient symbol of the Marriage of heaven and earth.

So go forth triumphant with Beauty and Love. That is the only way to win.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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