Sensitive Sunday, solar storm CME warning

We may feel like staying in bed all day and under safer coversbin the relative safety of our own dreamland scapes.

Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde is quincunx to CERES, the great mother on solid ground in Taurus. Lofty spirituality ideals versus actual nurturing of our resources of the earth. The hypocrites will be trying to hide their heads in the sand the day after earth day. 

Moon conjuncts Chiron

We will be feeling each other’s pain. 

SOLAR STORM WARNING A humongous CME from a massive hole in the sun will be hitting us on the 23rd and 24th. This solar storm is a very powerful one can can knock out satellites. If you are sensitive you may feel exhausted, have headaches,  dizzynrss and have nausesu. The electro magnetic shifts can stir up Epstein Barr  and other sensitivities. Rest if you must. 

Moon squares Saturn and conjuncts Venus

This promotes compassion, healing and understanding. Underlying depression or fear may surface. Be gentle with yourself. It’s a good day for charity work and practicing gentleness with self. Meditate. 

Moon enters Aries in the evening and the fig leaves fits and the mood pics up energy. If you feel too restless go for a run.  Like waking from a dream everything  abruptly shifts and now it’s all about número uno. 

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Mercury Retrograde shamanic healing time

REMEMBER MERCURY is turning RETROGRADE for the 2nd of 4 Retrogrades in 2016!

 April 28 @ 5:20 U.T./ 1:20 pm EDT/ 10:20 am PDT  Mercury turns Retro at 23+ degrees of TAURUS an earthy stable sensuous sign. As Mercury doesn’t do well with a lot of earth, this Retro may throw off kilter a lot of practical things having to do with the mind/body connection, money, your resources, love and the arts. 

Mercury will turn DIRECT on May 22 @ 1:20 pm UT/ 9:20 am EDT/ 6:20 am PDT @ 14+ degrees TAURUS.

Mercury’s Post-Shadow lasts until June 7.

 As MERCURY turns Retrograde April 28th  the planet will be sextiling Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer shaman “planet” at 22 degrees.

Mercury Retrograde tara Greene Toronto This indicates a time for tuning into our bodies to find out where we have stored pain, knots and energy blocks from PTSD’s and to let our bodies wisdom tell us what it needs and how to heal it. Our bodies are very wise and record everything we have experienced since before our births.

Dream work is also augmented at this time from Chiron in Pisces energy. Traditionally sick patients were sent to the Dream Temples of Asclepius to receive their healing dreams.  A similar opportunity is available during this Mercury Retrograde. Dreams always reveal the hidden soul secrets. Find out what your dreams mean. Book a dream reading with me.

This is the best time to get a healing energy reading with me while Mercury is Retrograde from April 28-May 22nd while I am in Sedona’s sacred healing vortex energies. The red rocks of Sedona’s high iron content aligns with the body’s magnetic fields. 

Mercury is an alchemical planet and energy. It is considered to be hermaphroditic, the perfect balance of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. 

Alchemy Mercury astrology Tara Greene

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Astrology, Moon changes, inspirational updates from Tara Greene

IT’s AQUARIUS time so the LIGHT energy is open-minded, detached, systematic, revolutionary. 

Be aware of how the energy feels differently with the SUN in a FIXED AIR SIGN.

Do you love an AQUARIAN?  What’s your take on what makes them so lovable?

AQUARIUS is expansive cosmic vision

Astrology psychic Tara Greene

The beautiful Heddy Lamarr {not an Aquarius but a Scorpio}


IMAGINE your head expanding with stars like the pic

MONDAY JAN 20 is under an earthy practical hard-working VIRGO MOON

which makes going back to work and settling in easier. Watch out for nit pickers.

ALSO the MOON affects everyone’s emotions very directly. Especially women. Take note of how differently people express their feelings as the Moon changes sign every 2 1/2 days.

Moon Trine Venus-

Hard workers get perks, raises, benefits etc.

It’s flu season in the Northern Hemisphere and VIRGO Moon’s make us more health conscious and paranoid.

I have gotten LARYNGITIS since Sunday so I am not speaking, Which means I have to reschedule all my clients.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today To DIRECTOR DAVID LYNCH- whose films I have been a fan of.-see link below

He now promotes meditation, which is also great.

ALSO HB to comedian Bill MAHER- who is pretty honest and funny. I LOVE SMART COMEDY.

JAN 21 MOON enters LIBRA

things are getting airier and airier.

MOON TRINES SUN- silver and gold.

Libra Moon quincunx NEPTUNE in PISCES

need to be with friends versus sitting with your soul and being creative is one manifestation.


Go out on a totally different date, do something unusual, listen to experimental music, John Cage,

What needs to be spiced up in your relationship?

LIBRA MOON does the usual CARDINAL T SQUARE DANCE, with URANUS, Pluto Jupiter and VENUS and conjuncts MARS late in the day.

Moon in Libra conjunct MARS is bringing SEXY BACK.

and the ARTS, and socializing, and BEING EXTRA NICE!

Aggressively nice. Don’t you know people like that?

JAN 23  MOON is Void of course until 1:43 pm PST

allow tine to dilate,


The most intense time of the month. POWER SEX SECRECY DEEP DARK SHADOWS< INTIMACY

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at night- very dreamy

ALWAYS use MOON NEPTUNE ASPECTS to work more intensely with your dreams.

Its a great time to meditate, write, imagine, make love at this time heightens the Tantric sexual aspects.


we are 1 week till the NEW MOON.


Some of my 2014 predictions are already coming true.


Has a very strong show at the Olympics. Putin is in his glory. There are many technological problems at the Olympics too and some unfortunate accidents. Terrorist attacks and protests are high.

I’ll wait and post more soon.

Gotta rest.


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ERASERHEAD – David Lynch 1977