Hot women, Venus in Aries

Yes, this girl is on fire. VENUS in ARIES is a warrior Goddess, a fighting feminist, an aggressive, competitive Wonder Woman incarnate.

April 20-May 15 Venus powers up new loves on all levels. 

Like popular media – all the new female superheroes, Black Widow, Supergirl. Wonder Woman, Xena, Hippolyta, Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games or ancient Goddesses Diana or Athena, Goddess of War, Brigid- she is fierce, fearless, strong, risk-taker who fights back and Demands HER RIGHTS! 

Sports superstars like Serena WIlliams, or performers like Beyonce, or Lady Gaga, or Oprah, or Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, or Gloria Steinem, or artist Yoko Ono or Judy Chicago or Madonna or Alice Walker, or a whole hostess of others.

Women by virtue of being born feminine ar naturally powerful.They hold all the power as they always have. Women will demand their rights to choose their own ways and will not tolerate any man, religious belief or outside authority trying to control them at all. When millions of women get together with PUSSY POWER watch out guys.That’s totally Venus in Aries.

The Goddess of love, beauty, values, arts, relationships, ignites a  HOT NEW FEMININE LOVE Warrioress energy.

Venus in Aries teaches the macho sign to be more feminine.

Women will be much more impatient, energized, in fighting mode, standing up for themselves, competitive and aggressive.  Venus in Aries chooses everything for herself and she would rather be alone, like LILITH than compromise. 

Most men can’t walk in those mile high stilettos that many women force themselves to wear but women sure can put on their Nike running shoes and go to war like Goddess ATHENA NIKE who they are named in honor of. 

Venus in Aries is considered to be “in detriment” traditionally as she is in Mars’ home sign . 

Tarot Major Arcana for VENUS and MARS in ARIES

#3 is the symbol of VENUS THE EMPRESS       #4 is the symbol of MARS the EMPEROR

So check out HOW Venus aspects you and WHERE NEW LOVE and PASSIONS enters the picture from April 20-May 15

VENUS is LOVE, which is the greatest power there is.

Celebrities with VENUS in ARIES to see if they match up to the strong individual, fiery, risk taking, independent person.

Famous VENUS IN ARIES people:


Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman, Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Maria Carey, Shakira, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker- Sex and the City, Kiera Knightl,. Eva Longoria, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Michelle Geller, Janet Jackson, Sarah Palin, 


George Clooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Nicholson, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Nicholas Copernicus, founder of modern astronomy, Steve McQueen, Pharrell Williams, Michelangelo, Baudelaire, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman. 


All writing is copyright of  Tara Greene


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Equinox Super Moon March 20/21 2019

The last time the Full Moon and the spring equinox coincided this closely (4 hours apart) was March 20, 2000, @ 29 degrees Virgo but the last time they occurred on the same date was on March 20, 1981, also at 29 Virgo. 

For more info on this last of the Winter season’s Super moon’s

Here’s what the Farmer’s Almanac has to say about the Full Super Worm Moon March 20/21

Source: Full Moon for March 2019 

I will write separate astrology related Equinox Super Moon article later today

Spring is a great time for reading. As it sets up the next 3-month cycle. 

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Jupiter, Lilith, International Women’s Day

Lilith Art Napoleon Brousseau

Lilith and nagas painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius the truth-telling, soapbox preaching which is now YouTube or Bitchute, seeker of justice, optimism and freedom is Sextile Lilith, the original feminist, in an even freer sign of liberation, Aquarius.

Lilith in Aquarius is a total badass bitch. She absolutely and unequivocally will not compromise and she incites millions of women to be part of her minions to free themselves from patriarchal tyranny at every turn.

These two are supporting each other making them stronger comrades in arms. Together they firm a quincunx or ” Finger Of Goddess” to the North Node of the Moon in traditionally motherly Cancer.

The traditional role of mother to Lilith who was made out to be a child killer seems anathema. But motherhood in the modern stereotypes of stay at home from the 50’s and the modern mother yummy mummy who also works 3 times as hard be a success in the patriarchal business world also needs a revolution. Both are not authentic and both deserve justice,

Billions of Women are still second class citizens in the world. Millions of women are born into abject poverty, they are deprived of education, they are forced by religion to be chattel, objects, worth less than a man, to be something which has to be sold in marriage, and who is objectified by western advertising as a sex object. In China and in India thousands of babies are aborted every day after the sex is known as female as girls are considered worthless. This drives me crazy and makes my heartache.

Millions of women have their clitoris removed in a Dark Ages tradition so that they can never experience sexual pleasure by their own grandmothers or aunts or other female family member or they have their vagina’s sewn up to keep them virgins. This is a heinous torturous crime.

I hope that on this international women’s day, during Pisces season that we women of privilege and freedom in the West truly feel for the billions of 2nd and 3rd world women who live enslaved lives. In Saudi Arabia women have just been allowed to drive.

Ladies, look into your closets and ask yourself do you really need to spend hundreds of dollars on designer shoes when your sisters are unable to go to school or have clean sanitary napkins or are forced to slave in factories for pennies a day? We are joined womb to womb and heart to heart. It’s our responsibility to help to free them. To loosen those ancient ridiculous Patriarchal controls to hold women down to make them inferior in every way men can.

All women are one woman. All women began from Lilith the first woman. She refused to be dominated by Adam and left Paradise. Eve is a man-made creation. Women must take back their birthright and we must help other women to refuse to be less than any man or any woman,

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene,

Happy International Women’s Day, in its 108th year a very auspicious number.

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Healing with spirit, Chiron at last degree of Pisces

Love hurts, love wounds, love heals.

Blake_Hell_25_Centaur_CacusWilliam Blake [Public domain]William Blake [Public domain]

Venus at the last critical degree 29th degree of Sagittarius February 3 squares Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron is again at the 29th most critical karmic degree of the Zodiac. Love hurts, love wounds, love scars like the song says. 

Feel all the pain and heartbreak, feel your grief, your abandonment, your futility, your sense of loss, of hopelessness, and cry as much as you need to and then be aware of the Holy divine light and love of Spirit and the Great Mother holding you in her loving arms. 

The whole point of being here on this earth and in these spiritual bodies is to experiences emotions and to feel the illusion which is also very real,of separation from our Source {Pisces} so that we can move through this experience and return to Source.. By virtue of being born from a woman’s womb which every human who has ever lived experiences. This is our one great commonality. Transforming from a spark of Divine light from the Great Cosmic Womb or Void into the physical womb and ocean of amniotic fluid in this dimension where we are formed from an egg and sperm to grow into human consciousness, body with soul and spirit. 

These heart breaks on this planet are here to teach us lessons. Venus in Sagittarius is a great teacher. We must also surrender and accept and forgive and let go and understand and reconnect with our hearts and the love of the Universe.

“There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in.” Sings Leonard Cohen

Crying is purifying. 

This is the time for major spiritual, emotional healing, cleansing and releasing right now. Cleanse and clear your emotional body and spirit of all old baggage, wounds as part of the collective unconsciousness. This is the end of a 50-year cycle. We need to cleanse the past before embarking on this new journey.

Venus enters Capricorn Feb 3/Feb 4 in GMT until March 1st.

we will be feeling much more grounded and stable with Venus in Capricorn and feel like we are on more solid ground. The energies that you have been feeling well up may get more intense as Chiron rides on to his new cycle. Be gentle with yourself.

Chiron enters Aries finally February as the Sun enters Pisces on a day of big astrological alignments and the day before a Full Moon at 0 Virgo. I’ll write more about this and will prep to do an online course.

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2019 Astrology Tarot Numerology Guide from Tara Greene

2019 Live astrology Tarot Card readings for Sun Moon and Rising signs for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency December 30, 2018 @ 6:00 pm EST on their FB page with 1.4 million fans.

I talk about the Numerology of 2019 being a #12 “Hidden Teacher” number and # 3 being the soul, life path universal guiding number for 2019.

I also include the major astrology aspects and the 2 ECLIPSES of 2019. 

MAJOR ARCANA FOR EACH SIGN with planet or sign associations

ARIES: #1 The Magician {Mercury/ Thoth}

TAURUS: #5 The Hierophant or Pope {Taurus}

GEMINI #18 The Moon {Pisces}

CANCER # 2 The High Priestess { the Moon}

Leo #0/22 The Fool 

VIRGO #8 Strength {Leo}

LIBRA #16 The Tower { Mars/ Uranus}

SCORPIO #6 The Lovers {Gemini}

SAGITTARIUS #11 Justice {Libra} 

CAPRICORN #7 The Chariot {Cancer}

AQUARIUS #4 The Emperor {Aries}

PISCES #17 The Star {Aquarius} 

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Remembering Stan Lee his amazing Astrology

Stan Lee will be remembered by millions of people for his lasting effect on the culture, literature, publishers, imagination and media as the creator of 20th and 21st-century, Archetypal heroes and heroines of comic books like Spiderman,The Fantastic Four, Spiderman, the Hulk, The X-men, The Silver Surfer, The Avengers, Black Panther and all the rest. Stan Lee was a real-life superhero and his astrology chart show it.

Stan Lee Astrology tara Greene

Let’s take a look at Stan’s extraordinary life and how the planets were affecting him at his death.

Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber on December 28, 1922, in Manhattan New York and died around 10:00 am November 12, 2018, in Los Angeles California. 

Stan Lee Astrology

Stan was an earthy hard-working practical mountain climbing Capricorn, ruled by planet Saturn whose great fame came later in his life. Born with the Sun at Zero degrees Capricorn this is known as The World Point and many famous people have planets on this famous Winter solstice point which symbolizes the return of the Light a sign of Faith and Hope.

Furthermore, Stan was born with his Sun is OUT OF BOUNDS- he is a born wild card.

Mercury in Capricorn is Out of Bounds and right at the Mid-heaven

This typifies many of Lee’s superheroes like Spiderman and the Hulk they are outcasts, out of the bounds from the “norm.”

Mercury was Stan’s crowning planet because of his wild imagination and way of thinking, his gift of communication in the place of worldly renown. Mercury is the planet of intellect, communications, tricksters and those in the sales business. Mercury is doing his own thing in a serious way in square to Saturn which would be Stan’s ticket to fame and fortune. 

These two planets out-of-bounds guaranteed Stan’s worldly success but through long hard Capricorn work and testing. 

Stan also has Ceres, the planet of mothering, nourishment, and rounding in Sagittarius on the Galactic Center that great source of cosmic intelligence conjunct his already very exalted Sun. Stan’s purpose was to develop his career  as a form of imaginative creative nourishment to feed the world’s children the highest philosophical and optimistic yearnings. 

Moon in wild rebellious Aquarius

He was an outsider, again a characteristic of all of his superheroes shared. Stan rebelled against the old restrictive norms of the comics industry. A man whose ideas were universal, rebellious, and different and for those who feel like they are loners and who change society. Moon is opposite Neptune the planet of artists, dreamers, geniuses with incredible imaginations, spiritual and dreamy.

Neptune in Leo in his 5th house of creativity

This is a natural Leo placement indicating why and how Stan would influence billions of people with his creative imagination. He would be the King of creativity with his and his creations- his children {5th house} naturally bold and dramatic perfect for movies and the Big screen which Neptune governs. Stan was a big kid himself and Leo is the sign of those with big hearts, who naturally rise to command respect. Leo is the sign of the child. Comic books were always considered kids stuff. With his Moon in Aquarius Stan nurtured the child within with wild tales of superheroes on grand adventures in the galaxies. 

Aquarius Moon Neptune in a T-square to Venus in Scorpio in his 8th house

Stan used his incredible imagination to transform the world by delving into the shadow sides of his characters. His superheroes had souls and doubts and deep psychological wounds. He made a ton of money (Venus in Scorpio in 8th} from all of this because everyone could relate- Moon is the public in Aquarius- is the tribe.

Stan produces 5 Zodiac novels based on the Chinese system

Stan had a Grand Water Trine 

Jupiter in Scorpio in his 7th house of business marriage and all “others.” trines Mars Uranus conjunction in Pisces in the12th house.

Stan must have channeled these superheroes.Mars Uranus in Pisces trined by Jupiter is a warrior for compassion for all religions. Stan wrote in the 60’s against racism.  Mars is action and superheroes are action heroes. Stan’s superhero and heroine characters have that Pisces empathetic compassionate, self-sacrificing nature.

The X-Men are weird freaks- very Uranian. Spiderman and all heroes who get their powers from radiation have Uranus or Pluto markings.Those planets are trine to Pluto in Cancer right on his IC one of the most powerful points in the chart- this is his roots foundation childhood and home. The combo of two personal and 2 transpersonal planets which in effect are his emotional substance is very strong. 

Speaking of Iron Man

Saturn representing Stan’s father and his own karma and areer is in Libra right on his Descendant, point of interaction with all “others” in the world. Stan was a socially engaging heavyweight. A very loyal man, married to his wife Joan for 69 years. Stan was a charming man, he took his need to be popular seriously and did this through his work. Saturn in Libra is exalted, combining social grace with hard work. He wanted everyone to like him and his work. Saturn’s metal is Iron. 

Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries

This is Stan’s approach. The nerdy kid could become a super hero. This is how Stan power punched his way into the world. Being a brash defender, a warrior superhero with Mars ruled Ascendant. Stan’s Aries Ascendant meant he spontaneously jumped into things, he had incredible reserves of energy and drive. He worked right up until his last day on earth. 

Chiron in Aries on the Ascendant

A description of this placement would be exactly the vulnerable wounded warrior hero. This is what endeared Lee’s Universe of Superheroes to us -they were vulnerable.  

Joseph Campbell the Hero With A  Thousand Faces

The historian Joseph  Campbell who wrote The Hero With A Thousand Faces says “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”  Campbell said that comic books are the modern archetypal gods and goddesses in this centuries form.


Chiron Saturn Mercury and Pluto form a Cardinal Grand Cross on all the angles

This makes Stan so incredibly powerful in his work, in his drive and in his soul expression. Very few people are born with charts such as these. No wonder he excelled so much.


Stan Lee’s catchphrase has long been “Excelsior” a Latin word meaning ever upward or to excel, a totally Capricorn phrase if there ever was one. It’s also the word on the Seal of the State of New York where Stan was born. Also the name of a popular short poem written in 1841 by American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Stan was very well read and originally intended to write the Great American novel which he did in a different form. 

Stan also wrote a series of books The ZODIAC LEGACY

Based on Chinese Astrology which uses the 12 constellations.

South Node in the 12th in Pisces 

At at 24 degrees, this is the mark of an old soul, a Bodhisattva, someone who has done a lot of spiritual work in past lives. It is considered to be a blessing, a protection, like Angels watching over you. Pisces and the 12th house are places of seclusion. I see Stan as a Catholic monk in a past life, cloistered in and diligently writing beautiful gilded letters transcribing the Bible in the 12th Century. 

North Node in Virgo in the 6th house

Stan’s highest spiritual goal was to be of service through his work. He was a meticulous person. He took all of his unconscious, dreaming imagination {oposite Pisces South node} and put them to work.

The Nodes square Ceres on the Galactic Center and his Sun

This is a very karmic connection. Stan chose to rise to the occasion in his life and fulfill his highest soul expression and to inspire many others to be everyday heroes and heroines. 

At his death

Stan Lee was 95 and had been battling illness for the last year. He has greatly missed his wife who passed away July 6, 2017.

At his death the same planets he had in his birth were mirrored by transiting Saturn, Lord of death on his Natal Sun and transiting Pluto at 19 Capricorn square to his Natal Saturn in Libra.  As he loved his wife so much this aspect indicates a soulful happy return to her again. 

Transiting retrograde Venus in Libra was trining Stan’s Moon in Aquarius

This is another sign of returning to your beloved wife.

The Sun in Scorpio is conjunct to Stan’s Natal Venus trining his South Node in Pisces. This indicates he has completed what he came to do in this lifetime.

Neptune trine’s Stan’s Grand water trine

the planet of spirituality endings and creative dreamers at 13 degrees Pisces conjunct to his Natal Uranus trining Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Cancer. Stan was having pneumonia and the grand water trine would indicate death from that and a viral infection.

Stan Lee’s creative superheroes will live on as all Archetypes do in everyone’s imagination forever. Projects and more cameo appearances in his films are still to debut. Thanks Stan. May you RIP. 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene,

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Brad Pitt prediction and Pisces great year ahead

I was writing that Jupiter in Sagittarius article so last minute last night.

in the Tarot Jupiter is also represented by the Wheel of Fortune #10 in the Tarot

Wheel of Life See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (, via Wikimedia 


Jupiter is also the ruler of PISCES in ancient rulership. So PISCES gets the big benefits too. Let’s hear it for Pisces people and anyone with any Pisces planets. That’s a lot of people.

Lets look at famous Sagittarian celebrities that are gonna have big benefits in the upcoming year.


Jupiter brings fertility we may hear baby news from these celebs soon.

Sagittarius Women

Miley Cyrus Nov. 23   

Sarah Hyland- on Modern Family- she is pregnant right? Kathryn Heigl Nov.24

Tina Turner,  Rita Ora Nov. 26   Anna Farris Nov.29

Chrissy Teigen and Kaley Cuoco November 30

Sara Silverman, Bette Midler, and Zoe Kravitz December 1

Lucy Liu, Britney Spears Dec. 2

Julianna Moore, Daryl Hannah, Amanda Seyfried, December 3

Tyra Banks Dec. 4, Nicki MinajDecember 8, Taylor Swift December 13

Vanessa Hudgens December 14, Christina Aguillera December 18

Jane Fonda December 21

Famous Sagittarius MEN

DJ Khaled November 26, Chadwick Boseman November 29

Ben Stiller November 30, Charlie Puth December 2

Ozzy Osbourne December 3, Jeff Bridges December 4

Writer and Philosopher Noam Chomsky, Nicholas Hoult, December 7

Ian Somerhalder December 8, Kirk Douglas December 9

politician John Kerry December 11

Jamie Foxx, Christopher Plummer, Steve Buscemi December 13

Pope Francis December 17, Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt December 18

Samuel L. Jackson, Keifer Sutherland and 

French President Emmanuel Macron, December 21

CELEBRITY Prediction- Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is going to court over a custody battle to have joint custody of his 6 children with ex-Angelina Jolie the Gemini two-faced bitch in early December.

Jupiter the planet of optimism, courts, judged, international travel and truth has just entered Sagittarius and is in Brad’s 12th house of endings. Jupiter will be in a Trine to his Natal Jupiter in Aries in December though. Brad is feeling very vulnerable right now as Chiron the Wounded Healer is sitting near his IC his Home roots and family point in his natal chart.  but Jupiter will cross his Ascendant in early 2019. Saturn will conjunct his Natal Mars in Capricorn and he is plenty angry and will fight to get custody of his kids. Pluto in Capricorn will cross and conjunct his Natal Moon and Venus in January 2020 along with Saturn and that is a huge turning point in Pitt’s life. I predict he will win joint custody. There may be a serious new romantic relation in Brad’s life in 2020 as well.

Jolie meanwhile has been living in delusion land since Neptune has been squaring her Gemini Sun since the two split up two years ago. Pluto has also been opposing her Natal Saturn in Cancer for the last while too. This is just about a power battle not about love.

Jolie is still going through one helluva mid-life crisis with Uranus opposite her Natal Uranus and squaring her Natal Venus in Cancer in the 12th house and her Ascendant at 28 degrees Cancer. This is surely a huge chaotic change in her family, children, values, the way she approaches the world and her home life.

Jupiter will conjunct her Natal Neptune in Sagittarius in her 5th house and oppose her Sun in early 2019. Jolie may be projecting all of her own shadows on Brad Pitt. 

Jolie’s chart has 5 unoccupied houses using the basic 13 points. She is quite unbalanced.

Didn’t she famously say “Brad and I will grow old together.”? Too bad she can’t forgive and forget and could save her family. 

Have a great Friday.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Venus turns Retrograde Love reruns

Venus turns Retrograde October 5th @10 degrees Scorpio until November 16 @ 25 degrees Libra. The Yin goes within. 

astrology Venus Pluto Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene

Love as Psychopomp by Napoleon Brousseau

It will take until December 18th for Venus to bypass her Retrograde degree again. Pay attention to the day when Venus changes signs.

Venus Retrograde is a time to reconsider your relationships and while she is in Scorpio to do your deep Shadow work. Check where the Venus retrograde path falls in your natal chart from 25 Libra to 10 degrees Scorpio.

Venus only turns Retrograde 7-8% of the time. Only 7-8% of the world’s population is born during a Venus Retrograde. Every 18-19 months she disappears for 40 days into the Underworld as is described by the ancient story of Goddess Inanna in the Underworld and changes from being the beautiful wishing evening star to the Morningstar. 

Famous Celebrities born during Venus retrograde:

Venus Retro in Aries- Audrey Hepburn, Mariah Carey, Jack Nicholson 

Venus Retro in Taurus -Adolph Hitler

Venus Retro in Gemini- Brigham Young and Courtney Love 

Venus Retro in Cancer- Courtney Cox 

Venus Retro in Leo- Amy Winehouse, and Louis C.K. 

Venus Retro in Virgo- Mila Kunis, Robert DeNiro, Julio Iglesias, Chrissie Hynde, Charlize Theron 

Venus Retro in Libra -Psychologist Bruno Bettelheim

Venus Retro in Scorpio- Jodie Foster

Venus Retro in Sagittarius-Pat Buchanan

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn – Seth Green, Elizabeth Banks, Christian Bale, 

Venus Retrograde in Aquarius –  Kate Moss, Ellen DeGeneres, Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge, Billy Ocean, Anita Baker, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Gaby Hoffmann, Brett Butler, 

Venus Retrograde in Pisces -Charles Lindbergh

While Venus Retrogrades through Scorpio Halloween/ November 1st Day of the Dead

Symbols of the degrees of Retrograde and Stationary

Janduz interpretation written by Astrotheme for 10 degrees Scorpio is

‘ A hare watches a bright star in the sky and does not see the gun is pointed at it.” The stationary degree of 25 Libra Janduz from Astrotheme.

“A knight wearing a coat of mail and holding a sword flies to aid a man threatened by a lion. “

Scorpio governs the reproductive organs. Venus is considered to be weakened in Scorpio, Mars home sign in traditional astrology.  Women would be way more likely to experience painful problems with their menstrual periods, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancies, profuse bleeding, difficulty conceiving, having miscarriages, abortions or other problems.  Men may also experience sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. 

The Full Moon is in Taurus October 24/25 ruled by Venus

This may prove to be a time of major oppositions between the sexes as Taurus is notoriously stubborn. the locking of horns, The taunting the bull with a red cape and going in for the kill are all apt metaphors. 

November 7 the New Moon is in Scorpio on the 15th degree

Venus will be back in Libra at this time where she is in her strength and in her love romance relationship beauty reigning Queen.

Things to do with Venus Retrograde in Libra

Change up your beauty regimen, get a make-over or redecorate your home, bedroom or office. Beautify your beloved or your best friend for fun and out of love.

This is one of the darkest of the dark moons this year.  Much scheming, dark cloaking, invisible powers that be are moving the chessplayers around behind the scenes. Big juju is happening under the covers in the covens the sirens are rising. The witches are stirring their cauldrons making potions, saying incantations. Jupiter is also at the 29th degree of Scorpio making for one big last Sexual surprise before it enters Sagittarius the Next day!

Old lovers return. Venus Retrograde is karmic retribution in love.

Old tape loops about who you never forgave, forgot, want to get revenge on, rise up from the depth of you psyche. Be careful of behaving unconsciously and having sex with vampires during this time. It’s best to abstain. Seriously spend 40 days being celibate while Venus is retrograde could do wonders for your psyche. 

Money issues may also be an issue on world financial markets and in your personal life.

As all Retrograde times this is not necessarily a bad thing at all. It is a natural rest and review time. DO all things that begin with Re. Return, redirect, repossess, reflect, regress, repurpose, remedy, remember, and most of all relax.

Venus ends her Retrograde in Libra and we sure do need those balancing scales of justice to weigh out. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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Solstice Guided Meditation Cancer time.

Cancer Solstice Meditation and intentions

Summer solstice Tara Greene


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” From Moving Water by Jalaluddin Rumi

The Sun enters Tropical Cancer June 21 @ 3:07 am PDT/ 6:07 am EDT/ 10:07 p.m. GMT. The Sun is at its maximum Northern point of 23+ degrees nd sits on the Tropic of Cancer. It is longest day light of the year in the Northern and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere where Winter begins Down Under.

Summer begins up North and winter begins down South. To ancient pagans this is Litha and thousands of druids will be gathering to celebrate the Sun King’s peak at Stonehenge in the U.K. Thousands worldwide honor the Sun as we co-create with the Suns turning in its annual dance of the seasons.  In the North, the Masculine growth time peaks now and slowly declines towards the Autumn Equinox. The Feminine half of the year begins to ascend now.

I realize I am “North centric” living in the Northern Hemisphere. To all the Southern Hemi-folks, winter is beginning and the Masculine time of the year of increasing starts its reign.

We are always in this yin/yang balance. Every night half the world is awake and bathed in light and the other half is asleep in the darkness of night. We are more aware of this now than ever before.

The Solstice points are major markers. This is an important turning point to stop and plan your intentions until the Autumn Equinox at least. It’s also a good time to take stock of how the seeds you planted at the Spring Equinox have taken, grown and flourished or not. It may be time for much weeding and fertilizing to get the crop you want.

While the sun is traveling through Cancer we are under the rulership of the Moon, our emotions and FEELINGS. Cancer is the first water sign, symbolized by the crab. In Ancient Egypt it was seen as two turtles. Our bodies are 70% water. Cancer represents the womb, our mothers, and the oceans of the earth from where all life started. Cancer is also the dark void of pure potential, home, emotional security and safety.

Cancer symbolizes the unconscious, the wellspring, the cup, vessel and Holy Grail, the dream world, and our unconscious memories, stored in our cellular consciousness. The emotional realm is a karmic realm, according to Buddhist teachings, and emotions are the glue that draws us back into the physical plane. A Tibetan Buddhist teacher taught that we are all our mothers, literally. We actually felt and experienced every emotion she ever felt her entire life from when she came into existence in her own mothers’ womb as a single egg. There is an emotional string of pearls of wisdom within you with which you can find your way home to source and your own genetic ancestry.

Cancer is the Great Mother symbol in all of her most loving, nourishing and nurturing of aspects.  We are all born of women and come through our mothers as the Moon’s physical body all women are ruled by the Moon specifically. Men also have a feminine side and they too feel the Moon’s subtle pull of psychic, intuitive, subtle and dream energies.  The Solstice coincides with Father’s Day this year. Also symbolizing a rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies.


If you have a Tarot deck you can pull out the Major Arcana associated with the Moon and Cancer and ask to dialogue with their archetypal wisdom when you do your meditation-see below. 

The Sign of Cancer itself is symbolized by Trump #7 The Chariot. The Moon is symbolized by Trump #2 The High Priestess and also by Trump #18 called The Moon which symbolizes Pisces. Trump # 3, The Empress is also associated as she is usually symbolized by a pregnant woman although she symbolizes Venus

Meditate at the time of the Solstice June 21 @ 3:07 am PDT/ 6:07 am EDT/ 10:07 p.m. GMT

Cancer symbolizes the Mother, I would see this solstice as a conception point to plan out your next three trimesters. The 1st from June 21 to Autumn Equinox. The second trimester goes from September 21 until Dec 21st Solstice, and the third ends at Spring 2019’s Equinox when the baby, which is whatever you intend to create will be born healthy and strong.  

Have a notebook, device, candles and whatever symbolizes mothering on hand. A food offering of milk of any type should be set up. Moon cakes, an Asian specialty or moon shaped cookies would work too. Create a moon alter and place mirrors, water, flowers, dolphin or whale images, mermaids, and see below for other tools. Sea shells and sand dollars. There are two parts to this solstice ritual, one is in water, the other is with your moon alter.

Practical tools: Use these to amplify the resonance in your ritual.

Color: Silvery blue, silver or white. Use this for candles and to wear.

BODY PARTS: rules the stomach, breasts, uterus and digestion.

Metal is silver. Wear your finest silver, get out the silver candlesticks.

Gemstones: pearls, moonstones and emeralds traditionally. Chalcedony, carnelian, onyx and white=blue chrysoprase.

Power stone: sodalite. Talisman stone: sapphire.

Modern gems: chrysoprase, fire opals, super seven, topaz, amber.

Herbs: Eucalyptus and fenugreek

Essential oils: rose, lily

FLOWERS: white roses, water and all lilies, morning glories,

Herbs: Tarragon, verbena, saxifrage. Milk thistle, dandelion.

Angels: Gabriel, Hebrew letter Gimel, {a camel} Rules the first heaven Shamayim, means water.

Egyptian name: Hathor

Greek Goddess: Selene, Diana,

All mother Goddesses: Mary, Ceres, Demeter, and Artemis, Selene,

Fixed Stars of Constellation Cancer: Sirius, The Beehive,

Animals:  all marine creatures: dolphins, whales, seals, fish, carbs and animals with shells, turtles and snails.

Foods: mother’s milk, all milks, watery fruits and vegetables, white veggies:

Plants: all water plants, lotus.

Spirit: Undines 


Water is the prime element of Cancer. Take a ritual bath , anytime, day or night. It’s time to return to the womb and rebirth oneself. Make sure the water is close to body temperature. Put essential oils of rose, eucalyptus or lavender in the bath. If your mother wore a specific perfume you may want to spritz that around.  Put white foaming bubble bath to symbolize the sea and rose petals. If you have a heartbeat drumming track then put that on in the background.

Immerse yourself in the bath. Dunk your head under the water.  Close your eyes and sink into your own uterine memories of being inside your mother’s womb. Remember the feeling of absolute security, safety, peace, the darkness, with the sound of your mother’s heartbeat. Not everyone has had safe comfortable experiences in the womb. If you had a difficult connection with your mother in utero or in your life or were adopted or feel rejected, you need to call upon the symbol and archetypal energy of the Great Mother at this time to hold you, to nurture you and to bring you feelings of safety and security for being loved and complete simply for existing. Her love is unconditional. The Great Mother can be Mary in the Christian Tradition, or Ceres, Gaia, the Earth Herself, your own mother or allow a Mother figure to come to you. She offers the ultimate and only true place of emotional “homeland security “and peace, in the arms of the Great Mother on a spiritual level.

Allow yourself to feel. This is what Cancer is: emotions. Rock yourself gently, hear the heartbeat of the Great Mother as your own heartbeat. Let that heartbeat envelope you.

Sink into the feeling of safety. From this place of feeling safe and whole. Ask yourself what do you need to nurture now? What will nourish you? A relationship? A skill? What do you need to create, give your heart to? A person, a job, an idea? Allow the feelings and sensation to guide you. If you aren’t a visual person, sense it in your stomach. Rub your breasts. Love your tummy whatever shape it is in and your breasts. Adore your womb whether you have had children or not. Men have a spirit womb as do women who have had hysterectomies. Get out slowly thanking the water spirits and the Great Mother and the Moon for being with you.  Dry off and reflect.

The 2nd part of the Meditation

Create your moon alter and make it beautiful. Wear white or silver. If you can be out in nature near a body of water, a lake, the ocean, a river or pond that is great If not sit by your prepared alter. Breathe into your belly and breast and uterus. Meditate and ask for images, feelings and sensations to come up. Call upon the High Priestess as she is the Archetypal go-between between the unconscious and conscious realms.

The Moon rules our dreams. You will need to keep a dream journal. Do intend to work with your dreams over the moon’s cycle every night.


CANCER rules the stomach. And cancer’s love to cook and to eat. Cancer is also sentimental. Prepare something your mother used to cook for you that you love perhaps. It can be simple, jello?  It is also Father’s Day this year and Cancer is all about family and nurturing so have a big or small family gathering. If you have no family, cook for your friends or strangers. Do something special for a children’s organization or devote some time to helping out in a hospital, food bank or helping take care of older women or men.

Dr. Masaru Emoto taught that water is affected by our emotions. The oceans are very polluted from Fukushima and plastic and other pollutants. Thousands of seals, whales, and fish are dying en masse in the Pacific. Visualize healing energy to the oceans, the lakes, especially the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada, and all waterways. Droughts and water shortages not just in California but in many parts of the world will become more severe. Conserve water during this Cancer month especially. Be conscious of how we are 70% water. We take it for granted. It is the water of Life itself. Honor it and your own feelings and intuition.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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April Astrology insights- Major turning points


APRIL overview

April will be an intense month for the first 11 days especially. Heavy Cardinal energies for those born in the first 10 degrees of Capricorn Aries Libra and Cancer. 




VENUS enters GEMINI on the 24


19/20 SUN enters TAURUS

  • * * ** **** * ******



a day to hang tough. Exhaustion will be felt.

This aspect hasn’t happened since February 23rd, 1988 and won’t be in Capricorn again until October 2, 2048.  If you were born n 1988 this is your first Saturn return and a heavy one it will be. If you need help and assistance- email me. Think back to where you were on that date. I was living in Sedona with my ex-husband and my son at that time and things were good. 


An angry backlash of words. 


These are tough aspects Mercury in Aries is still Retro rehashing old arguments like an old worn out phonograph. Enough already.


This is a beautiful aspect of long-lasting beauty. Great to make a commitment or to re-do wedding or commitment vows. Good for women in business. 

April 10/11  SUN squares PLUTO VENUS trines MARS in CAPRICORN

This is a tough-Sun-Pluto- but also strong with the lovers in earthy signs ready to build a new world. 

April 11 SUN inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

The will and the shadow at cross- purposes.

April 12 VENUS sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES

So romantic beautiful and creative good for meditating visualizations.

April 14 JUPITER sextiles PLUTO; MARS sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES

These are bountiful aspects use them wisely.Great for artists musicians mediums channelers creatives romantics soul mates filmmakers.

April 15 NEW MOON 26 ARIES 

URANUS conjuncts this New Moon. Revolutionary energy is in the air. Rebel Rebel.


April 17 VENUS oppose JUPITER in SCORPIO-

This is a super vixen gorgeous money transforming your poverty into abundance energy.


April 17, 2018, CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER enters fiery ARIES

indicating a brand new Healing through fire journey that we haven’t seen in 50-years. Firewalking will stage a new comeback. Anything to do with raising kundalini energy- tantric healing energy work firebreathing. Red stones- the color- instant healing.

Burning up your problems instantly-poof.

Smoke as healing prayers will make a comeback. Volcanoes the latest sacred places. 

Chiron enters Aries on April 17th, 2018 for the first time since Mar 28, 1977, until April 1, 1968, and was in with a Retrograde back into Pisces during that period. Think about what was going on in the world at that time. See ACROSS THE UNIVERSE to get a sense of what that period was all about. 

CHIRON will RETROGRADE from ARIES back into PISCES SEPTEMBER 25/26th to end of 2018.

Chiron enters initially Aries April 17 2018 – April 14 2027

CHIRON retrogrades back into PISCES SEPT 25 2018- Feb 18 2019 

Chiron Remains in ARIES Feb 18, 2019 until April 14 2027



The BILLIONAIRESS TRANSIT- big money to be made. Women take their power and their sexuality back

April 17/18 SATURN turns RETROGRADE

This is an annual transit. Saturn makes us backtrack to make sure all our plans are running according to schedule and on budget. Fathers leaders seniors many government agendas may be repealed or challenged.


The Cosmic whoopee cushion energy. Anything can happen here on anything can happen day.

April 19/20 SUN enters TAURUS

Getting more grounded day by day. Sensuous times.


PLUTO in Capricorn rules garbage waste and recycling. Whether you believe in climate change being man-made or simply the sun at solar minimum the pollution is horrible. the waste is catastrophic and toxic. Let’s step up and do something real and meaningful to ensure our planet and human and animal species don’t die.

April 23/24  MARS in CAPRICORN sextiles JUPITER in SCORPIO

Take advantage of the easy aspects.

April 24 VENUS enters GEMINI and sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

Venus is much lighter chattier and flirty in Gemini. It’s time to take two lovers or start two jobs or go into partnerships.

April 25 MERCURY squares SATURN direct

clarify your mind and your words.

April 26 MARS conjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN*****

A major turning point day. Major conflicts or world economic crash.This is very Scorpio heavy secrets will be exposed. You may not like what is being dug up. 


shedding more light on the dark.


A good beneficial aspect some will see rewards for their sweat


Chiron Rx enters Aries Apr 14, 2027

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