Mars direct,all systems Go Scorpio

I know Mars has been holding the world hostage, dragging us through the blackest Scorpio mud, with much more than usual homophobia, racism and repressed anger since April 17th to be exact. Yes, we’ve had Brexit, Donald Trump, the Orlando shootings and so much more. Yes I know millions of women have been venting ancient grievances of repressed anger of aeons over the last few months. Even New Agers have now discovered its OK to feel angry.

Look back in Anger

Of course the days before Mars turns Direct again are the most intense. Everyone is ni the pressure cooker. We are at our most irritable, hostile, impatient, on the war path. So just remember to BREATHE, this is an opportunity to really walk your enlightenment all those hours of yoga, talk. It will be over on JUNE 29 @ 4:38 pm PDT/ 7:38 pm  EDT/ 11:38 pm GMT is the stop button.  What an f%#ing relief you are saying? Yes but not yes. Whatever old bubblingly soulful issues, champagne in another form? are from April 5- April 29 when Mars Stationed about to go RETROGRADE are also being superheated right now. What was going on then? It may be haunting you right now.  If you had a breakup at this time it is a great time to let go. I feel sorry for people in Britain where the racism is at a huge high now under this Martial energy. 

MARS is at 23+ degrees SCORPIO as he turns Direct. Look at where that volcanic degree is in your natal chart. This is where the fires from HELL are still burning most especially for SCORPIO and TAURUS but also for AQUARIUS and LEO who were born around those dates- give 5 degrees either side, or who have planets there too.  It is where the DEATH and REBIRTH energies are as Mars will linger there until July 11.

We will all be feeling the anger for this good two weeks. For athletes amping up to compete in the Olympics this is a very good thing. For the rest of us, focus Mars anger into finishing up a project, renovating your house, going after some goal, improving your health, finances, finishing your taxes, or letting go of a pile of old resentments. This is a new Scorpio start after all. 

Use this angtsy, dramatic, frustrating time for good. After all energy is just energy, Anger is the mask for sadness  actually. Fuel your anger towards things you are frustrated about and would like to change. Work it out at the gym, run a marathon for a good cause.

We will all still have to sweat it out under Mars and PLUTO’s Scorpio heat until AUGUST 2nd before Mars FINALLY leaves SCORPIO and patiently- an UN MARTIAN trait, manage until AUGUST 22nd, when Mars gets back to his Retrograde degree of 8+ of SAGITTARIUS bang on the ANTARES STAR. For those of you who like to plan ahead YES MARS and the SUN will square off in the big cosmic ring of fire on SEPTEMBER 13.

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Look Back in Anger- David Bowie 1979 





mars regresses ,anger management

i wrote a blog here which disappeared, mars retrograde. i am standing in the calgary alberta airport having bern notified thAt the clight is 45 minutes late. calgary is a new place for me, it feels blah. considering how wealthy from dirty oil it is or was.
mars reenters scorpio and the intuitive advice i received was
prepare your fallout shelters.
if you are a boomer you’ll remember the cold war and that we were afraid to die i. nuclear war and tvere were thousands of bomb shelters built.
i videod a card of the dat for you too,
i feel like im in the teilight zone.
think about your liver, liverco trols anger in chinese medicine. think a out all the angerand resentment and revenge plans u always wanted to execute. think about how you wanted to kill your ex. all of that old ju k that you stuffed will atise with mars in scorpio. do tbe ashamed,honour your anger and let it out safely. it is degunk time,

May 12 daily inspiration tarot cards astrology

Ah yes bless those Retrograde planets! I starts out having a wonderful day today,  met my old friend H.Who I have know. Since I first arrive in Sedona on spring equinox 1987,it’s the Saturn return! She mentioned being I touch with the very first woman I met here so we will plan to meet, I haven’t seen this woman since my son’s 5th birthday! Again 28 years ago!  

I had an amazing Jin Shin treatment which put me back together, then I walked home and found internet down for 2nd time in 6 days, very frustrating, key is to adapt, the kind property manager has given me access to her network.

May 11-12 Moon is in Leo, Venus made an awkward quincunx to lord of reality Saturn, exactly when I found out my internet went down, How do You like them sour apples?

La Luna Leo trines Mars in SAGittarius retro salsa tonight PDT/ May 12 ETD, old lovers quarrels? Hyper energy in reverse, repressed anger comes up!

May 12 lioness moon is inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces – expect to be disappointed and it’s not that bad. Some big bold assholere may squash your sensitive dreams! But all isn’t lost.

Leo moon makes a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius,  up up and away to a new adventure. 

Earth trine Mercury Retro in Taurus trines retro Pluto 

This is good for reassessing your financial goals,your path to the top of your career, and taking stock ofyour body and all your resources. 

That fiery LEO moon squares  Venus and Mercury in Tairus and then inconjuncts Pluto. can you hear the snarling? 

Two fixed signs- Leo and Taurus and neither will back down. Cat fight and bull fight, both ancient feminine symbols.

Your heart and will,  your ability to keep your heart open will be tested. 

Inspirational Daily card 

The 7 of cups is a swamp of emotions. Don’t keep feeding the vampires and negative entities any more. If you are feeling exhausted, then rest. you need to see how you are agreeing to allow yourself to swim in this  fetid mess. Then you can free yourself. What do you get out of this?

The card is associated with Venus in Scorpio, where she is debilitated in a Mars ruled sins. It signifies loving theemotional  dark side. 

Venus is now in Taurus where she rules and Mercury and Venus will conjunction on Friday as well as Venus trine pluto, which is a very positive grounding aspect. 

You gotta clean out your personal septic tank there, this is the collective sewage of the world. 

That stink is your own crap and each one of us. Start bailing,


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Endings, love, Saturn in your life.

September 3, a Taurus Moon makes us feel stubborn sensuous, lazy, grounded and practical.

The Moon squared {kicked butt} with Venus and Mars  today so there may be some powerful taking it on the chin from Venus Retrograde in Leo today that brings it all home.

As Venus is barely budging in the skies now preparing to Finally turn Direct Sept 6 we find all the love, money, values, economy, relationships, fairness { the Syrian refugee crises comes under this banner as well}  and especially the treatment of women, coming to a head.

People are being called on their treatment of women. Justin Bieber for one. Women in Saudi Arabia have been allowed the vote for the first time ever during this Retrograde. They still can’t drive themselves but that is a huge step forwards. 

Mercury will inconjunct Neptune in Pisces tonight @ 8 degrees Libra /Pisces
Really look at a balanced approach to your dreams. You may need to shred that fantasy. Venus  rules Libra so Mercury is under her Retrograde leadership now. An egotistic VENUS in LEO self-aggrandizing drama will not hold water especially in a month from now.

Mark this date on your calendar

October 8 VENUS enters VIRGO and is promptly Squared by Saturn in Sagittarius

Infinite Love, astrology Tara Greene

This puts the onus on completion of relationships,serious, mature long term goals and a major turning point in education, justice, money, the economy and karmic love. The Reality/Fantasy gap will be looming large for everyone November 26, Thanksgiving in the U.S. when SATURN squares Neptune and Venus will be in Libra, her own sign. 

Someone I knew always said that Saturn always wins whatever sign it is in. Saturn is REALITY, physical 3D density, lead, consequences, karma, time, maturity, serious, depression, the father, the past,endings/beginnings. 

For some this is the perfect time to get engaged, move in together, get married or plan for one. 

Moon opposes Saturn on Friday. The energy lifts over the weekend as Moon enters Gemini then Cancer.

We are only 10 days away from the Virgo Solar eclipse Sept 12/13 EDT

13 days away from JUPITER in VIRGO opposite NEPTUNE- Sept. 16, major reality vs illusion energy.

2 weeks away from Mercury Retrograde September 17

2 weeks away from Saturn entering Sagittarius until 2017 as well. This is a major cusp, a huge turning point.

the Generation born in the early 80’s have Jupiter and Uranus together in early Sagittarius. They will have Saturn touch these planets soon. This makes for a should I stay or should I go energy. Saturn will nail you down. You must make some long-term commitments now.

Saturn enters Sagittarius September 17 and will end the year at 11+ degrees of Sagittarius.

SATURN< FATHER TIME, will aspect by  conjunction, plus a couple of degrees, all of those people in the world born in any year during the first 14 days of Sagittarius Nov, 22-until December 5th/6th.

me included. Do you think I write too much? Are  my articles too long? I got some feedback to that effect. I am getting burned out here, I love to write and there is simply not enough time in the day and I am really feeling Saturn sitting on my IC/MC. I have to focus on my website redo and my book. I also need your support through donations to keep doing the writing that I have done. I appreciate the reblogs. Let me know what you think.

It will aspect by square – a 90 degree HARD aspect all VIRGO and PISCES people in the entire world in any year born during the first 14 days of these 2 mutable signs. 

VIRGO’s born between August 22/23-September 6-Virgo is earth, the physical world

PISCES born between February 18 until March 4th- Pisces is water, the emotional/spiritual world

Saturn will aspect by opposition, all GEMINI peeps born in the first 14 days/degrees of the sign in any year – Gemini is Air, the duality of the mind. 

GEMINI born during May 22 until June 4th.

Check out your natal chart to see which houses your Sun is in for further clues as to where, what and how this aspect is affecting you and your long-term goals, and plans. I can help you understand these major long term cycles and help advise you on directions.

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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 BODY And SOUL Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse 





Pluto has a heart, love him back

We have never seen Pluto, the planet,  Lord of the Underworld, Death, Rebirth and Transformation up close before. We have only been able to contact him in myths, stories and meditation. We have all met him, if you remember that you have reincarnated. Yes Hades/ the Underworld is a real place.

Read James Hillman’s deep and academic book The Dream and the Underworld

Pluto is an Archetype, a God. Archetypes,Gods and Goddesses, are alive and eternal. They pre-exist as Carl Jung discovered. Anything we imagine is real. Pluto is a powerful Archetype. Much feared, when by rights for one so powerful he should be revered and honored. Western culture has become so divorced from death, Pluto /Death is terrifying and most people don’t want to know about, get close to or understand death.  There is a movement to hospice, thandoulas and seeing death as a spiritual rebirth. We are all going to die someday because that is the way it works. We have all died already in order to be born.

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Are you a spiritual New Ager or shaman who believes you will transcend and go to the 5th or higher dimensions with a body and be conscious? Do you feel you are a brand shiny new soul who is coming here for the first time? Let me know.

The study of death and dying was so important to the Ancient Egyptians who wrote The Egyptian Book of the Dead and to the Tibetan Buddhists who wrote the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Dalai Lama as head of Tibetan Buddhism, honors these ancient teachings. To know LIFE we must also know death. So this is an amazing opportunity when New Fronteirs flies by July 14, although it will take 5 hours for the photos to come back to earth because that is how far away Pluto is. 

I made a pilgrimage to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona in 2014 with fellow astrologer Julija who founded the Cosmic Intelligence Agency.

Lowell Observatory cosmic INtelligence agency Tara Greene

 Pluto was discovered in Flagstaff on February 18, 1930 by Claude Tombaugh. The planet was officially named by ballot on 24 March 1930 by an 11 year old English girl. Pluto was considered the 9th planet and Disney names his cartoon dog in honor of that discovery. 

Disney comics Astrology Tara Greene

On a New Moon the next day, with MARS and PLUTO opposite to each other Claude Tombaugh’s ashes are on board the New Frontier spacecraft so that he can see the planet he discovered. That’s archetypal thinking. Mercury planet of information and communications is opposite Pluto, it’s perfect synchronicity.  

In the Tarot #13th Trump is the DEATH CARD which is associated with Scorpio and Pluto,its modern ruling planet.

Tarot cards Death Pluto Astrology Tara Greene

 Getting a close up look at an Archetype we discover that Pluto has a heart. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, sends his Love to us as the New Frontiers space probe flies by. Is this a temporary flashing sign to us as our bot flies by or a permanent Heart that Pluto always has? You gotta love PLUTO/ Death.

Also perfect sychronicity for Saturn’s Retrograde in Scorpio right now. For this fact alone PLUTO should be re-instated as a Planet. Who wants to 2nd that emotion?

Pluto New Frontiers Astrology Tara Greene

 Pluto has a heart,  Is this a temporary flashing sign to us or a permanent Heart that Pluto always has? Don’t have a heart attack.You gotta love PLUTO. For this fact alone PLUTO should be re-instated as a Planet. Who wants to 2nd that emotion? You gotta love Trump #13 the Death Card back. Lord of the Underworld, we look the God of death in the face July 14 2015. Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio,gives us the reality of Pluto/ Death, Pluto and Mars both rule the sign.

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goin ta’ Pluto Sun Ra Tribute 

Anger management, extremely moody Astrology

August 3 it’s a deathly hallow’s mood of a weekend

SCORPIO MOON is running the show and there is no questioning that.

MARS, SCORPIO’s ruling planet, head honcho dude with the mystery ‘tude is meeting his obsessive soul sister Luna at 4:32 am PDT /7:32 am EDT

well if you’re out very late partying be careful of dark alleys, being assaulted, moroseness, goth funk, black death etc.

And most of all ANGRY folks bursting from the depths of HADES.  Remember Mars has been held back in Libra acting “NICE” for 7 months and now he is IMPATIENT his natural state to explode.  The testosterone can’t be contained. I’ve felt it already, the sudden sharp shadow sting, of being disowned, abandoned, locked out, just like that. 

Scorpio Moon also squares Mars in Leo. THIS IS tongue lashings. Whip it good.

Scorpio is the symbol of DEATH in the TAROT #13

Inspirational image of the day 

Napoleon Brousseau skull charcoal Tara Greene art

Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau 

MEDITATE on death being the greatest teacher in life.


Very creative intuitive dreamy for those all black mystery paintings. Think Amy Winehouse, when she was healthier.  Feels like celebrating in a gin soaked bar. Or dreams of an ashram, drug hazed escape, or the creating of a screenplay that makes Orange Is the New BlACK look like a Disney rom com.  Raise a glass to the Great Mystery  Getting into the soul depths opens inner dimensions which enhance the Light in the world.

Trines can be too much of a good dark mysterious fantasy thing.

Sun quincunx PLUTO

The Brightest Light and the Darkest dark, big battles are raging on the spiritual dimensions still…

big power tripping egos rubbing against each other the wrong way- its happening in a lot of places in the world and we sensitives feel it its under your skin. Don’t you feel it?

Choose very carefully where you choose to shine your light.

Moon sextiles Pluto

La Luna supports the Death and Resurrection show. Let the old fall away. A title of a great book I have.The author compared theatre to modern shamanism. Think James Brown Elvis, Hendrix etc.

Scorpion Moon and Leo Sun square off  

we’re half way to the next Full Moon Aug 10 @18 degrees Aquarius


 Dramatic words, Too much grandiosity is not necessarily the stuff of dreams.

MEDITATE ‘on the transitory nature of all things.

After Scorpio’s intense emotional moods and control comes Sagittarius but not soon enough. Not till August 5th.


Scorpio Moon qunicunx URANUS in ARIES- the grand quincunx –

expect hell hounds from hell, frogs, pestilence etc.

SERIOUS KARMA DAY  Scorpio moon conuuncts SATURN

whatever karma you didnt clear you can move forwards now that Saturn is Direct


death, pray love.

Scorpio never lets go of a grudge but NOW YOU CAN!

GRAND TRINE of love, forgiveness and healing

forgive your Mom,ex lovers who left, everyone who you couldn’t control.

PLease share widely

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more of Napoleon Brousseau’s art


Forgiveness by Sarah McLachlin   

Inspirational Card, Astrology & more


Good Morning. It’s a new dawn it’s a new day and Jupiter is now officially in LEO.

Yes it’s FIRE all year with more a coming.

July 17 


all you zero degree Aries SPRING baby’s get a nice warm hug.

Moon enters ARIES this evening PDT and we get the Cardinal Cross to PLUTO late Thursday

Moon conjuncts Uranus early a.m. July 18 which can be chaotic sleeping.

RELATIONSHIP HEAT Moon squaring MARS July 19 at 26 degrees CANCER/Libra

VENUS says HASTA la VISTA BABY to Gemini July 18

as she enters Cancer babay 7:06 am PDT/10:06 am EDT



Knave of Chalices Prince of Cups Tarot Tara Greene


Prince, or Page of Cups 


Messenger of changes in regards to emotions. Icarus Myth.

Even though the element is CUPS which is water and emotions. The warning about ICARUS about flying to high to the sun especially with Jupiter in LEO seems apt.  JUPITER in LEO- can overdo, gets sunburned, over confident. The Page or Prince of cups is usually new in relationships in love.

VENUS enters CANCER on July 18  which also indicates new beginnings in love.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Holiday weekend Romance Astro Tarot from Tara Greene

Happy Fourth of July neighbors. I awoke to the sound of marching band music and thought I was somewhere in the U.S. I’m not accustomed to hearing that here..


I havent done my July forecast yet. JUPITER entering LEO is the BIG NEWS of course on July 16. I will be doing a tele-class want to join in?

CH CH CHANGES in your love life 

VENUs in in GEMINI of course till the 18th- tongues will wag.

many partner changes, flirtatious meetings. endless chatter and flitting from one indecision to another.

Venus was Quincunx Pluto yesterday

Making for awkward bedfellows and creating relationship huffs, not just for Gemini and Capricorn but Taurus and Libra, and Scorpios too. It will pass.


Moon enters Peacenik LIBRA in the early a.m.

and makes a Quincunx to Neptune in Pisces in the evening

your dreams may be none to peaceful with lots of rifles and thieves in the night.

July 5 Cardinal Cross

Libra Moon has her work cut out for her she squares Pluto, and the Sun opposes Uranus.


Moon to VENUS in GEMINI also good for AQUARIUS

early in the a.m.  Clean your mental slate and talk to strangers


A whole lot of qunincunx’s going on. Libra moon always wanting to be NICE,tries to bandage the wounds but it only makes it worse. Superficiality ignores the real pain at a high cost. Being vulnerable is sexy.  Most men have PTSD by virtue of  being born masculine.

LIBRA MOON CONJUNCT MARS @ 19 degrees+of LIBRA  at 6:31 pm PDT/9:13 pm EDT

The Moon in the TAROT  is the HIGH PRIESTESS

Mars in the Tarot governs THE TOWER Trump # 16 

the TRUMP TOWER- a funny pun. The Marsial aspect is the Lightning of God which strikes the tower which is the Masculine ego blasting it off.  I didn’t know this actually happened 5 days ago.

lightning strik Trump tower tara Greene Tarot

in Chicago June 30 2014  a go a triple lightning hit

Struck by the lightning of the Intuition of the High Priestess. YES! 

this aspect Activates the love muscle. VERY, romantic harmonic balancing and peaceful.

 A great day to get married. I am sure there are many who chose this  date.

GOOD DAY for meditating on balancing wounded masculine energy.

MEDITATION to heal the wounded masculine

You will need 2 red candles and 2 white ones. Smudge or incense.

Create a sacred space within and without by cleansing your aura mind and body with incense or smudge first.

Start with the element and spirit of FIRE Which is always masculine. I consider fire to be in the EAST where the SUN rises so I start there. Other traditions use South for Fire, do which ever suits your temperament more.  Call upon the SOURCE, the light, action, passion to be in your circle and in your heart.

Then move always SUN WISE. to your right. NEVER LEFT-

Call in the element, direction of the spirit of WATER in the SOUTH, call in the heart, flow, the emotions, feelings, the receptivity of water to be in your heart and in your circle.

Then call in the direction of the WEST  and the spirit of the earth for strength, health, to let go, intuition, the Goddess energy to be with you in your circle and in your reality.

Then call in the NORTH  powers of air, the breath and mind, learning and wisdom to open your mind, to connect you with the “as above”. Ask wisdom to enter your mind and your circle.

Get in touch with your inner YANG masculine energy, every person has both a masculine and feminine side. The Masculine is aggressive, heroic, he is ego, power, analytical, action, sexual desire, energy, passion, defenses, ordering, detached.  You may feel certain  parts of your body to be connected to your masculine drive for power.

We all have body armouring, Anywhere where your feelings or actions or sensations were stifled and you were held back is where that energy is stored in your body, mind, emotions or spirit. Wilhelm Reich created orgone energy blankets and machines to stimulate the essence of the life force. Tense up your muscles and see if you can feel where you are most tense. Most people hold a lot of stuff on their backs and neck. Just be aware of it and relax it. Let it go- there is no posturing , attitude, ambition needed, nothing to do. 

You can speak to your inner masculine and applaud him. Welcome him home, Open your heart to love and welcome your conquering hero warrior home where he can take off his armour and allow himself to relax and be open and vulnerable. There is Nothing to defend.

Allow yourself to see in your minds eye the Gladiator take off his armour. He can relax his muscles, can allow himself a big deep breath. He can be open, sensitive, he can cry, he can feel pain, he can be vulnerable. His vulnerability is his greatest strength.

Hold the wounded boy soldier in your heart, allowing him to open relieves him of his burdens, he can start to feel balanced and whole. There is a great love which can now flower.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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 Yes i will get around to writing about George and AMal’s wedding shortly.

Up in the air by 30 seconds to Mars 









Uranus Square Pluto, cosmic wake up Astrology,Tara Greene

Uranus square Pluto has just hit 2 minutes ago.

I am here at one of the top ten most spiritual places on the earth in Sedona.

From here the energy feels like if you are ready to let go of all your old mind programming through connection to your heart and soul then BINGO this is the big wake up call and time to celebrate!

then you will be spiraling up to a higher dimension of perception.


PLUTO is a soul mirror, everything and everybody in your life is a mirror of the inner you. I know most of you will find that hard to accept and believe but it is true. So take a good hard look at those mirrors. The ones you don’t like and refuse to accept are your shadows, the greatest teachers. Those- the relationship, or lack of, the job, or lack of, the kids the situation, your health all of it- is mirroring YOU back to you.


URANUS IN ARIES jumps in like a martial artist or like a Zen Master and gives you the big thwack in the head to wake you up.  NOTE- ARIES rules the head. The head- what Western society thinks of as the BRAIN Source of intelligence which is really just the EGO and the computer central.

Uranus is the cosmic eye opener, who is breaking your head open, mine and all heads on the earth open, to receive HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, the BIG PICTURE.

We are so much more than our limited belief systems.

URANUS will help you challenge every one of your long held limitations. It is a bout freedom. Freedom from the prison of thoughts which are not your own, freedom from the ego.

Just like they sang it in HAIR – The dawning of the age of Aquarius “and the mind’s true liberation.”

IT is very positive. Remember URANUS and PLUTO when in conjunction in the late 60″s in VIRGO seeded the new consciousness, eastern -western, The Beatles, Woodstock, sex, drugs, mind expansion, freedom, protests.

So BOW down and honor and respect these planets which are also Gods- URANUS the faster moving one of course, and PLUTO.

Ask them to help you break down those old limiting mind, body, emotional, mental spiritual belief systems.

Uranus in ARIES says -You need to become your own authority.

Pluto in Capricorn says- Embody your soul.



THOTH Lust Strength Tara Greene

#11 if you see 11:11 on your clock and all the master number sequences those are WAKE UP calls from the universe.


You are much stronger than you think. YOu need to trust yourself and the Universe more.

EVERYTHING you need is in your heart, if your life is falling apart, then simply go into your heart, pray to your angels. The Heart has its own intelligence. The heart knows what it needs, just listen to that. Your soul and your heart are connected.

BE STRONG, Be fearless,be childlike, be a leader for yourself,

Leo is also will power, You can manifest anything you desire.

“Do what thou wilt and harm none. “


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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GRAND WATER TRINES, ecstacy Astrology from Tara Greene

Pre-weekend overview- The GRAND WATER TRINES  just keep on coming. Melt into the sea.


MAx Ernst 1923 AStrology Tara Greene


We all come from the ocean. We are the oceans. Your tears, blood, saliva, sweat, orgasmic life producing fluids- are all water. 

Oct 23-25 When it rains it pours. Water Trines benefit all water signs most as conjunctions and earth signs too, through sextiles.

Fire and AIR Signs are having a struggle with them.  They need to work hard to integrate all that emotion.  It’s unnatural to them. Really.

Fire sign Aries gets squared by Cancer, and squared by Scorpio. Aries says -“Don’t tell me what to do. And don’t cry it makes me angry.”

Leo gets squared by Scorpio,quincunxed or inconjuncted by Pisces. Leo states. “I’m not merging with anyone. I’m the boss.”

Sagittarius gets squared by Pisces and quincunxed by Cancer. Sag, says “Too sentimental, don’t t fence me in. I’m off.”

Air signs Gemini gets quincunxed by Scorpio and Squared by Pisces. Gemini says “I dunno which one to choose.  I don’t understand.”

Libra gets quincunxed by Pisces, and squared by Cancer. Libra says “Don’t ask me what I think. What can I do for you?”

Aquarius gets quincunxed by Cancer and squared by Scorpio. Aquarius says ” Revolution starts at home. Tell me all your secrets.”

THE Moon’s  at home in Cancer, the most feminine sign.  I can smell the home cookin’ already.

We all need nurturing, chicken soup, safety, emotional security, hugs, cuddles, knitting, snuggling.

 We need to care about someone. Be a Jewish Italian, Spanish, ethnic stereotype Mama. Overdo the love.

Oct 24 Lotsa aspects

Moon TRINES SUN in Scorpio- dreams may be easy to remember, Working in the gold mines.

Moon TRINES NEPTUNE- ooh so spiritual, get lost in  a romantic dream. Dancing in the dark.

Moon sextiles MARS in Virgo- do your laundry take out the garbage organize your abode to show some love.

Moon Opposes PLUTO in Capricorn this is the up close and  personal side of the BIG  T-square dance.

May come down as lots of tears, power struggles. Cancer’s are controllers. That’s that MAMA stereotype. SMOTHER. IT’s not healthy.

IT could manifest as being called on the carpet by “the boss” or whoever that authority figure is in your life.Could be your own unconscious tyrant. 

Moon TRINES Chiron- Tears will have salted that chicken soup. Yes you will feel better after a cry. Think of your tears as diamonds.

CANCER Moon Squares URANUS in ARIES – part 2 of the BIG T- square dance.

Move something around in your home as a Feng Shui honoring of this energy. Do something that moves your emotional body. Quick witted, be careful about responding to a situation overly fast and creating more damage.  

Last but not least

Moon TRINES SATURN in Scorpio in PDT –

EAsy to make serious commitments. Who’s getting engaged? Moving in together? Polishing the black pot till it shines. Excellent time to see through a particularly difficult crooked path you have walked in the past. Don’t get overwhelmed in emotional sentimentalism. But it’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Or hold a grudge if you want to. Or refuse to tell anyone your most secret desires. 

Oct 25

Moon TRINES MERCURY Retrograde in Scorpio

A chance to take back some words which hurt someone else’s feelings. Mend fences. Clear up who does what. Designate chores.

Cancer Moon QUINCUNX VENUS in SAGITTARIUS- No more love on the run?

Now you can’t hold a Sagittarian down. Expect to be disappointed as your lover gallops off into the distance because they find you too needy. You would have to cook up some awesome down home adventure or treasure hunt to please a Sag.

Moon Conjunct JUPITER-  

BENEFIC! FERTILE. MAKE LOVE for no reason or to get pregnant. Buy a home lottery ticket. Book a cruise.  Expand your home, have a big house party, warming. Go to Vegas for the weekend. Eat a huge meal. Treat your inner child to fun and games. Get together with your mom and or family.

SUN in Scorpio TRINES NEPTUNE in PISCES – SEXTACY – an ayahuasca like shamans journey into the underworld

Shamans travel between the worlds. THey go deep into the underworld scorpio territory and travel the upper and middle worlds. This aspect will be like taking ayahuasca or ecstasy.  Tantric lovemaking under the stars. Write a deep heavy soul searching poem, sing a dark song, paint a black painting, write. VERY POWERFUL. Journey to other worlds unimagined. Die before you die in order to live. Be  immortals. Taste the elixer of life and death. YOUR FEEDBACK IS MOST WELCOME.


All writing copyright Tara Greene 


Beautiful People – The SEA – Jimmy Hendrix