Moon in Sagittarius, Saturn square Neptune


to lighten and optimize the mood

Sagittarius Moon Tara Greene


o out to a comedy club, get out in nature, go see an interesting lecture about philosophy, quantum physics or Buddhism. 


SATURN SQUARES NEPTUNE – Caught between a rock and a dream

I think BANKSY the street artist is quite a genius. True artists are known for being prophetic His installation last year of DISMALAND a take off on the fantasy too treacly pure virgin princesses and High School Musical with happy ever after bluebirds gone downhill into dreary reality is one way of viewing this square.  

More literally a poor two yer old boy was killed at a Disney park in the U.S. by an alligator a few days ago. Sending condolences to the family.  This is heavy stuff, 

Saturn will rain on your Neptunian pie in the sky parade. 

I blogged about this a few days ago.  This is so hard a choice for us to make. Life can feel hard disappointing, as Saturn presses his leaden foot down crushin many a dreams. Many Bernie Sanders followers,millions of them are disappointed and feeling lost and adrift.  Many people are having to face the facts and cannot run from the illusions anymore. Ultimately the reality check helps us to build real solutions in politics, education, and religious freedoms. Saturn is consequences, think about what you are avoiding now and get Saturnian tough and deal with it.

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Dream big, mutable roller coaster weekend

The weekend is a big busy mutable weekend as the Moon in Virgo activates the Mutable T-square, which may make you feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster, which will test you about your faith and your deepest dreamy wild truths, and if you know which way is up or not and  tests your hardest self-knowledge about What is real, and what is too hard to imagine?

Minton Palissy Ewer Mutable Grand Cross Tara Greene

The Grand Mutable T-square Jupiter Saturn Neptune. 

As the Moon opposite Neptune early in the a.m. I’m feeling high as a kite.
then the Moon Squares Saturn one hour later, the crash. Who put lead in my shoes and why am i so down and blue?
then 41/2 hours later Moon conjuncts Optimistic expansive trusting Jupiter. Wow I am feeling so UP!
Then the Moon conjunct North Node , 4 hours later; a karmic new cycle begins at 16 degrees.

The North Node and the Moon point to where we need to point our ship, what we nail to set sail after. Virgo North Node is about paying attention to the details. The crafting the hands on, DIY, perfecting something, it doesn’t have to be big, it can be small and prescious.

I used to be a craftsperson in my former incarnation in this lifetime. My ex and I made everything  by hand, these were  little tiny clay like pins. Our line was mainly cats and we sold these across Canada and the U.S. in Art Gallery Gift Shops and retail stores and at Major Toronto and California Craft Shows. Each one was meticulously hand-made, sanded, painted, sealed in minute details. I have a VIRGO South NODE.

What do you dream of crafting? – a sweater, a product, a meal? A new job? A new life?

It can feel very practical and very romantic.

Do be mindful of  how much alcohol or drugs you take of any kind. 

The Mood is nature loving, we need to be grounded, not too flashy and could be worrisome as Jupiter expands Virgo’s natural worry mode. 


Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Virgo makes us pay attention to how we feel from what we eat. We are what we eat. Virgo is the digestive trace and the Moon rules the stomach.

diet, digestion, food allergies, these are all things to pay attention to.

Eliminate things that make you bloat up or change your moods.

The mainstay rule is don’t eat anything white, No this is not racist. 

No milk, no white sugar, no white flour, no dairy… And it takes two weeks to eliminate these foods from your system. Pay attention to your health and exercise routine. 

Watch for waxing Moon conjunct Jupiter if clear night skies to help clarify.

june 2016 planets align Tara Greene

The planets are aligning in an arc during June

Moon TRINES PLUTO in the evening EDT

Think about the biggest highest goal you could have. Dream Big, we are still working with Neptune and Jupiter. Pluto gives anyone incredible power if they are truly walking on their souls’ path. If you could be at the top of the world in terms of fame and power what would you do? Who would you be? If you can’t analyze it and talk about it How can you build it? Saturn is the builder. 

SUNDAY is SUPER BUSY,Mercury enters its home sign of GEMINI on Sunday.,more about that later…

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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That’s Life- Frank Sinatra –

Muhammad Ali, Life and death of The Greatest

Muhammad Ali, ‘The Greatest” and three-time world heavyweight boxing champ, one of the most widely recognized people in the world, died June 3, 2016 after a most amazing life. My Dad was a huge boxing fan and one of my strongest memories as a child was of staying up late to watch the Friday Night Gillette boxing matches on the black and white TV with my Dad. That’s how we bonded. 

Muhammad Ali, the greatest, Tara Greene astrology

The undisputed greatest boxer of all time, outspoken black rights activist, war resister, devout Muslim and philanthropist was a larger than life personality. Muhammad was as swift with his famous remarks as for his fancy footwork in the ring. He was and will continue to be an enduring symbol for generations. He was a true cultural and political radical, a man who had even greater courage and influence outside of the boxing ring. He became a U.N. dignitary, fathered nine children, many from affairs  and was married four times. 

His Numerology adds up to 1960 the year he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Rome. He was a number 16 personality The Tower, ruled by Mars -very fitting for a man who blew up structures, and his own personality. His soul was a number 7, The Chariot, which is all about nurturing, protecting, mothering. He was  a sensitive caring soul deep down. 

Who was this complex powerhouse of a man? Lets look at his Astrology. Can we find the “floats like a butterfly stings like a bee” characteristics, the political radical? 

Born January 17, 1942

muhanned Ali Astrology Tara Greene

Ali was born in segregated times, in Louisville Kentucky. He was a Capricorn, strong, patient, goal oriented, hard-working obstinate man who wanted to serve his community with a 6th house Sun. This is the house of health, discipline and intellect. His Sun was opposed to PLUTO in LEO Retrograde in his 12th house of the unconscious, past lives, prisoners. Pluto opposed to the SUN is a powerhouse aspect. Leo is the sign of KINGS, courage, daring, loyalty and the heart. He felt like he was a King, and he most likely was in a past life.  Pluto in the 12th is a very spiritual, intuitive, compassionate, psychological place. The opposition joins these two aspects to give him a powerful commanding of respect soul. 

Ali’s radicalism stems from his MOON, MERCURY and VENUS conjunct in AQUARIUS. The airy Aquarius energy is always anti-establishment and uses ideas to fight with. Ali always sought freedom to march to his own drummer. Mercury in Aquarius was his outspokenes for Black power. Mercury is opposite Chiron in his 12th indicating how his wild radical talk would be also how he shot himself in the foot. This also shows Ali’s compassionate side. His Venus is Retrograde indicating past life karma with women, of valuing radical ideas. He was a natural inventive, pioneering person.Venus on the Descendent shows how his Beauty was his way of interfacing with the world. 

He announced his name change and conversion to Islam on March 6,1964 with the Sun at 15 degrees PISCES exactly on his South Node. He was reclaiming a past life religion. Saturn was at 27 degrees Aquarius, squaring Ali’s Natal URANUS -its ruling planet in his 10th house of career. 

April 28, 1967 Ali opposed being inducted into the U.S. Army. “I will not disgrace my religion, my people or myself by becoming a tool to enslave those who are fighting for their own justice, freedom and equality.”  Venus was at 15 degrees of Taurus  squaring his Natal Venus in Aquarius. Uranus-rebellion- is at 20 degree of Virgo in Ali’s 2nd house of resources trining Ali’s Natal Saturn in Taurus- stubborness and his Sun. Pluto is at 18 degrees of VIRGO also involved in that Grand Earth Trine- this position caused Ali to lose his boxing licence for four years when he was at his athletic prime. He became an anti-war hero to young students.

A boxer would have a strongly placed MARS and Ali’s was in Taurus and he was certainly built like a bull. Apparently the force of one of his punches was equal to a thousand pounds. Mars is the highest elevated planet in his natal chart. Ali was sensuous, strong, stubborn, had good taste, was aggressive, graceful and down to earth. Mars is at the APEX of a T-square between PLUTO in LEO and the MOON in AQUARIUS. These are fixed signs and gives incredibly willpower to accomplish anything.

Ali’s Ascendant was LEO, he had the courage of the LION in so many ways. He wore the crown proudly and was never intimidated by anything. Leo’s are leaders, actors, passionate, aggressive, strong, fiery and childlike. 

Ali had three planets in the house of worldly fame.  SATURN and URANUS conjunct in Taurus both Retrograde and JUPITER in GEMINI.

Saturn and Uranus represent history and evolution, tradition and non-tradition, the old Patriarchy structures and the radical new. This is where he stood up to the establishment and refused to fight in the Vietnam war. He was partly old-fashioned and partly radical. Both these planets Retrograde indicate past lives of being both the traditionalist and the freedom fighter. 

JUPITER in GEMINI is famous for expanding communications and giving the gift of the gab. Ali was famous for his rhyming taunts to other boxers. He was very charming and eloquent. His mind was curious and open. He had two names. This also gave him his speed and agility. He had a dual nature, it was hard for him to be faithful, he had four wives ad numerous affairs. 

His NORTH NODE, his highest spiritual goal was in VIRGO at 14+ degrees, the middle degree in his 2nd house of values and resources. The North Node in Virgo pertains to knowledge, health, organization, intellectual capabilities.  Ali used his mind as one of his greatest tool. The 2nd house is traditionally Taurus, the body, physical strength, another layer of meaning. Ali’s SOUTH NODE was in PISCES the sign of spirituality, oneness, the humanitarian, the poet, the morphing shaman, the compassionate one. Ali must have been a very spiritual person in his past lives. The North and South Nodes are square to Jupiter in Gemini indicating his quick mind and excellent communications skills. He wasn’t University educated.

FAITH is known from the planet NEPTUNE, ALi’s was at the last degree of VIRGO in his 2nd house of resources, what he identified as his resource. NEPTUNE is involved in a GRAND EARTH TRINE With his SUN and URANUS in TAURUS. This gave Muhammad incredible strength to move mountains. Neptune in Virgo is a practical dreamer, a person whose religion is their body, their work, a tool for them to work with. Ali had a great imagination and was indeed the butterfly or a natural chameleon. Neptune is also square to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius giving him a natural philosophical, spiritual, metaphysical orientation. He instinctively saw things from a Higher Perspective.

Ali had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984 brought on by receiving thousands of punches to his head.  His health has been declining for years, although he served as a U.N. Ambassador, and was a flag bearer in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. 

At his death on June 3

The Mutable Grand Cross of planets were aligned with Ali’s natal planets so strongly. Ali was reported to have said he knew he was going back to God as his brother reported. This is exactly what the planets indicate. Besides transiting Mercury conjunct to his natal Saturn, communicating with death, and the Moon symbolizing the mother, endings, intuition and conjunct to his Natal Uranus planet of higher consciousness and the unexpected. Mars was also opposite Ali’s Natal Uranus indicating this was a fast unexpected end. The transitting nodes are aligning with Ali’s natal positions. He was on the right track.

SATURN planet of death, is directly opposite to Natal JUPITER  in Gemini which the SUN {God, the Light} and VENUS {Love} are connected with. Transiting Jupiter planet of faith, optimism and trust is conjunct to his North Node and Neptune planet of the Faithful, of return to Bliss and Source is connected to his South Node in Pisces. This is indeed one who knows with all oh his mind and body that he is returning to Source. Ali had a beautiful death. May he RIP.

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Muhammad Ali dodges 21 punches in 10 seconds. 




Thy will be done, earthing, astrology now

Did you have a lovely Beltane? I hope so.  Double rainbows appeared here in Sedona, a very beautiful uplifting and positive sign. The Rainbow bridge is the sign from Heaven that your prayers are being answered. 

Hi-Lights of the first week in MAY. A BIG GRAND EARTH TRINE WEEK

All Grand Earth Trines are alchemical and refer to THE GREAT WORK. We are there now.

Alchemy starts with the MATERIA PRIMA or First Matter. The earliest source of First Matter for alchemists was the black, fertile soil of the Nile Delta. The very word “alchemy” is Arabic ” al-khemia” meaning “from the black dirt” of the Nile. This is an auspicious New beginning. We are beginning to embody SOUL.


Grand Earth Trine Astrology Tara Greene

I have no attribution for this

with a New Moon in Taurus and Mother’s day

May 3


The Sun is the Source and The Will. Jupiter is faith and trust and optimism and he is very strong as he plods slowly nearing the end of his retro journey since January 7th.

CAPRICORN’s or anyone with planets at the 11-15 degree range of EARTH SIGNS benefit.

The win-win combo of sensual practical beauty loving Taurus SUN and trusting optimistic go for it Jupiter- even Retro and in panicky, perfectionists, splicing and dicing, modest in Virgo garb is still GREAT.

Because Jupiter is still doing the Retro-dance plan now to release your ideas into the world at a later date when harmonious aspects again come up between the two. 

May 4 SUN INCONJUNCTS SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 15+ degrees = Waving the red flag at a bull. @ 9:39 pm PDT

This aspect between the SOLAR BULL pulling the plow to fertilize the earth and Mr. Karmic Tester Saturn even in upbeat optimistic, multi-national, teaching, philosophy, laws, politics and humour oriented, easy-going Sagittarius proves to be difficult. 

This bespeaks many a place where we will see it:

The Election in the U.S. of course; some stubborn International treaty or project being hampered by laws. Taurus SUN is stubborn and so is Saturn who digs his heels in trying to elevate things. 

It is literally the warning sign in the stock markets for a Bull market stopping.

A good remedy is exercise, eating well and keeping your hide out of trouble.

Be careful of people being irritable, easily annoyed and obstinate. 

MAY 5 CINCO DE MAYO    The Sun Saturn inconjunct occurs @ 12:39 am EDT.

VENUS INCONJUNCTS MARS @ 6+ degrees TAURUS /SAGITTARIUS 7:10 am PDT/10:10 am EDT/2:10 pm GMT 

Yikes this quincunx occurs exactly on my SAGE SUN @ 6+ degrees. 


The inner and outer masculine and Feminine will be feuding and fighting my friends. 

Venus has the advantage as she is in her own sign. Enuf said. 

NEW MOON MAY 6 at 16+ degrees TAURUS 

will write about that one separately

MAy 7 

SUN TRINES PLUTO in Capricorn @  17+ degrees 

This is excellent for all your earthers out there. This is basically a Grand Trine held over from the 3rd

The Sun is LIGHT and Life PLUTO is the DARK and DEATH. The Taurus Sun wants to revel in our earthly Garden of Eden, and revel we should. Pluto the Lord of Death, shows us that we must be aware of our shadows and our fears at every moment so that we can have more power by living and grounding our Souls to the earth. I read something by musician Elijah Ray on FB where he talked about always feeling alienated and wishing he could go home to his cosmic origins. Then realized he needed to bring “home” here to earth, that was why he embodied. I thought that was a beautiful story which really touched me deeply.

A friend died suddenly a few days ago and that is always a shock, another reminder of how we never know, moment to moment if we will be here or transcend and go elsewhere, leaving everything we had learned established and embodied behind in an instant. RIP Steve. 

This aspect is very empowering. Bring your earthly gifts to bare against the shadow of death, which is not to be feared. It is merely another dimension of life. 

MAy 8 is Mother’s Day

Honor your mother. 

Gotta go, blessings to you all. Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.


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Tara Greene, Tarot, Astrology,witchy things

I found April Fools to have very wacky energies. Did you?

 AQUARIUS LUNAR energy keeps things light airy and detached all weekend. Good weather to let your mind ride free, your hair hang loose and your imagination soar, get on your broomsticks. 


3 of swords

Tarot Card reading Tara Greene

Wheel of the Year Tarot 

The Tarot cards are always mirroring what one is feeling. I was feeling very frustrated from a number of things that happened today. My google+ page went missing from Goggle, seemed they were having their own April Fool’s energy. It got fixed but it was strange.

I am trying to book a flight and have been looking for days and prices keep changing and i can’t seem to get what I want. That is unusual. I am also annoyed  because someone has reneged on me who I paid  upfront before hand to rebuild my website, it has taken me a long time for me to figure out what I want. She is now saying she is charging three times more and giving me some song and dance and that makes me really annoyed and refusing to do any work. I am shocked. I always honor promises I have made no matter how long ago they were made.  There seems to be obstacles, things don’t seem to be flowing as they usually are. That’s Saturn stuff….

With all this Aquarius energy your mind and energy will be racy. There is  only ONE quincunx to Jupiter later this evening PDT it’s all smooth sextiles all day. 


I like this 3 of cups cards because we are in an AIR SIGN lunar energy and the birds are airy beings. They keep popping up in the conversations lately. There are two types of owls and a raven or crow all-wise, shamanic witchy birds which would be their familiars, like Harry Potter’s Hedwig. 

The card shows the birds overseeing the desolate landscape. They have the power to fly away and visit other terrain. Use the three totem animals as your animal guides, Speak to them and they will guide you. Just call Raven bringer of magic, or Owl who sees in all directions, two owls will give different information. 

This card is usually shown as a heart with three swords piercing it. A very sad-looking image. I prefer this one as it gives that AIRY detached bird’s-eye view where we can breathe the big picture and not let life’s temporary set-backs and challenges get us down. It’s Saturn Jupiter square dance time you know. The energy wants to gather in groups, find our tribe, coven, join in a revolutionary change advocacy group, hack away or just watch the parade. 

I am feeling really exhausted lately and it may be the weather here in Toronto its been cold.  I need help with some SEO on my website. If anyone is able to advise me I’d be very happy.

This card seems to depict the energy which seems very skewed these day. Skewed is like those three swords, skewers. Too much mental conflict.  Relax, try to let go.  Let me know how this is all feeling for you. 

I gotta get some beauty sleep. Please share widely

all writing is copyright of TAra Greene

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Pisces, water,Hot stuff, party weekend.

Feb 19 It;s a very watery day with Sun and Moon in ocean elements. The day is Void until the evening followed by a FIRED UP Weekend .

Sun is in PISCES in EDT and GMT today Feb 19

Cancer moon trines CHIRON –

you will be feeling vulnerable and over sensitive. 

Emotions pour down like a waterfall. It’s ok crying is good and cleansing. 

Moon sextiles JUPITER IN VIRGO-

its a good day to start cleaning up for the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday


If you’ve wanted to dig deeper into dark emotional shadows than this is the energy to work with. Remember MARS is in SCORPIO and feelings of frustration about not being in control, of vengeance, and ruthlessness abound.  let off some steam in healthy ways. Bottled up deep emotions will explode uncontrollably if you don’t vent them in little bits. 

Moon goes VOID OF COURSE @ 6:36 am PST/ 9:36 am EST/ 2:36 pm UT

So the whole day is a laid back out of time affair. 

Moon enters Firy HOT LEO with a BANG at 6:17 pm PST/ 9:17 pm EST/ 2:17 am UT next day

TIME TO PARTY!!!!! Get out there and boogie down. 

Proud Leo MOON and Pisces SUN energies don’t compute as an inconjunct appears in the later eve. You maybe feeling overwhelmed, like a little fish in a big lions den. Keep swimming and praying.

BE CAREFUL of overdoing the drinking at PISCES TIME- YOUR perception is off.

The LEO energy heats up the entire weekend. Swagger, bling, dance, show-off be big-hearted.  Enjoy the drama. Big ego’s come out to play. Leo also has a lovely child like energy, play with your inner child, be with family. Show them you love them,

Blessings, TARA

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RAIN the Beatles 1966 remastered 


Pope acknowledges the Goddess, Inspirational Daily

Lets have a card of the day for Valentine’s day 

Ace of wands Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

Ace of Wands by Kate Bedell

this is a new beginning, a new inspiration, a spark in the dark,

If you are feeling lonely, or left out on V-day

this is an opportunity to reach inside your  own heart deeper, 

into the fire within your own heart where the spark of love lives 

while you are alive there is a physical spark of fire/love which you are.

After you pass on from this dimension you are an eternal spark of consciousness/love

ever living. 

Have a great Valentine’s day and remember it is better to give than to receive so send some love out to someone else.

also the POPE crowned the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City a big nod to the GODDESS in public

Feb 15 is President’s Day in the U.S. on the 15th and it’s family day in Canada

It is also called Nirvana Day the day the Buddha reached enlightenment 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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Inspirational Daily Card, a rant

2/11 is a very LITE day astrologically. Moon enters Aries in the a.m. and that’s about it.

So take a breather, we are starting a new round in Aries, things will be more intense on Friday. 


Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on the 13th until March 5. 

Mercury expands communicates to a HIGHER LEVEL in Aquarius its HIGHER OCTAVE SIGN

this benefits anyone with a progressive, revolutionary, higher consciousness, inclusive agenda to work together for the benefit of all. I wonder who that could be?

We are already ankle deep in the Age of Aquarius. Rights for disabled, LGBT, gay marriages, the end of racism, sexism, and being unconscious is over. Those old-fashioned Leo {opposite to Aquarius} ego driven ” its all about me,” us against them, the 1% royalty mind-set is old and outdated. We are all dependent on each other and we need to see ourselves from a Higher Perspective as a family of brother and sisters beyond any belief systems such as religion.  

Yes we could go into the Dark Ages again and have that 1% take over the entire world as a New World Order and create a Fascist slave world, they are also inches from that as well. But that would spell the end of humanity. It’s a pretty big price to pay.  

You have a choice, forget stupid nonsense like Kardashians, gossip, consumerism, sports, porn, escapism and learn something about how the world works. It’s not President Obama’s fault for the state of America’s economy it is the state of the World. To have all that cheap crap you sold out to China. There are consequences. America is not the most powerful country in the world anymore. You are outnumbered by many other nations China and India. Yes Americans are inventors and cultural leaders and they may hang onto some power that way. You cannot go back into a sentimental overly patriotic view of the world. Americans don’t see who they are from any other perspective. In Europe the EU is a pact, a group. they must work together. America is setting up NAFTA and TPP but that is only to bully other countries around. Terrorists are a world-wide issue. They and whoever is backing them hate everything western and non- muslim and are in a devolution state. The world has to come clean now. 

My Canadian friend living in New York was saying she doesn’t think a Democrat will be elected. She thinks everyone hates what Obama has done. I am always so shocked when I am in the U.S. to see that idiotic brainwashing show Fox news. I can’t believe its even allowed to broadcast such ignorance but it does.I am more shocked that people believe their brainwashing. The Media is all controlled by the few. You have to be willing to dig behind every issue yourself to discover truth. NOW THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATION. That’s the gift of the Internet. It puts the power back in the people’s hands. Watch BBC news to get a view on the world. 

America is very backwards in its standards of living. You rank way down in quality of life and safe births. It is very antiquated with social medicine and paid leave for mothers for a year and fathers for a while as well. It is not a country that believes in families unless this is provided for. It’s still a big player in the world and its responsible also to the rest of the world. If you devolve now you will create more trouble. Obama inherited the mortgage meltdown which was created by President Clinton deregulated banks and derivatives. Wall Street and the CEO’S continue to make millions and billions and were bailed out with taxpayers money. The revolution should have started then but everyone was still asleep. Obama himself is a puppet of the Corporations who already hold all the power. Your only hope for growth is to elect Bernie Sanders who is truly being backed by the people and for the people. That’s what your constitution is supposed to be about. Isn’t it? It isn’t and its in danger. America is soon to have its reckoning. 

Mars sextiles Jupiter on the 13th too a nice scourging cleanse. 

and then its Valentines day a nice sensual one with the Moon in Taurus. 

will give you that low down later. 

I’m thinking about the big Eclipse March 8th International Women’s Day in EST and PST is March 9th in GMT

Card of the Day 

3 of pentacles/disks Tarot Tara Greene

3 of Pentacles/ disks Metamorphosis Tarot

The three’s are Feminine, the YONI, the Triple Goddess, the Empress. The are related to physical birthing, creating, nurturing, sweating, laboring, work. Pleasant DIY handcrafted work, women’s work, working the earth, the dough, the clay, the body.  Increase in energy.

Visualize yourself being strong balanced beautiful and creative in everything you do. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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2016 details, watch Astrology and Tarot, by Tara Greene

How 2016 will affect you in detail. Tara Greene interview on New for the Heart. Tara explains the planets’ energies through Astrology and how they will affect the world and specific signs in 2016.

The Tarot Cards of the Major Planets and signs are also used to demonstrate the symbolic energies. Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the major signs being affected in 2016 with Gemini strongly implied too. Aries and Capricorn are still undergoing the Cardinal Cross energies. Libra will become prominent after September, Cancer is also drawn into the mix.. Thanks to Laurie who interviewed me for her show.

Super sexy Scorpio Sunday

How’s 2016 treating you so far?

Mars enters Scorpio Sunday as does the Moon and they make love in the afternoon in a sexy conjunction.

Mars Moon Scorpio is INTENSELY SEXUAL and revengeful and can be spiteful and manipulative.

Dejah Thoris Warlords of Mars

Stay in bed and have sex all day or fight or plot or get revenge. 

Scorpio’s love secrecy. Are you really a Martian? 

Take Scorpio to its highest intention.  SOUL HEALING, shadow healing.

Mars in Scorpio helps us to be the PHOENIX and rise from the ashes transmuting all our old pain. 

Mars rules two signs SCORPIO, the 8th sign and ARIES, the 1st sign. Where are they in your birth chart? Check out which houses these two signs fall. They could be in your personal 2nd 9th or 3rd and 10th, or your 4th and 11th, etc.

That is where MARS will be aggressively setting you on fire with desire, waking up your life, sparking, defending and in battle for. That’s good.

What do you need to begin in Aries and what do you need to end in Scorpio?

What are you fighting for? What are you willing to fight and die for? These are important questions. 

Aries is the 1st sign and Scorpio the 8th 

Aries is initiating, “I am” self-willed, life force- FIRE – CARDINAL – SPRING energy archetypally. The boss, anger,

Scorpio is the death and rebirth sign emotionally.

WATER- FIXED- sex, death force, transformation, psychology, HADES,obsession, detective work, “I DESIRE,” 

You can see that Mars rules the beginning of life and the end of life. 

 Lets go of the old power and control games 

MARS rules- explosions, danger, knives, weapons, fire, atomic energy,  terrorism, heat, volcanoes, death,wildfires, rape, new life force, domination, competition, skill,power, control, life or death struggles,  selfishness, anger, rage, blind passion.

MARS rules ARIES  

You will be hyped up again. And ready to go into battle.

Aries countries  -England, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Burgundy, Palestine, Syria and Japan will be in the battle zones.

MARS ruled Scorpio countries-  Austria, Indochina, Tibet, Borders of Caspian, Upper Egypt, North China, and Burma will be in the news

 wear RED at all times while Mars is in Scorpio- indigenous people and Chinese know it is protective.

RED is the color of LIFE, BLOOD, SUCCESS.

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BROKEN ENGLISH- what are you fighting for? Marianne Faithfull[/embed]