Six things to do when Mercury is in Virgo

Mercury enters its home sign of VIRGO July 30 where communications, details and accountability rules. Where getting the job done perfectly is all that matters. This is good as it help us get our minds refocussed back to the daily ordinary humdrum stuff. Virgo, the 6th sign, is hard working, serving others and humble. Yes they can be nerds. Bernie Sanders is a Virgo.

EARLY MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT August 30 -Sept. 21 Fall Equinox is the 22nd.

August 30 -sept. 21 Fall Equinox is on the 22nd.

Mercury Retrograde will have us rethinking, retooling and reperfectting though September’s ECLIPSE season.

VIRGO the Virgin is the largest Constellation, She is THE Great GODDESS the Divine Mother.

6 things to be sure to focus on with Mercury in VIRGO


Health is wealth and very important to Virgo. You are what you eat. Beneficial time to do a cleanse, especially as we are going into season change time. You will find it easier and more beneficial to stick to a healthier, more nutritious natural wholesome diet. There is more cognisance of the mind/body connection. Virgo is the harvest, the plants and herbs of the earth. Try using a homeopath, naturopath, Chinese acupuncture or ayurvedic specialist. Virgo is the body, always tune in and listen to your body as it never lies. 


Virgo’s are the workaholics of the Zodiac. They love to be of service and are traditionally the servants of the Zodiac. Questions to ponder with Mercury in Virgo. Are you working too much?  Are you too afraid to ask for a raise or speak up about your rights?  Are you truly loving your work? How can you master your work? Think about ways to reinvent your work environment and innovate new ideas in your work. If you are bored to tears then move on. 


Virgo’s need to feel they are being of service. Do you feel that your work and your gifts are being used in the right service? What is your higher purpose for serving? Whom do you serve? Are you being of service to your own body, your own environment? How can you improve this?


Mercury in Virgo can help all of us, especially those who are neatness challenged to get their acts together. Gemini,  Pisces, Sagittarius- listen up. Virgo energy is perfectionist. Not to be O.C.D. but use this time to clear out messes everywhere you find them. Reorganize, declutter, recycle. Be more prompt and on time. Follow up and follow through. Virgo energy is extremely responsible and Always gets the job done.



After all your hard work you need to reap the benefits. Where can you do this in your life? Do you have an idea of what your goals are and what that harvest looks like? If you don’t have a very Virgo business plan and clear goals you cannot create and manifest what you want. Make a plan, get some coaching if needed. 

6. Gratitude 

Always be grateful for what you have no matter how humble. Bless those bills. Affirm abundance and not poverty.

Remember JUPITER is finishing his year long blessings to Virgo’s and exits the sign on September 9, 2016.  Get your shit together now. 

MERCURY the planet is personified as THE MAGICIAN Tarot Trump # 1


THOTH TAROT # 1 the MAGUS Mercury 

The magical skill we all have is our minds. With our consciousness we can create whatever we wish to. Yes you are a wizard or a witch. We all are. You are what you think. The Magician usually has an  INFINITY symbol over his head. As does the woman in the STRENGTH card which is LEO energy.  With Magic you can  control ALL TIME.  The mind is INFINITE. Mercury is a hermaphrodite, both masculine and feminine. He symbolizes the two-lobed brain, the conscious and unconscious sides of ourselves. Each person contains both sexes. Inter-gender is a popular term these days.  The MAGICIAN is a trickster.

The Sign of Virgo the Virgin earth is personified as THE HERMIT #9 


THE HERMIT is not necessarily alone or has abandoned all worldly possessions. The Hermit is usually pictured as a wise old man with a long beard in profile holding up a lamp, a light to guide the way. He is very  much the Inner GUIDE, the one who is always there within you. Just quiet that busy mind and you will find the Hermit, as your ancestors, an unbroken lineage working for and protecting you. 

Use this time with Mercury in VIRGO to tune into that ancient wisdom of the Hermit residing already there.

THE SUN will enter Virgo August 22 and there will be a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Virgo September 1st which will trigger a hell of a lot of cleansing. 


What is your relationship with your inner hermaphrodite?  Bruce Jenner is our current Magician.

How IN TUNE are you? What kind of mind games do you play on yourself?

Dialogue with the HERMIT daily as a meditation. Ask him questions, he is waiting to guide you. The Hermit can be a female guide as well, the Virgin Goddess, the keeper of the harvest.

Why am I so afraid of being alone? Very important for women to ask this question.

Talk to your body, ask each part how it is feeling, You will be amazed at how correct this is.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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Weekend Update Lucky Astrology, Card of the day

Weekend UPDATE for June 28

CANCER MOON makes you feel like sticking close to home, the BBQ, lake, pond, pool and just chillin’ with family and friends. Cancer MOON times demand that tummies are filled with lots of good home cooked meals prepared with love.

Moon squares Mars about now its the wee hours so some argumentative, or being pursued by shadows and the like in your dreams.


there will be a healing in the dream, a golden key, a reward, a stranger who steps out of the mists to bring you a gift. Remember what your dreams were when you wake up.


Still in NEW MOON vibes very powerful and potent for BIRTHING THE NEW ANYTHING!

USE the planets and the STARS to manifest your desires,this is is the most ancient form of magic.

JUPITER MOON MAGIC occurs at 6:02 am PDT/ 9:02 am EDT


and he will only be in his exaltation for the next 18 days and won’t return to Cancer for another 12 years.

So make Good luck magic charms while you can.

Jupiter in Cancer is very fertile,

I don’t know if it’s the time of year but I have been noticing a surfeit of pregnant woman these days. 

Focus on seeing feeling and having your desires met,

its the emotional juice that attracts to you your own desire.  Stay single pointed in your vision all day even while you go about doing your daily stuff.

Make offerings to Jupiter he likes tin, royal purple, peacock feathers, fruit trees and woods, horses, beets, archery, travel.

Sing him a song. Tell him some funny jokes, Jupiter is the KING OF COMEDY.

Put them all together and get what you will.


so do relax, do mundane things, meditate in the water, by the water, in a bath.


King of Pentacles Tarot Tara Greene

KING OF PENTACLES or Knight of Disks

Rohrig Tarot deck

THE KING or Knight of DISKS/pentacles

is the LORD OF EARTHLY abundance. He brings maturity, wisdom. power, strength, manifestation, Masculine earthiness.

You can think of him as being like Robin Hood. He can be called upon to protect and guide you. He is a magician at making the money appear when you don’t have enough to pay the rent. His energy will bring home the bacon. He is the father that provides for his family. He is lord of wealth.

Visualize him bringing you wealth in whatever form you want. That could be health, a home, a man like him, physical strength, courage, dynamic confidence. 



all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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