Remember John Lennon, a channelled message

October 9 is the anniversary birthday of John Lennon ,one of my and millions of other peoples’ heroes. John, the true Libra peacemaker would have been 73 years young.

JOhn Lennon Astrology Tara Greene

Gee I wish he were here to comment on the current state of the World,

so I tuned in and I asked him- Here’s what I received in a channelled message.

“Bloody hell, its more fooked up now than it was in 1980. Britain is totally on camera and it’s a shameful waste of affairs. Even though there’s a black president he acts like a white zombie. He’s just a puppet of the corporate New World Order, Monsanto’s, ya know. Don’t believe anything you read in the newspapers or on that world-wide spider webbots. Ya gotta learn to think for herself, wasn’t that a song one of the Beatles did years ago? It’s easier to think for yerself these days, if you can see past the false flags and chem trails.”

Today’s music

“Totally panderized pap ,designed by big designer producers, auto- tune and all that, can’t even sing, pretty face adverts, a total sell out. These young kids just want money fame sex and drugs and are willing to bend over and suck whoever’s dick to make it happen. Maybe only one or two interesting people. Music needs more risk- takers, stuff that’s not guaranteed to sell at all. Lotta mindless dance music.”

Like who?

“Marina and the Diamonds- she’s got irony, and a good voice. The Black Keys are a good old rock band. Lady Gaga’s OK. she’s artsy, I like that. Bjork too, she’s not so new.  I like trance music and house not so fond of that hip hop stuff. Liked the politics of that Thrift Shop and the Gay love one. Forget Justin Screiber and those other kids -Miley,the pretty Latina-Selina. There’s always been teeny-bopper,bubble gum music but it didn’t sell the most records all the time. That Psy guy, that Korean horsy thing. that was fun, off the well trod path.


“Well there a bit better off now, some of them in the U.S. and Europe but they’re still at the bottom of the list. Still raped and traded and more tarted up than ever, Guaranteed to please men. Women need to wake up and to find their own power, they’ve got the men by the balls and don’t even know it.”


“Pre-mixed, pretend individuality, more choices, keep ’em busy, no time to reflect, too much noise. Yoga- is co-opted Indian spirituality that everyone “MUST DO.” Forget it, man. Most people don’t question. The 60’s woke a lot of folks up, They should wake up again now. People are more aware in many ways. I like the internet anarchists, what do they call them? hackers- I like them.”

What about Artists?

“I really like that Chinese chap Ai Wei Wei- he’s good. He stands up for what he believes in under duress in a communist country. Yoko’s still doing great things, I’m so proud of her.” 

Any words of advice John?

“Yeah, war is over if you want it, give peace a chance, my message hasn’t changed, and it won’t till the world’s changed.”

Hey thanks for thinking about me still.”


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September 11Revisited, Tarot, Astrology from Tara Greene

It’s hard to believe that it’s 12 years since 9/11.

I remember my family were headed to L.A. in August 2001. I cast a Horoscope chart and said something really cataclysmic is going to happen by the next New moon. All Astrologers knew that the Saturn in Gemini,- Saturn is the architect, reality, buildings, in Gemini- the sign of the Twins- it was so obvious in hindsight!  and Pluto in Sagittarius opposition was happening. Pluto is death and destruction, secrets, and in Sagittarius it rules airplanes, foreigners, religious fanatics. Put them together and we see what we got.

I feel and felt very sad for the tragic loss of thousands of innocent people and the lives of all their families who have to live with their losses for the rest of their lives. I send blessings to the all who were affected.

12 years is a complete Jupiter Return so let’s look at where the planets were then and now.

9/11 Astrology Tara Greene

Here’s a large chart. The inner chart in blue is the 2001 9/11 chart and the outer in red is the 9/11 2013 planets.

As you can see JUPITER in 2013 in RED is in Cancer again right at the MC, of the original event. The 10th house is the HIGH NOON position,  JUPITER-brings higher meaning, inspiration, history, philosophy and hypocrisy. According to Native American teachings Jupiter rules SACRED LAW, higher law, and is igniting the same situation now. Jupiter aspect involves, foreigners, religious freedoms, homeland security being upper most in the nation’s eyes which 9/11/01 spawned of course.

9/11 had a mid degrees Libra Ascendant with Mercury right on the Ascendant. Mercury has just entered Libra and is in the 12th house or the unconscious shadow of the event. Peace has not been found. There has been no decisive answers. A nightmare is still locked in the collective psyche.

URANUS planet of Revolution, freedom, the Internet, is directly opposite where Mercury was sitting on the Descendant and is also in the T- square of Jupiter then and now. Pluto with Mercury falling into line shortly are going to create another Grand Cardinal cross starting on Yom Kippur Sept 14 -19th culminating on a Full Moon in Pisces. 9/11 is ready to ignite again in a different place.

Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio- famous for spying, secrets, death, torture, hidden power trippers, ruthlessness, controls, is squaring where Neptune was in Aquarius. All the spying by the government on people, all the Edward Snowden revelations began with Neptune in Aquarius here-  delusion, smoke screens. Mars also opposes Neptune.Karmic time.

The transiting Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct to where Pluto was.The Moon is the people, their moods and it is opposite where Saturn was in Gemini. So a very emotional collective, sense of limitations, destruction, despair, waste, power, hopelessness/hopefulness.

Chiron is in Pisces now  is squaring where Pluto was- 12 degrees of Sagittarius and in range of Saturn at 14 degrees Gemini. The U.S. is still hurting, even more than 9/11. Chiron is the wound, where the situation is the most vulnerable. In Pisces this is about the smoke-screen, the illusion and delusion, the false flags that were around 9/11 which I knew intuitively, when I saw the 2nd Tower go down live on TV.

THE TOWER in the TAROT # 16 is the archetypal symbol of what happened on 9/11/2001

Thoth Tower Tarot Tara Greene

The Tower of Destruction

The destruction of the Tower,Trump #16  is a necessary part of awakening the ego collectively or individually. It must always be this way. I remember thinking that if the world was just initiated into the lessons of THE TOWER, then where was it going, up or down the Tree of Life? In the Tarot you can work its magic backwards from 22- 0 or forwards from 0-22. ascending or Descending.

The Trump preceeeding the Tower is THE DEVIL #15 and the Trump after it, is the STAR # 17.

The DEVIL TAROT TRUMP TARA GREENE       Did we blame our shadows on our “enemies” and vice versa?

#17 The Star Aquarius Thoth tarot

The Thoth Tarot deck which I use
#17 Aquarius The STAR




Did we go to a higher perspective and innovation of The Star and look at the collective, individual freedoms, Higher purpose, cosmic consciousness? Or did we choose to bind ourselves with technology?


It’s easy to see Al- Qaeda as the enemy as the Devil, but the U.S. is also a part of its creation. We and them- shadow projections. DUALITY this is how the devil works.

The Star, Aquarius-new technology, breaks down any boundaries between people and sees everyone as the same with the same rights. The rest of the world and we are trying. Lots of individuals are proposing revolution from the Old bondage of Saturn, to whatever Saturn represents- Patriarchy, government, sexuality,  old-time religion based on limits to expressing freedom. We are evolving. The technology of the Internet has allowed for major freedoms. 

It’s a complicated world.

Can we detach? Aquarius from the old ways, the bondage to matter which the Devil represents. The hierarchies, the power trips, the blaming others rather than taking stock of ourselves and our own faults?

I vote for Aquarius and the Aquarian age. Sometimes I wish some outer space higher spiritual authority would land and put these foolish earthlings in their place like The day the earth stood still. so we can get on with it.

what do you think?

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