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We can feel the high tides of this very special Moon in Taurus affecting us. 

Where’s 22+ degrees Taurus in your Natal Chart? It’s in my 7th house of relationships with others and my significant other.

Let’s check out the Chanda Symbols courtesy of John Sandbach

Taurus 23: Inside a tornado, a spiral staircase. (Omega Symbol)Interacting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Nanael (NA-naEl) No Agenda, Spiritual Communication)

In the midst of turbulence you are able to remain calm. You have a tremendous ability to stick with the most difficult of situations and to see them through. Though energies may be furiously whirling around you, you hold to your course, and are intent on your course no matter how arduous it may be to follow.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A salamander glowing red-orange.” In the system of Aura-Soma, the color for Taurus is red-orange. The salamander is the elemental being of fire. Here is an intensity of character and an extreme strong-mindedness that can evoke all kinds of different reactions in other people.

No matter what the reactions coming at this degree from outside it, there is a strength of character here that challenges others to manifest who they are with more power and directness. The tornado, which is the vortex of personality, is stabilized by the inner staircase that allows us to both walk down in the act of grounding ourselves, and walk up in the act of transcending all that which is lower. And so the energy of the tornado is harnessed and used without being weakened or repressed, and the salamander is fiercely on fire without being burned up.

Pleiadian Symbol: Antique diamonds glittering in a dusty old display case.

Azoth Symbol: A man and woman reading the inscription at the base of an obelisk.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 26. {This is the Galactic Center degree} A candle mysteriously undisturbed by the wind. (Omega Symbol). To attune to the spiritual light while tuning out the endless fluctuations of the mind we come into a place of stillness within the eye of the storm.

Climbing the steps of the pyramid of the sun. (Chandra Symbol). As we steadily work toward the goal of enlightenment our unique individuality shines ever more purely and clearly.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 5. Through narrow, winding streets, a man is following a mysterious woman. (Omega Symbol). Finding the still point within we are able to focus on seeking our own inner wisdom.

A seemingly young man but with gray hair. (Chandra Symbol). Contact with our own spiritual essence imbues us with timelessness.”

With information from another great astrologer Sky Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam who points out that Sedna and Hekate conjunct the Moon, here’s my take on this.

Goddess dwarf-planet SEDNA and Asteroid HEKATE conjunct the MOON

Sedna, astrology, Inuit, myths, Tara Greene

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the seas and all life in them. The Oceans symbolize the vast unconscious that we all have. The Unconscious is the watery emotional underworld of dreams, the shadows and the riches that live there.  We all have dreams of being  in the ocean, it is archetypally where life originally formed on planet earth. Therefore symbols of the ocean are extremely archaic, and are held in our DNA. Do you remember when you were a whale, dolphin,a sponge or plankton? We are a compendium of everything that has ever existed and the history of every life form that will exist. Sedna tale is rather tragic as all great myths are. The tragedies are necessary parts of the transformative process. Do not run away from the pain, the suffering, the sadness, rage, and anger. These are the keys to the soul-making process. 

Sedna  was thrown overboard from a kayak by her father into the icy waters. She clung onto the boat but her cruel father cut her fingers off and threw them also into the sea. Sedna surrenders to and accepts her fate in spite of being totally betrayed by the Patriarchy. She surrendered to her own spirit her own Feminine values of inclusive, wholeness, unconditional love. She does not fall into the trap of duality, or victim- abuser mentality. She lets go and allows and accepts and does not fight. This is not the same as being a martyr in the Christian myths. Because she held no revenge or anger towards her father but allowed the transformative process Sedna was transformed into the Protectress of the Ocean. Her fingers became whales and dolphins and all the marine animals that exist. This story is very relevant for what is going on with Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their cruel misogyny towards women. I have an issue with this myself. I understand it psychologically that what is being described is the process itself, it is not personal. We need to let go of the duality concept as it is all part of the big picture but since i have 4 planets in Libra, the other side of the myth is what is trying to be passed off as brainwashing here as well. It is telling women to allow men to torture and abuse you because then you will get the pie in the sky rewards. I am working on this. 

HEKATE is also involved as Goddess of the CROSSROADS,

HEKATE, pagan Goddess, Astrology Tara Greene

Illustration by Victoria Frances for a band FAUN CD

the goddess of trivia, meaning three choices and this is my exact point here. There is another way. She is the CRONE Goddess the one who presides over crossroads, death, wisdom, magic. She is a sourceress, one who works from the SOURCE. Hekate can see all options and all directions, past present and future. This is the balanced or middle path. The Chrone is the wisest of all Goddesses. She is menopausal and carries her wise blood within here. She is the one consulted before wars can take place. Call upon Hekate the Goddess of shamanic magic at this Full Moon and on Sedna too.

Call upon Hekate, Sedna , Black Moon Lilith the dark, dark black, “negrido” this is part of the alchemical process too.  Call upon the Dark Goddesses who govern the very bright WHITE moon. The dark and the Light at inseparable parts of the other.  Be careful land conscious this is not about Black Magic at all. Only do WHITE MAGIC. 

The times are intense and heavy, the birth process is accelerating. 

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