Super Bowl Winner Astrology

I decided to jump in last minute to do a Sports prediction

I am not a football fan. My Dad was. I always felt sorry for the guy on the bottom of the pile-up and could never follow the rules. My dad spent every Sunday watching football or hockey in whatever season it was. But baseball was his first real love. So I was ignored every Sunday and maybe that’s why I don’t like football. But I shared my dad’s love of baseball because he used to take me to baseball games from the time I was 6 months old till I was in my 30’s.

I am completely impartial. I don’t know one team from the next and have only heard of Tom Brady.

I am judging the winner from the astrology charts and using my pendulum and my psychic energies.

Here’s KANSAS CITY CHIEF’s Birth chart with no birth time. set to Natural house positions. They won last year’s Super Bowl.

KANSAS City is an LEO TEAM and the name Chief suits that. Mercury Retrograde is conjunct Chiron in AQUARIUS which can amplify injuries. Mercury is opposite their LEO SUN and it squares their lucky Jupiter In Scorpio which is not a great aspect. With Mercury Retro they can have miscommunications issues. Squares are hard aspects. All oppositions are tense and can indicate the team can’t pull together as one.

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER is still conjunct their SOUTH NODE, injuries can be nagging at them. This could all work against them.


TAMPA BAY is a solid heavy-weight TAURUS energy. They are under the positive JUPITER SATURN Square to their SUN and the heavy transformative PLUTO VIBES squaring Chiron and MERCURY in ARIES and URANUS in LIBRA. NEPTUNE in PISCES is squaring their NODES AS well. This can dissipate their energies but makes them team telepathically intune. They are also having a NODAL RETURN their North Node in SAGITTARIUS is now conjunct the South Node. Which I consider a good thing, A reversal of fortune.

Honestly they are both working againsts heavy astrological transits.

I’m predicting Tampa Bay to WIN my crystal concurs.

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Super Bowl astrology Tarot prediction

Feb. 4 Still reeling from the VENUS in AQUARIUS to JUPITER SQUARE

This can be good for many in love and luck. It’s just that you are dealing with SCORPIO energy so revenge and dark politics is what is also going on.

The LIBRA MOON is trying to maintain some balance in the Universe all day today. I know its the SUPER BOWL.  There may be a tie and overtime. That’s all I am saying. 

My #SuperBowl prediction. Because the Moon the mood of the people is in Airy LIBRA. The Eagles will win.

Tara Greene

20 hrs ·  

Super Bowl prediction.
Moon in Airy Libra indicates The EAGLES will win.

Moon squares SATURN in CAPRICORN and sextiles MARS in SAGITTARIUS

A cardinal cross is always harder to bear with SATURN in the picture. Do your duty face your responsibilities today. Its easier to be optimistic on this sextile.Be honest with your feelings. Speak your truth.


A BIG GRAND AIR TRINE. Hot-headed big mouths and wind bags will be blowing in the wind.  Don’t engage in a war of words. Try to take the higher ground. 

As the day is governed by AIR I pick the EAGLES to win.

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE  in PISCES in the afternoon

Ideals or daydreams may be interrupted. Social faux pas. The ideal romance may not be what it appears.

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Super Bowl 50 Astrology by Tara Greene

Yes its the 50th Super Bowl Sunday in the Golden Gate City.  

SUPER BOWL 50 Astrology Tara Greene

My predictions: It will be a brutal fight to the death as the Sun squares the warrior planet MARS in his strength in his home sign of SCORPIO. 

SYNCHRONICITY: As above so below:

Just added to the lineup at Halftime : Bruno MARS of course.

BEYONCE- as planet Venus and COLDPLAY will be performing.

Venus will be sextiling Mars from Capricorn at 10 degrees  to Mars 15th- the most powerful degrees.

More women will be watching the Super Bowl this year or at least half-time.

I am not a sports fan at all so I will venture my prediction based on Astrology and intuition.

The Denver Broncos were born August 14, 1959,  a LEO Sun sign

The Carolina Panthers are a Sagittarius team founded December 15 1987. 

Two fire signs face off while the Sun and Moon are in Airy Aquarius on Super Bowl Sunday faning the fires. 



The Panthers have their natal Sun at 22 degrees SAGITTARIUS which is being squared by Jupiter the planet that rules sports, and luck. 

They have MERCURY at 17 degrees SAGITTARIUS which Saturn is conjuncting. They have done some serious mental intellectual historical analysis. 

They have a natal VENUS at 21 CAPRICORN with transiting Mercury and Venus conjunct to that. That’s like being at home.

Natal MARS is at 13 SCORPIO is powerful in its home sign of ruthless, powerful, control freaks, and where is Mars today? at 15 degrees of SCORPIO. wih Venus sextiling Mars. zoom zoom.

Their Natal JUPITER at 20 degrees ARIES is conjunct transitting Uranus- this gives them lots of energy and out of the box analysis, doing the unexpected throwing in a little chaos could help them to win.


Natal SATURN is at 23 degrees SAGITTARIUS with Jupiter also squaring that- thats oomph.. 


Denver Broncos Astrology Tara Greene

The Bronc’s have a 20 degree Leo SUN . A Fire Moon in early Sagittarius, They have Mercury Retrograde at 7 Leo,  They have Venus RETROGRADE at 15 Virgo conjunct Mars at 15 Virgo,  Jupiter is at 23 Scorpio,and  Saturn is Retrograde at zero degrees Capricorn, the world point.

TRANSITING Neptune is at 8 degrees Pisces opposite their VENUS Mars conjunction which is mainly being Squared by Saturn.  Their could be delusions of grandeur and DRUG taking involved. Something fishy perhaps?  Jupiter is in a wide conjunction to Venus and Mars. 

I am picking the Panthers to win as they have so many planets aligned from their natal chart and the days transits.

I tracked down sports astrologer Andrea Mallis who was interviewed by Fusion after I wrote this and she also favoured Panthers -see link below

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Super Bowl, Inspirational wishing card

Super Bowl Sunday February 1

Happens on the major water alignment of Venus Pisces and Moon in Cancer. It will be a very patriotic theme because the U.S. is a Cancer Sun- mom and apple pie and American Sniper kind of thing.

I predict the Seattle Sea Hawks will win. I don’t watch the Super Bowl. My husband is an artist and never ever watches any sports thank goodness. My Dad loved watching Football though. My mom and I used to leave the house every Sunday afternoon while he indulged. But if you like  hundreds of millions of people enjoy it, Knock yourselves out. 

I have been meaning to check in to Katy Perry’s astrology and Bruce Jenner, so much to do.  

Katy Perry the voluptuous sexy Scorpio is getting ready to get serious in love later this year when Saturn transits her Natal Venus in Sagittarius at 6 degrees Sagittarius. She is directly under that Venus Neptune square tomorrow to her Venus. How could she miss?

Katy Perry astrology Tara Greene

KATY PERRY performing at Super Bowl 

Bruce Jenner is having his Uranus Pluto square affecting him so he is having a sex change BTW. I’ll put him on the list of charts to do.

Inspirational Card of the Day 


9 of cups Tara Greene Tarot card reader


everybody’s favorite card.

The Astrology of this card shows JUPITER in PISCES. Jupiter rules Pisces ans Sagittarius traditionally.

So the Venus Neptune conjunction with Saturn separating from a square means JUPITER in LEO Retrograde now is the dispositer of all the planets involved. 

The 9 of cups indicates that all the goodwill and wishes you put out there for others comes back to you 9 times. This is the old ancient pagan laws of 9. or 3 x 3. ( is a magical number because no matter how many times you multiply it, its root number is always 9.  

MAKE 9 wishes, for each wish you send, 9 will come back to you.

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Wishin’ and Hopin’ – Dusty Springfield – Burt Bacharach &Hal David