Quincunx communication Shouting into the void

Hi you all please don’t stop following me because I am not posting daily these days. There are many things going on pots boiling on the back burner and family issues I am dealing with. I am grateful for all of you.

I want to transition to Patreon as I have been giving away daily free readings since 2015 thousands and thousands of them. I thank the over 17,500 people who follow me. I never hear from any of you. I don’t know how many of these emails are real and actually read what I write, This is another job and ive been staying up all night for years to fulfill it.

Please do respond so I don’t feel that I am shouting into the void.

I am needing to take care of my health, finish two books and begin to do deeper channeling work too.

So i would rather post some short video tarot card readings and post weekly horoscopes and short dailies.


Makes for flighty butterfly mind energies but charming flirty energy

Moon trines Mercury in Libra and opposes Venus in Sagittarius

Good for dating app connections with Sagittarius and distance relationships

Moon square Neptune in PISCES so pay attention to your dreams tonight

Moon trine Jupiter in Aquarius at night in PDT

this is lucky big picture get some perspective issues

Oct. 24 Mercury in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus makes for strange bedfellows and cryptic unusual conversation. Financial markets can be all over the place as well. More shouting into the VOID energies.

I feel like the energy is def all over the place. It wont be as cataclysmic as last weeks Jupiter and Mercury direct. The Full Moon in Aries square Pluto or the Mars Pluto square of the 22nd. Which i predicted as danger of shootings-see previous posts and the Alec Baldwin tragic shooting on set with a prop gun happened on that day.

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Take it easy Sunday

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much have been a bit under the weather for the past few days.

As the Moon enters Sagittarius September 12 at 4:34 am EDT the moon is lighter more optimistic we have faith we can see things with a sense of humor. Its a good day to get active, and engage in sports a Sagittarius ruled activity, or watch comedy or hang around with pets, or learn philosophy, comparative religions, history, pageantry, teaching, publishing etc.

If you have the Moon in Sagittarius you are having a lunar return over the next two days. So enjoy Also notice if you are a Sagittarius or have any planets in Sagittarius how the Moon which affects our moods and emotional bodies helps us access the energies of those Fiery planets as the Moon touches them until September 14 at 6:57 am when the Moon goes Void-0f-Course.

Enjoy Sunday

I’ll post the week ahead Horoscopes and a video.

Great Attractor, inconjuncts and tarot cards

The SUN at 14/15 degrees SAGITTARIUS is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR a GALACTIC anomaly of immense proportions. If you have planets Rising, moon or other planets connected to this amazing thing you can literally attract whatever you want.

Check out link below for more info on the Great Attractor and Philip Sedgwick who is the Galactic expert in astrology and astronomy/

Watch sundays Astrology and tarot card reading with the Muse tarot


Triple Blessings Astrology and tarot

Astrology guidance today. Moon moves from Aquarius into Virgo and its largely a Void Of Course moon day too.

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Romantic escape from reality

Under a scorpio MOON deep soulful energy

VENUS opposes NEPTUNE encouraging romantic escapes from reality

meditate dream, paint, call out for your soul mate, envision,

while the SUN squares SATURN making those hard edge feel harder,

watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LUEG1peOug

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art by Napoleon Brousseau http://www.napob.com

Sunday Astrology and Tarot Guide


Moon transitions from emotional CANCER to Fiery LEO


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Rebellion,Aquarius oppositions and wounding

Sunday  the Aquarian moon sails on during the major oppositions from Venus in Cancer  to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. A see-saw or cats cradle kind of effect.

Aquarius Moon  squares Uranus in Taurus

reblion, protests, antagonism, freedom
the Moon and Uranus are in cahoots, and act like they don’t give two hoots. Even though all those oppositions aRe incredibly confabulating.

monday August 31

♍️ Virgo  Sun Quincunx Chiron in Aries  ♈️

This  earth and fire 150 degree angle is the difference between taking inventory and a fire sale.

Virgo  sun is all about infinite details, organizing, practicality, budgets, health, Hygiene, intellect, digestion.
Chiron in Aries is Healing through a fire walk, a shaman who uses kundalini energy, a hot headed wounded warrior in full defence mode. The wounded toxic masculine who needs healing but is avoiding getting his health checked out.You can see how these two elements are at odds with each other. Aquarius moon just makes us detach from it all.
we’re leading up to full moon  on September 1/2 at 10 degrees Pisces.  This is the last of the full moon cycle of signs  this year as the zodiac ends with Pisces.
We are only 3 weeks away from Autumn Equinox. Heading into the home stretch of 2020 already.

ill write more or do a video on full moon.
please stay tuned for my September astrology tarot guide August 31 on the FaceBook page of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency at 5:30 pm EDT, 8:30 PM PDT.
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August 9 daily Astrology

Sidney_Hall_-_Urania’s_Mirror_-_Aries_and_Musca_Borealis.jpgAug 9

♈️ Aries  Moon were in a whole new cycle.
Please watch video


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Daily Tarot reading for Lovers

August 2 Tarot reading of the day 

with the Muse Tarot

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Daily Tarot and astrololgy

June 7 Under a CAPRICORN grounded moon

we are still in the after-effects of the Saggy lunar eclipse and 

SUN square Mars in Pisces

 has you feeling mad, frustrated and totally smothered because you can’t say what you are feeling. Mercury ruling Gemini in watery Cancer and Venus Retrograde in Gemini holding back the communicating with Sagittarius truth being eclipsed

There are many aspects from Moon to planets today

watch the video the Muse Tarot is the deck. 

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