Virgo energy and Dream On

June 9

Moon is in VIRGO, the 6th sign of health work and perfectionist Virgo June 9. Moon trines Uranus in the wee hours- difficulty sleeping and an unexpected change in energy levels and value.

Moon quincunx Chiron in Aries-humility doesn’t see aggression. Moon sextiles Mercury in Cancer- tummies may be aching.

Sun square Neptune is a big Creative romantic and dreamy aspect
Gemini asks questions and changes its mind. A day to debate religion, film, meditation techniques and to be creative romantic and a social and spiritual butterfly. 
Neptun in Pisces dreams and flows and imagines.
Do program your dreams tonight.

BTW my dreams have been super active all week, Seth Rogen was in my dream two nights ago in Lucid HD. 

VIRGO Moon is busy at work in PDT-June 10 in EDT and GMT for all following aspects

Moon Sextile Mars in CANCER

A nice earthy and emotional aspect relax a little, enjoy a nice meal, visit family

Moon opposes Neptune in PISCES

this is a heavily Neptune slanted day, a mutable energy, dreamy, romantic, idealistic energy

Moon squares SUN

we’re one week away from next lunation

Moon trines Saturn in Capricorn

A good day to work in your garden or to plan some new work and career goals, to start a new health regime and diet, to talk to elders, your dad, or a mentor.

Moon squares Jupiter in SAGITTARIUS, 

Off to the races. Humour is important, Virgo’s need to lighten up. They take things too seriously.  Jupiter in Sagittarius says fall on your face and laugh at yourself. The world is never perfect, Give it up, its a losing game. Accept imperfection for its perfectness. 

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Pisces sunday mood

Moon’s in PIsces

it’s a mellow flowing introverted creative spiritual compassionate psychically sensitive time

Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus

dream advanced dreams, take a time machines trip in your imagination

Moon squares SUN

we’re one week away from the next lunation cycle

Sun sextiles Chiron in ARIES

Talk about being vulnerable.

Moon trines Mars in Cancer

Do some charity work at a food bank, help your mom, reach out to family, nurture your tummy. Feel all the feels.

Get your panties in a knot

October 7th Moon is Void of course until 6:10 pm PDT/ 9:10 pm EDT

more mayhem in the U.S. as the gender wars double down. The divisiveness is insane and Democrats and feminists are going crazy. The good news is Ford’s testimony has broken the shame game wide open irregardless of anything else. Whoever is behind this not divine plan is laughing all the way to the devil’s playground. 

SUN inconjuncts NEPTUNE today and yep the confusion inability to hear what the other is saying and feeling invisible is exactly what this energy is all about.  

You’re trying to stay focused on your relationships, and finding some balance but nothing is clear. If you are feeling lost know that it will pass.

The last lunar aspect today from Virgo Moon is an opposition to Chiron in Pisces at the 29th degree making it all feel more painful. You will be feeling the wounds of the world. Compassion is important.

Moon enters Libra in the evening.  Try to find some balance as Moon inconjuncts URANUS- good luck with that. Breathe pace walk run, punch pillows. Breathe.

Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn in late evening PDT

heavy. “Hello darkness my old friend. “

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Real honesty soul communicating Astrology

An upbeat optimistic moon energy.

Mercury in Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio

Mercury sextiles Jupiter it’s a great day to communicate your deepest feelings, and to listen to your soul. This is where we are very real and honest. Don’t lie to anyone, Don’t lie to yourself.  Tell the truth from your soul. Listen. You already have all the answers,

It’s idealistic, romantic, dreamy, honest, intense and you can be obsessive. Get your long-range plans and adventure into form. Good for a budget for school or publishing or any financial undertaking.

Moon in Sagittarius squares Mercury in Virgo

The Sagittarius Moon amplifies all of this truth of your soul energy.

Optimistic honest, lighthearted, crack jokes about this funny detailed, maintenance experience programme we call Life.

Moon squares SUN

We are halfway to the next Full Moon. Our feelings and sense of self-are pressured.

Gotta go I’m hiking to Oak Creek with a bunch of wolf-like dogs this morning in Sedona.

Happy SUNDAY its the day to honour the SUN that is the Church to go to .

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10 tips to bring Heaven on Earth

May 6. The big aspect of the day. SUN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES definitely a Heaven on Earth energy day.

mother earth climate change Tara Greene

Mother Earth (credit: EarthFirstNewswire)

Bring those spiritual romantic idealistic creative visionary compassionate dreams down to earth. The Capricorn Moon helps us get grounded today. It’s a good day to take care of whatever needs to get done. Capricorns are the most practical hardworking signs. 

Moon conjuncts Mars in the wee hour in EDT and GMT

This may make you energized and focussed on whatever tasks have your attention.

Moon squares URANUS it’s those old Cardinal crosses we have to bear.

SUN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES definitely a Heaven on Earth energy day.

Bring those spiritual romantic idealistic creative visionary compassionate dreams down to earth.

The combo of the earthy sensuous practical Taurus Sun and the Capricorn Moon with Neptune means your dreams can be realized. Your night dreams may also be very strong. The day might seem like a daydream.

Here are 10 things to do to make Heaven come down to earth.

1. Write out your hopes wishes and dreams. This helps define them.

2. Make a Dream board. Gather pictures from magazines or print them off the net. Create a collage of all the aspects of your life you would want.

3. Speak your affirmations out loud. Taurus rules the throat chakra. It’s important to vibrate your desires out loud. The word is the vibration of God/Dess.

4. Do charity work tithe or give away something precious to a charity. This is important to create abundance for yourself. 

5. Get real about any addictions and get practical help. 

6. Be creative sing dance write a poem express your soul/sol.

7. Create strong boundaries for healthy relationships. Neptune in Pisces requires this.

8. Get some bodywork- a massage or give one to a lover or friend. Our bodies are the temples of the soul. 

9. If you have debt you need to take charge of it now. Neptune rules Debt you must start saving and waiting until you have enough money to buy with cash. 

10. If it feels right in your gut instincts to forgive someone who has hurt you and you feel strong enough to do so then forgiving them also gives you freedom. 

Moon enters AQUARIUS in the morning

We have an opportunity to share the dreams with like-minded visionaries in our tribe.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Love hate and compassion Astrology

VENUS in PISCES squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS Feb. 25 @ 18+ degrees

The two lovers face off here. The square is a friction and yes it can be a very sexy friction. For some people, this will be a very exciting time to merge with your beloved and to speak the truth with a flaming tongue.

Venus in PISCES square Mars in SAGITTARIUS 

Is also about fake news false flags; conspiracy theories; illusions and delusions about what the truth is. 

It’s interesting and very literal that Trump wants to arm teachers- now that’s Mars in Sagittarius.

We see this energy being enacted in the world after the terrible shooting at the Parkland Florida High School shootings on Valentine’s Day where 17  innocent students were murdered. 

Another side of VENUS in PISCES square MARS in SAGITTARIUS  comes from this news story Feb 25.

Not just Western women Venus ruling the world soon. India’s Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the dream of New India was where women were empowered, strong and an equal partner in the nation’s overall development. Yes, there are hundreds of millions of women in India the most educated population in the world. For thousands of years, women have been abandoned at birth or aborted now with choosing sex of their baby has also created an imbalance in the population with more men than women. Women have historically been chattel needed to be paid dowries to their fathers as property; forced to commit suicide when their husbands passed away and widows are considered persona non grata. It will be amazing to watch Indian women become the GODDESSES that the Indians have always worshipped again. SHAKTI power.

Venus in PISCES in her exalted place is unconditional love compassion and oneness. Mars in Sagittarius is the lone male shooter.

Mercury in PISCES joins NEPTUNE today to

Pay attention to your dreams now. I was in a rather apocalyptic one last night where I said I need to gather seeds. 

We are feeling connected empathically to each other. Many EMO peeps are crying suicidal or simply overwhelmed with the emotional tsunami we are now under.  CANCER and SCORPIO peeps are certainly feeling this intense baptism. 

Speak from your soul. Speak from your soul’s truth. Be quiet. step away from the cell phone or computer. Get very still. Get into a deep cleansing bath or shower with intension to wash away all of the old programming and grime.

Connect with your heart with your higher self; your holy guardian angel. Listen be receptive and open. Merge with your guardian angel. Know that you are one. Holy Being. KNow that everyone and every rock tree and river on this planet is interconnected and are one being. 

The Cancer Moon continues to help us flow gently down the river of consciousness.


throwing light and consciousness onto the Patriarchy the old boy’s conservative network which supports the NRA putting women down limiting women’s freedom of choice believing in the Bible literally; fear of change and evolution. 

The SUN in PISCES AND MOON in CANCER form a water trine Sunday which becomes a SLO GRAND WATER TRINE on the 26th when it aspects JUPITER in SCORPIO

Grand Water Trine Astrology Tara Greene

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Galactic Sun, perfect Father’s Day

The Sun is going Galactic today sitting on the North Star at 27 degrees GEMINI opposite the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS. This is the perfect day to sit in meditation and ask what’s my True North? How can I follow my Galactic mission? 

Happy 75th Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney, born under powerful stars. 

The perfect cosmic configuration is “as above” today to “Honor thy father” as Mercury in GEMINI opposes the fatherhood planet SATURN @ 24+ degrees. 

Yes definitely communicate with your dad. Speak to him In Person or by phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Tell him how much he means to you. 

If your dad has passed on you can still communicate with him. In fact more easily when he is in spirit than when we was living on earth. Words have power. Say whatever you want or need to say and maybe never did. 

Show respect for your father and your patrilineal lineage, which Saturn represents. 

I will be celebrating Fathers Day with my husband. My dad Harry passed away in 2011 at 98 years old. I miss him all the time still. I talk to him all the time. Also remembering my lovely grandfather, Nathan, who was such a loving soul,  a handsome man from Russia with lovely blue eyes, my mother’s father who I remember clearly even though he passed away when I was only 3. 

Moon in Aries squares Mars in Cancer 

Energies are sentimental, tears will flow. Cook up a storm and feed your family well. 

Aries Moon opposes Jupiter in Libra 

Good for fast paced spontaneous energies socializing. Family get-togethers should be quite balanced. Don’t be on the warpTh with family now. Mars is in Cancer. Show your vulnerability. Nurture your family and each other. Feed each other. 

Sun sextiles Uranus in Aries 

Great for positive thinking outside the box. Remember there is no box. Do something completely different.

Moon squares Pluto late in the day

Power struggles may read up at day’s end.   

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Sagittarius Sunday, Daily Tarot card

The mood is optimistic and fun under a Sagittarius Moon. This is the SAGE moon, the mature fire with a passion for knowledge, teaching, passion, travelling, adventure and being candidly honest.

SAG Moon trines VENUS in ARIES in the morning 

Women will be forthright, needing to be in the great outdoors, the mood is casual, easy going, quite sporty with a desire to be around animals the great outdoors or wildlife.

SAG Moon trines NEPTUNE

This is good energy for dreaming of all kinds, its romantic and creative and good for drawing, coloring, painting, making music, meditating and visualization work and romantic too. You may want to catch up on some reading or movies or shoot some photography. 

SAG Moon trines MARS in ARIES

two fire trines today. Equal time for the masculine and feminine planets. You will be feeling the impatience and the ready to bolt energies in PST it happens on the 20th in EST and GMT.  A bit too much “hoof in mouth” stuff may get hit back with repercussions later.


3 of cups, wild unknown Tarot, Tara Greene

The 3 of CUPS The Wild Unkown TAROT 

This deck which has been sold through Urban Outfitters, a store for teens and younger millennials has made this deck extremely popular. I like the simple sparse inkwork. The artist appears to have based hers on traditional Tarot decks but with a very different graphic.

The introduction of the 3 black birds signifies three souls or free spirits. The birds appear to be conversing with each other and three silhouetted cups sit in the foreground. 

This card is always about allowing an easy flow of emotions and energies. The number three is associated with the Tarot Major #3 The EMPRESS, she is VENUS who is looming very bright in the skies now as she is getting ready to do her Retrograde stint a week from now on March 4th @ 13 degrees ARIES- more about that in more depth soon.

It’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND in the U.S. I send blessings to my friends and family in L.A. and others in San Francisco area who are being inundated with pouring rains and floods and a damn about to burst. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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The Big aspects now, HUGE,

SATURN, the principle of reality, KARMA, the hard, cold, maturing planet, the stern macho Patriarch of time, ageing and testing is in a semi-sextile, a 30-degree angle to PLUTO, the Planet of Plutocrats, the soul, the collective unconscious and the shadows @ 15+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS and CAPRICORN respectively.

Zeus by the gryph tara greene astrology

ZEUS/ the KING/ JUPITER/  by the gryph

This is a lesser known division of aspects we’re dealing with but with two biggies here any aspects carry a stronger meaning.

We need to look at the power that has just been unleashed by Mr. D. T-rump I call him. Kind of like a T-Rex, a dinosaur. Maybe we should call him Mr. T.

We  are seeing the limitations and restrictions of History- all Saturn, and power mongers -Pluto throughout history who attempted to be restrictive to races or religions.  Saturn is about reality and loss. Also about building structures. Saturn is the architect, as in Buddhism. 

The Neptune Saturn square which was the signature of 2016 was all about the unseen, invisible, the secrets in the closet and the Karma associated with ignoring these ghosts and shadows. The delusions, illusions, obfuscations.

It feels for many like we have been rudely awaken from a dream but are now  living in a nightmare.


Expanding the restrictions and the realities of those as well. Jupiter in Libra, you think it would be about making peace, but in the past 12 year cycles, going back to the first world war ,whenever Jupiter is in Libra dictators take over! Check that out.

Jupiter rules humor. There is a movement in America to support Planned Parenthood and let that evil penny -worth person, you know who I mean get the message. Women are donating money to P and putting the donation in Mike P’s name which I think is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard of in a long time. The downside is he gets the Tax deduction, will he claim it? 

RELATIONSHIPS are kind of hot and cold under this Jupiter-Saturn sextile which is also moving into a JUPITER -PLUTO square  on Nov. 24 @ 15+ degrees LIBRA/CAPRICORN and THAT IS a real biggie.

The JUPITER/ PLUTO Square reignites the Cardinal Crosses from 2015. Jupiter in LIBRA is about rebalancing Justice so expect a lot of litigation a lot of fighting against the Powers in corporate control now. This is Donald Trump and his minions now so this story has a different narrative now. You could encapsulate it down to Equality or Power over.  

Jupiter in LIBRA is about rebalancing Justice. Expect a lot, a ton,  of litigation, a lot of fighting against the powers in corporate control now. From the NWO against Mr. Trump who ironically is liberating us or trying to against the Big Banks. Good luck. This is Donald Trump and his minions now so this story has a different narrative. You could encapsulate it down to Equality vs Power over.  Who’s power and whose justice?

JUPITER in LIBRA is conjunct U.S. Natal SATURN in the 10th house of worldly fame.

A Jupiter- Saturn conjunction by transit is seen as a positive thing. Jupiter in the 10th is beneficial for the U.S. status in the world, it is expansive and optimistic. Jupiter in the 10th symbolizes the king, the ruler, he is bombastic, throws his weight around and throws lightning bolts. Remember zeus was a philandering, rapist just like Trump. The conjunction to Saturn means that optimism is restricted and restrictive. Saturn is stern, hard, cold, mature, conservative, a Patriarch, a “good old boy, “locker room talk.” etc. Jupiter/ The King can rule with an iron fist by his own authority regardless of what anyone else thinks. Jupiter in Libra is the sign of karma, sacred law, beyond human laws. Striving for balance is difficult under this aspect.

Pluto in CAPRICORN in the 2nd house opposite the U.S. SUN at 13+ degrees CANCER.

The Power is conservative, PLUTOCRATIC. Pluto in the 2nd house can bring death and change in economics. The 2nd house is the house of   resources. Resources will be changing drastically.

Expect more ch-ch-ch-changes ahead. Gotta watch out for Donald The Plutocrat.

look at where these 2 planets will square off in your natal chart to see where you too can be king and conqueror in your own world. 

THE U.S. Chiron its weak wounded spot, is at 20 degrees ARIES which URANUS is sitting near at now. That alone would have explained a huge shift in Politics. URANUS in ARIES- revolts of all kinds. People are revolting against NWO, democrats revolting against Repubs, Repubs revolting against their own. 

The JUPITER-PLUTO square exacerbates the wound. It rubs more salt in it. This aspect will be increasing in size and depth and pain as Jupiter moves forwards and as Pluto does too. The next couple of years will be pivotal in America’s history.

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Inspirational Daily Tarot Card + Astrology

12/13/15 Under an earthy Feminine Capricorn moon, another Cardinal Cross energy day. With Moon to Pluto, square Uranus and Mars. 

Moon later trines JUPITER in Virgo. Good for Taurus as well. Stay grounded. 

Inspirational Daily Card

Queen of cups Tarot tara greene

The Tarot Lukumi by Emanuele Noltro Luigi Scapini

La Reina de Copas or Queen of Cups, shows the beautiful Yemaya.  She has Orishas – spirits/deities – as it’s Santería-based theme.

The Queen of Cups is your connection to the Unconscious realm of your own psyche, feelings, intuition and psychic energies. She is the Guardian of the Holy Grail, She is the Holy Grail. This card symbolizes receptivity to being very sensitive to the feeling of others. A Mother, or mothering of others, causes. The home and homeland security, family roots, memories, daydreams, sentimental. Deep  emotions of nurturing, nourishment, emotional needs, oneness, children, fertility, food,  tears. She symbolizes the womb and the oceans, rains water, ocean life and fog. 

The dreamscapes are her realm, she is the fount of the imagination and psyche. She symbolizes the need to tap in to your intuition and also the need for meditation and for psychic protection.

She governs June 11-July 11 in the Year. 

The key is to receive and be an open vessel. Feel everything and stay open and open your heart wider. Choose connection over separation and love over fear.

Please share widely 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Esther Williams Tribute