Healing the Collective Psyche Astrology

With the cataclysmic events of the last few days, the Nice massacres, the attempted coup in Turkey and more. The World’s soul or collective Psyche needs a day of rest recouping and healing. That’s exactly what the Universe has in store. 
fountain of healing astrology Tara Greene
Cancer Sun Trines CHIRON in PISCES- Major day for healing the collective psyche
Healing the collective psyche Baron Francois Gerard (1770-1837)
Cupid and Psyche by  Baron Francois Gerard (1770-1837)
This aspect makes it easier for us to be vulnerable and share our fears. We have common collective fears and as we share we grow stronger.  Mothering, nurturing, nourishing family and friends is a big theme today. 
Moon trines Uranus
Never a dull moment with Uranus involved. Keep things open , interesting, unusual, chaotic, invite the tribe over, it will feel rather wild and crazy. Have fun with it. Think outside the norm. 
Moon goes VOID OF COURSE from the planets early in the A.M.
Void of course Moon times are good for mundane things.
Sage Moon squares Chiron in PISCES in the a.m.
You may receive healing in the dream world tonight. Stay open. Sagittarius represents the MASTER TEACHERS, Sanat Kumara, in Theosophy. You could hear from SOPHIA, Goddess of wisdom speaking to you unconsciously in your dreams.
Sagittarius Moon inconjuncts the CANCER SUN still in wee hours
There may be a disconnect from what you think you know and what you feel. You may travel long distances in your dreams, to other galaxies and universes and long for home but feel unable to return. Feeling of loneliness and being cut off may be how you feel when you awaken. Be gentle with yourself.  Watch what you eat today as your tummy is prone to upset.
This is huge healing energy for the Old Masculine abusive sexuality.
You don’t have to be a macho hero today. You can let down your guard. Being vulnerable can also be a tactic to get others to let down their guards too.
Hidden insights into the workings of your own unconscious are easy to access today. Healing from sexual and emotional trauma and abuse can be aided through guided imagery, art therapy, such as drawing with the left hand, sand paintings and rebirthing in the ocean, or even a bath set up with the intent to cleanse old stuck energies to make way for a new cleansed more whole person. Self love conquers all abuses. Eventually forgiveness and compassion for anyone who has hurt you can be realised through knowing that all perpetrators are deeply wounded themselves. That does not excuse them from being responsible for their actions. Forgiveness releases you from holding onto the anger and resentment and the magnetic unconscious repeat energy which attracts the same problems over and over. Forgiveness helps heal any locked in emotional scars. 
MOON enters Capricorn @ 12:22 pm PDT/ 3:33 pm EDT/ 7:33 pm GMT 
The energy shifts into being much more grounded practical doing what needs to be done. 
We are heading up to the Full Moon in CAPRICORN on the 19th. I am finishing writing that article now. 
Enjoy your Sunday. 
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Getting down to Scorpio

We’re in deep emotional Scorpio country now on the last day of January 2016 and for the first Iowa Caucus Feb 1st.  Paint  It Black is a typical Scorpio song.

The energetic mood will be nasty on Monday’s caucus in Iowa. You ain’t heard nothing yet.  

There will be much emotional turmoil, perhaps backstabbing, lots of “stink eye” and huge ups and downs throughout this caucus and primaries. 

There’s a very spiritual uplifting WATER TRINE  formed between the Deathly Scorpio Moon and Neptune in Pisces in the afternoon. Also beneficial for Cancer peeps. Spend time Meditating, dreaming, being creative, gazing into your beloved soul..Uncovering some secrets,releasing old grievances and letting them go, so that you can move on.

Neptune Moon Water Trine Falling Star, Art, Astrology Tara Greene

Falling Star 1884 Witold Pruszkowski 

Moon sextiles Venus in Capricorn

this is a practical day to move shit around on all levels. Scorpio recycles the garbage on all levels. Its easy to put your desires into action.

Moon squares SUN

we are half way to the Aquarius New Moon Feb 8th and Chinese New Year. This is a nice balancing act.

Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries in the evening

Uranus and Mercury are connected to each other. Uranus is the Higher Octave of Mercury. Mercury in Capricorn is traditional, old boys, conservative. Uranus in Aries is the revolutionary mind set and is so very relevant to this election. There will be some very hard realities for some people to wrap their minds around and lots of arguing.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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