SUN trine URANUS on Thor’s Day

Sun trine Uranus is a bright light on change, chaos, and disruption at 15 degrees most powerful Mid degrees.

The earthy trine benefits mid-degree VIRGO too. URANUS was castrated by SATURN so no too positive a memory in the cellular DNA.

URANUS is freedom, revolution, brilliant ideas, networking, group work, collaborating, hive mind, anything surgical, scientific, hi tech, crypto should be up today. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED with strong and powerful URANIAN currents

It is Thor’s Day too, as is every Thursday sacred to JUPITER. Have a drink of Gin as a toast to Jupiter/Jove/ Zeus/ ODIN.

Doesnt it seem like the Moon’s been in Gemini for a long time? That’s Mars in Gemini almost virtually standstill.

Moon enters her home sign of comfy CANCER at 9:15 am EST

so it’s all home cooking, family, mom, nurturing, hugs, children, sentimentality, staying home, food, comfort, nurturing, moodiness. We are one day away from A FULL MOON in CANCER at 16+ degrees sextile URANUS. I’ll do a video on that separately.

The MOON squares JUPITER in ARIES at 1 degree

Impulsiveness will get you. Yes all that pent up rage and energy from Mars Retrograde. Put the energy into doing something new at home. recover your dining room chairs-thats whats happening in my house- clean up vigorously.

Moon inconjuncts VENUS in AQUARIUS

Emo Cancer doesn’t relate to the cool headed detachment of Venus in AQUARIUS don’t try to figure out where quirky Venus in Aquarius heart is at. She is watching you being so “over the top” emotionally she just can’t grok it. Everyone needs to eat feed her something different weird out there, dehydrated, spacey and she will be happy.

I’m working on a big overview of 2023 and getting ready to go away on a much needed month long retreat. I have been feeling really exhausted for a long time. 2022 was a difficult year for me with family and other matters and i am grateful for things smoothing out beautifully with my family but there is still a lot of work to be done. I am wanting and needing to finish off many old things finally redo my website and finish my books and open my own mystery school and teach.

Your support is very valuable. I will still be online from late January to late February and sending other readers to events too. I need to shift my energy and surroundings as I haven’t travelled in over 3 years and I have been itching to do so.

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Radical higher consciousness

Virgo Sun trines Uranus in Taurus September 2 on a PISCES Full Moon.

These positive aspects brings VIRGO intellectual organizational and details into a URANIAN higher consciousness reality. Radical thinking, freedom of speech, and workers’ rights for low wages earners can be brought to the table to be dealt with. Budgets, inventory and assessing your material values are al important. Make changes in your diet, health and work routine now to improve your joy in working.

This is good day to meditate and tap into your higher Guide MASTER TEACHERS to see the big picture. This aspect will be in effect until September 9 when the SUN makes its next aspect to a planet.

The SUN TRINES JUPITER on September 9 one of the most positive days of the year. Two great benefics in earth signs. It’s like the 10 of coins, disks, or matter in the Tarot cards.

A very positive aspect and very grounding with VIRGO CAPRICORN at  17+ degrees. Also good for TAURUS as URANUS is already in a wide trine to the SUN.


Use this aspect for a freedom-loving break from the usual mundane reality.

Those with planets at 5-15 degree VIRGO TAURUS and CAPRICORN get the full brunt of evolutionary thrust.

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Earth Trines Sun trine Uranus

It’s Very earthy and sensuous Sunday

Taurus is governed by VENUS  and Venus is presently in Aquarius where she is more detached and more future scientific and technologically oriented. Venus in Aquarius now favors hanging with  your tribe of techno heathens.

Taurus Moon makes positive earth trines to Mercury and Pluto

Taurus Tara Greene astrology

Do something nice for your body today. The Age of Taurus was when the Bull or the Golden Calf was worshipped, before Patriarchy. The Age of Crete when the Goddess ruled and beauty was in the decor and women’s sports were bull riding. 

EARTHY YOD of the Moon

Taurus Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in LIBRA and SATURN and the SUN in SAGITTARIUS which makes an earth yod to the Moon

We are also being notified to pay attention to where we are out of our centers our body knowing with our superficial thoughts, actions friends, and values and with what our real truths are. Saturn and Sun conjunction in Sagittarius is our highest inspirations and our judgments and what we karmically may feel bad later about for being so superficial with.  I just had a huge deja vu when writing that sentence. 

Taurus Moon sextiles Chiron in Pisces

let that vulnerability surface through that thick hide.

Taurus MOON squares Mars in AQUARIUS

Progress or Bust? Thinking outside the box lead to new neural pathways.

SUN TRINES URANUS in ARIES in PDT/ Dec 12 in the wee hours EST and GMT

here is the oomph to look way off into the future. This is the time to begin the Beguine as they sang once upon a time. Expect the unexpected. Rise about the whole darn scenario

and last but not least 

SAG SUN squares CHIRON in PISCES this is just before midnight in PDT

Your ego may feel very fragile and sensitive to everything going on in the world. Feel into the wisdom that you have in your body in your gut. Sagittarius sun does aim higher and these quirky intense energies are paving the way for the Full Moon on the 13th.

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