Venus Trine Mars luck in love

April 10 the Aquarius MOON keeps us detached and higher-minded. Aquarius Moon keeps things detached while heavy energies set in as Sun and Pluto square off today and tomorrow bringing deep secrets and underhanded ruthlessness into view.

The moon squares Venus and JUPITER  as all are Fixed signs. Stubbornness rears its head.

Keeping a cool head is the best move. 

Sun squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN in late evening PDT/ 11th in EDT and GMT

this produces conflict tension and power struggles.

VENUS TRINES MARS in late PDT/ April 11 EDT and GMT

Venus and Mars Botticelli astrology

Venus and Mars by Botticelli 1485 

a beautiful LOVE triangle 

If you are a Virgo you get to make this a menage a trois

delicious romantic idealistic yummy sensuous 

the Garden of earthly delights


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