Sun square Pluto, soul ecology

SUN and PLUTO face off October 11 and 12th
Big power struggles on the world’s stage and in personal issues.

The Sun is the Light and Pluto is the Lord of death and rebirth.  

Use the Sun force to light the way in the darkness to bear your shadows, descent and fears. The sun in any sign is always the light and a powerful daylight consciousness. Face the darkness, the unknown and the Void bravely knowing that the Light will always shine. The Void itself is the source of all light.
soul ecology study 1998 Charcoal on Arches paper Napoleon Brousseau
Soul Ecology Study 1998 charcoal on Arches Archival Paper  31″ by 22″
Napoleon Brousseau 
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Scorpio. The snake symbolizes transformation death and rebirth. Was the original symbol of women’s monthly menstruation cycles, kundalini energy and change. There’s lots of that energy right now.
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Tristan Thompson. High romance illusions

Enjoy the Venus-Mars trine today in earthy Taurus and serious Capricorn it’s also good for Virgo’s 

Make love while the energy is in effect you gotta work trines.

The ongoing Sun-Pluto square today 

gives us the power to change what is blocking us. The ARIES SUN heralds a new beginning from Source energy to allow the Plutonic death of old shadows and unconsciousness energies to give way to new energy to rise in new life with.

This can also be a bullying aspect so be careful about power struggles.

SUN inconjuncts JUPITER Rx in SCORPIO

The theme is bringing out into the daylight the deep insidious manipulative energies. This will be seen in politics Mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of Congress about Facebook selling its data- of course, Z new. Syria heating up to what could be WWIII Israel struck a Russian plane in Syria. Warships are in the Mediterranean. Was Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson cheating on her? Mueller and Trump?

Check out Tristan Thompson’s astrology

Tristan Thompson astrology Tara Greene

The Canadian Basketball player is a PISCES a dreamer an addictive type who can have trouble with boundaries. PIsces can be very eaily self- sabotaging. His AQUARIUS MOON square PLUTO in SCORPIO he has trouble with women his shadows and being unconscious with his sexuality. Pluto rules Scorpio-sex money power control secrets death and rebirth.

Moon inconjuncts CHIRON at 21 CANCER

indicating wounding women and children family and where he himself was wounded. Chiron is conjunct to his SOUTH NODE in Cancer indicating past life connections with women family and children he came to work out these karmic debts with for better or worse. It is up to him.

His Venus his love of women his values and his inner feminine is in ARIES at 23 degrees he is impulsive reckless likes danger he jumps in without thinking. He gets bored with one woman. He is attracted to strong independent women. 

HIS MARS IN GEMINI is always unfaithful and he is a man divided. He needs to explore as many relationships and fuck as many women as he can. His MARS is out of bounds so his sexuality he is uncontrollable.

MARS is opposite LILITH in SAGITTARIUS at the GALACTIC CENTER- the don’t fence me in wild gypsy uncompromising energy and both squaring that PISCES MOON. He is a sex addict to avoid dealing with his own anger and is own inner split. 

He has JUPITER retrograde in LEO he is arrogant a know it all proud and vain. Saturn in Aquarius is opposite JUPITER he can be cool detached “above it all.” 


JUPITER Retrograde on his Natal PLUTO in SCORPIO

sex legal issues exposure-


An end to a relationship with a woman. Being seduced or being the seducer brings a death and rebirth. 


unexpected chaotic revolution freedom liberation. This is an unconscious karmic issue with a woman who he has a family with. Khloe Kardashian pregnant any moment now with a daughter from Tristan gets the public news that Tristan has been caught on camera with another woman on April 9th in New York City who is a stripper. 

I am so sorry for Khloe Kardashian immanently expecting a beautiful baby daughter to have to suffer this way with her heart broken and a public humiliation. No women should ever be treated this way. Shame on Tristan for being such a total imbecile not worthy of any woman’s respect. I trust Karma will take care of this gross and grevious misuse of his sexual energy a total insult to every Goddess and Mother Gaia Herself. 

The sun and Jupiter cannot see each other in a quincunx. So this takes reading between the lines. 

Moon sextiles Uranus bringing in some highlights you overlooked. taking the higher perspective helps.

Moon enters PISCES in the afternoon to give us some calm reflection and forgiveness.

VENUS sextiles NEPTUNE on the 12th under a lovely soft gentle almost all sextile DAY

wow like a dream of Bliss enjoy it.  let go of whatever has been holding you back.

Remember NEW MOON on the 15th Mercury turns direct 


wow that’s a big day.

ok, gotta go.

I need your prayers protections and blessings.

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Healing Love’s illusions with astrology

Oct 8-9 we’re in the midst of a Holiday weekend in North America.

VENUS in VIRGO Squares SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Oct. 8 @ 22+ degrees

Saturn, Conquered by Amor, Venus and Hope. Simon Vouet 1645 and 1646

The planets of LOVE and KARMA face off.

Are you ready to get serious about love? Venus in Virgo demands order practicality showing up and paying your dues. SATURN is maturity testing limitations obstacles and karma debts. 

VENUS opposes Chiron on The 10th @ 25 degrees  VIRGO/PISCES


Practical reality and the false illusions martyrdom and addictive co-dependent love relationships will come to a head.  Let those old wounds bleed out. That is part of the cleansing. 


New drive passion and work must face Saturn’s tests.

For All MUTABLE SIGNS- Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and PISCES you will feel this the most with planets between17-27 degrees

Love can be heavy and exacting infuriating and worrying. Searching for the perfect lover may be best found through a long-distance relationship.

Clean up your act for all signs is what Saturn is saying. Be conscientious with Venus and MARS in Virgo and intelligent. Venus in Virgo will remember everything a lover said. 

Most important question is: Is this is a healthy relationship?

These planets create an excellent time for pursuing higher educational goals; traveling and generally being upbeat and optimistic.  Saturn is elders pensioners; Baby boomers. Love can hit you at any age. Don’t give up. I have heard stories of women in their 60’s- and older totally falling in love.Is this is a healthy relationship?

MERCURY and SUN squares PLUTO Oct 9 @ 16+ degrees LIBRA/ CAPRICORN

The balance of power needs to restored. Not Columbus Day but Indigenous Peoples day who settled in North America  30000 years before Columbus arrived and 20000 years before the Vikings or Chinese arrived. If we lived by Indigenous laws: Everything is born of the Feminine of Woman. 2. Nothing should ever harm the children. If we followed “sacred Law” rather than man-made law; North America could be a paradise.

The CARDINAL SQUARE is a repeat of the 2015-2016 CARDINAL SQUARES with PLUTO at the helm.

Think back to where you were then and how much has changed in your life.

Oct 9 -10 under a GEMINI MOON talk is light and fun. 

The Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES in later afternoon

This can lead to dreamy romantic ideals. You could meet someone spiritually in your zone.  You can tend to drink and talk too much under this aspect. 

Oct 9 is the last day of JUPITER in LIBRA for 12 years.

Think back on what the last year has brought you. Jupiter expands whatever sign it touches. In LIBRA JUPITER made everything more imbalanced and oppositional and not peaceful at all. Look at where Jupiter was transiting through your natal chart.

The next 13 months are filled with intensity sex money power secrets and big changes in money insurance the law and sexuality. More about that soon.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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