Sun sextile Pluto, Marie Kondo Astrology

March 13  Moon is in Gemini things are Airy, shoot the breeze, good for marketing, flirting and communicating but Mercury is Retrograde, remember,

SUN in PISCES sextiles PLUTO 

A supportive aspect for shining with spirit and dying into the Light to be resurrected. Let go of everything which no longer empowers your life as the Sun in Pisces is Sextile to Lord of Death, Rebirth, transformation and recycling planet Pluto. This is a powerful spiritual Marie Kondo decluttering energy. It’s spiritual and practical. Soul light and shadow grounding.  Meditate to find your career and spiritual purpose. 

Moon trines Venus in Aquarius 

Its love light. Good for flirting between nerdy techie types. It’s very cool robotic and detached women. Networking is recommended. Favors dating on the web. Good for team building too.

Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and SUN squares Jupiter 

This is an optimistic fun, honest conversation. Be careful about drinking too much. A fall in love with exotic stranger energy.  Feel-Good energy. Humor is the best medicine. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Gemini inconjuncts Saturn in Capricorn

This is sticky wicket energy. Gemini likes to be breezy and free, and Saturn in Capricorn is a stick in the mud. Under the Mercury Retrograde, We may not be able to figure out what your boss, or dad or older authority figure wants from you. 

I was going to post my daily video but I am a bit wary of posting tarot cards on the Web which are copyrighted. No one else seems to worry about this though.

I can’t believe March is almost half over.

Have a good day it’s a powerful one.

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Test ideas and AI Galactic sex adventures


This is a test of words ideas and communications. Perhaps it’s like the riddle of the Sphynx as Saturn has to do with history.  It’s an important element in Sophocles, Oedipus the King.

“What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?”

Before jumping into anything in an ARIES way harness Saturn’s leaden running shoes to your feet. That’ll slow you down. 


MARS is on the GALACTIC CENTER So this is a Galactic sexual AI menage a trois.  Think BARBARELLA. 

Let your imagination run wild. Mars in SAGITTARIUS is petty raunchy as most Centaurs are.  Tell your fantasy- you know Mars in Sagittarius -hoof in mouth. Horseshoes for good luck.

The urge for travel adventure and risk-taking with high spirits and lots of laughter may come through you dreamscape.

Mars trine URANUS is great for wild and crazy inventions too-

thinking outside the Galactic Center. Meditate all day and ask to tune into that HIGHER and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. 

“You’re love is lifting me higher and higher. “

Good fora new brand of spaced out humor. 

SUN in PISCES sextiles PLUTO in CApRIcorn

Put some sparkle on PLUTO. He showed us he had a heart. Gotta love the planet that symbolized death-rebirth transformation and the shadows.

This is a holy oneness seeing all of life as a constant oceanic round of birth death-rebirth infinitely. My husband and I were talking about time travel.  We have always felt that time is actually moving backward not forwards as our egos would like it to be. 

THIS is a great day for compassion and for letting go of a lot of old shame pain guilt shadows addictions. So many people are feeling empowered to talk about their sexual abuse stories and to release them now. It vital that we do so. Anything that has been lurking in your own shadow- hatred-jealousy-greed- self-righteousness pride- racism- self-sabotage-self-loathing- let all of that arise in your prayers and let it go. 

Capricorn MOON makes two nice sextiles to NEPTUNE in PISCES and SUN and in the meantime conjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN.

A great creative energy combined with deep soulfulness.

I have been feeling my crown chakra to be pulsating and super open to downloading a lot of higher dimensional energy lately. I believe that the more emotional secrets and shame and unconscious material that millions of women and men are doing right now is actually opening up new corridors of light.  To get higher you must get lower. 

How are you feeling these energies?

Watch your dreams closely these days. 

I had very complex dreams last night. In one sequence I was yelling at an obese woman.  Dreams always speak in puns. I was wondering about this when I woke up. What does the Fat lady symbolize? The “fat lady” or the phrase “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings” is generally understood to be referencing the stereotypically overweight sopranos of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle. The “fat lady” is the Valkyrie Brünnhilde, who is traditionally presented as a very buxom lady with a Viking horned helmet, spear and a round shield. Her farewell scene is very long and leads directly to the finale of the whole Ring Cycle. The Götterdämmerung is about the end of the world -or at least the world of the Norse Gods in a very significant way  so ironically “it is all over when the fat lady sings.”

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Go with the flow Grand Water Trine

A Cancer Moon makes us all feel sentimental. We want home cooking and comfort and snuggling and hugs. Cancer is the sign of MOM. 

Grand Water Trine, tara Greene

A GRAND WATER TRINE forms today between the Moon and the SCORPIO SUN and with Neptune earlier this day. Your dreams may have been very vivid -Lucid Like dreams -dreaming of places from your childhood. Babies food nurturing; safe spaces your ancestors those you love and children.

In the Tarot the Cancer Card is the CHARIOT # 7 

You may be feeling water-logged sensitive and dreamy all day. as the flow just keeps on. 

CANCER moon opposes PLUTO in Capricorn

Caring values have spoken. 

Cancer Moon times are great for sending blessings to the waters of the earth. A good haircut day if you want to grow your hair back fast. Good for planting seeds. Definitely get in touch with the element of water. On earth we evolved from the oceans.

Moon trines CHIRON IN PISCES at night to continue the watery saga.

Do incubate your dreams again tonight. 

The Moon quincunx’s with Saturn in Sagittarius later on

this may make for uncomfortable childhood memories or disagreements with your father an older person or an old karmic truth that you have been buried and may in big denial about. 

sorry for that run on sentence.

Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES in the evening in PST/ next day in EST and GMT. 

Expect weird erratic energy which can confab family issues. Try not to hyperventilate. Sleeping may be difficult.

We are approaching a SUN Sextile PLUTO on the 9th.

good for empowerment. Shine a light into the depths of your soul. What are you really hungering for? With Pluto in Capricorn its power in the world. More deep secret reveals about the Paradise Papers Mr. Weinstein who I will write in depth about and Kevin Spacey. Saudi Arabia is rounding up crooked politicians. The Queen is implicated; Bono of U2; Madonna and many heads of countries.

Nov. 9 MARS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES oin the evening

This is a big disappointment energy. Mars in Libra is rather flaccid anyway. In a complicated inconvenient energy with romantic idealistic Neptune in Pisces, you may be left slag jawed when you get to see the illusion in the relationship. 

This bodes ill for social events. Neptune is the stronger planet here in its own sign and Mars in detriment in Venus sign. Artists who like challenges may have a field day. It could be interesting to write down what you want in relationships and winnow the illusions from what really matters to you. Maybe this is a good time to talk over your projections with someone you are involved with. It goes both ways. It could be a very cleansing conversation. Projections are our own unrealized desires which we see in others and we are drawn to. But then we may not love the other person unconditionally for who they are but for what we want them to be. This is a major psychological battle/playground. 

11:11 is coming and also one of the most beautiful events on the 13th as VENUS conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO at 7-8 degrees.

Gotta go. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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