Dream big, planetary support

May 12 This is a big day.

Jupiter is at the last degree of AQUARIUS and moves into PISCES the feminine nighttime receptive sign it rules May 13 at 3:36 pm PDT/ 6:36 pm EDT/11:36 pm GMT until July 28.

Things will feel very different for PISCES and SAGITTARIUS and everyone else too!

JUPITER in PISCES enhances spirituality, creativity, dreams of all kinds, lucid, real and any other kind, it enhances compassion, empathy, charity, it will make empaths overflow with emotions and make cold people thaw out.

JUPITER in PISCES enhances feelings of ONENESS, with everything! Other people, the earth, those who are at the bottom and need help, mental health and addictions, the jailed and forgotten and our shadows and projections.

I think of Jupiter in PISCES as a a protective Angel over your shoulder. Jupiter in the last sign of Pisces indicates a time of closures. A cycle begun 11/12 years ago will begin to close.

Jupiter also expands all PISCES ruled things like mental illness and education for that-Note Oprah and Prince Harry’s new series is coming out as Jupiter enters PISCES. I will write more about that Later.


a nice uplifting rebellious, open minded debate. Should we tear down and rebuild or not? Saturn in Aquarius supports bold new inventive ideas high tech stocks and organizations.

SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE IN PISCES 10:45 pm PDT/ MAY 13 1:45 am EDT/ 6:45 am GMT

This is a DREAM BOLD and SOLID aspect, A good time to imagine your dreams and do something real to enhance them- make a list, build a structure, invest in them.

A nice mix of grounded spirituality so put that compassion into action and practice a random act of kindness for a charity, food bank or donate a gift anonymously.

The Gemini moon is upbeat, and happy, We are flitting along like butterflies. Distraction may be an issue.

Enjoy this day its happy and dreamy. I’m off to do a guest masterclass on astrology for Tiffany Crosara.

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Happy Mothers Day tarot and Astrology

Mother’s Day Tarot and Astrology reading

HAPPY MOTHERS Day to all the mothers who birthed every human who has ever existed on planet earth.  We also thank OUR MOTHER the EARTH as humans and all creatures are Her children


A wealthy mind and earthy appreciation of nature, fine food and family. Mom must be indulged today


A Very solid idealistic spiritual compassionate devotional creative connection on MOthers day. A good energy to ask forgiveness of your Mom and to forgive her too,

Mother-child issues are often unconscious and held in body tension. Remember that every person carries their mother’s and grandmother’s emotional experience within them unconsciously, it’s in our DNA, it is more felt by women. Let go of any stubborn holding on and free yourself. 

SATURN turns RETROGRADE at 9:09 PDT tonight indicating the Patriarchy backing up,LOL. Saturn goes Retrograde on the 11th at 12:09 am in EDT, and 5:09 am GMT

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Pre-eclipse Sagittarius, Capricorn energy

January 4. Sagittarius Moon is still very active today. Mercury trines Uranus then the Moon follows suit in a trine to wild and crazy Uranus which creates Radical out of the box ideas. Good timing.

Moon conjuncts Mercury at Galactic Center

this is a huge download of the highest energy available. See other articles i have about the importance of the Galactic center. 

Moon enters Capricorn

Emotions freeze up, and the temperature drops as Moon enters Capricorn. The mood is cold, practical and focussed on getting the job done and taking care of business. That’s how Capricorn’s show their love. They will build it, cook it, shape it, get it for you, for real.

Capricorn SUN sweetly sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is sugar-coated energy for practical dreamers, a contradiction in terms. This can be a realistic meeting with a soul mate, guardian angel or doing charity work for the elderly. It’s groundingly creative, psychic and not woo-woo. It’s like your mom, Aunt or grandmother who were kitchen witches. Plan some dream career moves.

Capricorn Moon squares Mars in Aries

Get pumped. Don’t need no sugar in my cup. Start new projects.

Mercury enters sober Capricorn

The message is that we can all get some serious stuff ready for the eclipse. Mercury in Capricorn is all about the business deal. merchandising, marketing, and social media. 

The energies of a Solar eclipse are like 100 New moons, it is dark. We wont see the partial Solar eclipse in North America. But from Siberia, northeast China, Mongolia, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan, the Moon will appear to take a bite out of the Sun. 

We will still feel its effects very strongly. A Solar eclipse changes the EMF’s in the earth. This is a South Node Eclipse in Saros Cycle 122 which began on April 17 991. 

The Previous Solar eclipses in this cycle occurred 18 years 11 days and 8 hours previously like clockwork.

last one was December 25, 2000. 

December 15, 1982.  December 4, 1964,

you may want to look back on what you were doing then. That has been completed now.

I’ll write more soon,


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